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the signs as fake quotes my weird cousin has attributed to famous authors

aries: as oscar Wilde once famously said, ‘fuck men’

taurus: i believe it was percy shelley who wrote ‘why cry over spilled milk when instead u could cry over everything

gemini: you can lead a horse to water, but u can’t make the horse drink that fucking water if it wants vodka instead. sun tzu said that.

cancer: y’know, steinbeck once screamed ‘death to capitalism’ while setting himself on fire, and i couldn’t agree more.

leo: i was trying to think of a hemingway quote, but thankfully i just remembered that i don’t give a shit about hemingway

virgo: Flintstone vitamins are for losers. William shakespeare.

libra: did you know that that nicki minaj took the lyrics “i beez in the trap” straight from jane austen’s iconic 1813 novel pride and Prejudice?

scorpio: maya angelou actually invented the acronym NSFW, did u know that? 'Not Safe From Whites’. they’re coming

sagittarius: the most inspirational thing walt whitman ever said was ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ that man was a poet

capricorn: ‘be there or be…gay! lol jk don’t be gay’ ~ the bible, chapter 5 verse 17

aquarius: honey, as Faulkner said once, ‘eat shit mark twain’. words to live by

pisces: nietzsche once said that dante was a ‘hyena that wrote poetry on tombs’ and i’m not making that shit up because nothing is funnier than that

Cute date ideas

-Picnic in a garden

-Ice skating even though one of them doesn’t know how

-Rollerskating even though they both done know how

-Walk on the beach at sunset

-Swimming even though one of them can only do the doggy paddle

-Fancy restaurant to see how the other cleans up

-Hiking because one of them knows the best place to see the sunset/sunrise

-Skiing/snowboarding because they can cuddle afterwards to get warm

-Walk through the park/garden

-Just staying in to watch the sunset and stars on the balcony

-Cuddling on the couch marathoning LOTR with ice cream and popcorn

-Home cooked meal because one of them really wants to impress the other even if they did overcook the noodles

-One of their favorite coffee shops

-Diner where they can make out in the back booth and no one will notice

-Family owned restaurant where one of them goes so often they could name everyone who works there. Their date finds it endearing

-Sledding because who the fuck doesn’t love sledding

-Dog park because DOGS

anonymous asked:

I have a HUGE amount of respect for service animals. But I absolutely can't stand when middle age women bring their dogs into our restaurant claiming their dogs a service dog when it's barking and growling at people, running around and causing trouble. Service dogs are attentive and incredibly well behaved. People who try to squeeze around the rules because they want to bring their dogs in are an insult to disabled people to me.

I live two doors down from someone like this. Her damn glorified rat bit me(I don’t hate dogs fyi). Long story short she still has the damn thing and everyone hates her. She claimed it was a service dog to the manager and for some odd reason she believed her. After hearing her scream at her kid and both her dogs I’m not surprised it’s violent and loud. Meanwhile we have a REAL service dog in the building and the owner has told me they will sue the goddamn fuck out of her if that dog attacks his dog. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but it probably will. I’m not the only one that’s been bit. Managers that don’t kick people out that don’t have service dogs are risking a huge lawsuit.  -Abby


Pigs, like dogs, cannot sweat, and must rely on panting to cool themselves down when they cannot escape the heat. This is why leaving a dog in a warm car can become an emergency so fast (although it is of course dangerous for anyone on a hot day). #thesavemovement started giving water to the pigs regularly during vigils after being appalled at seeing the many babies trapped in the slaughtertrucks suffering and dying of heat-stroke during a particularly bad heat-wave in an extra hot Toronto summer. This video was taken on August 4th where it was above 30C, a temperature that would feel that much hotter inside a packed, metal truck. Perhaps less of the pigs would experience this specific kind of pain if they had access to water while on the trucks, but all farmed animals, no matter what the weather, are driven days without food, water, or even rest. So when the pigs see that we have water, even on a cool day, they all clamour to get as close as possible. And on a hot day, their desperation is horrific to watch, as they all try their hardest just to be able to lick the water off the sides of the truck (although amazingly they never fight each other over it, whereas I know many humyns who would trample each other for lesser reasons); we try and provide water to those who appear in the worst shape; on this day one pig drank three water-bottles-full and still wanted more, but have only minutes before we are forced to move, and they are off to the gas-chambers. Picturing the ones that we couldn’t reach is one of the hardest parts of attending a vigil. But as the movement gets bigger, we can give more pigs the water and love they deserve, and by sharing their stories and showing people they matter, we can change the way us humyns think, until eventually there are no more sad, baby pigs that need our help. Get involved in making this future arrive sooner rather than later by joining a vigil, or starting a new Save group in your area (visit for information), and most importantly, by living vegan!
#govegan #adorableanimals #love #showcompassion #animals #dog #food #diet #foodie #restaurant #animalrights #animalliberation #peace #ecofeminism #speciesism

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101 weird things about living in Germany

To commemorate my 2-year anniversary here, I’ve listed 101 things weird about living in Germany (from a Canadian’s perspective). They are in no special order, only as I came across them in my day-to-day life…

1. Paying for mayo and/or ketchup with your meal
2. Paying for a disposable fork with your meal
3. Sleeping with separate blankets in a double bed
4. Mattress split into two (someone always ends up in the hole)
5. Your pillow is a 80 x 80 cm giant square and you only get one
6. Dogs are allowed in restaurants and stores
7. Dogs are allowed off leash in public areas
8. In the afternoon you see Grannies eating giant bowls of ice cream alone
9. Cake and coffee is an acceptable lunch replacement
10. People love ice cream cones in all weather conditions
11. Opening windows on a hot bus/train or any public place could lead to rude stares or comments
12. Because Fresh air is lethal and can give you bad neck pains
13. Na ? Is a common greeting and you must reply back with Na ? in the tone of how you feel.
14. You do not ask people how they are or they will tell you the truth.
15. You must introduce yourself and shake hands with everyone at a party/get-together. Not doing this will result in awkwardness.
16. Currywurst is a very popular dish with wieners mixed with ketchup and curry.
17. It is common to eat a dinner-sized meal for lunch and only a sandwich for dinner.
18. Walking around with a coffee from Starbucks isn’t cool
19. Grocery clerks sit and don’t bag your groceries
20. You have absolutely no time to bag your groceries and pay, until the next person’s groceries are on top of yours.  
21. Men are more publicly affectionate
22. You have to be able to take criticism and not be offended
23. Rules are rules – their way or the highway.
24. Germans usually keep their social life away from their work life
25. You don’t need a helmet to ride a bike (don’t worry Mom I still wear one)
26. You have to watch out that you don’t get hit by a bike when walking on the side walk
27. You have to pay for a public toilet (but they’re super clear)
28. You may have to pay for a toilet in a bar (don’t worry you can buy an all night toilet pass)
29. You probably won’t have a closet in your bedroom, or much storage at all.
30. Beer is the same price as water at a restaurant
31. You will get rude looks if you ask for tap water
32. And they will probably bring you mineral water anyways and charge you for it !
33. You have to pay the rental agent commission when you find your apartment yourself
34. Germans are always prepared for the weather
35. It’s not acceptable to wear leggings as pants unless doing sports (unless your 15)
36. There will always be someone better dressed than you
37. Most lunch food comes in to-go “noodle box” boxes.
38. Doner is acceptable to eat at all times
39. French fries are called pommes
40. You can’t take a sip of your beverage until everyone has his or hers and you say ‚Prost!’
41. Don’t even think about taking a bite of your food until everyone has theirs
42. A Christmas market is an appropriate place to get drunk with friends
43. Going out in the weekend probably means you won’t be home until 5am-1pm
44. Capirinha is a very popular cocktail
45. Men aren’t afraid to get cocktails together
46. Men have more than one pair of shoes
47. Men probably dress better than you
48. The door key turns the other way to open than in Canada
49. They eat pizza and burgers with a knife and fork
50. They always use a knife and fork when eating (fork in left hand)
51. You’ll have to pay for your food at a restaurant even if it was gross and you didn’t eat it
52. The German language is fun to learn and doesn’t sound angry !
53. Your flat will most likely not have an elevator
54. White Converse are cool always
55. They open presents for Christmas on the 24th evening
56. If you have a statutory holiday on a weekend, too bad - you don’t get an extra holiday in the week
57. Don’t think about crossing the street at a red light
58. How dare you If there is children around
59. You can do a masters for free as an international (many are in English)
60. Potatoes are not a breakfast food
61. Breakfast consists of an boiled egg, fresh buns, meat, cheese and Nutella
62. There are 9 grocery stores within a 1km radius from our place
63. There are over 6 bakeries in a 1km radius
64. There is a towel warmer in your bathroom (awesome in the winter)
65. There is always a soccer game to watch
66. At the hockey games a litre of beer is 6 euro (8 cad)
67. Kale is not a cool trendy food, it’s only cooked with fat and wurst during the Christmas season
68. German TV can be very cheesy, but they love their game shows
69. Windows open from the top and not from the side
70. There is 6 versions of The (Der,die,das,den,dem,des)
71. I think even some Germans don’t get them right
72. The trains aren’t actually always on time
73. Healthcare is not actually free and is very expensive (from a Canadian view)
74. Mixed gender sauna and steam rooms.
75. Being naked just isn’t a big deal
76. You have to Stare at each other in the eye while saying ‘cheers’ (Prost auf Deutsch), or it’s bad luck
77. Fleishsalat – sliced ham with mayo & pickles, common breakfast spread. More delicious than it sounds.
78. It is also popular to eat raw ground beef on bread in the morning (mettwurst)

79. They’re really good at recycling – bottles can be returned at all grocery stores for an easy cash refund
80. You’re not allowed to put your feet on other seats in front of you
81. On your birthday you have to bake your own cake
82. On your birthday you are expected to pay for the drinks
83. Woman’s cake baking skills are on par
84. They’re ridiculously on time, you better be ready.
85. Movies are all dubbed in German, yes James Bond does not have an English accent in Germany.
86. Popcorn is sweet at the movies theatres, butter popcorn does not exist
87. Water is always drunk with bubbles (at first you hate it and then you love it)
88. Men shave their armpits
89. Craft beer is just starting to become cool
90. Everything is closed on a Sunday
91. Sundays are dedicated for long walks and eating in restaurants/cafe’s
92. If you’re a man, single and turn 30 you must find a virgin to kiss, and you have to clean up a mess in front of city hall
93. If you’re a woman, single and turn 25 you receive old boxes (Because you’re an old box ;) )
94. You have to pay extra to have your hair blow dried at the salon
95. Mail comes on a Saturday
96. Credit card Is widely NOT accepted
97. If you don’t have cash you might as well starve
98. When you call a customer service line you have to pay per minute to get help
100. You can take cocktails to go, right from the bar
101. No matter how weird I think things are, they still accept my weirdness and me !

Inspired by Scott Walters post about the UK