dog at play

I can't get a break

So today was such a great day that I thought I made it better than it already was… I came home and decided to feed my dogs and play with them and give them water and stuff. So for our food we put it in a container and distribute it throughout 3 or 4 days well I was giving them food and I spilled a little on the floor and was like okay it will take 3 seconds to clean it up and all of a sudden I decided to panic and literally drop the whole container of food on the ground to make matters worse I caught it and then dropped it again


ID #20571

Name: Agnieszka (Aga)
Age: 19
Country: Poland

Hi! I’m Agnieszka, but most of my friends call me Aga. I’m from Poland and this year I’m going to start uni.

I love tv series (the x files, sherlock, lost, lucifer, oitnb, etc.), books (Neil Gaiman and Agatha Christie are my favourite authors!) movies and comics.
I’m crazy about astronomy, myths, stupid historical memes and dogs.
Also, I like playing piano (sadly, it doesn’t mean that I actually can) and swimming.

Sometimes I’m a little bit of melancholic, but mostly I’m trying to stay as much positive as I can. :)

I speak English, Russian and, of course, Polish.

Preferences: None. Always feel free to write to me!


“Trying to play fetch is so much harder with two”