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ok but do you know what I really want from the ghostbusters sequel???

Kevin’s mom goes out of town and he has to bring in Mike Hat to stay at the HQ and the team instantly falls for the big puppy. Like Patty, Abby, and Erin were all PUMPED when the pure-bred boarder collie stubbles through the door, (not unlike his owner) and immediately gallops over and starts licking their faces and asking for belly rubs, the whole nine yards ofc, and everyones happy and blinded by doggy cuteness all except Holtzmann who swears up and down that she’s 1000% a cat person and is incessant that Mike only stays for a week UNTIL the pupper himself pads over to her work station all by himself, looks her dead in the eye and puts his lil doggo face right in her lap and she just m e l t s. The dog has done it. He wore down Holtzmann of all people and by now she’s taught him to jump up on the chair and grab a tool from her disastrous work bench if she ever requires it and oops now she only calls him Dr. Hat and insists everyone to call him that and whenever they leave to kick some ghost ass she sets a special little alarm to remind Kevin to take him out every half-hour. (Kevin thinks it isn’t necessary but she still sets it every time they leave)

Basically Holtzmann/dogs


“should i caption it ghostagram?”

“erin, please.” 


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A very tired mom today tried to explain to her toddler the cookies in the bowl on the counter were DOG COOKIES, and held one up to he sobbing daughter and told her "see, for doggies!" And the baby leaned forward and bit into it. 😂😂😂 Poor mom was so tired she just sighed and let her eat it. (It's safe for human consumption tho, don't worry).

I’m not shocked the kid thought it was a cookie. They sell Scooby Snacks cookies in that shape. I have a picture of my oldest as a toddler when he fell asleep with one in his hands for reference. Tell me you don’t think these are dog biscuits. -Abby

this is my pupper shiro. this is one of my favorite pictures of him because he looks like he’s giving the camera a side smile like he knows he’s cute. sorry to hear about beep!

Thank you friend! It has not been easy to lose her :( But your doggo’s side smile gave me a smile this morning, to start the day right. I got a surprise visit from my brother’s dog when I visited my mom for mother’s day, and she has got a much less eloquent grin: