Biking Across America with Tyler Metcalfe

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“I feel like I’ve packed a few years of great experiences into just a handful of months on a bike,” says 29-year-old photographer Tyler Metcalfe (@tylermetcalfe), who recently completed a 4,290-mile (6,904-kilometer) cross-country bike trip across America, documenting the ups and downs along the way. “Thirty-five days into my trip I was hit by a car and suffered torn muscles and broken bones. The recovery was tough, as my greatest form of freedom had just been taken away from me,” he says. After taking time to recuperate in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler pushed on. “Reaching the West Coast was a mix of emotions,” he says. “I felt both accomplishment and a bit of disappointment that the journey was ending.” But the ride isn’t over. “I’m thinking about turning south towards Central America, and possibly making it all the way to Patagonia. The best part of the adventure lies in the unknown.”

Hey hey, long time no see.

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