dog bullies cat


The Bully

This comic I made over a year ago, but I’ve touched it up since and I’m happy to share it on tumblr C: while I’ve improved immensely since I made this, I’m still really proud of myself for making it.

ps. this was during a stage in my art where I was a little texture heavy, heh heh


inevitably, my brain would take this route with a cat au.

aftermath of this cat day doodle.

On this day three years ago I tried to end my life and subsequently ended up in a coma in the ICU for a couple of days.

Today, I woke up in bed next to my beautiful girlfriend in our beautiful little home.
Today, I picked up my two year old niece and the kiddy I mentor and took them to the playground.
Today, I played Playstation with my girlfriends’ brother and his girlfriend.
Tonight, I spent hours in bed with my girlfriend cuddling and talking and kissing and doing other things.

These people I have just mentioned are some of the most important people in my life and they make me happy simply being in their presence.
If I had been successful in my attempt three years ago I would have never met or gotten to know a single one of them. I wouldn’t be able to hold my niece, to make my kiddy companion laugh, to play zombies with my girlfriends’ brother. I would have never been able to kiss my girlfriend or watch her dance around the house or watch her cuddle her dog and bully my cat or sing stupid songs with her or listen to all the important things she has to say.

I would have missed out on all of this.

Please hold on; if you leave you’ll never get to meet the people in your future who will make your life beautiful.


A1432470 SALLY - I’m not sure if she made it out, alive. :(

To see Sally’s video, please click here:
Sally is a sweet as can be 1 year-old SPAYED Female White with Brown spots HOUND and Pit bull terrier mix. Sally had puppies and was a wonderful mom, but her puppies have now been weaned and she is URGENT having been in the shelter since Oct. 19th! We are IN LOVE with Sally. She’s the perfect dog as far as we can tell. She seems great with other dogs, great with humans and we cannot say enough great things about her. She just wants to be in your lap or beside you! (She weighs 55 lbs). We think she would make a wonderful family dog. She walks well on a leash and takes treats gently from your hand. And her tail NEVER stops wagging! (Just watch her video!) Sally clearly craves a family of her own to love and be loved. So why not add her to your family today? All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all their shots (including rabies).

North Central LA City shelter; 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213-485-5767