doesnt matter what the haters say

For those [ Daewhi edition ]

For those who are saying Daewhi is mean to the team who had mostly F groups

its evil editing moves
Mnet focused on Daewhi when he said his insults but the editing team made sure the next line “wasn’t that too mean?” was softened out also keep in mind that the lines were taken out of context it was filmed mid conversation While choosing which team to pick for as the opponent, he was like “we should pick the team(the one with most fs), there must be a reason why they are left”(something along those lines, and also before he said that there were trainees practically saying the same thing just not directly). It seems like he said those words without any thoughts(the heechul type) and then felt bad and said (from the subbed part) “wasnt that too mean”. In which samuel said “its because we needed to survive” So Mnet editing. *sigh*. So when i said everyone was practically like that to them everyone wanted to pick them as their opponent because they seemed like the easiest one. The team everyone is confident that they can defeat. I bet you my fingers the kid didnt mean anything too deep when he said that

For those who are saying he is not humble; let’s see he admits he is the prettiest of them all, he has a rival [ if you really are arrogant you would think you are the best of the best and theres no such thing as rival ], he credited the other brand new music contestant when he was asked who made the song when he could have taken all the glory

For those saying he is desperate to win; ofc he want to do everything to win he is in a hip hop company who has never released a boy band this might be his chance to prove he can reassure the company’s reputation safe

For those saying hr plagiarize Hard Carry when what was so called copied was a fast and tough bass and electro intruments which is quite popular with the music industry as an agase I look the similarities and what I found was Hollywood was in the heavier side in terms of bass and electro instrument the most I can acclaimed is that it might be a inspired song [ trust me I was madden by it at first before I look up the difference and similarities ] + [ if it was really plagiarized JYP would have taken actions already ]

 For those who are saying he’s ugly; well that’s your opinion but please visuals are not everything and please focus on your bias rather than spread negativity in someone else bias

 For those who are saying he is talentless; keep in mind this 17yr old boy is an A level and is already a composer and lyricist he has one of the cleanest performance in the second evaluation

 For those who “Daewhi didn’t deserve being the center so now I will hate on him”; It was voted by the contestant.  it’s quite hard for a trainee who is not in the big 3 company and who is also an experiment of a hip hop entertainment to manipulate or rig a huge show like this

Lastly to those who are saying he is greedy for wanting more; its a damn competition everyone would want more no matter what they would always want to guarantee success especially trainees like Daewhi who is part of a company who doesnt do boy bands  

Im so over tip toeing around everyone in my life, im transgender get over it already please! I wish the amazing people I have met on here (Tumblr) where closer so that I could be myself for once, not this person everyone wants me to be. I kept getting told “you have to be careful, there are a lot of people who dont like transgender people”. Like no i dont have to be careful to make sure some stuipd person who cant just accept me doesnt feel awkward and uncomfortable!! They need to grow up! Im done being careful, do your worst haters i can tell you, you will end off worse then me.

To all my followers be yourself no matter what anyone says, you are you!!! And thats what matters!

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It's not the fact that they check these blogs that is bothersome. It's the fact they try SO hard to portray this "IDGAF fuck the haters they don't bother me what they say doesnt matter Im better than them" attitudes, then go around blocking anyone who so much as interacts with this page & taking every single thing said here so seriously. If there was an opinion blog about me, Id IGNORE it. Not meticulously comb through each post & make it a point to publicly debunk any ounce of criticism I get.

These mino haters are so funny like I haven’t laughed so hard in so long.

They hate on everything that mino does. Right now, people are bitching that he got taeyang to feature on his song.

Yall were complaining that he’s yg so it doesnt matter what he does and mino did say he was taking off his yg tag, but yall don’t care. He gave you guys what you kept saying he was and now you bitch because of it?? Make up your mind.

Not to mention, didn’t the mission required someone from your company to come and do a featuring??

Then some of you guys even say that he gets some type of special treatment. Before you talk shit, show me the fucking receipts of mino getting special treatment. I can backup what I say because I don’t shit talk just to shit talk. You look ridiculous.

“There are better rapper than mino. He’s only there because he’s from yg and is already famous.”

Well known rappers go on smtm, it’s nothing new. If they’re good, then they should be on the show. If they want to be on the show, then they can. They don’t need your permission to do what they want to do. I like seeing talented rappers on shows regardless if they’re known or unknown. All that matters in the end is their talents.

This is called show me the money, not show me new faces, or discovering rap talents. Smtm has no law that says known rappers cannot join a rap competition. So shut up already and move on.

You mainly really just have one dumb reason to hate Mino and that’s because he’s under YG. Not because he is lacking or anything, because honestly, he isn’t but because he’s with YG. That is the stupidest reason to hate on Mino.

Stages after stages, Mino dominates and not has once fucked his his stage or forgotten his lyrics. He is still there because he hasn’t fucked up and kept on slaying.

And don’t bother telling me Mino lost the first round against blacknut because that is an invalid af round considering all the rappers who voted hate mino.

And people here saying Mino only won because of Taeyang, whaaaat. Lmfaoooo, mino’s songs have been slaying everytime they drop. He slays his stages, the fuck you mean. Fuck outta here.

Jessi is pretty famous and knows how to grab the audience’s attention, so it’s dumb seeing how people say its unfair that Taeyang is there.

But you know what, keep on hating because Fear is slaying the charts, just like all of Mino’s songs.

heres what i have to say: i am so funny and cute and powerful and its a waste of my powers to be pissed at ppl who already suck and are boring or rude…. i have literally unlimited potential i am incredible and guess what! im doing stuff i love doing every day i could crush any haters i have in a heartbeat but that is a waste of my time and i wanna be happy and i wanna learn not to feel hurt or confused and to stop asking Why Things Are Happening and instead to focus on the fact that it doesnt matter why things are happening with people who shouldnt matter to me anyway… i should focus on using all my power for loving the people who are kind to me and who ALWAYS treat me the way i deserve to be treated…. that’s what i have to say! goodbye!


@bext-k So today I got these texts. And I just want to be clear that no matter what you are, to not listen to the haters. to ignore them. click the block button, or the report button because what they are saying is not true. You are Worth so fucking much and no matter what, being gay, or trans, or queer, or bi, or anything, doesnt mean its a mental disease. you are who you are. nobody can change that. so be proud in who you are. Bex Taylor klaus taught me this. She taught me that no matter what you are, you are still an amazing human bean. So spread love, not hate.❤️💛💚💙💜

What is it in EXO? (damn this is long)

I simply dont understand why they are so famous. Famous that when headlines come, their name would be included in the exclusives together with veterans and successful artists. At least the idol groups that i know way from before do have exceptional skills/presence to back up their popularity. But with EXO, despite the media coverage and shoving them to us, I simply don’t see it. I am no hater but just a casual Kpop fan. I am simply curious.

Before anything else, yes, i checked them out. I know them.

The breakdown:

PRESENCE: close to none. Sorry. They are goodlooking no doubt but that trait never always equal presence. Kai though has one.

SINGING SKILLS: They have these what i called ‘safe-sounding-voices’. That means they definitely can sing (errr„some of them), can sing songs safely, but they just sound like anybody else. With the exception of Kyungsoo and Chen. I would like to say Baekyun but him and Kyungsoo almost sounded alike more often(also, opinion, even though he is not struggling, he sounds like he is struggling and that is kinda hard for the listener). The others, Lay, Luhan, Xiumin, Suho, are average. They can sing, of course, but in general idol population, average and just don’t stand out. Kyungsoo though has a very exceptional voice. Tone and ability. I wouldnt hold  not reaching certain notes against him because not all singer have to do high notes.

RAPPING SKILLS: Oh lordy. Better stick to singing. It is good that they never fully venture to rapping like some groups who’s singing and rapping part are almost equal. Chanyeol, he has skills and may improve. He may be the best in SM so far, but again, in the sea of idol, average. Tao, Kris, Kai, is of SM rapping level, and Sehun, oh Sehun. Now i can understand why they almost always never give him lines.

DANCING SKILLS: Other than Kai, the rest, average, learnt. Of course the requirement of an idol is the ability to dance or ability to be able to learn to dance. That’s them. They learn their dances same as other idols. They CAN dance, but arent that exceptional. Kai is the only one i’ve seen with a flair of a dancer. I am still debating with Lay. He can execute choreos better than the others, but he is too technical which makes me question him. But still, better than the other. And no, Sehun isnt exceptional either,. Xiumin may be even better. Generally speaking, they are average dancers. Some even drag them down. *couchKriscough*. Please dont use his height as an excuse. Just, dont.

GROUP DYNAMICS: Damn. Sucky. It is like they don’t know each other. They are like strangers gathered together to perform on stage.  It may or may not due to their number. Idk. EXO-M though has a better one. They mostly have the same level of enthusiasm, expressions, etc when performing. K, as viewer, looks like they want to overshadow each other. Just a feeling i get. of course subjective.

So all in all,. They are just so average i could cry,. Like, im racking my brains out as to what it is that they have that i havent and cant see?.

So i came to the conclusion that many fans aren’t really enamored by their skills but because of the idols themselves. With the hormones and stuff going on at this age, i can see many fantasize about them. There is nothing wrong with that of course. But the wrong here is many other more talented groups will be overlooked in the future. What would be the music industry would become if this continues.? SM knows it. They’ll use your weakness and quite frankly, they are abusing it.  That is why trash like Wolf won. Yes, i cant really judge a music because that is fully subjective but the lyrics??! I dont think so. I can understand if a comedy-ish group does that, like Norazo, but them? A  group supposed to be taken seriously.

Many Exo fans too are clouded. Believed that EXO is a really good, above average group and when someone says otherwise, you guys attack like it is some kind of taboo to say. You guys justifies it as us, the other people, other  fandom, as jealous or just plain haters to successfuls. Now, here is the fun fact. Despite all their ‘success’ and awards, no one seems to take them seriously. No one seems to acknowledge them except the one who handed the award—-the fans or the power of SM.

Yes, power of SM. Do you really think EXO, with their average skills will stand out in the sea of idols if they arent from SM? Hell no. That’s the truth. You know what, just to be fair, scratch the thinking that SM handed them their success. Let’s just say they come from a company that doesnt have much connection but has top notch teachers. And with that, it is a shame that despite them coming from a that company, they still came out average. Then, what would they have become if they come from a really small company with limited resources?  They’ll be nothing at all. No one can argue on me in this one saying that it doesnt matter because no, it fucking does. Stop denying it. You are just deluding yourself.

VERDICT: I guess i can’t really argue with logic on this EXO case.

P.S. This is purely subjective of course. If you dont agree, show yourself somewhere else. Again, i am not a hater to EXO but i am to their obnoxious fans though. I hope you guys control yourselves. Fans often reflects their group. What i see right now, EXO doesnt have power over you as they should have. And, that makes me think that EXO is just another puppet of SM used to lure money into their pockets. Makes me look at them less. Sorry.