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Well, just seeing the episode which was tea-rrific!! and a lot of people doesn’t understand it, so I have decided to put some pictures and explain what happens.

In the begining Daring tells Sparrow to propose a royal challenge and Sparrow says that the challenge will consist into have a date with the fisrt girl who walks in the door, and Hopper says that the loser will have to clean the grimmnastics suit of the winner.

So, then comes Lizzie and Sparrow laughs at Daring because everybody knows that Lizzie is… Lizzie.

Daring goes to Lizzie and asks for two lattes for both of them, but Lizzie confused says “Off with the foam” and cuts it with her very sharp fingers. Then Daring gives her some flowers saying that he made them grow with his smile, and Lizzie cuts them, as she did with Dexter.

During lunch Daring goes to Lizzie, who is alone, and shows her a picture he does of her, saying that he is a royal artist, but Lizzie says that he is not and goes letting Daring veeeery confused.

Then, without the permission of Lizzie, they have a walk into a dragon, and Lizzie enjoys it a lot.

But she doesnt look very happy and Daring asks what is going on, and she says that she had never had a date before and that she doesn’t know what people did in dates, so Daring (smiles with a very profound smile) and tells her that on dates people do what they had done this day, so she says that it was magnific.

Things like that, Daring says that they can meet again, and Lizzie kiss him saying yes (and Daring looks very impressed), but that it must be a secret because she has a cruel reputation to maintain.

So, at the end as Daring couldn’t say that they have had a date, he ends cleaning the grimmnastics suit of Sparrow while everyboy laughs, but he sees Lizzie and she winks at him (this picture is very cute) and Daring ends with a very royal smile (He falls in love!!!!!)

At the very begining I didn’t ship Daring with no one, because he was an absolute narcisist, but seeing that episode it’s seeing that Lizzie makes Daring to show his best, and I love how they play with the casanova and misunderstood girl who has never had a date thing. I’m not a hard Dazzie shipper, but I have start liking it (Although, I always be a Kizzie!!!!)