dog at funeral

Things I loved about Dan and Phil's Easter Baking- Pastel Lemon Meringues

- The little song at the beginning about the softness of Easter and spring

- And then Phil ruined it by saying “baby weasel”

- Phil not knowing what they were baking (“??? pastel ,,, lemon? Easter,,?)

- “You look like you’re going to a dog funeral Dan”


- Phil wearing lil bunny ears 🐰

- Dan grabbing his overall straps

- The return of that horrendous bunny head

- Dan throwing all the ingredients at Phil (“caTCH”)

- D+P not knowing what cornflour is (“milk a corn”)

- “You were just tweaking the nipple of the lemon”

- “Let me sniff it”

- Phil shoving the whisk in Dan’s face (can’t believe he hasn’t seen the video omfg)

- The fucking.. purple duck,,, oven gloves or whatever idek

- The dramatic music playing while Dan attacked Phil with a spoon

- Seriously Dan that wasn’t fair

- U r hurting Phillip

- “protip” “NOOO”

- And immediately after, “Satan, help us bake”

- Using “fluff” instead of “fuck”

- Phil spilling the caster sugar all over the floor jfc

- Love my clumsy son

- Wouldn’t be a baking video without Dan zooming in on Phil’s flour-covered crotch

- (Seriously how did flour get there. Wtf)

- They should have bought an electric mixer

- Dan freakING THE FUCK OUT when Phil did the upside down test

- “No whacking”


- Phil’s complete inability to pipe meringues

- The bunny voice overs


- Phil sticking his hand into dan’s overalls and going “mpreg fic” 😏

- “Someone’s lactating blood”

- The lil basket full of the meringues

- “You can see my actual orgasm face-mmMMM”


- What a treasure. Honestly

Top 10 Facts Of The Day (April 2, 2017)

10. a few weeks before Abraham Lincoln was elected president, 11 year old Grace Bedell sent Lincoln a letter encouraging him to grow a beard, writing, “All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husbands to vote for you…” By the time of his inauguration, Lincoln had a full beard.

9. Anyone who jokingly tweets that they will kill or harm a U.S president is subject to a visit from the Secret Service. 

8. There’s a tattoo parlor that covers up racist or gang-related tattoos for free. Dave Cutlip, owner of Southside tattoo in Maryland, says he gets up to 150 messages a day from people who want to conceal tattoos they now regret. He’s happy to give these people a second chance when he can, because after all “sometimes people change”

7. Berserk llama syndrome is a real condition where a llama believes its human owner is also a llama, causing the animal to become aggressive.

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the walking dead characters as tv show quotes
  • rick: we arrested a woman today because we are feminists
  • michonne: what kind of woman doesn't have an axe?
  • carl: dad, can i give you some tough love? i think youre insane
  • daryl: hey i was never happy, i was just less pissed off
  • jesus: i wanna be wined, and dined, and 69ed.
  • carol: i guess i've been taking it pretty hard, and i'm sorry i disrupted the class and killed everyone.
  • maggie: everybody should listen to me, all the time, about everything
  • glenn: im hopeless and awkward and desperate for love
  • beth: i once saw a zebra named gavin give birth at the zoo and i cried hysterically.
  • hershel: I didn't lose a leg in Vietnam to serve hotdogs to teenagers
  • sasha: my soap opera name is shinaynay martin luther king boulevard... boy, i've got to get some black friends.
  • tyresse: hey i just came out here to see what you were doing, and maybe stop you
  • rosita: i'm sorry i called you a pain in the ass. i'm angry and i love you.
  • abraham: i'm not saying i'm superman, but let me just put it this way...if i were to be shot in the head, i'm pretty sure i'd be fine. i almost welcome it.
  • tara: man up? sexist.
  • eugene: you know, im just staying positive but im pretty sure that this is where we die
  • aaron: at least i dont look like a lumberjack
  • ezekiel: Where Zen ends, ass kicking begins
  • morgan: Without rules, we all might as well be up in a tree flinging our crap at each other
  • shane: Hey, hey. Now there's only two people horribly dead here, that's an acceptable loss.
  • lori: ooh, someone's in trouble. it's me. i don't know why i did that.
  • t-dog: my funeral is my time to shine
  • negan: is it possible to be sexually attracted to an object?
  • governor: nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses...second only to the neck.
  • merle: drinking to forget? that's my sweet spot
  • andrea: it was a joke. i was insulting him. you know, flirting.

I thought it was a little odd of Lorelai to be so stand-offish about Michel’s dog’s funeral. She ( and Sookie ) had no issue going all out supportive when Babette lost her cat Cinnamon, and they threw the wake for her. Lorelai also has her own dog, and I’m sure when Paul Anka crosses the rainbow bridge, she would do the exact same thing for him – if not even more grandiose. Granted, I know a large part of it was that this was the time when Lorelai and Chris were on the cliff of separation so she had other things on her mind. Even so, I still feel like she would have been “weirded out” by the dog funeral simply because it was Michel. Sookie also thought it was a waste of time, and she, too, participated and cooked for the cat’s wake.