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I was always a bit disappointed that all Mabari in Dragon Age look the same, so here’s a little headcanon about the different sub-breeds! I imagine there’d be a lot of different coat configurations, but this one’s mostly for the physical differences. Horsie for size comparison (I was too lazy to do a person, shh)

  • Common Mabari are exactly that, the most common and found practically all over Ferelden. They are loyal until the end, very hardy and quick to learn.
  • Lowland Mabari are the rarest, and are most commonly seen in noble estates and castles as company dogs. Not as strong as the other breeds, they make excellent hunting hounds and are extremely agile and fast. 
  • Mountain Mabari are the gentlest and laziest of the breeds, being mainly used as shepherd and guard dogs in the rural areas. They are not bred for real combat due to their kind nature, but there are those who manage to train one.

I’d love to add more variations, but this will do for now :D

Also, I am not in any way in favor of cutting the ears and tails of certain breeds. At all. I was just playing with what the game gave us.


I added Urz (belongs to Warden Nyreen Mahariel) and Bacon (belongs to Marian Hawke, and yes, great name) to the puppy pile!! And made a very minor adjustment to the height grid, they were a bit too big before XD I’m surprised these pups got so much attention, but thank you to everyone who shared this!!

Also, for referencing purposes, I based the Commons out of Rottweilers and English Mastiffs, Lowlands are largely based on Bull Terriers and Mountains are basically Serra da Estrela (Portuguese breed, yeah!).