dog breeding

Exotic butter
  • me pointing out at a breed of dog:"exotic pupper"
  • me looking at someone who's from a different country's behind:exotic butt
  • when you compliment someone in another language:exotic flatter
  • me looking at a parent from a different country:exotic mother
  • hearing someone say something under their breath in a different language:exotic mutter
  • when you're in a different country and you find margarine:I can't believe it's not exotic butter

cherpov  asked:

Dreamy Asks: all the even questions.


  • 1. what is your favourite plant?: ferns are great! also i really like sunflowers, apple and cherry blossoms
  • 2. do you believe in aliens?: yes, bc the universe is giant AF and there MUST be some aliens
  • 3. name three artists ( musical or art ) that have inspired you or impacted you: Vincent Van Gogh!!! (that’s all… idk)
  • 4. who are your favourite people in the world?: probably my parents, best friends and Simon Pegg
  • 5. talk about your crush or someone you love: nah, son. no crushes! but as we’re talking about someone i love… my parents are giant weirdos… and my friends too.. i love them… 
  • 6. what is your favourite dog breed?: middle asian shepherd! i have one btw. also i LOVE shiba and akita inus and ofc golden retrievers… who doesnt love golden retrievers?
  • 7. write a short story or poem about what your favourite season feels like to you: I love summer, it feels like freedom. No worries or regrets, just sinking into the sun.
  • 8. what are your favourite names?: Phillip, Constantine, Anton
  • 9. do you enjoy reptiles as pets? why or why not?: they’re GREAT! it’s like owning a DRAGON OR SOMETHING!! AWESOME!
  • 10. how does art or music make you feel?: it helps me to… release some… tension from me… mental strain
  • 11. do you prefer the beach or the mountains?: i think im more about mountains…
  • 12. indoor gardens or outside gardens?: BOTH!!! indoor gardens are cute and nice, but outside gardent are huge and like… you can sit under the apple tree and enjoy the nature around!! im all about it tbh
  • 13. do you like long hair or short hair?: i. dont. know. i have a short haircut but back in days i had long hair… so.. there are lots of pros and cons…
  • 14. what is your favourite childhood memory?: when i had a fight with a boy in the kindergarten when he called me chinese (in a rude way! he wasn’t right)
  • 15. what is the dreamiest/most surreal thing that has ever happened to you?: my life is just surreal… so… i don’t even know… (i really don’t know)
  • 16. where do you feel time stop?: when im falling asleep it always feels like this
  • 17. what is your favourite breed of cat?: i don’t have any, all cats are mcfreaking gorgeous
  • 18. are you pro freckle?: YES! i dont have any but i think people with freckles are extremely cute!
  • 19. what is your favourite thing right now?: canned plums (i ate some like an hour ago…)
  • 20. what is your hidden talent? (example: memory, double joints, etc): i have a… pretty good memory… and  double joints… also  my eyebrows are really active lmao and i can move my ears a bit
  • 21. what is the best dream you’ve ever had?: THAT ONE DREAM WHERE I TOUCHED SIMON PEGG’S BUTT…it was good
    (don’t ask me about it)
  • 22. are you a good plant owner?: im…not the greatest, but still plants are not dying…i think it’s good
  • 23. what is your favourite article of clothing?: s o c k s! and t-shirts
  • 24. how many languages do you know?: i know like… 3 languages… if we count german in which i know like very basics
  • 25. what is your dream vacation?: any vacation, actually… but roadtrip with a bunch of friends would be great
  • 26. do you believe in zodiacs/horoscopes?: i teend to believe only in good prophecies, so… kind of
  • 27. if you could have any superpower, what would it be?: goddamn teleportation or super speed, also it would be great if i needed as little sleep as possible, did you know that Nikola Tesla slept only like 20 minutes a day bc when he was a kid he got struck by a fucking lightning
  • 28. who is the most unproblematic person you know?: ….everyone i know is somehow problematic so i can’t answer this one
  • 29. do you know how beautiful you are?: probably i don’t, but sometimes i feel like im really pretty, this is so weird
  • 30. what is your favourite feeling?BEEN ANSWERED
  • 31. what is your favourite cold drink?: iced tea… oh boy.. iced green tea with lime sugar and melisa is just g r e a t
  • 32. what is your favourite hot drink?: tea… and hot chocolate… and also i do enjoy these bourgeois cappuccinos and frappes, etc
  • 33. what has been the highlight of your week?: on thursday i had like 2 classes so i had lots of spare time, i got back home, wrapped myself in blanket and rewatched What We Do In The Shadow…and after i took a nap…
  • 34. who are your favourite tumblrs?: these binches: @ladyofthewinterfell, @demiboykylo, @spoutnik1, @moonqn, @quicksilverys, @blackwidow198432, @softholmes, @astralchekov, @deviantaccumulation  (whom i love and adore)
  • 35. what are your favourite sounds?: when cat sleeps and you touch this ball of fur and it purrs a little bit; rain; Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars; when mom says that dinner is ready
  • 36. what is your aesthetic of choice?: aesthetic of choice? like “weapon of choice” but aesthetic? i’d choose handwritten letters!
  • 37. if you could spend a day with anyone, who would it be?: right now i’d name my BFF who’s studying in Moscow and just can’t be here, but if we’re talking about celebs… i’d name… Simon Pegg, John Cho or Karl Urban bc… i love them!!! but if there were no rules and no borders of time and space, i’d choose russian emperors  Alexander II or Alexander III
  • 38. do you like anons? why or why not?: anons are good actually! once anon said im edgy and like… i can relate bc im edgy….
  • 39. what is the nicest thing someone has ever said about you?: when my mom told me that she’s really proud of me… it was… the best thing i’ve heard in my entire life!! #asianmoms
  • 40. list the top five things you love about yourself or your life:  
    1) my hair, 2) my cat, 3) my dog, 4) my family, 5) my friends (in no particular order, but hair first)
  • 41. have you ever seen the ocean?: uumm… no…

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked what the Lackadaisy cats would look like as dogs…I would be heavily over-encumbered with obsolete coin currency.

Well, I prompted my Patrons for questions they’d like answered, and someone asked the dog question, so there was no dodging it this time.  It ended up being a lot of fun, actually.  Most of this was done during a Patron livestream, with a lot of breed suggestions coming from the chat.

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