doesnt even look that good

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any thoughts on mccrees look from the new comic? Also i think the two (blackwatch jesse+hipster hanzo) would look so mcfrickin good together even if it doesnt fit the timeline...

HE LOOKS SO CUTE!!!! i loved it! anytime mccree shows up i get excited tho. I mean, he could just get his hair cut again eventually, so it could happen

  • Oswald: The suit I could get use to but that hat has got to go.
  • Ed: Why?
  • Oswald: Because it doesnt look good ed who wears bowler hats anymore?
  • Ed: This is your hat just so you know.
  • Oswald: I figured but thats also why it was buried deep in my closet to never see the lignt of day again ...speaking of why were you in my closet to begin with?
  • Ed: Um ..thats not important lets just move on.

Lee DaeHwi

- likely to be in charge of girl group dance

- american lad to introduce wanna one in english

- pouts at least once

- gets the blame when they get random play dance wrong

- shoe lifts talk and the members all shut up in case he drags more people down with him this time

- nothing to lose so he reveals every members shoe lift height

Kim Jae Hwan

- god’s voice

- psychotic laughter somewhere along the way

- called out for his laughter and it becomes even more sadistic sounding

- talent time and pulls a guitar out of nowhere

- no agency rich kid

Lai Guan Lin

- asked to introduce himself in chinese but doesnt sound right

- tries again in english but sounds odd too

- what langugage does this boy speak in really???

- intrigues mc with how he’s a foreigner trainee but debut after 6 months  

- throw back to when ioi called guanlin out to freestyle dance

- re-dance iconic troublemAKER

- maknae but most manly and smirks a lot

Kang Daniel

- replay his sexy solo shots

- forced to recreate those scenes 

- half the members are in awe and the rest r cringing their lives away 

- thigh grabbing and open up’s opening scene

- actually a cinnamon roll

- talks about his cats excessively

Park JiHoon 

- jeOJANG gugugaga & his doubtful fashion choices

- popping skills 

- wink ending cut and asked to shoot cfs on the spot 

- extreme good looks 

- is actually very extra even if he doesnt look like it

Ong Seong Woo

- good looking + facial expressions on point 

- says he has actor vibes… actually a actor trainee

- actually hits the slate for once

- in the running for wanna one’s best dancer

- too well rounded

Park Woo Jin

- everyone waiting for him to lose random play dance so that they can show his dark past

- shows his embarrassing history anyway

- 180 change from his low n deep n sexy rap voice

- FINALLY shows us his satoori rap

- teased for his satoori and tries to use seoul accent more but it sounds even funnier when he pays more attention to it

Bae Jin Young

- where’s his face its too small i cant find it

- joins idol line of visual wonder with astro’s eunwoo

- probably will be edited out a lot this shy boy  

Ha Sung woon

- most likely to mess up on random play dance

- spongebob imitation

- verified as the mother of the team and shows us a whats-in-your-bag challenge

- pulls out health drinks n makeup n sunblock n food n sunglasses n hair dryer n neck pillow n idk is his bag doraemon’s pouch or something

- did he sell his soul for that skin condition

- competes with jaehwan for high notes

Yoon Ji Sung 

- funnier than the mcs

- recreate iconic facial expression

- called out on his age but he knew it was coming 

- madam yoon gossip session revealing everything about his members

- likely to be caught for messing up random play dance and blames someone else before he gets punished

Hwang Min Hyun 

- just… good looking no matter what he does

- actor face & boyfriend idol

- probably asked to act out a boyfriend scene while singing a ballad (jihoon would swoon the most lets be honest)

- gets caught for making a mistake but let off bcos of how good looking he is

- remember minhyun’s freestyle dance from produce’s audition

so i watched the bomb and im warmin up to aqua, she drips w evil and its rlly refreshing to have a character that isnt sympathetic (at least, one thats likely unworthy of redemption, unlike giving intergalactic tyrants a sympathy grab of a song while allowing a human character–whos allowed to make mistakes–be seen as completely and utterly evil by the characters and narrative (listen kevins an asshole dickhead but 4 fucks sake he hasnt colonized thousands of planets wheres his song))

anyway her design is still p bad in the show but the leaks we got b4 the episode dropped were like. the worst of her appearances haha. but i wanted to tweak my redesign anyway bc my first one was a little problematic. colors r mostly the same but i made her skin a touch more saturated so it wasnt so close to her hair, fixed the collar, and kept her plump shape w/o inflating her chest bc that was a problem in the original, and i apologize 4 that

ok so reasons why you should remember that kevin day is more than exy and drinking himself to death with vodka take notes 

  • um?? he suffered years of trauma and abuse and has anxiety attacks which is WHY he feels he needs the vodka
  • he loves history so much that he actually wanted to open up to his team about it and then his team told him to shut up about it so kevin felt bad and never talked about that passion of his ever again like :)) im bitter as fuck
  • he literally hates the music at eden’s twilight, but tolerates it for andrew. like!! my boy loves classical music!! but he goes where his friends ask him to go and doesnt complain about the music probably because he knows how he feels to have someone shit on something he loves and doesnt want to do that to others :)))
  • my boy didnt even drink before he met the monsters so consider that as well like :) anyway im emotional about that
  • he loves the color red so much even though it doesnt look good on him like he probably doesnt care and i just love it??
  • suffered under the weight of knowing he had a father, and just did not know how to reach out? imagine the fucking pain of dealing with that!!! and how he learns to reach out, and how he makes an effort to have a relationship with him. kevin actually finds the time to be happy with wymack!! a concept!!
  • also kevin day is desperate for friendship dont tell me otherwise and i bet after the trilogy he and nicky become a lot closer now that andrew has neil and theyre kind of separate from the rest of the group. kevin craves affection 
  • anyway i love kevin day



Oh dear.

Syaoran you know it’s ok to stay on the floor sometimes. Kurogane is a ninja. I’m sure he’s got this. 


guess who drew even more @miracusims fanart! this gal

but this is a special one, i drew it digitally and recorded it so it is on my youtube channel as a speedpaint as well

i tried doing lineart for the first time in, what, 4 years ? and its as hard as i remembered orz

i absolutely love fai and i could go on for hours abt how much i love tsubasa tbh