Suicide Squad (2016) Full HD

Suicide Squad (2016)


                    Suicide Squad

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                    Kubo and the Two Strings 

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                    The Secret Life of Pets  

                    Florence Foster Jenkins 

some sans sketches i’ve drawn in between commissions. the second image is basically a meme among the korean ut fans on how to draw a sexy(???) expression or something. it was an excuse to draw sans all cute, sweaty, and blushing, so of course i had to join in lmao

here’s the original meme btw (LINK)

Saul, a close buddy of Gunther’s and mine, is losing his battle with cancer. He lived most of his life indoors with an elderly owner. When she couldn’t care for him anymore, my friends Carli and Tim rescued him with the intention of fostering him. They quickly fell in love with this unique spirit, as anyone who ever meets Saul does, and decided to adopt him permanently. This old guy got a second lease on life then and soaked it up with passion. He absolutely loves going on hikes where he lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—a whole wide world outside he barely got a taste of until his senior years. He and Gunther were perfect hiking pals, going on lots of soggy adventures together last year. I often wondered what Saul was thinking about as the incredible Columbia River Gorge rushed by through the open car window. After our visit, Carli told me Saul would frantically pull her across the street anytime he saw a Golden Retriever, thinking it was Gunther. I was so enamored with Saul when I met him a few years ago, he even inspired the look and name of a main character in my upcoming book. He’s a champion couch cuddler, always backing up his silver rump against anyone seated next to him.

Saul beat back cancer when Carli and Tim first took him in, but sadly it came back recently, swiftly and aggressively. I’m not going to get to say goodbye in person, so I wanted to paint this little tribute to one of my favorite beings. Love you, Saul.