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I AM: Auston Matthews

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Me, adding yet another hockey player to an ever growing list: *tears up* Fuck it all, you can be here too. My heart has room.

I really hope that the season four promotional posters pulls a Hunger Games stunt where they have everyone facing to the right, but when they get to Shiro’s, he’ll be facing to the left.

As if to imply something’s off with him.


he said it made him feel the most special he’d ever felt, that we were the last people on earth, cause it was just us. they’re together, in that moment. i still wanna feel that one day.

Tom Holland Laughing


So, i have stuck with me this flower shop au, in which viktor is rich but has an empty life. then, one day he spotted this really cute and small flower shop, and inside the shop, an even cuter japanese employee arranging the flowers and falls hard for him. so he goes everyday to the flower shop, pretending that he’s buying flowers to someone else, when in reality all he wants is to talk to yuuri.

(one day, when he comes home after he bought another bouquet, he realizes that he is slowly turning his place into a glass-house)  

I see a lot of you guys on here struggling with feeling worthless or like your life is a waste because you’re still 16 or 17 and you feel that you don’t have a fulfilled life or that you haven’t maximized your time. You feel like you are a waste because all you do is fangirl or enjoy movies. But the truth is, you are doing more. If you’re in highschool right now, you’re not exactly supposed to be at the epitome of a life with a stable job, a stable pay, a busy schedule. 

There’s nothing wrong with you focusing only on your school and your hobbies. Maybe you have a part time job, too. That’s amazing. Seriously. Let life go on. You’ll be amazed how many opportunities will come up out of nowhere, how much experience you gain without even realizing it. You’ll be amazed how your goals will change, your preferences will change, etc. That’s life. 

I’m scared sometimes of where I’m going to go after graduation from uni, but I also can’t do much about it. I’m trying to do whatever I enjoy––in terms of my job, my volunteer, my courses––and I’ll push through and see where it takes me. 

If I learned anything, it’s that stressing about where I’ll go hasn’t helped me go anywhere. Focusing on where I want to go and working as hard as I can and accepting the outcome––and looking for new opportunities, because failure and rejection doesn’t mean your path has ended. 

So yes. Work hard. Enjoy your hobbies. Study well. Life won’t always (actually, mostly, it won’t) work out to exactly go as you want it to. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you’re living. Don’t give up––keep going. It’s hard to start thinking like this. It’s hard to keep thinking like this. But honestly––you are not a failure or a waste or whatever because you’re not an “accomplished” person. You don’t have to be a world-renowned author by age 18. You don’t have to be an award winning scientist by age 25. We’re young, and our goals don’t have to have a due date.

Keep that in mind, and don’t let it ruin your goals and dreams.

If your dream turns out to be a nightmare, build yourself a new dream. 

The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE


“Okay… Just… Please, hang in there a little longer…”

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