dog boys

There are two types of dog people

“Good boy, Fenrir. … Well done” :dignified pat on the head:

“Fenni Benni buddy boy! Who’s a good boy?! You are!! Yes you are, my Fenni Funny Face! Momma loves you SO  M U C H. So much! Yes! You want a cookie?!” 

based on this post in which Kristoff might have a doggo

Things that are crust as fuck

1. Realtree
2. Mossy Oak
3. Little Cesar’s pizza
4. 211 Steel Reserve
5. Taaka Vodka
6. Carhartt
7. Walls (workwear)
8. Dollar stores
9. Wal-Mart
10. Bottom shelf booze
11. Knives
12. Utility belts
13. Graffiti
14. Markal
15. Food stamps
16. Free healthcare
17. Tracphone
18. Boost mobile
19. MetroPCS
20. Cricket wireless
21. Obamaphone
22. No service iPhone
23. Rail fans
24. Knowing the quality of dog foods
25. Boy Scout survival skills
Woody The Gay Fat Puppy (guitar)
A song about @pyxthetrash 's fat gay puppy Woody who was guarding her during the rain a couple weeks ago. Lyrics by: @muchbirb Music and melody by: me…

Hey @pyxthetrash​, remember how I said I would sing the song about Woody? Well here ya go bud, this is the guitar-version!

(also i caught a cold so i sound a bit crappy and sick sorry about that)

Credits to @muchbirb​​ for the lyrics:

my name is woody
i here to say
and when it rain
throughout the day
i sit at door
and do not run
i am on watch
i guard the mum 

my name is woody
i do not sit
my paws are tired
but thats not it
i guard the room
i guard the mum
she will stay safe
until the rain be done

although it loud
and maybe scary
i do not fear
but i may be wary
until this ends
i will stay here
protect my mum
until the sky is clear

And when it done
she will be happy
and maybe if
she might pat me
if she does
i will smile
i kept her safe
it was all worth while

rain is fun
but sometimes scary
so for now
i gotta be wary
so while it pours
i do my deed
mum is safe
and thats all i need

finn’s a single dad after losing his husband almost two years earlier. him and his son live in an apartment by themselves, but a new guy has just moved in next door. bonus: the neighbor has a dog that the little boy saw one day and practically begged finn to go over and play with the doggy.

open to: males

“daddy, I wanna hold the cookies!” the brown-haired 4 year old exclaimed excitedly as they made their way out of their apartment. finn raised an eyebrow but let out a gentle laugh, before nodding his head - glad that he had placed the cookies they had baked together on a plastic serving dish instead of glass. handing the tray over, he ruffled charlie’s hair, “ok but be careful. we don’t want to drop the cookies before we give them to the new neighbor, right?” traveling only about 10 feet, they were at the door, and he lifted his hand and knocked a couple times. he usually wasn’t the type to do this; not that he wasn’t friendly but because he didn’t know anything about this new neighbor. he had seen him from the back a couple times, but had yet to speak to him or see his face in the week or so that he had been here. 


One year ago today, I brought home this baby boy. He is the best thing that happened to me in 2016 and he’s brought so much joy and excitement to our lives. He is just the Most Perfect Boy and I am undeserving of such a good pupper. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for us!