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My dash is dead

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*ren voice* !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANG !!! ( / ˃ᆺ˂)/

i assumed this was your favourite pairing so yeah ehe o(`∀´o  )hope u have a good birthday! UR GETTING OLDER AND MORE YAOI EVERY PASSING YEAR



Okay so I am finished!
I ended up doing two versions because, I thought originally my original lines that his legs might be too long, BUT THEN after I finished coloring the shorter legged version, I decided to put together a little process of the sketch, and then when I had the shorter leg version next to the longer legged version I was like :”WHY DID I NOT COLOR THE LONG LEGGED VERSION!?’ xD”
So went and had to do some rotating as deforming to avoid recoloring parts that were the same. xD

But yeah added the cosplay photo of me it was based on!
(PLUS the cosplay I made for my dog, so you can see her collar I made for her ahahah xD)