You Think I’m Cute?

IMAGINE: Draco thinks that (Y/N) is cute when she’s angry, especially when he’s the cause of it. 

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warnings: swear words

words: 692 

(Y/N) stormed up the common room where her group sat, as soon as she saw Draco’s head she threw the closest thing next to her, which was a pen. With her Quidditch accuracy she was able to hit him in the middle of his head.

“What the fuck?” Draco’s hand came to back of his head, then turned around. As he saw (Y/N), he scowled, “(Y/L/N), what the fuck?”

(Y/N) however was not deterred by Draco’s tone, instead marching over to him and poking him in the chest, with her chin jutting out she poked him again. “Stop stealing my fucking clothes! Specifically my ties!”

As soon as she said that, Draco grinned, he curled his tongue behind his teeth, “I have no idea what you’re saying darling.”

She pointed her finger at him again, “You! I know that it’s you! I got in trouble with Snape, I have never ever had a problem with Professor Snape before and because of you and your childish antics, I have detention this Friday!” Suddenly the realisation of having detention dawned on her, and her face grew pale, “I have detention! Me! Oh god,” (Y/N) placed a hand on her head and sat down on the couch.

(Y/N) sat down on the couch, her head held in her hands. Theo, Pansy and Blaise looked at each other, wondering what to do.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” Draco’s voice filled the void.

(Y/N) looked at Draco and scowled, “That’s all you have to say? I’m cute when I’m angry?” Again her voice grew angrier, and her scowl grew more prominent on her face. “Draco, this is serious! I’ve never had a detention in my life! Oh god, what happens if ruins my chances at being in the Dofan and East Firm?”

Draco looked at his girlfriend and sat down next to her, he gently rubbed her back, “I’m sorry. But don’t worry with your grades I’m sure that they won’t care that you got a detention.”

“But I care!” (Y/N) whined.

Knowing that (Y/N) would not stop, he racked his brain trying to figure out what would make her happy again.

“You could always change his hair colour,” Theo drawled out. Draco looked at his friend and scowled.

He then turned back to (Y/N) who had her eyebrow arched, “That might work.”

“(Y/N), no,” Draco pleaded.

(Y/N) pouted, “Fine.” She crossed her arms and leaned back into the couch.

Draco looked at her and rolled his eyes, knowing that she won’t talk to him until he caved in. “Fine, but it can’t be Weasley red or a neon colour!”

The Great Hall’s conversation promptly stopped as soon as Draco Malfoy walked in followed by Blaise and Theo laughing their heads off. The usual platinum haired aristocrat, was now a pink-haired aristocrat. Draco scowled as he heard whispers and saw fingers pointing towards him. As he got to his chair, he noticed that (Y/N) was in her usual spot and not at detention.

“I thought I had detention,” Draco asked. He looked up at the table and saw Snape sitting there, a small smirk on his face.

(Y/N) turned to Pansy, “Detention? When did I say I have detention? Pansy, did I say that I have detention?”

Pansy shook her head, “You’re (Y/N), you don’t get detention.”

(Y/N) turned back to Draco with a sly smile on her face. “YOU!” Draco pointed at his girlfriend.


“You were never in trouble with Snape! You made that up!” Draco spoke out loud.

“I never made anything up darling,” (Y/N) drawled out. “What did happen though was prove that you’re so in love with me that you would dye your hair pink, and you help me earn money.” She jingled the coin bag in her right hand.

Draco sat down, narrowing his eyes at his girlfriend. “Don’t do that, you’ll get wrinkles.” (Y/N) smoothed out her boyfriend’s face.

“You tricked me,” Draco whispered. He pouted for a while then looked back at his girlfriend, “My god, I love you.”


(GoT) - Look What You Made Me Do

Fan Video

I couldn’t help myself I had to make a fan video….this song was practically made for this show.

Headphones recommended!

Contains mature content (people dying)

Contains spoilers for GOT season 1-7

All rights of the video belong to HBO.

All rights to the song belong to Taylor Swift.

Offering Writing Commissions!

Hello,  friends and strangers! My name is Sean/Seth/Waggleton, and I live in a very employment-dry area with a ton of hurdles in the way of me getting a job. Recently I’ve been slowly draining my bank account paying for community college and purchasing bullshit math programs, bus passes, and replacement electronics. Recently, a lot of my electronics and personal effects have broken or in need of a replacement, including my laptop’s fan, cooling pad, my constantly crashing phone, and a family desktop that I need to oversee the replacement of. To that end, I’m willing to write things for people!

Since I’m not really well-known, and I lost most of my spare non-important writing documents with a previous external hard drive failure, feel free to contact me and ask for a quick drabble if you want an example of my style.

In addition, I have an AO3 link on my homepage,  but since the stories featured on it are personal projects, I don’t recommend using them as reference.

What I Can Do

  • Fan works
  • Original stories featuring OCs
  • Tabletop game help (campaigns, dungeons/adventures, worldbuilding,  setting work,  etc.)
  •  Character profile help

Writing Info

  • My preferred fandoms are The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Silent Hill, Overwatch, Shin Megami Tensei/SMT: Persona, Borderlands, and The Adventure Zone.
  • I WILL accept requests from shows or media I didn’t include as long as they’re not so obscure I can’t find them, or I don’t approve of the media in question. I’m pretty knowledgeable about most popular franchises thanks to osmosis.
  • If you want me to write OCs or original stories, be sure to include as many details as you can of both them and the setting.
  • I do all my writing on Google Drive.
  • I will not do anything that involves romance with underage characters.
  • I’m okay with blood, gore, and death. I’m very tenuously okay with noncon as long as you talk to me about it. Snuff is a definitive no. 
  • I won’t do any sort of Bandom or RPF. 

Business Info

  • Please message me through Tumblr or email me at with your general commission info, including what fandom or franchise you want me to write from, specific characters, a brief outline of the story or plot of the fic/commission, and your word target. We can discuss from there!
  • If you want tabletop game writing,  such as lore writing (stuff you can give to your players like diaries, logs, or in-setting books),  setting descriptions (including shops, quest hooks, points of interests, etc), or even full campaigns,  message me with as many details you can.  I may ask for additional information lest I start making up with stuff whole cloth. In addition, please inform me of any off-limits topics or things you want me to leave out in general. 
  • I have the right to decline a request, just so we’re clear,  but I’m sure it’ll be alright! 
  • After everything’s settled, I’ll start hashing with you about what necessarily you want before I start working. Since I’m a full-time student with a very erratic personal schedule, I will need a two week minimum deadline. I’ll still keep in contact with you regarding updates, and I might finish your work before then.
  •  You have the right to ring me up and say “listen bro I can’t afford this”, and I will keep the project on hold and in a safe place until we’re able to continue.
  • Once the work is done I’ll let you review it before we shake hands and exchange goods. You can’t decline payment at this point, but you can tell me what you’d like me to edit, change, or remove. 

Payment Info

  • PRICE BY WORDS BABY.  Currently doing $4 USD for every 500 words, rounded down every 100 words/$1.25. This price can change depending if I get a ton of requests!
  • I’m still super goddamned uncomfortable writing smut, so it’s a flat $2 extra. 
  • I am perfectly fine with offering or asking for reduced rates! Please tell me beforehand if you think you’d need one. 
  • For RPG supplement work, my base price is $8 flat. Depending on how big of a writing project you want, I will adjust accordingly (probably $10/$15/$20).
  • I only take payment through PayPal at the moment. Sorry!

Be sure to contact me if you think this all sounds good! My employment prospects don’t look especially good at the moment, so any reblogs, spreading around this to your friends, or just reading this post all the way through is really appreciated. I hope we can work together soon!


I’m opening Commissions again. This time with an updated chart.

Sketches: $10 (+$5 Per Extra Character)
Lineart: $15 (+7 Per Extra Character)
Color: $20 (+10 Per Extra Character)
Color/Shading: $23 (+10 Per Extra Character)
Backgrounds: +$3 (Price May Increase If Complex BG)

Fan Art
Original Characters
Fan Characters

Hate Art
Fetish Art
Extreme Gore

I only accept USD money via Paypal. My Paypal account is

If you are interested in Commissions, please message me and we can discuss the cost/your idea.

Thanks in advance to anyone interested.