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Shou Headcanons with a side of Angst

okokok, i wasnt going to do any angst hcs until i finished m series, but…… that anon brought it on. this is dedicated to u dear

  • His house is always very very messy
    • his stuff is laying all over the place; the kitchen counters are covered in half finshed drawings, there’s pencil crayons randomly in ever corner of every room, jackets socks and shirt are everywhere
      • its not because he cant be bothered to clean, he just hates it when its clean
      • the house doesnt looked ‘lived in’ when its tidy and it bothers him so much
  • his mother doesnt want anything to do with psychic powers and supernatural stuff, distancing herself from it
    • this unfortunately included distancing herself from Shou
      • she does call as often as she can, makes sure to always visit. but his powers are a part of Shou. He can’t just turn them off and forget about them like she wishes he could
  • once went on an exorcism trip with Reigen and Mob
    • mob wouldnt stop going on about how it was Reigen’s way of teaching him how to use/control his powers and Shou wanted to see if it was anything like how his dad made him train
      • shou would claim he was bored, but really he wanted to see if it was anything like how his father would make him train his powers
    • “so what else do you guys do? just exorcising ghosts? Why was it so quick? are we going to do more training after this, or no? I mean, shouldn’t training be a whole day kind of thing?…. we’re going for supper now? holy shit we get to eat?? Okay okay, but, what about punishment? What kind of stuff do you have to do if you take too long, Mob?”
  • one time, a bit after he started sneaking into the Office to sleep on Reigen’s couch, he accidentally called Reigen ‘dad’
    • as soon as he said it, he froze in place. Hiss face went white, eyes wide. He was shaking so bad, breathing heavy
    • he wouldn’t stop staring at the floor, was unresponsive for ten minutes at the least
      • when he came to, there was a blanket over his shoulders, a glass of chocolate milk (that Reigen had specially for mob) in his hands. Reigen was nowhere to be seen
    • after that he didnt sleep on reigen’s couch or show up at the office for about a week. it was never mentioned again afterwards
  • Shou’s parents split up when he was fairly young, but even before then his mother was very depressed
    • Shou thought that this was somehow his doing.
      • the divorce basically cemented that idea in his mind. He though that he was the reason his parents didn’t want to be together anymore
    • he somewhat grew out of this ideology, but still blames himself for how his mother views psychics
  • after his father gets locked away in jail, Shou instead is the one that avoids contact with his mother
    • he still thinks that he was the reason for her being depressed, so he limits how much he talks to her to avoid making her fearful/uncomfortable. Afterall, she was afraid of the supernatural, so of course she’d be afraid of Shou, right?

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Just wondering, what's Gerard's attitude towards people sending him messages on social media? Like, does he try to look at all his messages and maybe reply or just ignore them? Does he even like getting messages? I'm intrigued cause he never talks about it in interviews or anything.

theres not really a way to send Gerard messages on social media. i mean technically you could but unless he directly says to someone ‘hey can you message me about this’ or he messages someone first, he doesnt really check messages or respond to them. he couldnt possibly deal with that bc he would literally dedicate every day of the week to reading/replying to messages

im about halfway thru eragon and my current opinion is that its pretty average as far as fantasies go. i mean, its very much a continuation of the traditions of tolkien and le guin. and i guess if the author was 15 when he wrote it then that makes sense? that its not very innovative within the genre? like, obvi its well-written. u can tell someones writing needs improvement in fantasy when they drop a billion city names and a crud of history on u within the first few pages and then expect u to remember them or be invested in them - which eragon does a LITTLE bit. but i think he does a good enough job of like, giving context and explaining things to u subtly without having u refer constantly back to the included map

but im thinking this onion will turn out to be a reasonable assessment overall. it doesnt rlly look like anything fancy is going to happen later on (even tho its, what, a series of four big ole books) - i mean it does a good job of giving u the lay of how the rest of the story will go. eragon goes n defeats the big bad emperor and all that, or at least he gets tangled up in that mess, with the help of rebels n dragon riders n blah blah blah. its interesting and somewhat impressive but nothing new

i have a bunch of plastic plant pots in ugly colors and i want them to be black to match my *decoration aesthetic* but i definitely can’t afford to just go buy new pots — so like how well does that plastic paint work? like the krylon for plastics spray paint (or any other brands you recommend)? it doesnt have to look perfect or anything, but will it all just crack and flake off within a month or two?

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I love those sexy Youngjae gifs cuz like...he's so soft and cute all the time that I forget he's very much a 20yo man who was definitely trained to hip thrust with the best of them and is totally capable of bringing the sexy when he wants to

DFLJIL LISTEN…im not saying he looks like a tiny child all the time or anything….but whenever i remember he’s very much 20yo i get shookt. like i know he can be sexy i know he can ruin me anytime he wants i know he owns my ass but like??? when he does something that proves that im just like s h i t this boy?? this mAN??? IS 20 YEARS OLD AND IS OUT TO GET ME. HE DOESNT NEED TO BE PROTECTED FROM THE WORLD IT IS I THAT NEEDS THE PROTECTION

here i am again with another AU idea (i will never Stop)

modern erebor au in which erebor is never taken over or anything. for whatever reason bilbo ends up visiting erebor. maybe hes traveling, maybe with gandalf, and gandalf has them stop there. okay BUT

the first person bilbo meets is thorin. thorin is dressed down and does not look like a Kingly Figure. fast forward to later, bilbo and gandalf go to have dinner with the royal fam. lets say that thorin looks different enough dressed up as King that bilbo just doesnt… recognize him. obviously thorin sees bilbo and recognizes him. but he realizes bilbo doesnt.

hijinks ensue. bilbo doesnt get along well at first with the king but leeeeets say he falls fast and hard for thorin,,, maybe also starts having feelings for the king and hes like ‘oh no’

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out of curiosity what does demonstuck LE look like?

a nightmare <3

his eyesockets suck in the soul of anyone nearby (angel or demon or no), and if that doesnt work he is totally okay with swallowing shit whole. he has stolen the bones of others like him and fused them to his skin as armor. he was sealed deep in the underworld for a reason lmao

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Yuu x Shinoa /o3o

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you;

  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?:
    Both honestly.
    Shinoa loves to tease him when she’s in control. They like to wrestle around sometimes on the bed to see who gets to top that night. Of course Yuu has his moments too where he can completely shut Shinoa up and turn her mind into mush. <3 
  • who complains the most?:
    With Shinoa’s constant teasing and flirting, not to mention the PDA at times, he would get rather flustered frustrated with her. 
  • who’s the laziest?:
    They can both be pretty lazy. 
    Shinoa wanting to sleep in more, Yuu lounging on the couch. I can just see Yuu walking up to Shinoa and– “Oh no, gravity is pushing down on me, legs becoming weak” flopping over the girls back with his weight, poor Shinoa would struggle to hold him up. “Damn it cherry boy you’re seriously heavy! What have you been eating?” They would fall to the floor and laugh about it later.~ 
  • who wakes up the earliest?:
    Hmm, I think they both get up pretty early, though Yuu would sleep in more often. 
    Shinoa would wake before Yuu and cuddle up next to him for a bit before actually getting up. Ahhh and imagine Yuu getting up before Shinoa to make breakfast, because, out of the two of them he cooks better and surprises her with breakfast in bed. It probably doesnt look pretty but it would taste good.
  • who does the chores around the house?:
    Shinoa and occasionally Yuu. 
    After Yuu turning most of their clothing pink, Shinoa does the laundry. 
  • who is the most protective of the other?:
    Both all the way!
    Shinoa isn’t about to let anything happen to the person who taught her what a real family is and what it feels like to truly fall in love.
    And knight Yuu will protect his princess with his life of course~ <3 
  • who gets jealous the easiest?:
    With Shinoa’s flirty attitude and everyone and their mother adoring Yuu, they both would get jealous.
    They would sometimes get into fights about it, Shinoa would need a lot of reassuring as she doesn’t think shes worth much. 
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship:
    It was you - 12 Stones
    Tell her you love her - Echosmith

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Can you give us some more headcanons about Romano's sight?

from now on this will be called the glasses au

  • lovino is not legally allowed to drive without glasses/contacts. however hes not willing to put in the effort of wearing contacts.
  • but he also he hates wearing glasses bc he thinks they look bad and he is also too stubborn to admit that he needs them. hell only wear them while driving if nobody else is in the car.
  • unfortunately his eyes are also very light sensitive and hes not physically capable of driving without wearing sunglasses, even if its overcast.
  • he comes up with the genius solution of prescription sunglasses. he can wear them without looking dumb like he does in regular glasses and hes no longer breaking the law.
  • lovino meets antonio bc antonio started hitting on him. lovino couldnt tell what he looked like, how old he was, or anything. but he liked him even though he couldnt see him so he agreed to a date. he confessed on the third date that he had no clue what antonio looked like. antonio still laughs about it to this day.
  • what lovino doesnt realize is that he actually looks really hot in glasses.
  • antonio finds out that lovino needs glasses to see bc one day he wears lovinos sunglasses and realizes they are prescription. he bugs lovino for days and lovino finally wears his regular glasses for him. antonio practically gets a boner.
  • antonio once asked lovino to wear glasses during sex. antonios dick got no action that night.
THEORY TIME 3 (more spoilers)

ok its been about 2 hours and ive been thinking about nothing but gotham. lovely. SO:


-ed knows oswald killed isabella, ed knows oswald loves him. dandy

-ed imagined himself stabbing oswald. also just….. dandy. :)

-ed did not actually stab oswald! its a step in the right direction at least!! (silver lining, people)

-oswald doesnt know ed knows he killed isabella

-ed is now teamed up with babs and tabs and butchie (i need a name for them)

-oswald does not know that ed is teamed up with his enemies. oh goodie.


-is ed actually betraying oswald


-is ed tricking BT&B


-the entire “love is a weakness” spiel might come up again later (in what context idk? 

ed: “love was my weakness and i let myself be betrayed by you because of it.”

ed: “love was your weakness and you let yourself be betrayed by me because of it”

oswald: “love really is my greatest weakness, the only thing it’s brought is pain, im never going to love anyone again and im going to kill everyone forever, bye”

-”i would betray him in a heartbeat” - 2 options here

        1. it comes back in that it really was just a trick, eddie really meant it when         he said this and he would never ever betray oswald

        2. eddie was telling the truth here, he really would betray oswald at his               first chance

-”i would do anything for you oswald” (idk but this seemed PRETTY HEARTFELT to me). but just how far does “anything” really go??

-”good luck” in 3x05 in parallel with “remember that” from this episode. i mentioned this in a different post, but possibly the same kind of warning? a “everything is going to go wrong and itll seem like im betraying you but itll be fine in the end, love u bby, xoxo”

-eddie always has a plan, and he can always read people. babs is very obviously manipulating him; what does he really have to gain from helping them? they wont give him power after oswald is taken care of, and he knows that.

-very specific wording of “i dont want to kill oswald” (also “i want to take away everything he loves” but oswald doesnt love anything. except him. he should know that)

-ed looked super conflicted in that book award scene. after oswald talked to him, he came to some sort of decision. we dont know exactly what that decision was, whether it was to start forgiving oswald or fully commit to hating him forever. (im praying for the former)


-ed is actually just tricking BT&B. the way he acted in the sirens scene was odd to me; he didnt look genuine when he was telling them he wants to help them. plus that smile at the end looked completely faked/manipulative

-ed really does want to see oswald suffer, but he doesnt want him to really get hurt. he honestly cares about oswald (“youre my best friend as well”) but he also cared about isabelle (excuse me, isabellaaaa). he wants revenge and closure

-he’ll use BT&B to get his revenge (enter Elijah) then he’ll go back to oswald (”you needed to feel how i did, you needed to get your heart broken too, yadda yadda yadda, some big speech”)

-ed sees babs as a threat to his own/ozzies power/the general balance that needs to be taken care of ASAP (”what’s your motive”) and wants to do so by acting as a double agent. he can’t tell oswald because “your reactions needed to be genuine” (tbt)


-absurd optimism:

ed really was just playing double agent like in 3x05, he comes back to oswald, they miraculously end up together and smooch and everything is heavenly

-logical pessimism:

ed really does hate oswald, he starts a war and does everything in his power to hurt him, they eventually end up in a neutral antagonism situation where theyll never be friends again but theyre not actively trying to kill each other so hey, thats a plus. ed goes full riddler, oz goes full penguin, they both turn into completely heartless supervillains and never care about anyone else ever again.


ed betrays both oswald and BT&B, takes power for himself. congrats, everyone hates you and you have no friends, good job loser. 

(-other other:

i really wish they would resolve that whole isabella nonsense and actually tell us whether or not she was a plant to cause drama b/w ed and ozzie. otherwise i guess itll just be left forever and she really is just an abnormally normal person. great.)

im tentatively non-pessimistic (bordering on cautiously optimistic). i still expect it to turn out in the worst most painful possible way, but there is a minuscule remote chance that it could end ok, or even almost happily! im going to hang onto this hope so i dont implode over the next 2 months. bye


Im actually suprised at how many people are suprised about the way Sasuke acted towards Sarada.

First of all
He was just attacked by a fake Uchiha, whoever made that Uchiha couldve made someone to look more similar to an Uchiha aswell

He would assume that Sarada is safe within the village and not off on her own (it probably wouldve been better if she didnt sneak off from Naruto)

If Sarada doesnt remember Sasuke why would Sasuke know what she looks like. Its been years since hes seen her and its not like you look at a baby then see them 12 years later and think oh yeah thats that baby

He probably didnt assume that Sarada would have her Sharingan by now, so seeing it wouldve made him more suspicious

And we all know Sarada didnt wear glasses when she was younger, so maybe he doesnt know that she needs glasses?

i was also thinking that maybe Sakura does have contact with Sasuke but she doesnt tell Sasuke anything abot Sarada because she doesnt want him to worry and screw up his mission by returning home

Afterreading Naruto for so long ive learned to not jump to conclusions. Things are never what they seem and i could think of 1000 possibilities but not one of those would ever be the outcome.

So relax and have some faith in Sasuke. We know he loves family more than anything else. If Masashi wrote otherwise then he would ruin the 15 years worth of character he creaed for Sasukes whole being.

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can you do a preference on their type of girls appearance and personality wise? thanks c:

oooooh okay sure c:

I’m super annoyed bc i wrote all of luke’s and my computer went crazy and it was gone wah so sorry if it’s shitty, it’s only bc it’s a rewrite!

*these are purely my own opinion at this very moment in time, based on what we know about the boys and what i picture in my mind. my opinion could change tomorrow yknow. they could date the total opposite idk. it’s all just fun :)* 

**also ash and michael’s are long sorry i have no self control**

okay so i think calum would like someone who’s chill and down to earth and not a high maintenance kind of girl you know. like don’t get me wrong, boy would be whipped, but not in a bad way like he’d just want to be with her and treat her well and buy her shit and she’d appreciate it but never expect it or anything.
and she’d have to be happy and giggly and like play along with his suggestive jokes and be silly and have a funny silly sense of humour herself and is just cute and awh just imagine him laughing at his girl’s giggle like FUCK.
i think looks wise someone with mid to long hair? idk i have visions of him running his hands through a chick’s hair. and idk i’m thinking someone maybe medium height and like, okay. i can totally picture him with a model. but i can just as easily picture him with a curvy girl with big hips and a hot booty and b o o b s and him just cuddling her and running his hands up and down her curvy sides all the time in public and like resting his head on her chest when he’s tired or bored you know??

okay so now luke would go for somebody smart. because he’s smart and his sense of humour, while silly, is sarcastic and clever and could you imagine him being with someone who doesn’t get his jokes like omg he’d get so annoyed. she’s have to be able to come back at him with something witty and funny and idk like luke makes me laugh my fucking ass off, and i reckon he would love a girl that could do that to HIM.
she’d have to be friendly and open, because holy frick imagine being introduced to the hemmings clan ALL DEM SIBLINGS woWZA and like i think she would be all the things luke needs like someone to help him up when he’s feeling down and to pull him back when he’s being crazy or rude and someone to encourage him to speak his mind when he feels too shy to. and i think he’d like to be like that for her too like he would love knowing he’s helping and supporting her and yeah.
i think looks wise someone kinda medium height, medium hair length i guess? i have visions of him with a blonde, not bleached but like dirty blonde maybe idk and like he’d go for the girl with the side fringe and the streak of blue and a piercing or two. i’m thinking slim build honestly part of me is just thinking of aleisha through all this not sorry because like. dont get me wrong, if he fell in love im positive he wouldnt give two fucks about size, but part of me can picture him dating someone in the entertainment industry like from tv maybe and there’s a fairly standard look there yknow.

now now ashton would go for someone cool and chill and like idk hippie?? like she cooks him vegan brownies and they eat seeds for breakfast and he fucking l o v e s it because his girl is cool and smart and into being herself and loves her own body and soul and mind and like i think that would be so hot for him like omg because he’s so himself and i dont know if he would want to deal with a girl who cant figure her shit out. she’d like complete him and he’d want to be a better person because of her and he’d love her and look up to her and you know??? and she’d feel the same about him and they would just be like ugh amazing match made in Heaven type of couple.
she’d have either long wavy beach hair OR a cute pixie cute actually yeah lets go with pixie cut bc shes different and shes cool and it makes her feel like a garden fairy and thats so cute and whimsical awh ash would love that about her like her imagination and her sudden innocence you know.
and because shes so open and free and in touch with helself, shed be up for cool shit in the bedroom and like idk i think ash would be too??? like he’s obvs a nice guy and nice guys try out cool shit ok thats my theory im stickin to it
so they’d just be like so in love an din touch with each other and like yeah like even if they were on opposite sides of the world she would text him just at the right moment because like he’d be missing her or something and she would knOW like she would be missing him and feel something wrong and want to connect with him idk am i making sense like basiacally they’d be your perfect spiritually connected couple and yep bye.

okay michael oh sweet baby lord jesus michael. michael’s girl would be funny, kind, loud, caring, intuitive, like, basically the thing i said in luke’s about being everything he needs. she would laugh at his jokes and come back with even funnier things and make him want to piss himself laughing but she would know when the jokes aren’t funny (which just a side note speaking of jokes, she’d have to be able to fkn take one because i can see him making some pretty hefty jabs in a joke fight u know), and she’d know when he just needs and hug or needs a minute alone.
they’d text weird random shit back and forth all day like cute dogs they see on the street or gross looking dishes in restaurants and like they would just be in constant contact.
when he went away on tour it would be like he wasnt even gone because yeah they’d talk all the time and talk like they would see each other that same night and you know. except for when the homesickness or the missing each other got too much, which happens, but like they’d remind each other how much they miss the other one regularly because michael is actually a huge softy and thats another thing like she’d have to be good and expressing her emotions but ANYWAY yes so when they missed each other too much theyd have long long heart to hearts on the phone or skype and theyd just look at each other for hours and listen to each other breathe between conversation and just like spend time together the only way they could at that moment.
when they are together she would have to be the kind of person that doesnt have to be DOING anything. like i can see them just chilling on the sofa watching tv for 7 hours and then realizing it’s 10:30 and having ramen for dinner lol
i think thaaaaaat looks wise idk? like from the celebrities hes mentioned in interviews i think he might be into long locks? and lbh i bet he likes to run his fingers through his lady’s hair while theyre cuddling like like i bet he smells it like a creep but not rly bc thats cute as awh.
i feel like if he loves pizza as much as he fkn says he does, he’d want a girl who can handle her food. and if you want a girl who can handle her food, you cant really be expecting supermodel measurements. so if only purely because of that, i’m gonna go with someone who’s maybe got a bit of curve? just someone who like, doesnt care if she’s 5kgs more or 5kgs less bc really who cares, she’s still her shes still hot. and i think michael would fucking love that like when she fights him for the last slice of pizza he’d be like fuck yeah my girls a keeper shes hot and shes cool and she doesnt care what anyone thinks and awh.
i think maybe someone who wears glasses too. like maybe not all the time, but like imagine him inviting her over after work and she shows up all stressed from the day in her hot sexy librarian glasses and she pulls her pony tail out and her hairs like slow motion flowing ascross her shoulds YOU FUCKING TELL ME MICHAEL WOULDNT CUM IN HIS PANTS RIGHT THERE AND THEN YOURE A FUCKING LIAR OKAY.
speaking of cum in pants, sex. i think she’d learn a lot frm michael, but also TEACH him a lot. because like ash, i think she’d have to be in touch with herself and know what she likes and wants and she wouldnt be afraid to show him. she wouldnt be pushy but she’d let him know if he did something she didnt like and she’d REALLY let him know if he did something she DID like hehehehehe. 
and yeah i think they’d be kinda like power couple like mum and dad of couples like they’d be together forever and they’d be so comfy with each other and just be together always but not in a clingy way just in a “we’re one thing” kind of way like they BELONG TOGETHER and it’d be like they’ve been married for years and they’d just GET each other you know they’d be very in touch with each other and how the other one is feeling and they’d really truly be best friends.

thank you for reading this pile of word vomit, i hope you enjoyed :) 
request box is always open