nct dream!volleyball team au


  • the !!! libero !!! and !!!!! team !!!!!! captain !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s always there to save his team and keep the ball in the air
  • basically the team’s backbone
  • always up to give his team pep talks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buys everyone food !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • keeps everyone in check (aka stops jisung from roasting donghyuck mid-game)
  • does not know how 2 give up or what the definition of giving up means 
  • as long as theyre still playing, he knows they havent lost, even if theyre down like 20 points
  • always there to encourage the team to improve!!!!!! a true captain :’))
  • he dives like he’s invincible and wont ever get hurt which made a bunch of kids think that he couldnt feel pain at all iM LAUGHIN
  • has a lot of bruises but he never seems to mind
  • keeps bandaids in his backpack just in case his children needs them !!!!!!!
  • got a friction burn on his side bc he dove to save the ball and his shirt rode up so his skin ended up scraping the ground and it just never went away
  • doesnt know what hesitating is either,,,,,,, he doesnt even care if he sees jeno diving for the ball, he’ll like, still go for it full out,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls save him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • i feel like he’d be a setter but he wouldnt be a starter
  • he doesnt mind tho bc it means he can read the opponents better
  • master of getting inside the other team’s head
  • basically co-manager who also has killer tosses
  • the ‘tough love’ in the group that motivates everyone when even mark is too down to say anything
  • will actually fucking cream you in game if you provoke him in any way
  • had a hard time trusting his team, tried to win every game alone for a lil while
  • probably also tried to blind them with his beauty
  • the type to call bullshit from the ref but has to be held back so he doesnt actually do it
  • his brain reacts faster than his body so sometimes he ends up flailing instead of hitting the damn ball
  • if you whisper things to him like “oh u see number 7 over there? he said your serves were weak” he’ll automatically go into satan mode and becomes 12348739483 times more competitive


  • the dream team’s setter !! 
  • him and jeno are an unstoppable force and the two of them are usually always on court, which is a reason why hyuck doesnt play often
  • total team player
  • freak genius who relies solely on instincts when he tosses
  • bUT that’s ok! 
  • knows all his spikers well: knows how much they can handle, how fast they are, what kind of toss they like the best and can spike with their maximum potential
  • literally sets all his bois up for success
  • acts like he’s nonchalant about everything but deep down he’s like lowlowlowlowkey 
  • he and ren didnt work well together at first
  • like they were good friends but their playing styles just wouldnt mesh in the beginning


  • left wing spiker dont even fight me on this
  • perfect boy lives up to his perfect name by scoring most of the team’s points
  • most accurate spikes on the team 
  • it comes from his years of vball experience 
  • he and jaemin have been playing since grade school and boi his spikes are uMF 11/10
  • probably has like,,,,, a lot of fangirls,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • jumps like…. really high
  • like really high
  • like he’s pretty tall as it is but dude,,,,,,,,, when he jumps he towers over everyone 
  • pretends to be humble when really all he wants to hear is praise and it makes jaemin wanna punch him
  • him and jaemin probably practice a lot together since theyre like the dynamic duo of the team


  • middle blocker 
  • not the tallest but not the shortest either 
  • his blocks used to be 50/50 because he always hesitated to jump
  • he scares the absolute FUCK out of the other team
  • when he gets really into the game and becomes 110% concentrated, his expression grows dark by default
  • an absolute monster 
  • AFTER GAMES, HE’LL STILL HAVE THAT “im gonna spike the ball in your fucking face and cream you” LOOK ON HIM
  • AND EVERYBODY’S JUST LIKE “ren,,,, the game’s over,,,,,,, pls,,,,,,,,,, pls no more scare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • his spikes will break your fucking neck dont get hit by oNE OF THEM
  • his quicks that he executes with jaemin are actually no fucking joke jesus christ theyre like sonic
  • but like sonic on steroids and one too many energy drinks
  • the ace that no one suspects when you first glance at him
  • also had a hard time fully trusting his teammates bUT he basically trusts them with his life now
  • pays an insane amount of attention to detail and notices every little shift the other team does
  • one time someone called him a shitty excuse for an ace and boi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it didnt look good 4 the other team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • scary fast reaction times that sparked a rumour that he wasnt even human??? made him laugh really hard and still thinks of it at like 2 am


  • vvv insecure wing spiker + he’s a defense specialist 
  • he’s really smol and gets towered over by a lot of people
  • had a really really hard time trusting himself and his own abilities 
  • felt like a burden to the team and contemplated on quitting
  • before volleyball, he had naturally been good at everything
  • he eventually stayed on the team because volleyball gave him this adrenaline he had never felt before aW BABY
  • and now he’s a starter! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • everybody doubts him (including himself) but when he finally starts to believe in himself, he’s a beast
  • can also jump ppp high, makes jeno jealous bc chenle probably jumps a lil higher than him, will never admit this
  • he’s probably the decoy too
  • theatrical little shit puts everything into his spikes, even if he isnt going to hit the ball
  • the sunshine of the group that cheers everyone up after losses
  • vocal as fuck during games bUT it encourages everyone
  • plays every game like it’s gonna be his last
  • wants to die before every game bc his nerves always gET TO HIM


  • baby bean !!! but like, a scary baby bean
  • looms,,,, over,,,,,,,,,, everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • right wing spiker
  • baby bean wants to be the ace one day
  • this boi,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesnt know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what defense is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • all he knows is how to spike the ball really hard 
  • like, so hard that he’s pretty sure the enemy team would cry if they got hit by it
  • has no expression the entire game, no one knows what he’s thinking
  • gets really hung up over losses bc he’s still young and losing sucks in general
  • also plays every game like it’s gonna be his last!!
  • his need for victory drives him to be the best like no one ever was and motivates him even more to win games
  • like mark, he refuses to give up
  • a mini renjun basically but less scary and more ducky
  • almost had to quit bc he hit his head on the ground really hard after he lost his balance spiking the ball and his mom got worried
  • works best when he’s cornered

anonymous asked:

!! I love how you write jelaous Jaehee!! RFA reacting to an overly affectionate friend of MC who has a crush on them and oversteps boundaries? Kisses on the cheek, long hugs. How would they deal with them? (omg that was long winded im so sorry)

I tried very hard this one.


  • nugget likes your friends and they like him
  • well except for that one friend you have with an impressive bracelet collection
  • they’re always sitting REALLY close to you or wrap their arm around yours or keeps giving you new bracelets
    • to the point you have a whole drawer dedicated to bracelets
  • despite his gullibility to Seven’s pranks, this does not go over his head
  • his jealous levels are too high
    • they even tried to DENY it right to his face
    • but those long lustful stares to his s/o is not acceptable!
  • almost each encounter with your friend, he smiles and acts normal but his eyes are like daggers
  • but one day 
  • one fucking day
  • you were just sitting talking with another friend while Yoosung and your friend was on each side of you
  • he glanced over to see your friend lean their head on you and nuzzle their face in your shoulder
    • for once you were kind of like uh what are you doing
  • you have NEVER seen death in your precious nugget’s eyes before
  • he doesn’t say anything or do anything actually
  • just stares
    • sends a telepathic message to them
    • I wonder how valuable your fingers are to you…
  • but when the group gets up and heads back to the sitting area
  • nugget insists you sit on his lap
  • uh ok
  • you do as he requested confused
  • as you were talking with your other friends,
  • your friend sat across from you and Yoosung
  • and this nugget was actually smirking


  • your friend is actually very polite 
  • Jaehee approves of all your friends but this one just rubbed her the wrong way
  • they call you almost every day about nothing
  • and they just give you these just ‘cause presents all the time
  • when valentine’s day came around, your precious gelato had everything planned out to a T
  • but just as you two were about to leave, someone knocked on your door
  • Jaehee went to go answer it while you were getting your coat from the closet
  • it was your friend with a bouquet of roses in their hand and they asked for you
  • gelato was starting to get a little frustrated
  • before she could say anything, you came in the doorway also confused
  • “Hey…um…MC, can we talk?”
  •  Jaehee just KNEW what they were about to say so just interrupted
    • “If you have something to tell MC, please tell them later. Now is not the time.”
  • you kind of wanted to say something back to Jaehee but this was kind of a shitty time 
  • you tell them that now was not the time and to come back tomorrow
  • you two had a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and Jaehee woke up early that morning to make breakfast for you
  • your friend came knocking at your door again 
  • this time she’s ready for it
  • Says something on the lines of “I know you have feelings for them. But they’re with me. Please respect that they’re in a relationship.”
  • because they’re polite they just nod and agree to not interfere
  • out of gratitude, she sends them away with a short stack of pancakes


  • this marshmallow is freaking jealous of all your friends that are a little overly affectionate towards you
    • if you hug one of your friends for longer than 5 seconds he requests you give him longer hug
  •  oh but one of your friends LOVES to give you such long hugs
  • he just glares at them until they stop
  • at first he thought they were just being creepy 
  • but then he heard from one of your other chums that they actually like you a lot!
  • marshmallow is NOT happy to hear this NOT ONE BIT
  • he compensates by giving you a nice warm hug before your friend does
  • one time your friend managed to slip in a hug and this marshmallow saw their hand slide down to your lower back
  • FIRST Zen talks about this to you
    • he’s uncomfortable with the whole situation and your friend
  • and after you kind of agree he talks to your friend
  • kind of feels bad a bit because your friend has had a crush on you way before the two of you had met 
    • and Zen just kind of came into the picture
    • all magnificent and perfect
    • your friend never stood a chance
  • as angry as he is about this inappropriate behavior, he tries to be easy on your friend


  • it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your friend you knew since high school had a huge crush on you
  • even the donut can see it
  • but he tries not to pay too much mind to it because he knew you were with him and were content
  • it wasn’t like your friend was a bad person either
  • they even told Jumin just to sort of clear the air
  • the conversation was actually quite tame and both parties were mature and understanding
  • but your friend was starting to get a little out of line
  • they would playfully hold your hand or touch your face
  • it made the donut all flustered
    • how dare they
  • then shit hit the fan so quick when your friend just staring at you as you were talking
  • Jumin was shaking his head
    • hoe don’t do it dON’T DO IT
  • then your friend gave you a peck on the lips 
  • you were taken aback and very confused
  • you awkwardly look to Jumin because yeah he was standing RIGHT there
  • he stood there staring at your friend
    • but it wasn’t just any stare
    • it was the stare of utter inimical anger
    • slowly seething
    • holy shit you’ve never seen him like this before
  • honestly it’s his first instinct to fire someone when they anger him this much, but your friend wasn’t working for him
  • so he just removed you from the situation while maintaining eye contact with your friend


  • you were so glad Seven got along well with your friends and vice versa
    • so many nightly hangouts ^^
  • but one of your shy smol friends had this huge crush on you
    • they liked to show it through lots of hugs or quick kisses on the cheek
  • you never really paid no mind to it you just thought they were naturally a touchy-feely person
  • but Seven was very uncomfortable with it
  • VERY
  • made the poor jellybean feel so insecure
  • at first he devised an elaborate master plan, Ocean’s 11 style to expose your friend for the true monster they are
    • but they were cleaner than a fresh pair of underwear
    • if anything it was incriminating they didn’t have ANY dirt on them
  • darn!
  • always turned away if your friend gave you a quick cheek kiss
  • eventually one day he thought enough was enough
  • when you and your friend was saying goodbye
  • Seven made sure to say goodbye first and planted a big smooch on your friend
  • O-O
  • your friend was shook
  • you were confused at first but it was pretty funny so you ended up laughing until you got a big smooch planted on your face
  • after that anytime your friend was going in for a cheek kiss, Seven would step in, prepared to give them a wet smooch if need be
  • eventually they stopped with that nonsense
callout for aya now @heartp0ints


EDIT: UPDATED 8/13/17; just in the past couple of weeks after aya has said that she is “improving” she made nazi jokes, suicide baited me, and also started drama/harassing me again for “hacking her” with absolute no proof, just to start drama.
also dated a 9yr old while 17, sexted with a 13-14 yr old explicitly

please don’t ignore this.

aya @ miisdreavus (previously heavyyhearts / dreamishiro / lighterdayss / scarletrosebuds ) is an abuser who frequently manipulated and guilted me. she blames everything that she does on completely not being able to control it and her bpd.

tw: manipulation/guilt tripping, cutting ; minor drugs & alcohol

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anonymous asked:

Genji, Mccree, Mei with an s/o struggling with their anxiety or self doubt about themselves like they feel like a burden? I'm very sorry I've just had a rough month

Sweetheart, please don’t apologize. I understand having a rough time, whether it be with friends, family, work, school, or just yourself. I’d be happy to write for you, and if you ever want to just message and chat, I’m willing to lend an ear. I just hope maybe this cheers you up a bit


  • Like any woman, she is observant
  • So even when you think your hiding your stress and anxiety and those thoughts in your head…she can tell
  • Mei notices when your eyes burn with self loathing when you make a mistake
  • Has seen how your fingers dig into your skin till you bleed, heard you berate yourself under your breath, seen the bitter prick of tears in your eyes when you face obstacles
  • It breaks her heart every time
  • Being Mei, she isn’t sure how to help you but she takes it upon herself to try and find a solution
  • Finally, Mei decides that although she cannot take away your fears, your anxiety or those doubts that fill you, but she can try to bring a smile to your face and show you that even if you don’t believe in yourself, she does
  • One day after a rather long and grueling mission, you were feeling at one of your lowest points when you walked into your room. It took you a moment but you noticed something on the bed.
  • There was a single white lily flower, a box of your favorite chocolates, and a jar. Lifting the jar, you saw a note on the top. ‘Please take out on piece of paper every evening. Take out two on the worse days.’
  • Opening the jar, you saw it was jam packed with papers. Taking one out, you unfolded the small pink paper and you gasped softly. ‘Your smile takes my breath away!’. For a moment you stared, and then hold the paper close.
  • Reaching in, you pulled out one more. The yellow slip opened to reveal a picture of you and Mei making snow angels in the winter beneath a big pine. It read ‘You’ll always be my snow angel’.
  • Holding the two papers and staring down at them, you felt slowly all the negative emotions melt away. Tears filled your eyes, and you didn’t make a noise as a pair of arms pulled you close from behind. Turning, you buried your face into her neck and knew that in her own way, she was trying to make you feel better.
  • “Thank you.”


  • More then most, Genji can understand doubting in yourself and feeling anxious about things. When he became a cyborg, between the hate he harbored for his brother and the confusion and doubt of being a cyborg, Genji had been a mess
  • Of course, he also knew it was different for everyone. So it tore him apart seeing how you struggled with yourself
  • Especially when you seemed to devalue yourself and your hard work
  • A lot of the time he tried to give you as much praise or encouragement as he could, to show you that your effort was noticed but unfortunately, it never seemed to really hit home with you
  • One day Genji went to check on you after being called by Ana. Apparently you had a melt down during the Bombs Activation and Deactivation class. Automatically the two wanted to make sure you were okay
  • As he came up to the door, Genji stopped when he heard your voice. Peeking in, he could see you on the bed with your head in your hands, crying
  • He heard as you told yourself that you were worthless, that you would never be able to contribute to the team. That you’d only let them down.
  • Unable to bear hearing this, Genji shoved open the door. Startled, you sat up but before you could do anything, you were pulled tight against his chest. His hand brushed through your hair and you heard him take a shuddering breath
  • “Don’t say that. I beg you. y/n, i know…that you cannot see what i do. But i see a strong, selfless hero who will do anything to protect the people around them,” he said in your ear, needing you to know how he saw you, even if you didn’t see it yourself.
  • Taking off his mask, he lifted your chin and gave you a soft kiss. You couldn’t understand why, why he was so sweet to you when you felt like you weren’t good enough for him or Overwatch.
  • But before you could speak, the tears still sliding down your face, Genji caressed your cheek. “Do you know what i admire most about you? Its the fact that you try your very best at everything, no matter how impossible the task, because whats most important to you is the people you protect and defend. Mistakes might be made…but what makes a hero is that you will continue to fight and stand up for those who can’t,” Genji told you quietly.
  • Slowly, as those words rolled over and over in your head, the frustration and anger towards yourself ebbed away. Genji was always so kind to you…it was impossible not to feel the love radiating from him
  • “I just don’t want to let you down,” you whispered.
  • Genji smiled tenderly and shook his head.
  • “You could never let me down, y/n.”
  • And with that, you knew that he would always support you.


  • Jesse could always tell there was something wrong but a lot of the time, he couldn’t exactly put his thumb on what the problem was
  • A little less observant, most of the time he thought you were happy with how well you were doing
  • It was like he was your own personal cheer leader, except instead of pom-poms he had pistols
  • But a few months into your relationship he started to really notice that something was up with you, the way your face fell at moments or the way you’d stare off into the distance looking troubled, and all Jesse wanted was to make it better
  • Feeling restless one night, something kept niggling at the back of his mind. A thought, or perhaps more of a feeling
  • To stop his paranoia, Jesse got out of bed wearing nothing but his pajama bottoms and his belt, before heading to your room to check up on you. Honestly, he expected everything to be okay. But in the dark room, as he opened the door slightly, he heard quiet sobs
  • Slowly, Jesse pushed open the door and slipped in, shutting it without your notice. Seeing you curled up in the fetal position on the bed made him want to cry too, but right now his job was to soothe you
  • You jumped as the bed shifted and a warm, muscled body pressed against you. Strong arms pulled you close, and the feeling of a beard tickled your neck. That and the scent of cigars told you who it was even before he spoke.
  • “Don’t cry, darlin’,” Jesse whispered, his voice soft with worry. His Texas accent was soothing, as was the deep lilt of his voice.
  • The fact that he’d caught you in the middle of a break down embarrassed you. Without a word you tried to hide in the pillow but he was having none of it, pulling the pillow away.
  • Turning you, Jesse moved to sit against the headboard with you in his lap. “Don’t hide from me, sweetheart. Please tell me whats wrong. I might be a dumb cowboy but…but i still want to be here for you,” he murmured. It only made you cry harder but Jesse just rocked you and rocked you into his arms.
  • Silently he just rubbed your back as you let out all the tears that had been building up for such a long time. Finally, when the dams were empty, you admitted to Jesse the truth behind your feelings and how you were always worried of failure or screwing up, and how you doubted in your capabilities. Jesse didn’t speak a word, humming an old western tune softly in the darkness as he pet your hair and held you. Finally, you finished and waited for him to make fun of you.
  • It took a moment but Jesse pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Its not stupid to be afraid to screw up,” he said softly. “Its not stupid to doubt yourself. What your feeling is okay. That’s why you have me. I’ll always be there for you, baby. So please, no matter how dumb you think it might be….tell me what you feel, okay?.”
  • It felt strange, hearing Jesse say it was okay. This was the first time you’d told anyone how you felt. But as you laid there on his chest, exhaustion from the crying starting to fill you, you couldn’t help think that maybe it would be okay.
  • As long as you had Jesse there, maybe his love was all you would need to be able to push yourself in life.
How Jaebum would ask you out~ // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by magiccastles

  • Imagine the months leading up to before Jaebum asks you to be his girlfriend like
  • When he first meets you, he’d be shy as hell because you’re literally the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid his eyes on
  • If the other members are there, they would notice immediately the shift in his demeanour and they’d be making little jabs at him the entire time
  • But even though he’s a bit nervous, he’d always want to be around you. Shifting up closer to your seat and just wanting to be next to you - stealing sneaky glances when he thinks you aren’t looking
  • Jaebum would be the type of guy to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth. He’d want to know the real you - who you really are inside because personality would be important to him.
  • As your friendship progresses, he’d become much more relaxed around you.
  • You’d both always be texting each other back and forth
  • “Did you have a good day?”
  • “Did you eat lunch yet?”
  • “I miss you T_T Wanna hang out later?”
  • The two of you would have so many lame inside jokes - always making each other laugh until your both red in the face
  • Meanwhile, the other members in the room would be like “Omg can you both just date already JESUS”
  • Cue Jaebum shooting daggers with his eyes at them and making a mental note to punish them after you leave. Also, your face has turned the same shade of a tomato at this stage too bc you’re highkey in love with him already
  • You and Jaebum would be sharing music like there’s no tomorrow.
  • “Hey, I think you’d like this song (Y/N)….tell me what you think?”
  • “You know that playlist you sent me last night? I can’t stop listening to it”
  • He would love when you send him new music, because it’s like a sneak peak inside your mind and it makes him feel closer to you in so many ways.
  • He’d lowkey get a bit jealous when he sees you giving a cuddle to the other members. At first, he won’t know why he feels this way.
  • But soon, he’d realise that he has completely fallen for you and that he wants all of your cuddles and kisses for himself.
  • He wouldn’t waste any time. He’d start randomly pulling you in for his amazing bear hugs and hold on to you for ages - smiling to himself like an idiot and completely loving how you feel in his arms.
  • He’d love making you super shy. He’d get so soft seeing you all blushy and nervous his heart would literally jump out of his chest.
  • Especially when he just lays down beside you on the sofa and puts his head in your lap and asks you to sing for him because he loves your voice so much
  • He would completely melt when you tickle the back of his neck and glide your fingers through his hair. This boy would be a smiling mess filled with so many emotions he’d be overflowing with happiness
  • Jaebum would want to confess his feelings to you in the most natural way possible
  • Nothing too over the top, but he wouldn’t want it to be lame either
  • He’d want it to be a moment you’d never forget, so he’d spend a few restless nights thinking about the best way to open up to you in that sense.
  • You’d meet him after work or class and he’d be walking you home - as he usually does
  • On the inside, Jaebum would be silently screaming to himself and just praying that you feel the same way for him
  • When you both arrive just outside your home, you’d turn to face him to say goodbye as you always did. But, you’d notice his eyes twinkling a little more than usual
  • You’d give him a confused look, smiling at him and asking him what’s wrong, but Jaebum wouldn’t need to use any words.
  • He’d step right up to you, looking into your eyes confidently - before leaning his body close into you and pressing his lips against yours very softly - tasting your favourite lip-balm that he knew you always wore.
  • He’d take you by complete surprise, but a beautiful one nonetheless while you’d kiss him back - him letting you set the pace.
  • Jaebum’s heart would be hammering like a steel drum in his chest as he delicately places his hands around your waist, pulling you even closer to him and not caring if anyone were to walk past and see you both.
  • And when he feels you gripping on to the sleeves of his hoodie, you’d feel him smiling into the kiss as he’s the happiest he has ever been.
  • After the kiss is over, he’d lean his head back to look down at you, staring right into your eyes and seeing his favourite blush dusted the apples of your cheeks.
  • He’d ghost the backs of his fingers along your cheek while you can’t help but grin from ear to ear that it finally happened, just like you’d always dreamed of; before he finally confesses to you.
  • “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that..”
  • “Will you be mine, (Y/N)?”

I have absolutely no idea where this came from okay I’ve been so soft lately and with everything that happened with GOT7 today I’m just a mess so I had to write fluffy pre-dating Jaebum to heal my heart T_T (sorry if it’s bad lol)

Synastry Placements for Unrequited Love

*remember this isn’t definite, this is just placements that make me think of it*

Moon, venus in the 11th, 3rd house
Sun conjunct moon, venus
5th house moon, venus
Venus 7th house
One person’s venus heavily aspected and the other with no/little aspects
Venus square Uranus
One person has no conjunctions to the angles, the other does
One person has no aspects to the asc, the other does

Neat little Hamilton staging things (Act II)

What’d I Miss

  • Thomas fucking Jefferson, what a stud
  • the same moving staircase that moved Washington at the end of Act I is now used to move Jefferson
  • the company is standing on the floor and waiting for him
  • while walking down the stairs, he shakes hands with one of the ensemble members, and then he wipes his hand on his coat 
  • when he sings his first “what’d I miss?” he starts bouncing and strutting all over the place
  • during “virginia my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss,” he blows a kiss at one of the audience members
  • Madison has a cold or something, but Jefferson shakes Madison’s hand w/o wiping it anywhere after (because they’re bffs)
  • he’s such a bouncy little bean I can’t
  • Jefferson goes to shake Washington’s hand but Hamilton jumps in the way during “Mr. Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton” and grabs Jefferson’s hand instead
  • Jefferson looks at Hamilton like “who tf is this”

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i raise to you drunk!jeremy coming back to the dorm to a confused jean:

  • ok so they room together, sorry i don’t make the rules alvarez does
  • one night jeremy goes out with the girls, and jean pretends he’s too tired to go out and would rather have an early night
  • actually he knows that jeremy hasn’t been feeling great lately and he wants to let him have a night w his bffs without having to worry about jean
  • all’s good
  • its 3 am now and someone is banging at their dorm room
  • jean wakes up and curses in a way that would make neil blush, swearing to god that he is going to kill jeremy
  • he still opens the door in a heartbeat tho, because its cold in the hallway
  • and in the doorway is stanging sweet baby jeremy, clearly still inibriated, with half closed eyes and a lazy smile, leaning against the wall
  • suddenly the smile turns into a grin
  • “JEAN!,” he shouts, before almost falling on him, embarrassingly but neither of them finds it embarassing because one is whipped and the other is drunk
  • they’re so gross where is this going
  • after a second of silence and jeremy finding his balance
  • this bagel of a team captain starts touching jean’s face, his cheekbones and the light freckles that he embarrassingly knows the exact place of
  • with feather light fingers
  • he starts whispering shit like ‘jean you’re so pretty’ ‘youre like a smol wonderful bean who doesnt know how beautiful he is’ and sighing dramatically
  • he is still very drunk and kinda leaning on jean
  • jean!!!! doesnt know what to do!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • he bits his cheeks not to smile but at the same time hes clearly terrified
  • so he drags jeremy in and closes the door (its really cold)
  • jeremy just keeps saying his name and looking at him this is scary
  • and then jeremy : “you’re so beautiful” and *goes to kiss him*
  • jean gets all tense because hes so scared and!!! jeremy is drunk its not okay its just weird and he’s definitely thought about it before but he doesnt want ther first kiss if there is ever one to be like that
  • he’s pretty sure jeremy wont even remember it tomorrow
  • so he very slightly pushes jeremy off him
  • and it doesnt take more than a touch for jeremy to realize that jean isnt okay w this and he immediately stops and looks at jean
  • who’s looking all weird
  • cue jeremy freaking the fuck out, wanting to kill himself for what he just did, he never meant to force himself on jean or anything he is so disgusted by himself like he wants to tear off his skin he thought he would never do something like that so he whispers ‘im so sorry’
  • runs off to the bathroom
  • forces himself to throw up to get the alcohol out, takes a long shower, tries to get his ideas straight (pun intended)
  • by the time he gets out its like 45 mins later and he’s still nauseous and feeling weird but not really drunk anymore
  • but! jean is waiting for him!
  • *****huge silence*****
  • until they blurt out at the same time : “i’m so sorry okay i jufbekzgbkezjbjzfbjs” (gay gibberish)
  • then they go to sleep
  • jeremy feels awful for days literally he feels so bad for kissing jean without explicit consent he thinks about switching rooms bc he doesnt want to force jean to have to room w him after what he did
  • jean is sad bc lol ………. 1) jeremy is going to think that jean doesnt want him WHICH IS SO NOT TRUE and 2) jeremy probs was just horny and drunk and if he ever wanted anything from jean it was apparently just sex
  • it takes a team meeting (without the both of them obvsly)
  • and an intervention from alvarez w a few insults
  • but
  • the next time they go out,, there is making out invoved and it sure as hell aint straight if u get me
  • fin

isabelle&&magnus brotp headcanons

  • these two hit off straight away
  • (alec is stuck between horror and happiness)
  • (it totally turns to horror once izzy starts regaling magnus with embarrassing stories from their youth)
  • sometimes izzy needs to just get away from the world, and she finds herself in magnus’s apartment whenever she does
  • one of their favorite activities to do together is making cocktails
  • they also go shopping together, and they both love glitter
  • project runway quickly becomes izzy’s favorite show
  • whenever magnus wants to go out now he finds himself ringing izzy
  • and she has a whole wardrobe in his house, so the two make cocktails and spend hours trying on outfits on the runway magnus magic’d up
  • izzy secretly considers them best friends (and magnus does as well)

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

okay but Danny showing Draco muggle things like pens and stuff and Draco being WAY overenthusathic like "wtf these quills don't need to be reinked?? what is this" "you can fucking talk to people instantly without facing them??" "


he’d probably get HUGE culture shock omfg poor bab probably doesn’t even know what a toaster does

on another note tuck would have an absolute ball introducing draco to technology

so we know about dex’s older (most likely super uptight and conservative) brother, right? and thinking about that makes me sad and emotional so instead let’s talk about dex’s older sister samantha, who is liberal as shit, bisexual as shit, and just generally cool as shit

  • she’s 5 yrs older than dex, has the same red hair and freckles as dex does, but her eyes are brown like their dad’s
    • is her favorite song brown eyed girl? u fuckn bet it is
    • the jimmy buffett version?? damn straight
  • she’s always lowkey been dex’s favorite sibling, and at first dex didn’t realize why, but then he realizes he’s Not Straight and it makes a lot more sense bc sammy has always been cool about stuff like that
  • samantha doesn’t come out to the fam, but when dex comes out to her she def lets him know he’s not alone
    • she tells him that he doesn’t ever have to come out to the rest of the fam if he’s uncomfortable about it, but if he does do it she’ll be right there with him and hopefully her also coming out will lessen some of the blow
  • she is, like, insanely smart. dex totally looks up to her and her kickass job as a museum director (u pick a musuem idk) in NYC
    • yep she lives in NYC
    • she went to NYU on a full ride, fell in love with the city and decided to stay
  • dex comes out to her when he’s 13, she’s 18 and about to leave for NYU and she’s stressed bc wtf she can’t leave her baby brother in this house full of homophobes when he just had the courage to come out to her
    • she considers turning down NYU and going to a community college, just for a year, at least
    • dex convinces her not to
    • she skypes him twice a week and texts him every day
    • she’s a rlly good sister
  • they still skype twice a week and talk daily while dex is at samwell, and she recognizes his crush on nursey MONTHS before dex does
    • one night, after a game, dex looks scared out of his fucking mind and she’s concerned until he half-screams “I THINK I LIKE NURSEY HELP”
    • “lol broski you’ve legit been in love with him for months calm down”
  • once dex and nursey get their shit together her first order of business is to invite them both down
    • also she’s been seeing this RLLY COOL girl and she wants to introduce her to dex so this is like a rlly fun gay poindexter family gathering
      • “plz don’t call it a gay poindexter family gathering, sammy”
  • anyway nursey fucking loves samantha like is just completely enamored with her, thinks she’s cool as shit and her job is RAD and she always loves and supports dex which makes her a 10/10 in nursey’s book
    • they totes exchange numbers
    • does sammy send nursey embarrassing baby pics of dex? yep
    • does she send old family vids she’s saved of dex’s first words (lobster, pronounced “wobstah”)? hell yep
  • sammy is the only poindexter that dex allows to follow him on social media (his accounts are locked the fuck down bc every other post is abt nursey and like… he’s obvious as shit)
    • as a result of this samantha believes it is her duty to provide every single Embarrassing Family Member comment that everyone else gets
    • she legit replies to/comments on every goddamn thing he posts
    • dex pretends to hate it but everyone knows he loves it
  • when they graduate he and nursey are looking for a place to stay in ny bc they could stay with nursey’s moms but they just downsized and moved a little too far out of the city for it to be a comfortable commute and so sam’s like “yo come live w/ me until you figure it out”
    • they end up living with her for a yr bc neither of them particularly want to leave
    • it’s actually sam who leaves, moving in with her girlfriend
      • (lowkey she had been planning on moving in with her six months ago but she waited until dex secured that Big Promotion and nursey finally got through the nuances of editing and was published and they both saved up for a few months bc she wanted to make sure they could afford the rent on their own) (she’s a rlly good sister did i mention that)
  • when she and her gf elope dex and nursey are the only ones from the poindexter side that are invited (lbr nursey is officially a poindexter now, they might not be married but that dude is her brother in law)
    • the wedding is a quick lil ceremony @ the museum (nursey is swooning with how fcking cool it is. chill, nurse)
    • then there’s a fucking huge party with all their friends + dex, nursey, and her gf’s fam
      • dex gets to give a speech. everyone cries. nursey cries so much. so so much. like, calm down, nursey.
  • at this point in their lives dex and nursey aren’t exactly hurting for money, with dex pulling some serious cash as head of IT for some big name company and nursey about to publish what is assumed to be his third best-seller (and the most anticipated YA novel of the yr), and they both want to do something for everything sam’s done for them, so they buy her and her wife an all-expenses-paid 2-week trip to rome
    • there’s a lot of crying involved

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hey elise, do you have enjoltaire teacher/student headcanons? such a cliché, but i'm so in love with it.

How about teacher’s assistant!Enjolras and student!Grantaire?

  • Enjolras is not teaching Grantaire, because Grantaire would never ever set foot in a Poly Sci class unless you paid him to
  • But they do meet during a Pub Night. Pub Nights are organised by people in the English department for people to speak English outside of a classroom with native speakers around a beer or whatnot
  • Enjolras desperately needs to improve his English for obvious reasons, so he goes there to find someone who’d be wiling to teach him
  • Grantaire mainly goes there because a) beer b) his English is spot on c) good beer d) the English assistants are fun and he likes company
  • And of course, when he hears that that gorgeous blond guy needs to practice his English with someone, he’s the first in line
  • Now, Enjolras’ spoken English is more than atrocious. He butchers English more than he speaks it. Which delights Grantaire because he has so much to teach him, hence a lot of time to spend together
  • So they get studying and studying. And at the same time Enjolras tells Grantaire a bit of what he does
  • One day, Grantaire goes to one of Enjolras’ workshop and totally gets the hots because DANG Enjolras is wearing glasses and looks all professional
  • When Enjolras asks him what Grantaire thought of the workshop Grantaire is basically there like “Well… full offence but… I don’t agree, like at all”
  • So they start arguing and arguing until the moment Enjolras burst out:
  • “Shut up!” in English, unexpectedly. No doubt he meant more than that but he ddoesn’t have the vocabulary to express it
  • Grantaire is so proud because????? He took English of all things???
  • He spends the next hour teaching him swear words
Chatfic: In Which Sam Kane becomes business partners with one R. Wirtz and hates on TSegs

Somehow in chat, ninjaboots and I got started on the idea that Rocky Wirtz and Sammy Kane would make fine business partners. You see, Patrick broke the news that Sam doesn’t have money: his parents have money, and Sam’s gonna have to work on getting some of his own. Sam is appalled, but intrigued by this notion. (And at one point in the sequels, I’m gonna make Sammy Kane the new Joey the Jr. Reporter, leaving the Hawks dressing room dazed and Sammy Kaned, basically. But it’s a good source of revenue for him and he gets to ask questions about dogs sometimes, so it works out.)

I tried looking for how the idea originated, but we’re almost sure it came along, um, “organically”. 

Anyway! So this was the first bit of Mr. Wirtz and Sammy Kane, and here is uh, 9K more. Posting today because one of the snippets features Sammy Kane basically being ruined for Christmas forEVER. 

at one point, a rookie tells another team member about his scoring woes
Sam, overhearing, ponders this
then offers advice
have you tried being more like his daddy? he asks politely
his daddy wouldn’t miss the net.
*cracks up * yes.
watch his daddy.
then do the Same Things.
Sam pats his hand.
don’t fall down so much though.
Sam wanders away, content with a good deed well done
they should pay him
for his ‘sulting work
he brings this up to Mr. Wirtz.
his allowance is good.
he’s not saying otherwise.
does he offer this particular experience as an example of his qualifications?
but if he’s doing other things
then he’ll have more in his savings.
he explains seriously that he could have told the rookie to be like his mother
are you with me so far, Mr. Wirtz? Sam asks.
but his daddy says that his mom is ONCE IN A LIFETIME
and he’s already here in this lifetime.
*wheezes *
and coach always yells at guys
to stop trying to be like Kaner
none of you are Kaner!
don’t get CUTE, coach says
Sam’s mom is cute.
they’re not cute.

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what she says: im fine

what she means: exactly 19 years ago jeon jeongguk aka the talented maknae of bangtan who is not only such a cutie but also a very skilled dancer and singer and is skilled at so many other things as well and not only is he a skilled person but also a little dork who likes to teaser the older members which by the way is the cutest thing ever and not only is he a dork but he is also such a shy and awkward person who never fails at making my heart flutter with how adorable he can be and not only is he that but he is also a person with a bright future and someone i really look up to and someone i hope will never stop shining because if you ask me in my eyes he will always be the brightest star - god i love jeon jeongguk so much can you believe that


You call that fast rapping?…. pshhhhhh n0000000b

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