doesnt need or want me

I generally feel loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most painful feeling in the world

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

its in the blood

oh me…..back at it again with random religious symbolism for things that have nothing to do with religion. i cant help it. you can pry my symbolism from my perpetually cold, corpse-like hands 〆(・∀・@)

Someone’s gotta do it

look i’m no expert but i think the lgbt+ community needs to stick together and stop it with whatever gatekeeping bs is going on. there’s always going to be some intracommunity fights and ~*discourse*~, sure, but recent events are a horrifying reminder that nobody wants to be lgbt+ just for fun. please stop it with the ‘you need to be thiiis gay to ride’ mentality. there is no official community registration or badge or stamp. if you’re young and confused and need a place to belong, you do. if you’re aro and/or ace and feel excluded everywhere, you shouldn’t be. if you’re intersex or if your gender is being weird, you’re not alone. as for allies, here’s a reminder they used to be (and may still be) human shields, and that many allies might actually be closeted lgbt, or questioning, and it’s a safe way for them to access the community. ally is a title that is given, not taken, and i’ve seen some bad self-proclaimed allies around, but there’s no need to make the community unsafe for anyone.

we can’t afford to fall apart. we need to take care of each other because we’re all hurting in some way. there’s a quote from the time of the norwegian tragedy five years ago that goes ‘if one man can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together’


… this was all I could picture when I saw the word “absconded”

a gift/fanart for a really specific section of @canadian-riddler‘s fic, “The Usual” because this part made me smile.

I get it, okay?

You’re bitter. You’re hurting, you’re raging, you’re scared.

I get it, but I’m only human
and my skin is butterfly wing thin, just like yours,
so the claw marks you leave with your words
are wounds I will carry for a lifetime or more.

I get it. You’re breaking before my eyes
and I can’t catch your pieces
because I’m too busy holding my own,
see, you broke me before your first cracks showed.

I get it. This path you are on is heavy with hate
and you hold it for everyone you meet.
You loathe like you love,
boundless and bold you tear through hearts
and beat them like they are drums
but we are not instruments
for you to play until your palms bleed.
You’re burning bridges faster than I can build.

I get it, I wish I didn’t but I do
so listen to my words because I wrote them for you.
Just because I understand doesn’t mean I condone,
just because you’re hurting doesn’t mean you’re alone. 


Hnnnnnnnnnng I think that seller DOES only sell female shrimp. Granted theres a bit of a language barrier, but im pretty sure after asking  that he said the shrimp he carries are mostly females. (he actually said ‘they are almost females’ but im guessing he meant mostly since almost and mostly…kinda mean the same thing.)

So that batch of shrimp I got, im pretty sure was all females, and im at least positive that all the survivors are. They are all saddled up and molting and getting big.

So if you are looking to buy from Joes Aquarium, just know that at least the orange ‘sunkist’ shrimp are gonna be mostly girls, so if you want to breed you might get screwed and have a harem with no boys. However, they are lovely and very vibrant. The seller refunded my DOAs and was quick to respond. Its not really his fault, cause as far as i understand he just an importer, so he gets what hes sent.

  • Me: Hey I have genophobia and I would really appreciate it if you didn't say sexual things around me.
  • Literally everyone I have to say this to: You know in the future The Right Person™ will help you get over your fear and fix that. Sex is great and-
  • Me: Okay listen I don't care I just want to NOT have a panic attack or pass out thanks

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  — “put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs you get”

here I go:

  1. Rainy Day by Topp Dogg
  2. Only Tears by Infinite
  3. Stay with Me by Chanyeol and Punch
  4. I want by One Direction
  5. Kiss You by One Direction (OH Cooome ON)
  6. Hello by SHINee
  7. Another Way to Die by Disturbed
  8. Be Quiet by Monsta X
  9. Hitchhiking by SHINee
  10. Can’t Get Over You by Infinite

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my mom was saying transphobic things about my friends on facebook during breakfast and since I thought she was more tolerant than that i started tearing up a little and she got angry with me. asking what my problem was…


me, not even 2 days ago: i dont feel like making any new ocs



I wasn’t unwanted. My mom really did lose me. She hid me to run away and then ended up in a car accident. And days later, she woke up in a hospital. She couldn’t move so she couldn’t look for me.