doesnt want to live without you

the best parts of the iconic i love you scene:

  • the huge relieved sigh alec let out and how it came almost like a little “oh” sound when he saw magnus who he had been looking for HOURS just imagine how stressed the poor bab was
  • he says it himself – he was literally TERRIFIED of losing magnus, the man he had just realized he’s in love with, the love of his life, because when shadowhunters find someone it is for life
  • alec’s heavy breathing bc his anxiety levels had been so high that he couldn’t even breathe properly and he had probably been running all around the institute just waiting to see what he feared the most
  • but magnus was scared too you could just see how relieved they both were when they finally had each other in their arms
  • magnus’ thumb rubbing down alec’s back in such a reassuring way, trying to tell him that its okay because he’s here now
  • alec burying his face into magnus’ shoulder because that’s his safe place and the only way to calm himself down
  • him hugging magnus even tighter because he’s probably still in shock trying to figure out if this is real if magnus is actually there, living, breathing and okay because he’s alec’s responsibility and if anything were to happen to him…
  • the i love you is so beautifully breathless too he probably just figured it out but it doesnt matter because he doesnt want to ever feel like that was the last time they’d see each other before he could even tell magnus about his true feelings, without magnus knowing how loved he is
  • magnus shaking his head a little bit because he cant quite believe it but answering right back the same words so easily
  • he has probably just been waiting for alec to say it because he himself has been too scared, too scared for his response, the possibility that he doesn’t get back the answer he so desperately needs to hear
  • the forehead touch ™ and magnus’ tiny smile just because of how happy he is to hear those words
  • the fact that they probably ended up hugging for a long ass time after that just holding each other, breathing each other in, feeling the other there with them…
  • after that they portalled to magnus’ apartment and just laid down for a bit, calming down, basking in each other’s existence and just ignoring the outside world for awhile because right now all they have is each other
Fun Avpd things™
  • wanting to say something but physically not being able to say it, and getting frustrated because you want to talk but cant 
  • never disagreeing with anyone because you dont want them to hate you more then they already do
  • not being able to stand up for yourself 
  • wanting to die when getting negative criticism 
  • deleting text posts 2 minutes after making them because you are uncomfortable/afriad of people seeing it even if its just “hey” 
  • not being able to video chat or voice call people because aaaaaaaaa
  • joining in a multiplayer game then immediately leaving when someone else joins it bc aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • not being able to socialize the way you want to, thus turning into more self hate bc you cant socialize 
  • getting irritated when you have to be around people for a long time 
  • unable to go to places without someone you are comfortable with 
  • being happy when plans get canceled, even if its with someone you enjoy 
  • wanting to be loved and wanted but being unable to express that need 
  • being unable to express any negative emotions to people actually 
  • being uncomfortable with the idea of being a living, breathing human and would much rather be a ghost 
  • feeling like people hate you but being unable to ask to confirm or deny that so you just die™
  • going somewhere, and it doesnt go as planned and so now you cant ever go to that place again ever till the day you die 
  • being unable to ask for help or anything actually bc fear of rejection 
  • saying yes to go somewhere then regretting it and starts thinking up reasons as to why you actually cant go there 
  • being unable to maintain many friendships, except with close people, bc it feels like a chore 
  • getting drained after a 5 minute conversation with someone 
  • feeling so inferior to everyone, to the point where its like you dont even have youre own opinions and personality and you just leech off of everyone else so you can feel like you amount to something 
  • when you finally vent to someone and they dont respond how you want them to and then u die™
  • when you avoid someone bc of anxiety/paranoia/trust issues etc and they dont attempt to contact you and it further validates ur anxiety/paranoia/ trust isses etc and then u die™ 
  • group projects = death™

without you, there is no more sun. there is no more light. there are no more stars. the moon doesnt come out anymore. without you, i am lost. i am broken, i am in pain, struggling to continue. without you, my whole world feels like its slowly starting to crumble all around me as im standing there watching everything fall in front of me. without you, my heart feels weak. its empty.. craving your love. without you, i feel like i dont even know my name.. dont know right from wrong, dont know up from down, dont know wrong from right. without you, i dont want to live. i dont want to continue. i dont want to wake up. i dont want to wake up everyday knowing youre not here. moping around feeling sorry for myself, waiting for you to come back, show up, something. i dont want to be here without you. without you,my life doesnt have purpose. my life doesnt have meaning. my life is dull. full of grey clouds and rainy days. without you, my life isnt my life anymore. im not living anymore, im only existing. you were my life. you are my life. without you, i am not me. i will never be me again. i will never know who i am ever again. and thats whats scary.. without you, i am nothing. i am worthless. i am lifeless. walking around like a dead corpse. i am just another ant on the ground, existing. not being noticed.. too small for anyone to look or care about. without you, life sucks. and i dont want my life to suck anymore.

i hate to be that one grumpy old person who waves their fist at technology (and trust me i’m all for using technology i mean i cannot live without it) but my 8 year old nephew is on his cellphone all day and all night long??? he doesnt interact with anyone like, right now we are in the same room and hes laying in front of me, on his cellphone. he doesnt socialize unless i confiscate his phone (which i did in many family dinners). do you guys have any tips about it? because i want to bond with him, i really do, but it’s literally impossible this way :/

a keith thing
  • has fears but can push himself to get over them temporarily if hes determined 
  • tries to tell jokes but it starts to run on and goes no where so he just kinda trails off and pretends he didnt say anything
  • very blunt & realistic
  • will agree with you if you say that you suck but will also give you encouraging words on how to not suck afterwards
  • says nice things about people behind their backs
  • starts lots of things & doesnt finish lots of things
  • his space may seem super messy but he has a system & knows where everything is
  • wants to be someones role model one day ((( like shiro was for him )))
  • constantly plays with his hair
  • very grabby
  • pretends to be asleep if he doesnt want to deal with anyone
  • tries very hard to bury his failures
  • scores fairly low on the empathy scale
  • very self assertive
  • likes mythology
  • always leaves room for an escape route
  • slight commitment issues
  • tries to live his life without any regrets but 2 or 3 things will haunt him forever
  • doesnt plan too far ahead in the future
  • always has the drive to constantly improve himself
  • chaotic neutral
  • has to google all the slang/acronyms lance uses
  • was an art kid
  • was a space kid more than a dinosaur kid
  • will mom friend you but is horrible @ taking care of himself sometimes
  • grew out of his edgelord emo phase but the hair stuck

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okay so like, there SO MUCH to dive into here

mika was abused the FUCK OUT OF before he was even 8 fucking years old. but look at how HAPPILY he talks about it. if this isnt the disconnection from emotions and the happy pleasant persona that people with bpd try to give off around people they want to like them, then idk what is 

[this is a long post but please read this i put a lot of work into it and i am very passionate about this <3]

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Hello! Could you give me some bokuaka fic recomendations? Would love if you brought some of your own in the list 😋 I know you are busy so don't sweat it, your school work takes priorety 🙌🏼 Have a really good day and hope you smile loads! *huggies* 💕

Thanks love <3

And sure! (Time to raid the ao3 tag lol) 

I’m warning you, almost every fic in the ao3 tag might be here (BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH)

I’m going to put this under the read more because it’ll be long. This is now my official bokuaka fic rec list because damn I’m not up for making a separate post after that XD

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alright listen up

its cool to have an opinion but denying johnny and dally had ANYTHING more than a friendship COMPLETELY is bs. before you say it, yes, i know that two guys can have a strong friendship without having anything else however, that doesnt change my opinion at all:-) dally cared so much about johnny. too much. so much that he didnt know how to LIVE without him. thats,,,,,, pretty gay if you ask me. as for johnny, he literally admired dally like he was a piece of art. all he wanted was for him to be proud of him. him. only him. thats also,,,, pretty gay if you ask me. big tough dally who says that you look out for YOURSELF and only YOURSELF is the one who jumped into a burning building to save the one and only johnny. big tough dally whos seen people killed and could deal with it is the one who coudnt even look at johnny after being beat up by the socs. big tough dally is the one who got emotional in the car, telling johnny that he didnt want anything to happen to him in prison like it happened to him. big tough dally let johnny say anything he wanted to him without beating the shit out of him, however, if it was anyone else, he would. conclusion: even if they didnt end up doing anything with their feelings because of dally’s pride and how nervous johnny was, theres no doubt the feelings were there. thanks for your time.
(message box is always open to jally headcanons ;-))

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hi there! i have had my budgie for about three months and she hates me! i want her to be happy living with me but i cant give her the social interaction she deserves because every time i try to take her out of the cage, she freaks out! this usually results in me sitting by her cage for an hour or so trying to play peekaboo or reading to her. im unable to find any treats she likes.. she doesnt even like millet! i dont know how to train her without rewards... any ideas? thanks!

i wouldn’t give up just yet.

budgies sometimes take longer to tame then 3 months.

Taming is about building trust so that you can make your birds life happier.

Many people look at taming the wrong way- they want the bird to be tame so they can play with it and they think being tame means the owner being able to grab the bird whenever they want- hold it and cuddle it.

But that’s not a tame bird that’s a bird forced into a relationship.

So if you want to tame your budgie first start noticing your birds body language.

does it move away from you when you come near. is it avoiding your hands when you try to touch it? does it seem afraid?

if so then its trying to show you its uncomfortable. so stop what you’re doing and take a step backwards.

Taming is quite simple but you MUST have patience and time. It won’t happen overnight and pushing it or trying to make it happen faster will get you no where.

simple steps-

1. sit by the cage, talk quietly (read a book) just be near the bird. Your doing this to prove to the bird you are not threatening. The bird can get used to you without feeling intimidated or like you’re coming into its safe space- the cage.

Once you’ve done this multiple times and you see the signs that your bird is comfortable with your presence- signs will be things like: eating and drinking in front of you, playing with toys, chirping happily and even falling asleep not minding that you are near the cage. you can move onto the next step.

2. step two is to put your hand inside the cage door. Simply place your hand right in the entrance and leave it there. don’t try to move closer to the budgie just leave your hand still. do this for short periods of time 5-10 minutes.

Doing this  now is teaching the bird that yes your hand is coming into their cage but you are NOT forcing interaction, you are not grabbing them and you are not making them feel unsafe.

Generally in this stage it goes either two ways-

one way is that the budgie becomes curious and will slowly come closer and closer to you hand to check it out. they may step onto your hand or even lean forward and bite your hand. keep in mind budgies use their beak as a third hand and they are just exploring you. you can of course gently move your hand away and out of the cage if they hurt you but generally they aren’t biting to harm you but are just exploring.

if your budgie doesn’t start coming near your hand on their own this is when you should try a treat to help- its important to wait until your budgie is used to having your hand in the cage before you attempt to use the treat-  again signs like playing with toys, preening themselves and generally just not taking that much notice of your hand being inside the door way shows they are becoming more comfortable.

You can begin holding some millet in your hand.

I’ve NEVER met a budgie who doesn’t like millet. BUT why work for something that’s already in your cage?? most bird seed mixes have millet in them so if your bird has their seed available they will get it out of their seed dish instead of coming to your hand. so my tip is to take the food dish away an hour or so before your start taming.

Some budgies also don’t know what a big stick of millet is. so If your having no luck getting them to come eat it I also suggest for a full day removing their seed and just leaving the millet in the cage so they will realize its food and will try it.

I did  this with my budgie Charlie because he wouldn’t try the millet and once he realized it was food taming went by SO much quicker.

once they start coming and eating the food from your hand and you feel comfortable move onto the next step.

step 3: is to arrange the millet in your hand so that the budgie has to step onto your finger before they can eat the millet. this takes a bit of effort sometimes but you just have to hold it in a way that when they come to eat it they have to step onto your finger in order to reach the millet.

usually they will put one foot on and reach as much as they can in order to avoid fully hoping on and this is fine- small baby steps! eventually they will be jumping straight onto your hands to get the treat.

step 4: once your are comfortable with step 3 and its going well you can start moving your hand towards your bird without millet and getting them to step up. By now it should be something they are pretty comfortable with and you should be able to start working on moving your hand slowly towards the door of the cage so you can bring them out.

Hopefully this isn’t too complicated how I’ve explained it! I hope it makes sense to you.

Jenna Marbles is living her own fricking life right now and doing whatever the hell she wants without caring about if someone doesnt like what she’s posting and its the most enjoyable thing ever and honestly right now she’s my favorite youtuber because she doesn’t give a fuck and its amazing
She bought a hamster
And then made him tiny hats and named him #Ad/adword sponserhands
Are you fucking kidding me thats quality content

@zotmoun replied to your post: The NH fans are like dude read chapter 98 before referencing the manga. Then SS fans are like dude read chapter 133 to see where Sasuke reveals his feelings about Sakura. But still as usual dialouges are too hard for you to read ��

idk about you but the ‘too hard to read’ “insult” is getting just a bit too old you going to come up with something new or?? ?? but hey ill raise you okay hear me out ill go and re-check these chapters out just for you 

how did you get this scene

as a confession of sorts of naruto to hinata ??/ ??? — listen he barely knew she was he didnt even really acknowledge her (until the chunin exams he finally saw hinata as a person especially during this scene) and listen he has this thing of protecting the weak hinata isnt the only one who was so lucky to hear about how much naruto appreciates and believes in them besides he said a person like you not “i like you!!” i also want to know how this is also a confession he doesnt even know her???? shes just another one of his classmates just like ino and kiba 

the type of person that he likes isnt someone negative all the time and those that see the potential in him (like cmon hes been living without his parents for all of his life and everyone shunning him away so ofc hes going to like these types of people u know someone who doesnt see him as kyuubi but as an actual person) but if yall want to take this as a sort of ‘confession’ then damn yall do you 

also what do you call the last????? like you guys are neglecting that that movie and this scene contradicts each other 

onto the sasusaku chapter youre talking about where he “admits” his feelings for sakura

this isnt a confession either what in the latest chapters where sasuke talks about his relationship with team 7 he said that this team was like his family because you know and sakura is weak and even though shes too infatuated with sasuke he sees sakura as family albeit annoying he trusts naruto to take her away because he knows how much naruto cares for her 

im also going to mention sasuke moved and saved naruto on his own whim and why im mentioning this is because this is a completely different scenario sakura was protecting tazuna and now sasuke needs to fight to help protect naruto and sakura 

besides who even has time for romance (come on you also have to admit that kishimoto did such a shit job developing the “intended” relationships between these 2 pairs and the last movie doesnt justify a damn thing honestly including the end of the series) 

my main problem with naruhina and sasusaku as a whole is because there was no damn development there was nothing these chapters dont mean a damn thing when they dont back and reference it kishimoto attempted to push it forward and try make it seem so but he sucked he even admitted it “im not good at writing romance” i wouldnt have a problem if there was proper development not naruto suddenly realizing his feelings for hinata thru a genjutsu because hes so fucking dense that he actually gets guilted into feeling those same feelings for her (and as my friend who supports the pairing he basically said “he feels like he owes her”) and u know theres a damn problem if u need a movie to try and justify a pairing (ive actually read posts that this movie was beautiful in writing and development there were so many things wrong with this movie but thats a different post for a different day) 

and sasusaku is my most hated pairing but i do have to admit there was much more “development” i suppose than there was between naruhina but the way it was written as a whole and introduced in chapter 700 from 699 is so pathetic 

if youre bad at writing romance then why bother putting it in the story???? because then this happens

so basically tl;dr

you: look at these chapters this is where they ~*admit their feelings for them*~ 

me: idk man it looks pretty generic to me 

so now i want you to tell me that i cant read and sasukes lines are too hard to read like i want you to tell me that again because if thats all ur going to say this debate is over 

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Please tell me more about Phoenix Keith, I need more

Im surprised that people were interested in this?????

Some info about Phoenix!Keith that idk whether or not i’ll keep but anyway :’)

  • When Keith isnt using his wings, they shrink in size theyre like these little wings that are barely larger than his back
    • When he uses them tho he uses flames to increase their size and they become huge lol
  • Sensitive as hell to cold
    • hates exposure to large bodies of water
  • he has a tattoo that runs from his left chest over his shoulder and down his arm up to his elbow
  • easily angered
    • the air around him starts getting hot when hes irritated and he will explode into flames if hes really pissed 
    • in other words dont piss him off
  • his eyes glow when hes using/doing things related to flame
  • eats fire as food (legit inhales that shit like air)
    • still needs regular human food tho
    • stuff like fruit and vegetables
    • flames are like his meat, he doesnt eat meat, just… fire
  • his clothes are made of non flammable material so that they dont buRN WHENEVER HES PLAYING WITH FIRE
  • likes to collect precious stones and has a not-so-mini rock collection
    • dont touch his rocks unless without permission you want to be burnt to a crisp 
  • Really good for hugging
    • his body is naturally warm so hes like a mini heater 
    • hes got good muscle but hes soft??? feels like feathers??? what the hell??
  • Lives around a dormant volcano
    • free food bro
    • also pretty isolated 
    • surrounded by large expanse of forest
    • lives alone to prevent himself from destroying anything major
  • even without his wings his body is very agile
    • he can jump really high and is really quick at maneuvering through the forest

I actually have more…. but i think thats enough for general info lmao i feel like im thinking up a whole story for this… oops ^^;;

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just an honestly curious question: who in BTS do you think is the most impulsive?

Hmm, I’m thinking Tae. Cause he lives freely, imo. He really does what he wants. Like remember when he got lost in bon voyage? He kept wandering around freely without a care. And how he used a card to buy food when they were not supposed to? (idk if I remember correctly but it was something like that during bon voyage too)

hey guys, this is a bit of a warning. this can be for when you want to rant about something or when youre mentioning someone who is toxic or dangerous. i thought a lot more people knew this but it turns out they dont.

say for example i were to make this post 

the “ ghhhhhhdzdgh” can be interchangeable. you could say that you dont think a youtuber or a tumblr user is all that great. a pretty innocent opinion that isnt tagged so no one will see it, right??

well if i post this, search  ghhhhhhdzdgh and go onto newest its a different story

thats right, you dont even have to tag things anymore for them to come up in searches! another lovely feature put in by tumblr which, on my old blog, lead to me getting death threats when i made an untagged post about a tumblr user, which lead to that tumblr user liking it and 3 death threats in my inbox and one person saying they knew where i lived and they would get me on my morning commute. pretty dangerous stuff, right?

thats not all, even when you put slashes in the word it turns up 

but if you put dashes it luckily doesnt 

so the reason for this post??? if youre making a personal post without tagging about someone else slashes wont keep you safe from some really sad people who want to make others feel bad from finding it, put dashes instead and it wont come up in the search. its a shame that people have to do their best to stay safe on their own private blogs but we’ve already worked out tumblr doesnt give a shit. this though should hopefully help that little bit more


My otp:
Well, (first of all, my english sucks and I apologize for that, second) i dont usually talk much about my characters but I love this two girls too much, so, let me tell a little about them uvu

Hursus Nasile is my friend’s Tech Fantroll. She is called “The Beast” and she is ULTRA strong and she ofen acts like a real Beast, doing whatever she wants and being impulsive and tactless. Despite that, she’s a sweet girl. She loves to fight and to eat, and sometimes she is drunk cause she likes to drink the after-fight beer XD

Kana Payne is my fankid. She is a half-american, half-japanese girl. She used to live with her Grandparent who taught her several styles of combat. Currently, she lives with her aunt who doesnt leave her make a thing cause “you are a girl and fighting is dangerous!”, so, she feels strongly frustrated. She, like Hursus loves to fight and to eat. (and her gloomy bears!!)

They met through pesterchum and when Kana began to believe in Hursus about, the alien stuff, she started really hard to go to her planet cause she wanted really hard to feel free, eat and sleep without the stupid society teachings and fight with Hursus!, and then, they met thanks to sburb!
Hursus liked her from the first moment, and she is a very lesbian (lmao) She began to flirt with Kana REALLY hard all along, and Kana, who admires her a lot, ended having a crush on her.

Kana is a Hero of Time and this never have been easy. It’s difficult being with someone who has a lot of doomed versions of herself with a painful destiny.

But they are really strong. (a doomed Kana became Hursus’s sprite, lol)

andddd…. well, this is a little. i hope you like them uvu

Dating Lu Han Would Include-

- selcAS that he would then put on his instagram lets be real here

- pDA

- he loves 2 show u off tbh


- he highkey flirts with you in public and people r like arent u dating????

- sometimes when he has to get up early in the morning he’s just like o shi t what do i do 

- so he just leaves and sticks a note on your forehead and puts his cat on your bed

- sometimes when he’s away your just sitting in his apartment and his cat just jumps on your lap and ur just like o hey there u little rat

- and when luhan comes back he’s like bABE IM HOME and when he walks into the living room he sees youve fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie and the cats on your chest and hes just taking a picture of it

- then that sly bastard he uploads it to instagram

- he makes you wear his clothes and his excuse is “because thats what couples do” but really he just thinks you look cute af

- then he goes to bed without even waking u up because he doesnt want to get scratched by his cat

- anywAY

- he loves playing with your hands?? just like randomly you’ll be in his dressing room before he goes onto his bejing concert and hes just mumbling the lyrics under his breath while playing with your hands

- he’ll buy you a lot of cute things 

- sometimes he’ll even buy you both matching couple items that you never wear in public only inside the house 

- sometimes you both stay up all night playing board games because the other one cant get to sleep

- lots of inside jokes

- hes highkey the small spoon

- but he feels much more comfortable being the big spoon

- sometimes when your cuddling on the couch your on your back and he has his head on your chest and your just playing with his hair with the cat at your legs

- laughing at memes together

- helping him with his english pronunciation

- sometimes randomly staring at each other

- he’ll tell you to lie on your stomach and he copies you

- then he sorta penguin slides forward until your foreheads are touching and you both just giggle staring at each other

Dating Series Masterlist

why are you so mad at me for not being able to be independent when that’s how you raised me
you didnt let me do SHIT my whole damn life
so why are you getting mad now at the product of your own mistakes
I’m like a five year old still because you never let me get more than that level of freedom
even now you still are doing the same and controlling my every breath yet expect me to be able to do things independently like banking, driving, making important decisions, and walking around downtown college campus alone
i cant even make food for myself or walk in a straight line too great or talk to people well. how the fuck even are you expecting me to do shit wtf

the scary thing is
you get mad at me for wanting to move out asap
because of the way you’ve abused me all my life
but it doesnt even matter
I can’t live without you
because of the way you’ve raised me
you’ve made me incapable of living without you
and im scared of this fact

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how do you think a total emo jungkook would try and woo angel tae?

in the most disastrous and vaguely uncomfortable way possible. he’d be the type to just walk up to tae’s lunch table and scowl at him for like 5 minutes and tae is like :O did you need something? and guk would just turn on his heels and storm off. 

this would happen a couple times, probably, because guk would approach with the purpose of confessing to tae and then last minute he’d blank and just freeze up cuz tae is so so so cute and it makes him forget everything he wants to say. he spends his time between classes sitting in one of the trees on campus, writing totally emo poetry about the way the sun shines through tae’s hair or how his smile could bring world peace and how his laugh sounds like tinkling bells, etcetera etcetera etcetera. 200% whipped emo jeon. 

he starts leaving flowers for tae in his seat at lectures, all of them have special meanings because he was being moody in a library once and found a book of flowers and their hidden messages, and how in the old days people would confess their love with bouquets of flowers that symbolized different things. 

he’d get calla lillies (beauty), primrose (i can’t live without you), pink camellias (long for you), a moss rosebud (confession of love), blue violets (faithfulness), yellow tulips (there is sunshine in your smile). tae would understand them, because he’s actually a biology major with an emphasis on botany and he gets that he’s being confessed to by someone but doesnt know who. and hoseok is like “maybe it’s that one emo kid that stares at you in your organic chem class”. 

and tae is hopeful but he doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, because he’d been crushing on guk for like the past 2 years and no one even understand why cuz guk is super emo and wears all black and theres a rumor on campus that he’s killed a man and keeps a switchblade in his right timberlands boot, but tae thinks guk is really sweet because he volunteers at the free clinic down the road (no tae hasn’t been stalking him) and he’s overheard guk sining in one of the music rooms late at night when tae was finishing up a lab and walked by and was entranced. and there was this other time his third year when he’d dropped all his books and papers and guk had been walking by and he helped tae get everything back and walked him to class (though he didnt say anything the whole time, just dumped the books on a table and left). so he doesn’t know what to do when guk keeps coming up to him at lunch and he wishes guk would just talk to him, and he doesn’t want to make the first move because guk is super scary looking–

“wow, youre whipped”

“shut up hyung”

so tae decides to do the next best thing– communicate through flowers like guk has (supposedly) been doing. so he sneaks into his class super early once, to try and catch guk in the act, and finds him putting a red carnation (my heart aches for you) on his desk, and whips around, all wide eyed because caught

and he looks like he’s about to make a break for it but tae is like “wait! i have something for you too,” and hands guk an ambrosia flower (your love is reciprocated) and they just kind of stare at each other for a while before tae is like “do i need to have mistletoe for you to kiss me?” 

Ziam Mpreg Masterlist

vanilla sweet universe

despite the fact that zayn’s an alpha, liam gives him a chance to prove himself worthy of the omega’s affections. 

(4 parts combined) 

A World of Fragile things

“Baby,” Harry repeats, accent thick, English broken. He waves a hand, as if mapping out the words, trying to push them from the tip of his tongue, to the tips of his fingers.

Zayn doesn’t get it.

“Baby,” Harry repeats, when he blinks.

“What baby?” Zayn asks skeptically, as he tries to help guide the words past Harry’s lips. “Whose baby?”

Harry holds his hands out again. “Your baby.”

Or, the one where Liam was only supposed to give Zayn an English lesson. Not a kid.

Fuck you all the time 

Zayn’s incredibly horny but Liam’s 34 weeks pregnant, you see his dilemma. 

‘Cause youre having my baby

“I’m so lucky, y’know? Like, you’re the best thing to ever happen to me, and you’re giving me this precious gift, yeah? And,” he swallows, throat feeling a bit tight. “I hope you know I am so thankful, and I love you a lot?”

Or, Zayn is pregnant, and fluff and smut.

i know its hard to believe , you're till the biggest part of me

“Bye, Liam.” Zayn says nicely, daughter there and all.

“Bye, Zayn.” Liam smiles and waves but Zayn can see the coldness in his eyes, one that nobody else can and only because Zayns also seen the light that used to shine within them, same colour and shape, and yet. The spark has gone.

zayn and liam are ex husbands who hate each other

we’ll make it through

Based on the prompt.

Percy Jackson au where Liam’s a son of Zeus and Zayn’s a son of Aphrodite and he can get pregnant because if a son of Aphrodite has a true love with another man they can create a child. The gods were already fighting and Zayn and Liam’s child just sends them over the edge. Liam has to keep Zayn and the baby safe from the angry gods.

Two`s a crowd 

A dare a druken mistake changes Zayn Malik’s life

Is it too much to ask for something great

Pregnant Zayn. And a cat. What more could you possibly want?


no description

 early morning call

Five a.m., and the crying immediately starts.

How things work 

AU. Liam and Zayn have a daughter. She’s 10 months old and likes to wake her parents up in the middle of the night.

Any other way 

AU. Zayn is alone at home waiting for Liam to come home from store. It’s 3 in the morning.

Off-ramp welcome

“Oh, god this isn’t happening!” Zayn started to panic, lip quivering as his eyes welled up with tears. “I don’t want to have my baby here, Liam!”

“You won’t,” Liam declared, rushing into the bedroom to grab his husband’s overnight bag and rushing back into the living room. He wrapped an arm around his back as well as an arm under his elbow and quickly led the pregnant man into their SUV and getting him situated before he hopped into the driver’s side and took off down the road.

Ruined surprise

Ziam please where it’s christmas eve and liam didn’t show up at the dinner that zayn was planning for, he was going to surprise liam that he’s pregnant for two months. Liam doesn’t even apologise. They fight, alot and zayn still didn’t tell liam. Until one day liam overheard zayn crying when he was talking to his mum.

One and only

Zayn gets pregnant. Harry gets pregnant. Everybody’s happy, then they’re sad, then they’re happy again.

Rewritten truce 

Prompt: I really want an arranged marriage au where liam is like the warrior crowned prince of some nation and zayn is promised to him by his father as like peace treaty collateral. And Zayn has to move to Liam’s country, which is like the complete opposite of his kingdom. And he doesnt fit in and Liam at first is very cold with him because he’s more interested in protecting his realm from threats and zayn is sad and lonely but eventually they fall for one another.


Because everything started and ended with a deep breath.

“You don’t understand, you and your scent that it’s everywhere, making me so helpless and I just…want to stop breathing.”
“It’s you who doesn’t understand Zayn,if you ever stop breathing,I’m going to stop too, because there’s not a chance I could live in a world without you.”
“I hate you. You ruined my life.”
“I know. I’m sorry.”

All i want for christmas

The only upside to being pregnant at Christmas, Zayn’s discovered, is that he can eat as many Christmas cookies as he wants to and people will only judge him internally.

Lean on me 

It was a mistake, a miracle, and a blessing. Zayn just didn’t expect anything to pan out the way it had.

The kids are fine

Sequel to ‘The kids are alright’, in which Zayn is pregnant. Again. And has to deal with the daily shenanigans on top of it. (Domestic!AU, Mommy!Zayn, Daddy!Liam, Teenage!Louis, Kid!Niall, Baby!Harry)

the warmth that draws me to you.

rated k.

it is his third week back in konoha, and he sees her on the market streets, one day. she is carrying more grocery bags than any civilian could likely manage on their own, but she is smiling, despite, and the sight strangely compels him to approach her without knowing why.

she doesn’t notice him before he reaches out and carefully grabs a few bags from her, acknowledging, “sakura.”

she stills, and blinks, before the smile grows brighter. he suspects it isn’t because she is grateful for his help, but rather because his unexpected thoughtfulness awes her.

“thanks, sasuke-kun.” as she readjusts the bags in her arms, she cocks her head and says, eyes twinkling, “what are you doing at the market at this time? i never see you around here this late.”

“just passing through.”

her smile stays bright. “well in that case, since you have my bags, would you mind walking me to my apartment?”

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