doesnt this scene just break your heart :(

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So I see a lot of negative stuff about animation and jobs floating around on tumblr lately and I was going to do a post outlining some of the things that can help you out when you’re just starting a job. So I thought I’d do a post of all I tell my students and crew members on a pretty regular basis. 

KEEP IN MIND , THIS IS JUST MY OPINION AND MY EXPERIENCES THUS FAR IN THE INDUSTRY. People will disagree and thats fine , there is no 100% right way to do anything. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt. 

lots of texty advice under the

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meloupaxin  asked:

Hello:) I've seen many posts that explain Yuuri's reaction when Victor broke his heart and how this was a mistake on Victor's side, but if he hadn't done that, Yuuri wouldn't have cried and his emotions would bottle up. As a result, his performance wouldn't have been awesome. Of course, Victor's decision was wrong,because he made Yuuri sad, but in the end it was the reason why Yuuri let his heart out and that benefited him during his performance. Just thinking...

OMG there’s this question im about to reply asking about victor’s breaking yuri’s heart glasses scene here

and your ask just came and pretty much explain it :D

i agree with you, victor doesnt mean to break yuri’s heart i think victor said that because he just didnt know how to calm yuri. but at that point yuri only needs victor by his side, supporting and stand by him. he knew the consequence if he fails and of couse he’s very sad when victor tells him that he’d be responsible for him is he failed. that’s why he breaks to cry.