doesn't take shit from no one

  • BILL:
  • •the mum friend
  • •probably a socialist
  • •scared of nothing
  • •depressed but in denial about it
  • •gets all the romantic attention
  • •into vintage stuff
  • •makes u cry all the time
  • •a cutie
  • •likes dogs
  • •fuck this shit i'm out
  • •has nice hair
  • •always late or never turns up
  • •would actually kill himself
  • •wears expensive shirts
  • •the Obscure Friend™
  • •behaves like a virgo but isn't a virgo
  • •scared of cats
  • •takes the nicest photos
  • MIKE:
  • •broke out of a conservative family
  • •has an anime backstory
  • •nearly been killed about 8 times
  • •smells of books
  • •doesn't fight back bc he doesn't want to seem rude
  • •the quiet one with all the ideas
  • •lets you copy his homework
  • •too cool for the squad but was adopted in anyway
  • •a bit unstable but still lovely
  • •stands for shit from no one
  • •hates boys but isn't gay
  • •could make a binbag look nice
  • •ur mum doesn't like her
  • •has 1 friend
  • •probably writes poetry in the bath
  • •secretly taught herself karate in year 9
  • EDDIE:
  • •so far in the closet he's seen Narnia
  • •biggest mummy's boy since Norman Bates
  • •uses big words to make up for his height
  • •carries hand sanitiser and would probably drink it tbh
  • •trying his best
  • •prepares for his death if he catches a cold
  • •always injures himself on group outings
  • •buys kids' tickets and gets away with it
  • BEN:
  • •got hot eventually
  • •knows everything bc he lives on wikipedia
  • •will win every game of jenga
  • •definition of a nerd
  • •listens to awful mum rock
  • •terrible at flirting
  • •just happy to be here
  • •can't get a girlfriend
  • •terrible handwriting
  • •probs writes conspiracy theories in his spare time
  • •the BIGGEST GAY
  • •works 72 hour shifts so he can afford nice watches
  • •looks good in leather
  • •can blag the whole squad into any party
  • •wears cuban heels and carries a zippo
  • •literally everyone likes him
  • •somehow has gossip about everyone
  • •likes obscure indie music and adidas
  • •would rather die than go to the circus
  • •has fucked your mother
726. There was one muggleborn in Hufflepuff that developed a strange habit of snatching food from the hands of Gryffindor students. When they were finally confronted about this behavior they simply said "Honey badgers have been known to steal food from lions. Honey badger doesn't give a shit it just takes what it wants." They then proceeded to snatch a pastry from the hand of a prefect and walk away.

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The signs watching'IT'
  • Aries: *Muttering under breath* You idiots. It's a trap you stupid-AARGHHH OMG CLOWN!!
  • Taurus: I'm going to be ok as long as I expect a jump scare around every corner.
  • Cancer: *Finds a character to relate to* Oh shit, have I just made this worse for myself?
  • Leo: *Watches other peoples reactions to try and stop themselves from getting spooked*
  • Virgo: *Leaves the cinema after the first four jump scares to take a break* To return or not to return...
  • Libra: *Snuggles up to friends for protection*
  • Scorpio: *That one person who watches the movie only to imitate Pennywise forever afterwards*
  • Sagittarius: Hahaaaha I hate this so much.
  • Capricorn: *Tense* This was a bad idea...
  • Aquarius: Doesn't watch majority of the movie due to covering eyes throughout*
  • Pisces: AH! What the frick was that?! WHEN DO THE JUMP SCARES STOP!
EXO as people in a group chat.
  • Xiumin: Leaves everyone on read.
  • Luhan: Sends pictures of his cat.
  • Kris: Asks for fashion advice. Doesn't take it.
  • Suho: Sends EVERY lame joke he finds. No one is amused. Only reason he's still in the group is because he's group admin.
  • Lay: Never online. Always confused what the conversation is about.
  • Baekhyun: Recounts every stupid thing he's done. Ever.
  • Chen: Speaks entirely in memes. CAP LOCKS.
  • Chanyeol: Too many emojis.
  • D.O: Kind of just stalks the conversation. Only comes out from hiding when someone points out he's just reading.
  • Tao: Comes online occasionally to talk shit about someone.
  • Kai: Always complaining that he's hungry.
  • Sehun: Sends pictures of his dog.

Instead of Tolkien’s Dwarf gender ratio being canon fact, wouldn’t it make more sense as just a myth circulated by other races? I mean, it might as well be just recorded misinformation passed down by elves given how Tolkien tended to be biased against Dwarves anyway

“There’s only a 1:3 Dwarf gender ratio and dwarf women rarely marry and most dwarves are craft-wed and reproduce so slowly they’d eventually die off” was a rumour most likely started by someone who a) couldn’t tell the difference between any Dwarven genders and just made the number up, b) neglected to take homosexual relationships into account and c) assumed that Dwarves only have 2 genders to choose from in the first place. 

About reproduction: the Dwarves descended from thirteen original individuals. They’re not going to breed inadequately after rising to a population of at least hundreds of thousands. Also, unlike elves, there is nothing to say that Dwarven children are only born within marriages; it’s probably not even considered that Dwarves have children out of wedlock (”few marriages obviously means that there are very few children,” ha).

The rumour that dwarf women rarely ever leave their mountains was, again, encouraged by the idea that nobody can tell the genders apart, and assume that every buff bearded Dwarrow on the road is male. 

(The Dwarves don’t understand why everybody is so obsessed with the topic, and tend to stay in their mountains away from all these idiots. Also, female dwarves can take care of themselves, thank you very much, and venture out whenever they bloody well want to.)

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How would the RFA (I'd like saeran and vanderwood but I get it if u can't) react to an MC that looks kinda young/sweet/innocent but in reality doesn't take anyone's crap and is sassy???? I read your last couple ones btw and they were really cute (I kinda got this from ur college vanderwood one tbh)

I think i went overboard on MC’s sassiness.. sorry.Also thank you for being so kind.

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I quite like this trio.

Ten is my joint second favourite Doctor, Martha is just brilliant and Captain Jack Harkness? He’s amazing. There are seriously no words to describe how fantastic his character is.

Captain Jack is definitely in my top 1O favourite companions.

Day6 As Shit My Friends Have Said
  • Jae: "Oh my god don't take diet advice from her, she thinks the food pyramid is a pizza slice."
  • Sungjin: "Tell Big Daddy your problems. He doesn't care but he'll listen."
  • Brian: "I'm actually super fucking talented okay I can play professional musical triangle."
  • Wonpil: "Do you think Key would be my sugar daddy if I asked nicely?"
  • Dowoon: "I hate everything. Except chicken. And cheese. And strawberries. I hate most things that are not food."
How Anatole Fucked Shit up for every War and Peace character who shows up in Great Comet
  • Natasha: Manipulated her and used her and tricked her into ruining her life and nearly ending it. Destroyed her life. Seriously.
  • Hélène: Alright, take a second and think about Hélène. Why do you think she married Pierre? Love? Nah. She married him for his cash and neither of them were happy. I don't hold this against Pierre, who at least at first, truly tried to be a good husband. In the book, it's made evident that the whole reason Hélène needs to marry a man as rich as Pierre is because her father is broke. Why is his father broke? Cuz Anatole has spent all his money gambling and seducing women. So yeah. Anatole's fault.
  • Andrey Bolkonsky: Okay this one is easy. It's pretty straightforward but it's even sadder if you look at War and Peace, where it's abundantly clear that Andrey is a profoundly unhappy man and some of the only happiness he has in the book is with Natasha. And Anatole was at least partially responsible for taking that away from him.
  • Balaga: Never pays him? Like I know Balaga doesn't ask for pay but I still feel like paying him would be good. Also he gets him really drunk while he's driving. Honestly he doesn't do much to be responsible for Balaga's problems because Balaga is not important enough to have problems.
  • Fedya Dolokhov: Well in the book he never really gets his shit fucked up by Anatole but I'll say two things, one of which is that, Anatole doesn't listen to him when he is like the only person who tries to help him and keep him from being a bag of shit, and secondly, in the musical, since the duel was moved from Volume II Part I to Part V, it creates the implication that Natasha's love letter from Anatole was written by Dolokhov while he lay ill at his mother's recovering from a gunshot wound which is not, I'm sure, the ideal time to write a love letter.
  • Marya "Mary" Bolkonsky: Um alright this wasn't totally his fault just cuz it would have been a terrible situation for everyone but Anatole was supposed to be married to Mary but within like ten minutes of meeting with her already started hitting on her friend which was generally just a really mean move, and really hurt her already poor self image.
  • Marya Dmitrieva Akhrosimova: Marya is really a strong protective figure and she tries really hard to be good to Natasha and it's really sad that she has to feel like a failure because Anatole is a lying manipulative ass.
  • Old Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky: (I put in his name cuz I just like to note @ tolstoy fight me for including three separate Nikolais two of whom are named Nikolai Andreevich Bolkonsy. Fuck you.) Doesn't really have a lot of problems but I'll say even though he's batshit and not the best father that is really the only job he has at this point is being a father? And just like. Look what Anatole did to his kids.
  • Pierre Bezukhov: Okay, I know I've already said Helene was unhappy in the marriage, but Helene was a terrible wife who cheated on him a lot and wasted his life away and make no excuses was the main cause of his alcoholism and depression. But she never would have married him if Anatole didn't make Prince Vassily (his father) broke. Also the first person in the book to put a drink in his hand is Anatole, who says "finish it" even though Pierre says he does not want to.
  • Sonya Rostova: Endangered her closest friendship, with Natasha who I say again, though she still shared responsibility for her infidelity, was manipulated.

Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.

The Black Parade as different kinds of emos
  • The End: wears a black parade jacket everywhere, insists tbp is the greatest album of all time
  • Dead!: really bitter, favorite movie is American Psycho, watches Death Note
  • How I Disappear: calls people they don't like preps, teases their hair
  • The Sharpest Lives: hates Twilight, is always talking about how vampires are way cooler than werewolves
  • Welcome to the Black Parade: has been a fan of mcr since 2005 and thinks they're better because of it, gets annoyed when people only know welcome to the black parade
  • I Don't Love You: not actually emo it's just getting over a bad break up
  • House of Wolves: kinky, calls Frank daddy, jerks off to live videos from Projekt Rev
  • Cancer: is fascinated by death, has been working on their novel for 3 years
  • Mama: sinful, has probably vandalized a church, into witchcraft
  • Sleep: insomniac, listens to Twenty One Pilots, drinks lots of coffee
  • Teenagers: thinks they're rebellious, "you don't understand me mom!", thinks they're a Mama emo
  • Disenchanted: cries over Electric Century, cries on march 22nd, just is always crying
  • Famous Last Words: has been through hell and made it out in tact, doesn't take anyone's shit
  • Blood: does everything ironically, calls themselves emo as a joke but doesn't actually think they're emo (is actually really emo)

Its absolutely ridiculous people say that Frisk is a racist stereotype portrayal of an Asian person, if you say such a thing, you are the one being racist, because theres absolutely nothing about them that would match an Asian person, Asian people don’t have actual long slit eyes wider than their mouth. the” -_-” face is not racist.

Frisk’s hair isn’t even that dark of a brown, and their skin is school bus yellow. not even people with jaundice have skin that yellow. Frisk has yellow skin because they don’t have a defined race, like a smiley, emoji or a lego mini-figure. No matter what color your skin is, your age, your gender, your religion, your language, you can relate to Frisk. 

Just look at their face, 14x10

Thats only 140 pixels. their eyes and mouth are 2x1 black pixels. you are getting worked up and accusing racism for a total of 6 black pixels. 

It’s not cultural or racial appropriation, no one owns the color yellow!

….uh okay, no culture or race owns the color yellow. 

Focus on something that matters instead of slandering a game to make yourself seem like some sort of victim fighting against a case of nonexistent oppression, you just make people with real cases of oppression get less attention. 
And no, I don’t NEED to be any specific genetic makeup to talk about this. If you said people of a certain skin color cannot participate in a matter than does not physically require any specific skin color, you are the one engaging in racism. 

You said it Flowey. If someone spreads these lies, they deserve to be publicly outed for slander and for taking the attention away from REAL issues. 

why I like your sign (use rising too)
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You are fun to be around. Though, sometimes you get mad at me and say rude things and I don't like that. Though, you are one of the most fun/adventurous kind of people i know (besides sag) I would want to be best friends with you. (p.s. you're hot af)<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You are one of the funniest people I know. You aren't afraid to be made fun of or make fun of other people. You are a refreshing person to be around, and you don't pressure me to be someone else. I love you guys.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You guys talk a lot, but it's always so fun to listen to. Whether you're ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation, you never cease to entertain me. You always say something hilarious and make me laugh constantly. You have the best people skills out of all the signs and I love you to death. You're so precious and make a wonderful friend.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are literally too sweet. People say you guys cry all the time, but you are just a little sensitive, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a tendency to bounce back--which is great. You are never hung up on anything for too long (contrary to popular belief a.k.a. from my experience with you.) In certain cancers, I've noticed you don't get hurt super easily, but when something hits you, it hits you hard.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You guys are jokers and I love to be around you. You don't take things too seriously. I can make fun of you, and you won't care; you'll just make fun of me back. You're a quality friend and great company.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You are so great to talk to. The way you see the world is perfect. You are a mix of philosophy, logic, and fun. You are trustworthy and (in my opinion) never judegmental (at least not out loud.) Sometimes you get a little bored of everything, but you just make a really bad joke to liven it up a little.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You all are kind of quiet. You want to fit in, but remember it's okay to be a little awkward and weird. Some other Libras are just loud and don't care who they are--which is one of many great traits of your sign. You get along with almost everyone. (except for those who like to tip the scale with drama.) You have such a beautiful view of life and you can see the good in everyone.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I like that you can get a little crazy. You are an attractive person inside and out. You have this thing about you that no matter how hard they try, no one can hate you. They can say they hate you, but they don't truly hate you. At first, you act all sweet and nice, but then when someone gets to know you, there's a whole other side to you (which is super fun to get to know.)<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You make the best puns. People are always saying you don't care, and it's definitely true! You are opinionated and blunt. You share your opinions in a matter that everyone can accept. Though, sometimes you are too blunt for your own good. You like to cover your bluntness with a joke, and sometimes it doesn't work. You don't take shit from anyone and that's great. You are one of the funniest signs and I love to be around you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You are so smart, but so down-to-earth. You teach me new things without making me feel stupid. You are always there for me when I need you, and you're sometimes the most awkward person ever, but it's hilarious. You don't get enough credit as a person.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You have good intentions, but they don't always pull through. Not a lot hurts you, which can be good and bad. Well, it seems like not a lot hurts you. It's fun to mess around with you, because you take it so well. You like to fight fire with fire and if someone does get to you, you won't take it. You'll fight back and protect yourself. The way you present yourself is attractive and your personality is magnetic. I like you a lot. (you're hot af too)<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You're so kind. You seem to always have your head in the clouds and you seem to always be looking at tomorrow. Though it is fun to dream with you, try to live in the present a little. You are so in touch with your emotions and other people's emotions as well. You seem to be able to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can comfort anyone and do it well. You are a great friend, especially in a personal crisis.<p/></p>

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Okay so what about an AU where Midoriya is like a small bar/coffee shop performer as a job with nothing but his voice and his guitar and Kaminari and Kirishima drag Todoroki to the bar, where he just hides in the corner away from everyone. He doesn't expect much until this cute little dude comes up on stage with this guitar and he's like "!!!" and is so entranced by his singing and shit so he starts going to all of his performances in the area. (1/2)

(2/2) They happen to meet one night after a performance where Todoroki is trying to take care of the K duo and Midoriya heads over to the bar to get some water, and accidentally bumps into him and spills his water all over him, leading in much flushing and stammering and apologies. They slowly start to talk more and more with Todoroki being like “He’s even cuter than he looks??? Wth???” until they slowly start falling for each other but they’re oblivious as hell???

(3/3) And one night, at the same bar they first met, Midoriya has a show and he dedicates it to someone in the audience and just grins before he starts playing and singing I’m Yours, with him staring at Todoroki the entire time– ~Song Anon

subtle izuku is subtle.

i’ve been thinking of a lounge singer au ((i thought of shouto being the singer cuz shits man have you heard his VA sing before??? it’s heavenly)) and god heLP me if tddk don’t do a duet (would shouto play the piano? the violin? the cello? maybe they sing together?) at some point in this au i will be v upset. 

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If you're still taking requests, could we get a shot of Lúcio saving Akande from an attack and getting hurt? Maybe Symmetra is the one that hurts him while trying to kill Akande. Lúcio just doesn't want anyone dying and is a reckless like shit.

Your request is served.

Le notes: To be as close to your request possible in this, Lucio isn’t with Overwatch yet and Sym is still with Vishkar.

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Something that pisses me off about the way fandom portrays Gladnis is, just the sheer number of requests on the kinkmeme for Gladio having to rescue or protect Ignis from harassers and the like because apparently Ignis is too weak or helpless to take care of himself? He's not a fucking damsel in distress, stop treating him like one. If someone gave him shit he'd probably shove a dagger in that person's face himself. He doesn't need Gladio to do that for him.


but this goes the same for noctis and prompto (fanon!prompto suffers from this so bad. SO BAD. please.)

i mean im all for making the bias suffer (im a BIG slut for hurt!noctis) but you can absolutely do that without stripping that character of all their strengths and making them weepy and feeble and defenseless. unless they’re like that in canon, there’s no point. it’s just disrespectful of their actual characterization and character growth.

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I know this is random but I have no one else to tell. It just dawned on me that Ciel might be a bad dancer because he doesn't have half of his vision. Vision helps with balance. And I was imagining Ciel dancing with Sebastian without his eyepatch and being good and very charming. That's it thanks

An interesting thought! Losing half your vision has to interfere with a lot of things and Ciel usually handles his shit so well that it’s hard to take that into account sometimes. I just looked it up and apparently you can strain the one eye from tasks like reading and you get lots of headaches from it. Also, people that lose vision in one eye have ‘declines in their abilities to accurately track moving objects, to judge distances, and to perceive depth’. No wonder Ciel struggles with dancing!

Nothing is ever too random, thanks for the message! Here’s a random drabble for the hell of it:

“They do say practice makes perfect, Young Master, but in your case -”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!”

This should be the height of simplicity, Sebastian thought, since they were only practicing the box step - nothing too ambitious. Still, regardless of all his patient teachings Ciel still couldn’t seem to help stepping on his toes at every available opportunity.

“Are you quite sure your actions aren’t intentional?” The demon asked after a particularly hard stomp.

The young Earl huffed and nearly overbalanced as they moved backwards together.

“Argh! I wasn’t ready!”

“Might I remind you that you are supposed to take the lead?”

It was too much for Ciel. He ripped his arms away from his butlers and pushed his eyepatch up over his head without even bothering to undo it and let it flutter to the floor.

“Again!” He said, breathing hard.

The demon simply smiled and allowed his arms to be taken up once more. What he didn’t expect was the perfect box step - suddenly the child had rhythm, he stepped at the exact same time as Sebastian and his toes remained unscathed this time.

“Very well, let’s move on to a chasse. Begin from promenade position”.

This step had Ciel’s brow wrinkling in concentration since he was forced to take a more dominant stance of leadership. Despite it all he did a fine job, pausing at all the right moments and guiding Sebastian to turn into their movements.

“All right, and now the spin. We’ll use the box step again with perhaps a quarter rotation”.

Ciel executed it perfectly, holding his arm aloft with elegance and raising his chin to make the movements appear noble and effortless. Where was the flailing mess from a moment ago? Sebastian decided he must be a genius.

“Excellent, though please allow me to fix your attire once more. You’ll be dancing with Lady Elizabeth, after all”.

The eyepatch was tied neatly behind Ciel’s head and adjusted, eclipsing the Earls peripheral vision completely.

“There now, Young Master. Let us try a reverse turn, this time”.

The demon’s toes were trampled on immediately, all grace lost as coltish legs struggled to find the right places to step. All that proficiency seemed to disappear completely as the Earl stumbled and cursed. Of course, Sebastian thought, far be it for his job to suddenly become easy.

Still, he couldn’t complain about the view - Ciel always did look so good with his cheeks flushed, hair mussed and a scowl on his face.

I love how Oda’s biggest strength and weakness in One Piece is characterization. Like one day he'll be like:
  • Eiichiro Oda: "Let's make a character that is complex but doesn't cry constantly. A character that's plays well with the others but isn't annoying. A character that gets into fights with someone but will always be there for them. A character that is carefree but will stand for values. A character that is fanservice but also won't take shit from nobody. Someone who will be iconic but familiar. A guy who knows when he's out of his league but still makes a go for it in the end. A person where, by merely seeing that person in a panel, the audience will be entertained. I'm gonna make the greatest character ever today."
  • Eiichiro Oda, the next day: "I dunno how about I just make a guy that is obsessed with the letter G."

★ star wars meme | 7/10 characters: Princess Leia Organa

“Someone has to save our skins!”

The Signs and Their Favorite People
  • Aries: People who they know they can mess around with and be themselves around.
  • Cancer: People who they know will love them back and give them the attention they give others.
  • Taurus: Anyone in general. They are not picky and will like just about anybody that doesn't get in their way.
  • Gemini: People who are kind hearted and funny. They don't care where you come from or what your story is, they will accept you.
  • Leo: People who will get them places. They want to rise as fast and efficiently as possible and take no shit.
  • Virgo: Calm intellects. They have a very small group they let into their inner circle and rarely seek out others.
  • Libra: More of the shy ones. They want to be the leader of the crowd so they seek out the ones to control easier.
  • Scorpio: Anyone loud. They love to be in a rowdy group so scorpios tend to gravitate towards those kinds of people.
  • Sagittarius: People who are creative and speak their minds. They're really into the sappy stuff even though they may not show it.
  • Capricorn: People who are interested in arts. They themselves are highly creative and functioning.
  • Aquarius: The smartest of the smart. They thrive off of people who they can bounce ideas off of and usually stick around for success.
  • Pisces: People who give them the utmost kindness and respect. Honestly, they take no shit. No harassment nothing. If they feel threatened, then good luck.