Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song


fankidstupadinator  asked:

Hiiii kazuu i was wondering if you could draw more smol guren and adult yuu? it's so pretty and I enjoy the idea of it //wants to make a fic about it but doesn't have the time// i hope you have a great day! (ignore this request if you like, you are not obligated to actually do this~ just wanting to make sure you're alive, safe and doing well~!) <3

Have a smol guren wrapped in adult yuu’s jacket owo and yes im alive loool, just that im really slow at drawing+coloring ^^;

My sincere hope for DA3 is that it is relatively easy to mod. However, if you try to use a white Vivienne mod, it will crash your computer and leave a disdainful, “Non” burned into the monitor. Likewise, any “pretty” Cassandra mods will lead to the same except with an exclamation of, “BULLSHIT” that will be belted from your speakers, making your ears bleed.

simply-cast  asked:

Wait, you're video was meant to be sarcastic? explain. only sarcastic aspect of it I thought I understood was that a girl who reads doesn't have time for you. Anyway I'm pretty stupid so yeah.

That wasn’t the point at all

The whole thing was basically inspired by this video and the idea that girls have to fit into this weird archetype where they’re pretty but modest, where they prefer reading to clubbing, where their sexual partners are limited while still fulfilling all the sexual fantasies of their beloved, and it’s all set in a world where a guy is somehow different and quirky for liking this different and quirky girl for something other than her body.

Let me put it this way: whenever I go out for a drink with friends, there’s always that one guy who gets really impressed with the fact that I drink beer. I’ll ask him why, and he’ll look at my female companions, who have rum-and-cokes or whiskey sours or whatever, and just say, “I just don’t meet a lot of girls who drink beer, you know? It’s sexy.”

But it shouldn’t be, right? What he’s implying, whether he realizes it or not, is that drinking beer is masculine. It’s a male-dominated thing. That’s why there are ‘girly drinks’: because women can’t handle the sheer virility of beer, and men who drink 'girly drinks’ are considered lesser. A girl drinking beer sets her apart, makes her better and stronger and different, even though she’s consuming the same amount of alcohol. But is this guy different or better because he likes 'Girls Who Drink Beer’?

80% of the worldwide female population can read, and I’m sure some of them enjoy shopping and grand theft auto as much as they enjoy books. People are multi-faceted. I just thought it was a silly manic-pixie-dream-girl character, the Girl Who Reads, and I wanted to make her a snob, because that’s how I see people who think about girls that way.

I feel like I’m over-explaining; it was just a lark! I’m not saying reading’s bad or snobbish. I just don’t think it’s an immediate stride for feminism if a guy likes a girl for something other than her boobs, you know?