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Some background info: Akutagawa says he’ll kill Atsushi in six months (there’s some other stuff connected to that but I wont explain that here) and Atsushi replies he has one condition: For Akutagawa to not kill anyone else in those six months. Akutagawa agrees.
And now he told this Dazai and DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS TEXT BUBBLE SAYS?!
“The mafia who doesnt kill, huh…”

Undertale asks


1. Who’s your favourite character from UT?
2. Who’s your least favourite character from UT?
3. Your opinion about UT fandon:
4. What’s your favourite quote?
5. What’s your favourite soundtrack?
6. Pacifist, neutral or genocide?
7. Why did you decide to play UT?
8. Favourite battle?
9. Favourite scene?
10. Your first letter to Mettaton was:
11. Your reaction when you saw Omega Flowey for the first time:
12. Your headcanon about Frisk’s gender:
13. Which UT character reminds you of yourself?
14. Which UT character reminds you of your best friend?
15. Would you smooch a ghost?
16. Which UT character would be your best friend? Why?
17. Do you remember your first killed character? Who was that?
18. Did you do sth in game you regret?
19. Which ending was your first?
20. Your favourite land in UT and why: (Snowdin, Waterfall or Hotland)
21. Your favourite place in UT and why: (Undyne’s house for example)
22. Your headcanon about River person’s gender:
23. Your headcanon about one of the UT characters:
24. Butterscouch or cinnamon pie?
25. Your opinion/headcanon about six human souls:
26. With who would you go on a date?
27. Marry, fuck, kiss and kill:
28. Do you wanna have a bad time?
29. Your favourite UT au:
30. Your least favourite UT au:
31. Would you want to fall into underground?
32. Describe or draw your undersona:
33. One reason why you love UT:
34. One reasom why you hate UT:
35. If you could choose one type of food from UT, what would it be?
36. Your favourite amalgamate:
37. Your headcanon about Gaster: who do you think Gaster is to Sans and Papyrus? (Father, brother, uncle etc)
38. Your opinion about bad puns:
39. Do you draw fanarts from UT? If yes, then what do you like the most to draw?
40. Which of human souls fits you the most?
41. What would be the first thing you would to show to Sans, Papyrus or the rest of characters in human world? Why?
42. Which song reminds you of UT or one of the UT characters? Why?
43. Your opinion on underloid:
44. Do you forgive Asgore for what he’s done?
45. Did you pay for Tem’s college?
46. Have you seen any youtube letsplay of UT?
47. Do you listen to any fanmade songs? If so, then which are your favourite?
48. What are your favourite theories?
49. Who is your favourite enemy? (Not including boss monsters)
50. Do you have any headcanons about Chara’s past? (Why they hate humanity, why did they fell to the underground etc)
51. Who is your favourite dog?
52. What was your reaction to true lab?
53. Your fabourite voice acting:
54. At the end of pacifist run did you stay with your friends or did you come back to your family?
55. Who is older - Sans or Papyrus?
56. Your OTP(s):
57. Your NOTP(s):
58. Your BROTP(s):
59. Your favourite puzzle:
60. Which battle was the hardest for you?
61. Did you still hate Flowey after you discovered his true indentity?
62. The saddest moment:
63. Which ending is your favourite?
64. How old do you think Frisk is?
65. Any post pacifist run headcanons?
66. Your favourite NPC:
67. Humans or monsters?
68. The funniest situation:
69. Skeletonfucker, robotfucker, goatfucker or kinkshaming?
70. When playing for the first time how many candies did you take?
71. Did you kill or spare Flowey at the end of the game?
72. If you had to be one of the main characters, which would you choose?
73. If you had to kill one of the main characters which would you choose?
74. Which character(s) would you like to cosplay?
75. Your favourite Burgerpants’ quote?


BSD Chapter 52 Summary

To be honest, the raw coming out early this month is a bit of a letdown to me, especially when I have no idea where I could buy it? @@ Anywayy, since someone posted the raw already, and I’m not the patient type to wait till the official release date, I ended up reading it and made a summary as usual. I know that someone else has already put up a summary somewhere, but it feels weird for me not to write anything about BSD every month. And even though I called it a “summary’, I ended typing out anything that came in mind so please forgive the mess I created! 

Apart from all those things, I really enjoyed the chapter. It brought up some promising character developments, and again more and more Shinsoukoku’s interaction. Dazai met an interesting turn of event too, which I find pretty much entertaining :P

As always, feel free to correct if I’m wrong at any part. I am just doing it to practice my Japanese.

                                                 SPOILERS AHEAD

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Chapter 52
  • Friend: Hey how you doing fam?
  • Me: Fine!
  • Me, internally: Dazai done f*cked, both Atsu and Aku are dying, Kunikida, Yosano, Fuku, Mori and Kyouka are nowhere to be seen, some rock-bending f*ckwit is listening to Tchaikovsky which personally offends me and Chuuya and Ranpo aRE STILL IN THAT BOOK AND WE HAVEN'T HAD ANY NEWS OF THEM FOR LIKE 3 CHAPTERS AND ALL THIS EQUATES TO ME INTERNALLY SUFFERING DID I ALSO MENTION D A Z A I F * C K E D U P-

anonymous asked:

could you describe ivan goncharov's character a bit for me? [[when you mentioned an obsession with Fyodor it queued my interests]]

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. Yes, my impression of Ivan Goncharov is that he is very devoted to Fyodor, to the point of worshipping him. 

- He refers to Fyodor either as Dostoevsky sama or Master or My Lord

- He tells Pushkin protecting Fyodor is all he cares about (that’s why he can’t come to help Pushkin escape from Shinsoukoku) and refers to it as “happiness” (protecting Fyodor). In the frame below he is saying if it is Master’s wish, he would even peel out his own skin etc.

- Whenhe first appears to fight with Shinsoukoku, he tells the two that he has been given a chance, an important misssion rather than protecting Fyodor sama and that is his happiness etc.

- In the panel below, he’s saying something along the line that Fyodor is like a God that brings happiness into this world and those who dare to disturb that are sinners.

- Apart from that, he loves classical music, he was listening to the “Waltz of the Flowers” by  Tchaikovsky at the beginning of the chapter.

I hope it cleared up something for you and sorry about my crappy translation xD

YES, Dazai’s a human...

Why is everyone so happy because Dazai messed up this time??? He already admitted that he had met fyodor before and it was so clear that he failed to defeat him that time that’s why he needed to prepare a more powerful partnership than Soukoku
Definitely he fucked up that time as well as other times.
No one can assume it’s his first one because he’s always right we don’t know anything about his past and the only thing that was shown to us we all witnessed how he completely failed to predict Mori’s plans and save his only friend
Don’t assume things on your own
Y E S Dazai’s a human too….

the-demon-reaper  asked:

OH SHIT YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT WOULD BE AMAZING?? Who would win a melee fight between Wrench with a sledgehammer, and H2O Delirious with a baseball bat? I mean, it's an open-shut case really, but I'd still love to see it.

(Of course, I’m always going to go in assuming I’ll win. We might need to bring out MythBusters for this one.)