here’s a thing that bugs me about the x-men movies:

every single time, magneto is the ultimate villain by the end of the film

even when they’re adapting stories where he’s an ally (god loves, man kills > x2) or not actually involved (dofp); even if it’s the very first prequel movie 

it’s never the people trying to exterminate mutantkind, even if it starts out that way

by the end of the movie - every movie - it’s the holocaust survivor they have to defeat

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:the x-men fandom is tragically overshadowed by the avengers fandom. both deserve their love but the x-men are a beautiful allegory for the outcasts and misfits and properly show the hardships of not being accepted by society but also the beauty of finding family in those that don't share your blood. the movies deal with family and loss and hope and empathy and uniqueness and love in their purest forms and contain profound historical themes while also remembering to be fun comic book movies that play true to the heart and essence of the original comics. also michael fassbender and james mcavoy are beautiful and mcfassy is unfuckingreal sign yourselves the fuck into this fandom because the apocalypse is now and i couldn't be happier
  • what she says :i'm fine
  • what she means :the first time Charles confronted Erik after he left him on the beach, he didn't accuse him of killing the president or any other thing, he accused him of abandoning him which means that he was clearly more broken and hurt by Erik leaving than anything else Magneto has done, that's something very significative in their relationship because when they first met Charles said that Erik wasn't alone implying he would be there for him, and when the CIA was retreating from Shaw's meeting Charles said that he wouldn't give up on him, and in the end, after everything Charles has done to stay by his side and help him, Erik's the one leaving him in pain.