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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts

me doing my best to get him to look at the camera

him doing his best to have no part of it

ooc //rant, please ignore if you dont care about admin's personal life issues//

okay so basically im just gonna come out and say that my posts will be off, likely slow, and the project im working on will be delayed.

so if you dont care about my personal life and why this is happening, i’d suggest that you stop reading here. also im sorry for not having a read more button, im on mobile.


i ran out of stuff this morning without realizing so ive gotta catch up with that and queue a bunch of shit

but im not gonna have time to do it.

im gonna be hanging around my mom because my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer and dementia. they say the cancer is slow and that he probably wont die from it, but my mom is pretty upset about the dementia.

normally when she gets bad news, she cries, but this time she didnt, and i know its eating at her and she’ll probably get depressed, which isnt good because she’s currently off her bipolar meds because we cant afford them… (wow i just realized how everything is piling up…)

so im gonna be spending time with her to try and make her happy

which also means that my planned thing wont be done until later… also im actually having some problems with that. ive literally had like five drafts for it and probably three hours down the drain and im kinda sad tbh.

ill try and do it before 200. and if not, then ill do it for the 200 landmark. hopefully.

but yeah

im super sorry ; - ;

and before anyone asks, ill be okay.

thanks for reading and giving a shit lmAO

it means a lot to me

Dear Nintendo:

please let me wear cute clothes

this still isn’t ml someone yell at me to get back to work


it’s been years since ive been ashamed of being (half) indian. past white “friends” would always sigh in relief after i’d tell them i was ONLY half indian or even say “you’re the only indian i like even though you’re half.” i felt it was wrong to be indian and distanced myself from identifying myself and embracing myself as indian. growing up, i still hear these stupid things even when y'all non-indians love our bindis and henna tattoos to death and still dislike us.
my culture isnt your goddamn “tumblr” or “hipster” accessory, thank you!
(lol i dont have a bindi but this is the best i could do!)
#reclaimthebindi #coachellashutdown