doesn't test on animals

anonymous asked:

Sorry but it's nearly impossible to live a life style that doesn't support animal cruelty. There are so many products they test on animals.. And I'm sure you're going to say that you always buy stuff that says it's not.. But band aids, cleaning products, even some types of condoms are tested on animals. Ever used Kleenex or Vaseline? You're supporting animal testing. You think you're such a great person avoiding these things but it's nearly impossible. Not trying to bash, just pointing it out.

As it happens, I know very well that Vaseline is tested on animals and it is by no means an essential product to life… There are vegan condoms, vegan cleaning products, vegan health and beauty products; these things aren’t difficult to avoid. But saying that, show me a single reference on my blog to my being cruelty free, or “a great person?” I have said this several times, being vegan is about doing the least harm possible. The idea that just because you can’t avoid causing any suffering, you should just say screw it and not even try, is morally abhorrent. That attitude is, quite frankly, a fucking cop-out, and wouldn’t be entertained even for a second in advocacy of any other social justice issue. I suspect this objection is less about me being vegan, and more about your excuse to not be.