doesnt care about you

It’s fucking pathetic that after so long, I still would do anything for you to want me again.

i think one of the main things ive told myself to always remember for this year and from now on was the conversation tatianna and rupaul had on rupaul’s drag race. tatianna says, “never try to win over the naysayers and the haters, put all of your energy into impressing the people who were supporters of you from the beginning. 

then rupaul continued and said, “ i aint got time for the people who hate me, im too busy loving the people who love me.”

i hope you guys will remember this too for whatever you do. be with people that make you feel important, don’t chase people that wont ever give you the time of day.

there’s an article floating around talking about how trump’s speech and celebrations are going to be “kept short” and it’s being presented as ‘oh, he can get right to work if he only goes to 3 balls instead of 11 like obama did!’

he’s planning to take the weekend off.

the number of people attending his inauguration is far less than half that of obama’s.

his original plan was for something far flashier, something to keep the nation “glued to their tvs”- but then he couldn’t get anyone to perform.

his speech is being kept short because no one can catch you in a lie if you don’t actually answer a question. it’s harder to sound unprepared if you do the bare minimum.

obama celebrated because people wanted to celebrate with him. not for the cameras, not for the reputation, but for the people. he’s the first president of color we’ve had, it was and is worth celebrating!

trump is not. and he’s claiming that he “doesn’t need pictures from 11 separate balls” because the media will be content with 1 or 2. the media doesn’t need “drawn out, elegant speeches”, just soundbites and news clips.

but that’s the problem, that’s the difference: trump cares about the media, not the people. he wants to look good, but doesn’t seem to care about doing good.

I’m worried… He thinks Jesse thinks little of him for some reason…?

psa: just because you can’t afford merch doesn’t mean you aren’t a “good” or “real” fan 


hey did you notice everybody cares about stiles and doesnt give a shit about scott?

anonymous asked:

what are some things you dont care about/ dont want 2 know about? what doesnt matter to you?

I have thought about this ask for about a month, because it is such an intriguing question; individually, each would be easy to answer… yet they sit as one, which gives such a specific criteria. 

The only thing I can think of that would be an answer to all of these questions is: House flies. I have performed brief but broad research on this topic and in the span of two minutes (the only time I am willing to EXERT on the topic of house flies) I have concluded that the common house fly does not play a significant enough role in the world’s ecosystem to cause a serious negative impact should it be removed: it’s role as a decomposer is likely (for th most part) replaceable, and it’s role as a pollinator in western society is so minimal that it is virtually nonexistant. I do not care about giant house flies, I do not want to know about them, they do not matter to me, and if they do not leave the room after I ask them, POLITELY, fifteen times then i am going to chase them the heck out, hot or cold, just OUT. That is all.

Jfc it’s like according to tumblr you have to be ***purebred Chinese*** to play in Mulan. You can’t even be part Chinese. Because who cares if you’re half Chinese if you are half white then It’s automatically ‘whitewashing’ . Grow up.

it’s okay to admit that you’re totally attracted to Steven Stone from Pokemon







but that doesnt have anything to do about how much he cares about you and believes in the fact that you can save the world

remember when you met?

 you’ve shared wonderful adventures, where you saw beautiful things 

but you’ve also shared stressful times

that only strengthened your bond.

all in all, if you ever feel like a perfect man for you doesnt exist, replay oras and spend some time with your dream boyfriend, Steven.

this has been a Steven Stone self-shipping appreciation post.

Antis getting easily triggered by headcanons and innocent fanarts of young Ben and Rey.

do r/ylos ever get tired of being ableist? do r/ylos ever get tired of letting other shippers say shit like this? contrary to popular belief, using copeshippers as a shield against criticism doesnt mean you actually care about the mentally ill

@letmedrivemyvan-intoyourheart replied :

Oh god there is no love involved it is a twosted ass horrorcore gore and thats why i read it but there is no ramnce or relationship other than an abusive fucked up relationship and people need to remember not all fans think that its ‘romantic’

(i mean true, but still… its just giving popularity and a romanticizing following with it… when there are many better things to give popularity to… like… if you like gore theres always Tokyo Ghoul, so if you’re not there for the romance you can always find more interesting gore-centric manga/webcomics, but there is an obvious part of people who are interested in the romance and therefore follow it for the romance…  also the fact your icon is a very intimate part of it it just seems like you’re into it for the romance… you’re allowed to like it, i just don’t. )

(edit: also its  the fact that there ARE people that are taking it in the worst way possible, so whether you aren’t, or you know ppl who aren’t its still THERE.)

@ all of my teenage girl followers who might find themselves dating a boy: 

dont settle for a shitty boyfriend just because everyone around you is dating. if he sucks, dont give him the time of day. if he cheats or flirts with other girls, break things off. if he treats you like shit around his friends, send his ass packing. if you guys have sex and he doesnt care about your needs and pleasure, ask him too, and if he refuses, leave him. if he doesnt respect your sexual boundaries, leave him. if he doesn’t want to spend the time to get to know you and your interests and your friends, dont keep dating him.

i know breaking up with people is scary. i know you might even love him. but don’t stay with him if it’s causing you more pain than happiness. He’s not the only guy who will love you. You’ll find someone better, who loves you for you and respects you. And in the mean time? Focus on being your brilliant self. Being alone is the best thing you can do for yourself. Nurture your passions and your intelligence and wit and your beautiful, beautiful soul. Fill the ache inside of you with wonderful female friends. 

I’ve seen so many wonderful girls brought down by shitty boys. It happened to me. Don’t burn yourself out over a boy, ever. 

imagine you are mike. you have two roommates, dustin and lucas. one day you find this waterlogged, cold, scared and seemingly lost cat. you bring home the cat. your roommates aren’t really sure about this cat and think you should just put it back but you have a big heart so you become the sole caretaker of said cat. you feed the cat. you make the cat a bed. you play games with the cat. you keep the cat safe. your roommate lucas is kind of mean to the cat. your roommate dustin doesnt really care about the cat. obviously, you, (mike) are the person the cat is going to become most attached to, and you are the person the cat is going to find it the easiest to trust.

eleven is like the cat. she trusts mike because he was nice to her, he fed her, he gave her a bed, he kept her safe. she is friends with mike. this does not mean she wants to kiss mike. kissing makes her (understandably) uncomfortable as she’s never experienced physical affection like that. she doesn’t have the capability of feeling romantically toward anyone due to being socially stunted from the isolation she experienced her entire childhood. she is not a child that is mentally stable. she does not understand social relationships and constructs. she craves mikes friendship and trust, but not his mouth.