doesnt last forever


trans days of visibility, 2015, 2016 and 2017
since last year ive come out to the world, moved to uni and started testosterone

im so grateful to all of the trans people who came before me and fought so that i could be who i am without (too much) judgement or hatred
this is a day for us to show who we are and to show that we’re proud of it
this tdov, i want to let all the closeted kids know that it doesnt last forever, and that one day you will be surrounded by people who know and love the real you

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「不在乎天長地久, 只在乎曾經擁有」 - 花樣年華,青春不留白

“Nothing lasts forever. What really matters is whether it has once belonged to you.” - The most beautiful moment in life, don’t let youth go to waste.

Let’s just dance while the music is still on, let’s just kiss when we are still in love with each other, let’s just do whatever we want together as though tomorrow will never reach for all we know that forever doesn’t belong to anyone here.That there is no such thing as an everlasting forever.
—  L.W. // So can you just be my forever for now
how to have a Really Good Summer

summer is great and you look forward to it all year right?? then how does it always seem like when the week before school hits you feel like you didnt do anything you wanted to do????? here is a list of things to make you feel better at the end of the summer

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s/o to all the trans kids- whether youre not out yet, your family is unsupporting, youre still questioning..whatever. just, shoutout to all the trans kids this holiday season who have to pretend to be overjoyed with getting presents that make them feel dysphoric, that they’ll never use and therefore feel guilty about, etc.

 s/o to all the trans kids who are forced to wear clothes theyre uncomfortable in for family parties

s/o to all the trans kids who no longer have a family or even a home to celebrate the holidays with

i know the holidays can be absolutely miserable sometimes but i promise that it doesnt last forever and that you can get through it :)

bittersweet feelings

Summer doesn't last forever - Nash Grier Fanfic (Part 10)

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~Part 10:Taking things slow~

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I walked into the kitchen seeing my aunt putting the last food plate on the table.

“On time” She said as she pulled out a chair for me to sit on. I gave her a warm smile and sat down on the chair. I started eating my spaghetti.

“So are you getting close to the guys?” She asked me. Why would she ask me that? does she know anything?.“Yeah, you could say so, Why?’‘ 

’'I just wanted to remind you summer will end and you will sometime have to say goodbye”She said. I didn’t response I just sat there and ate. Dinner was soon over and there were only small conversations once in a while.

I walked upstairs to my bedroom and took out my pajamas and walked to the bathroom. I cleaned my make up off and brushed my hair.

I got downstairs to my aunt and sat down and watched the TV with her. Soon my phone buzzed and I saw Cam was calling me. 

“Hey” I said.“Hey, can you maybe come over, we need to talk” He said.“I will be there in a minute”. After that I hung up. Those words 'We need to talk’ scared me.

I slipped on my shoes and walked down the street to their house. I didn’t really care that I was on my pajamas and no make up.

I opened the door and the first thing I saw Nash holding a bowl of cereal in his hand. He sighed at me and soon he disappeared upstairs. I sighed to myself and took my shoes off and walked to Cameron’s room. I knocked on his door and heard “Come in” from the inside.

I opened the door and saw Cameron closing his closet.“You wanted to talk” I said as I sat down on his bed.“Yeah..” he said as he walked back and forth in his bedroom carrying clothes and cleaning his room.


“You know Nash really likes you” he said.“Yeah, he told me earlier today” I said playing with my hands and looking down.“I heard it didn’t go well” Cameron said sitting down beside me.“Do you like him?” he asked putting his hand on my thighs sending shivers up my back.“I think so,but I don’t wanna get in something serious and then get broken” I said looking up at Cam.“Nash isn’t that kind of guy,trust me”. Our eyes locked together and soon our lips touched.

External image

I realized what was happening and I pulled away.“What are we doing?!?!” I said standing up and giving Cam confused look.“I have no idea what came over me” he said returning with a confused look.

“Just friends?” he asked giving his hand out. “Just friends” I said shaking his hand. “Now I’m gonna go talk to Nash” I said and walked out of his room.

I walked over to Nash’s room and opened the door seeing him only with a towel around his waist.

“Shit” he said as he ran to the bathroom and closet the door.“Nash I have seen you topless before”I said laughing and sitting down on his bed.

“What do you want?” he yelled from the bathroom.

“I just wanted to talk about what happen earlier..”

“What about it?” he asked as he opened the door and stood in the door frame, now with a shirt on and pajama pants on.

“That I like you”I said blushing.

“What? do you like me?” he said smirking and sitting down beside me.

“Maybe..” I said smirking at him. He laughed at me.“I was so embarrassed earlier today when you said cool” he said.“Sorry I did that, I don’t even know why I did it”.

“Let’s just take it slow?” he asked

“Yeah, I like that” I said.

We talked for a bit until we decided to watch a movie on Netflix. We laid on his bed and watched Netflix on his computer.

-2 hours later-

“I will see you tomorrow” I said opening his bedroom door.

“Want me to walk you?”

“No need to bother” I said.

“Well okay, see you tomorrow for sure” he said and gave me a wink. I walked out and soon I was home. I greeted my aunt and headed upstairs to my bedroom, I laid down on my bed and picked up my phone seeing a text message from Nash.

Nash: So are we a thing?.

I smiled to myself as I read the text message.

Me: I guess so :) xx


I think I will continue the fanfic 'Is he a player - Shawn/Cameron fanfic’ because I really want to, how about you?

You can read that here:

Hope you liked this part babes <3

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Summer doesn't last forever - Magcon Fanfic (Part 6)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

*Part 6: Didn’t try to stop*

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He placed his hands on your butt and after couple of minutes someone walked in without you two knowing.

”Oh my god” 

You looked up and saw Johnson standing there with his mouth shaped in ‘O’. You stood up from Taylor and he stood up beside you.

“Taylor was about to get some”Johnson yells as the boys walking in. Soon all laughing.

You thought they would all make fun of you two but they didn’t. They just walked past you and into the kitchen. Soon you and Taylor followed. 

You all grabbed waterguns and filled the water ballons and headed outside into the water fight.


“Hey guys I was wondering if you were up to bonfire tonight?” Gilinsky says as all of you sit in the couch soaking since the water fight.

“That would be cool” Nash says.

You look over to Matt who was already looking at you. He noods his head as an agreement to cancel the 'date’.

“I’m down for some bonfire”Matt says as he stands up leaving to the kitchen.

“Yeah me to but I have to get home to get some clothes then”you say.

“I can borrow you some sweats and hoodie” Nash offers.

“Oh okay” you say as you walk to the toilet.


You change into light grey sweats and a black oversized hoodie you borrowed from Nash. All the guys were already all outside by the bonfire. You walk outside and see everyone sitting by the bonfire. You sit down between Cam and Shawn, facing Matt.

They are all in deep conversation and you don’t even try to catch up. You just sit there watching the bonfire as you grill your marshmallow.


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“YO y/n” Cam says as he pokes you.

“What?” you say looking up from the bonfire realizing you had burned you marshmallow.

“Here” he says as he hand you some weed. You take it and before you know you’re smoking it. You pass it on and this feeling comes in. A good feeling. 

You didn’t know if you were high because you had never smoked weed before. But it just felt so good sitting there with all of them. You would not have chosen anybody else to be here with. As you had just closed your eyes you feel someone hitting your shoulder. You open them and see Matt giving you a sign to follow him. You stand up and follow him inside. Before you realize you’re in someones room.

“Who owns this room?”

“Aaron” Matt responds. You close the door and you can’t really see anything because the lights are off. Out of nowhere you feel Matt’s lips on yours and you are being pushed by the door.

You break the kiss to catch some breath. 

External image

You then wrap your legs around him and he walks with you to the bed. He lays you down and starts kissing your neck. You feel yourself grabbing his hoodie to give him a sign to take it off. He breaks the kiss and pulls his hoodie off and then he pulls your hoodie off. You pull him back down and he starts kissing down to your stomach stopping by the top of the sweatpants. He looks up at you and you nood giving him a sign it’s okay. He then takes your pants off. Leaving you in your underwear. He smashes onto your lips. You roll over so now your on top. You reach to his pants and take them off. Exposing his bulge in his underwear. You catch yourself staring at the bulge. You look up at Matt and you see him smirking at you.

Although you knew where this was going, you didn’t try to stop. You wanted this. You wanted this more then anything.

You wake up by someone screaming downstairs. You pull yourself up and look around. As you are looking around you see your clothes on the floor. You feel something moving besides you under the sheets. Soon finding out it was Matt.

You had slept with Matthew Espinosa.

If you have any ideas you want to happen in this fanfic then please leave the idea in my ask.

 I don’t know when next part will be up….