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you hang the moon, i’ll hang the stars [draco malfoy]

request: “163? Draco x Gryffindor!reader please?” -anon

word count: ~1200

a/n: i’m like 87% sure this is NOT what you had in mind when you requested this, anon, but all i’m ever given is a line of dialogue so i just take the story where it wants to go, u feel? i feel. regardless, i hope u all enjoy this and i hope i don’t go too overboard with this reader characterization! i do like to make my characters’ personalities show and sometimes it goes a bit overboard but o well! also i feel like draco is a bit ooc here so whoopsies *shrug emoji* he’s a happy lad rn what can i say his gf is a qt who wants to take over the world, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

163: “i’m sick of being USELESS.”

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I have a strong partiality to HQ boys in Hogwarts


E: I still think you should apologize eventually…

J: I will. I’ll find a right time to

if you’re a GOT fan do not, and I repeat this, do not go on fb or instagram! THEY JUST FUCKING LEAKED EPISODE 6 AND ITS FUCKING SHOCKING! SPOILER ALERT EVERYWHERE! Watch it when it comes out like a true fan!

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