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hey since dylann roof is trending here’s a reminder that i absolutely Despise the true crime community and all the people romanticizing actual murderers (:

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you should make a "pets for the zodiac signs" post!! please make libra rats or dogs because they need social interaction and are nervous

dogs are really sagittarius to me, like… big dogs because sagittarians need to be on their feet so something they can run around with and burn lots of energy, and sagittarius has that general unconditional love and that free, active lifestyle. same with aries  

scorpios and cats. well cats know they are goddesses and therefore may be a bit more content in the presence of an underworld god like scorpio. idk. scorpios just have that sleuth cat thing. mysterious. private. so do leos. leo is the big cat in the jungle. one they can worship is worshipping an element of themselves.

virgos… anything that doesnt make a mess? is easily manageable? lol. thats probably not true. virgo rules the 6th house and the 6th house rules domestic, small animals and pets. they like giving care to something fragile or incapable. but not birds, i know too many virgos terrified of birds, and bugs, crawly things. something tender.

cancers respond well to cuddly and protective pets. like a dog that will always come back for cuddles and stay in their bedroom guarding them. even a little one will do, cancers like to feel safe. aquarius…. aquariams… because they are so fascinating, and you can do all lights and wacky decorations in there, and the colours and intrigue of sea life for aquarius can be enlightening, aquarius is the sign of dolphins, but a pet dolphin would be difficult to have 

gemini needs a parrot. the reason is obvious. somebody they can yak to all day and all night, and someone that will yak back to them. what more do they need. capricorn is the unicorn, capricorn and a pony, or a horse, the feeling of the wind as they gallop through the wind toward mountains. and horses are probably so hard to look after capricorns have the responsibility factor lol. 

libra… peach faces, or parakeets, or little birds that will swing to them, little birds that sit on their hands in balance, making music and chirpy sounds, rainbow colours, blue, pink, and beautiful. i have visions of taurus with a deer. i dont think you can have deer as pets. but they have that hallow, misty, eerie beauty, in fog in the dawn, now thats taurus.

pisces out of all respond to pets the most, doesn’t matter what one, dog,  that unconditional comfort, that hug that can come whenever and forever, the companion that never judges, has a listening ear, represents something higher and peaceful because it is non verbal. 

taylor york: the glue that keeps paramore together. i’ve been saying it since the day josh and zac left and i said it when jeremy left and i’m gonna say it till the day i die.

like we all know hayley would never give up on paramore, she’s expressed that many times, but taylor, he doesnt talk about it much, and to know that each time he’s literally been like “fuck everyone else i still love being in the band I’m gonna stay” just makes me really appreciate him so much. he should be more appreciated and it makes me mad when he doesnt get that

he really is a true friend, and really is just as passionate about paramore as hayley is. i’ve seen ppl say they probs won’t last many more years but they will cause hayley has taylor and they are literally so fucking talented they’re unstoppable.

conclusion: thank you taylor york for never giving up on paramore, for never giving up on hayley, for pretty much just never giving up on it all. you’re passionate af about all this and it’s the best thing

lee hongbin: *a kpop idol with a busy schedule, probably has barely any time to sleep yet still enough time to play so much overwatch to rank globally in the top 10 against millions of other players*



As funny as this big ol’ middle finger from Sans is, Papyrus’ reaction will never cease to fuck me over. This fandom’s convinced Papyrus is blissfully unaware of Sans’ powers but this outright proves he knows. Meaning he has knowledge of the other timelines. Meaning we can assume he knows basically everything we assume Sans knows. Which brings me to question HOW MUCH does he know? Or better yet… Does he have the same powers as Sans…? But he doesn’t use them in the same way….(or at all) Because he and Sans have been portrayed to be basically complete opposites… AND THE REASON HE BELIEVES SO MUCH IN NO MERCY FRISK IS BECAUSE HE’S SEEN OTHER TIMELINES AND HE KNOWS THAT THEY CAN BE GOOD IF THEY TRY, WHEREAS SANS (BEING PROTECTIVE OVER PAPYRUS) REMAINS PARANOID ABOUT THE GENOCIDE RUN. All i know is that there’s more to the skelebros than we think, and not knowing is hurting me. Seriously though, this game is not good for my already dodgy sleeping pattern.

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Not sure why Csers think their ship is secure cuz of a rushed wedding when the track record of marriages on this show isnt good e.g. Katherine/David, Regina/Leopold, Guinivere/Arthur. Having children doesnt make a ship safe either like Robin/Marian. If even "True love" like Swanfire, Outlawqueen and Zades can end then why not CS? As long as Emma and Regina are alive, SQ is always a viable ship.

One explanation:



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Let’s leave the burden of proof with them, we don’t have to justify anything.

more unsightly but probable predictions about the darkling

ok Pls no spoilers bc im like a lil more than halfway through the 1st book but IF…

  1. the darkling isn’t secretly stealing alina’s letters to mal and reads them in his alone time tormented like a Very dramatic theater boy whose True Love is unrequited in the Dark then I’m suing
  2. also as if he didn’t specifically tell the servants to deliver her black kefta at the very last possible moment so she couldn’t refuse & complain & arrive without proper attire late to the winter fete, then everything i’ve ever known is a Lie
PLL THEORY: Going back to theories on Aria being the boy in the Family photo? + Whats in aria’s file?

so now aria sells her soul to the devil now and is turning to the dark side ( as if she has not already been there since season 1 -_-) anyways they are literally putting it out there now, so it brings me to ponder back on some old theories of mine about aria being once a boy. it could be aria in that family photo,

theres gotta be a reason why this photo was in arias room in the doll house. theres several clues alluding to aria being once a boy. that could be whats in her file, which is why A.D. said ezra wouldnt want you anymore once he knows your file, that aria was once a boy and transitioned. another interesting clue back in the pilot, when aria forgot to put eyeliner on her other eye, it was like she was still getting used to putting on makeup now that she is a woman. the close up pix of her face that ali supposedly took , did ali suspect something was off about arias face? look at that comment andrew made about arias face and then she says  something about her face not agreeing with words or something like that. alot of clues are out there when it comes to arias face/appearance lets not forget when the mask guy told aria she had an interesting face. i dont think its coincidence anymore, something is up with aria and her appearance and whats in that file.

EDIT: quick thought, remember aria told noel she had a bf in iceland, and remember in shadow play ep, aria talked about begin a tomboy once and how she fell in love and stopped climbing trees, what if that person she fell in love with was wren? its like she is saying she once a boy and when she fell in love with someone she went on to transition to a woman and stopped climbing trees. i know i made a theory on this before to tie aria n wren together but there could be some depth to this, maybe not even wren maybe someone else.

now im not sure if i wanna stay settled with cece being charles i still think she stole that story or the real charles put her up to telling that story as if it were her. i also theorized once before if aria could be charles which could also fit this theory. also with ted just now finding out that charles/charlotte was his son/daughter by being shown a photo by mary , that kinda leaves some doors open as to who charles really is, now that lucas is in that picture, i also do wonder if lucas was charles, maybe the trasngender storyline is someone else’s story to tell? aria’s? just because cece gave us that charles story doesnt make it true, she couldve put two and two together and a made an amazing story to tell because A.D/uber A made her tell that story, a story that could be partially false and may not have nothing to do with cece.

older theories of mine and clues on aria being once a boy:



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There’s no need for you to love someone who doesn’t love you back. Let’s destroy them.”

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First time meeting my online boyfriend yesterday and he got grossed out by my arm stretch marks and tummy and legs and hips and my face acne and body acne i literally went home crying in my bedroom self harming myself and wanted to jump off the bridge :( i'm still crying :( i can't sleep i feel like dying :(

Love. Hes the gross one here. Literally i want to shit on his face. What a disgusting creature he is. A fool. You are beautiful, ok? Him thinking this doesnt make you any less beautiful. Dont take his stupidity and ignorance out on yourself. Please dont let this ruin you. You are wholesome, you existed before this. Your body is NORMAL!!!! And v beautiful. By wrecking it yourself you wont redeem anything. It will feel better soon. Block him from everything. Don’t meet him again . Know you deserve better. Would you treat someone like that? No! So why should anyone treat you like that? You are much more than just something for him to cast his eyes on. In what way did he get grossed out? Are you sure this was the case? If he was then hes a foolish piece of shit who cant understand reality. I promise positive experiences can and will happen to you. If they are worth your time they will embrace you. He has to live with the fact hes a ignorant asshole, you live on knowing you are strong, kind, beautiful and purposeful. Someone you are meant to be with will never leave you crying. When i met my first boyfriend for the first rime he was considerate and kind. This is how it should be. I love you, i send my love. Dont hurt yourself. Dont! Just dont. It doesnt help anything. You will feel better soon i promise. The world is a lot more than just a boy thinking we are fuckable to them. I love you. Think of how many of us have beautiful stretch marks and chronic acne and tummies, we are beautiful. All of you are beautiful. Just because a stupid shitface boy doesnt think so doesnt make it less true! Ok??? Im here for u xxx

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I know it sounds silly, but I want to get more in touch with myself and all that, I can't really explain it. How can I start, what advice can you give me?

it doesnt sound silly. Atleast u are making effort to get to know your true self. A lot of ppl dont know themselves they base themselves off of opinions people have about them or things they hear others say. I would #1 suggest stepping away from social media for a while. This is a great way to get away from everything and to constantly listen to ur own thoughts, social media is fun but at the end of the day it is very very brainwashing its good to take a second and soak in who u actually are not what other people expect u to be. Start paying attention to how u speak and how u carry yourself. Pay attention to how you think, are u a scattered thinker? Do u think in detail? Keep a journal (i have an app) write as much as u like about anything you like. What do u like to do? what makes u happy? If u dont know that is fine, try new things. Go on walks by yourself go to the movies by yourself. Even just taking out your headphones and actually listening to your thoughts give amazing insight on how u are as a person. U will begin to fall inlove with yourself

from what i gather the 2ct is confirmed and some ppl are mad because it changes ciels character like what? i know i always fail to notice details because i care so little but just because a theory was very predictable it doesnt make it shit when it finally comes true. remember the whole garnet thing?? genius. ciel is still aint no shit compared to garnet but like i cant believe yall making me doing this but im going to have to….”defend “yana???? she probably wanted to do this in a much more shorter period. she probably wanted this shit story to unfold in like 20 chapters max and then her pedophile bosses made her do like 10 times more than that. all this could have worked brilliantly in 20 chapters. think about it