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A few of the screenshots I took in the Dofus Beta to have a look at the new Ouginak class.

- The entrance of the Ouginak temple and the surrounding Ouginak village in Ohwymi, which is the current log in screen of the Beta.
- The Ouginak character information screen (French only, so far).
- All the options for both genders, put together by me. Have fun planning your Ouginak for when they go live!
- And the statue of God Ouginak within Incarnam.

geekithebrave  asked:

Where are the gifs u use all the time from?

Wakfu and, to a lesser extent, Dofus.

Wakfu is a “Franime” or “French Anime”, done using Flash Vectors and traditional animation, along with some CG animation.  It chronicles the travels of Yugo, Salleygrove, Amalia, Evangelyne and Ruel on their quest to understand Yugo’s strange history.

Dofus is set in the same universe but aimed at a younger audience.  Instead of a set narrative like Wakfu, Dofus is comprised entirely of 12 minute one-shot episodes.  Unlike Wakfu’s more fantasy and action themes, Dofus is humor.

Wakfu and Dofus are both TV shows that evolved from MMOs.  Dofus came first and Wakfu is the “Everquest 2” of Dofus.  Even if you don’t play the game you’ll understand what is going on and much of the lore.

Wakfu and Dofus, being French, play a lot more fast and loose with romance and sexual manners.  In Dofus two of the main characters are openly in a lesbian relationship.  In Wakfu you get erection jokes, frequent risque scenes (for example there is a scene where two characters slow dance pretty explicitly), near nudity and actual references to sex between characters who are romantically linked.

Wakfu has some of the best villains I’ve seen in animation.  In fact, most people who have seen the show will attest that Nox is probably one of the best villains in animation.  Probably top 10 at least.

All main characters, and many side characters, are properly fleshed out and given proper personality.  It  has amazingly strong female characters.  The action is also incredible.

Wakfu recently got the funding through Kickstarter to release an english dub DVD in the US.  Expect it soon, though I suggest watching it with french voices and english subtitles because you MAY end up missing out on a number of jokes that don’t translate over.  Likewise, you can find the episodes online.

As for one of the most infamous ‘nude’ scenes in Wafku:


Dofus: One movie, one game, one world.

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Dofus: The Treasures of Kerub (English Sub) Episode 1

An amazing beautifully animated show im so surprised by the amount of detail and the story really make you want to play Dofus the MMO (never played it but i feel im have to change that :D)

Check out the whole series here (