• Guy friend:it's not gay if like...a girl sticks her know...up your butt
  • Me:prostate exams aren't gay, Jacob
I’ve moved!!!!

i’ve finally settled in over at @abbaccho !!! i’m going to leave this blog up for a few more days, and queue this post a few times so people see it and don’t miss out! any requests that are currently in my inbox will be answered over at the new blog, and feel free to request anything new over there as well!!!

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Current mood: I want to read 100,000 words of AU fic with Emil and Lalli as cute boyfriends.

Am I the only one who feels like this is trying to preempt the “Where is ___________” questions while simultaneously providing as little information as possible? 

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How'd you manage to move Thunderbird Two's hatch by yourself? It's MASSIVE

“Have you ever opened one of those old garage doors by hand? Or opened a vertical window? They’re actually pretty heavy, but they don’t seem heavy to you, right? That’s because you aren’t actually lifting much of the weight because of a counterbalance, such as a weight or spring.”

“Thunderbird 2′s hatch uses the same principle. It has a counterbalance mechanism, so I’m not actually moving the entire weight of the hatch myself.”

I drew this last night and put the full, sappy, embarrassingly emotional essay that followed in Sora’s inbox already; My baby’s done gone off to college, ya’ll ;o; What am I to do??

Their eventual shift in height difference is something I’ve been wanting to portray for quite some time but I was waiting for his mun to settle some debts before I would draw the nerdling any more.

Favorite moments helping the Japanese exchange students so far: explaining what “awesome!” meant after I yelled it when I was finally able to help two of them set up their university identification info. (He said “what does that mean?” and I said “oh, it’s basically a more excited enthusiastic form of ‘cool!’ or ‘yes! / yay!’ It’s to express happiness and joy; positive feelings basically”. He asked if it was a formal word and I said “it’s very casual” and then he nodded and then said “awesome!” it was great)

I had to use my computer to get the information up for him / one of the other students, and he saw my background image of X and was like “Megaman!” and I was like “Yes!!! I love him!!! I love X!!!” He said he played it when he was younger and he asked if it was popular in the US (I said I think X’s younger brother’s games were more popular). It was cool and I was very grateful that for once in my life my background wasn’t something that would embarrass me


I have been tagged by the very kind @thegoodshipotp for my first ever tagging thing of tagness! Thank you kindly. :)

Just watch me botch it up by blogging it before I answer the questions…

Rules: a) Always post the rules, answer the questions asked, then write 11 new. b) Tag 11 people and link them to the post. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their questions.

1: If you could have any small comfort/luxury item right now, what would it be? Exactly right now? Usually I would say something like “a nap” or “a really good fic”, but exactly right now I’m going to say floss. I just ate a nectarine, and permanent retainers like to remind me of facts like these.

2: What are your top three summer tunes this year? For some reason, “One Dance” by Drake has been following me around - first because a good friend of mine is obsessed with it, then because I’m seeing it all around town. Turning to songs I like, this year on my birthday someone played ukelele for me and now I’m obsessed with Twenty One Pilots’ cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”, and also, have you heard San Fransisco by the Mowgli’s? If I need to be cheered up, here’s the tune. (Bonus: I read a wonderful Futurama fic partially based on the Avenue Q song “There’s a Fine Fine Line”, and also I’m a sucker for unrequited love songs.)

3: What was the last memorable/weird dream you had? I usually don’t remember my dreams. I think I dreamt a few weeks ago that Michelle Obama taught at my university? Only she was very strict. The whole dream was kind of boring.

4: Describe your dream room. SO. MANY. SITTING. PLACES. We’re talking hammocks, stuffed armchairs, giant corner couches, and the bed would actually be not so big because big beds are intimidating, but it would be really firm and really comfy at the same time. Room for all of my books and my maps and flags and posters and my weird knick-knacks on shelves and walls, plus a balcony with more comfortable chairs and a telescope to go stargazing. Wifi throughout the whole place, and humongous windows where the walls aren’t decorated. For some reason it’s hardwood? I might be making stuff up now. It’s very late.

5: Any favourite myth/legend?? The myth of Hades kidnapping Persephone has always fascinated me. The dynamic is just so intriguing to me - Hades is actually pretty reasonable compared to the other gods, and he just did this one sketchy thing and it was a Beauty and the Beast tale for a little except…I don’t know whether Persephone actually wanted to stay or not. We only know Demeter wanted her back, to my knowledge. There’s so much that could be built upon there, but nooooooo, everyone wants to focus on the Stockholm Syndrome story.

6: What are three things you’re looking forward to in the next twelve months? Oh dear, um. Being done with my honors thesis. I really want to graduate summa cum laude, but that does mean I have to work. The releases of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the second Magnus Chase book, and assorted Harry Potter media. (Those all count as the second thing.) And although my university career has been fun and although the real world is terrifying, I do look forward to graduating because I’ve had my tastes of travel and work the past few summers, and I’m no longer afraid of either. Mostly. It’s still change. But good change.

7: What does your name mean? I’m not sure if you mean screen name or real name, so I’ll do both. My screen name comes from an inside joke between me and my best friend, where we made an entire army of wit (think people killing the enemy with assorted rhetorical devices), and I just fell in love with the term “snark-sniper” because I consider myself just that except for that I have a sincerity streak a mile wide. My real name, Bre, comes from my mom’s “Breanna” bastardization of the Irish Briana, and is supposed to mean something like strength. To me the name Breanna has too many negative connotations, so here I am with the short, crisp “Bre”.

8: Were there any unusual jobs that you wanted to work in when you were a kid? (eg astronaut, professional motorcyclist, etc) When I first saw Atlantis: The Lost Empire, I was seven years old and had just moved back from France. My dad saw the movie too and was like, “You speak French! You could be a linguist!” But I didn’t want to have a job just speaking other languages, so I turned him down with proper seven-year-old seriousness. Fifteen years later, I’m a linguistics major completing an honors thesis on Baltic sociolinguistics. xD

9: Best films to watch in a movie night? For me, anything space-related or meant for kids is an automatic go. You can imagine how overjoyed I was when Wall-E came out (on my birthday, no less…). I’d specifically recommend Guardians of the Galaxy, The Road to El Dorado, Galaxy Quest, anything Studio Ghibli, or - if none of that strikes your fancy - Charlie Bartlett, which I rewatched the other day and which stirred my emotions because Anton Yelchin.

10: Are there any books that you’d love to see as a film/TV series? It may just be that I’m obsessed with this book as of late, but the YA novel Learning to Swear in America is just ADORABLE and I want more of it to exist in any form. I swear this book is a RusAme fic waiting to happen.

11: What was the last thing you ate? A nectarine. Oh, look, we’ve gone full-circle!

I’ve never tagged people before, so - hm. @sexybabushka69 @lagringalatina @im-yongsoo @paladinquen @sea-blue-child @queenmabstuff @thisissoeffingbeautiful @sir-schneeflocke @sundropcocoa @confusion-of-a-dane Either (a) I owe you a message and I’m so sorry and I’m thinking of you all the time I promise or (b) I notice you reblog a lot of my stuff and I’m curious about you!

My questions are the following:
1. When was the last time something moved you to tears?
2. What is one smell that brings back memories?
3. Are you attached to any particular things you own? If so, what? (Clarification: answers like “I refuse to throw out this backpack because it went to Europe with me” are what I would give.)
4. What is something that you have a hard time believing about yourself?
5. You’re walking down a street, when something you see in a store window makes you stop in your tracks. What is it?
6. List two or three of your favorite puns/short jokes. (I need ammo.)
7. What is one sentence someone can tell you that will always cheer you up?
8. What is one compliment you always hope to receive, but rarely get?
9. What is your favorite class you’ve ever taken, and why?
10. [For my fandom friends] What got you into the fandom life, and what do you think of that life so far?
11. If you could go back in time five years and meet yourself, what do you anticipate is the first question your past self would ask you?


Okay, whatever - An “I’m the angsty gay trashlord” playlist for Kent Parson

wasted on you, high on the fumes, know i should let you go // je veux ton amour // i have always been the troubled one // you judge, but i don’t give a damn // where have all the gay guys gone? // a lonely road to nowhere, that’s all we are // but i still need love ‘cause i’m just a man // rags to riches but i’m addicted to being broken // let go of everything // you know i will rise like a phoenix, but you’re my flame

  • Family member:so do you have a boyfriend yet?
  • What I say:well no, you know me - always focused on school! Haha! But who knows what will happen!!!!
  • What I mean:SAY IT OUT LOUD G! A! Y!


Bold which they are.

LAWFUL Good | NEUTRAL Good | CHAOTIC Good | LAWFUL Neutral | TRUE Neutral | CHAOTIC Neutral | LAWFUL Evil | NEUTRAL Evil | CHAOTIC Evil

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๐Ÿ‘ (@asksunnyandsnap, even if it's kinda weird to think about, eheh.)

Send “👏”and I’ll describe what a fusion between our muses would look and act like.

((I feel like it would be more realistic for Euphie to fuse with Snap, since she knows them better, buuuuut skeletons are easier to draw so HERE YA GO! :D)

Euphie and Sunny’s fusion is named Sunflower, and they are a bit of an anxious mess. They’re constantly worried about their friends and family, and are extremely overprotective. They have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and like to crack self-deprecating jokes. They appear to be very calm and collected most of the time, despite their worrying. 


Fuck Steve Harrington, his and Nancy’s entire relationship was him suggesting they do some risqué behavior like him sneaking into her house or them going to a party, her saying no, and then him completely ignoring her and doing it anyway, or pressuring her into doing it. And it wasn’t just a few times, it was. Literally. Every. Scene. Like, ignoring people’s boundaries in a relationship is incredibly unhealthy, bordering on abusive. I’m not fucking around this is an incredibly serious and bad thing he’s doing here and we should not take it lightly

I was thinking.

People ask me..
“Is everything alright?”
When they really should be asking..
“Is ANYTHING alright?”