doesn't take shit from no one


“You steal babies. Steal them from their mothers’ arms. So, why, of all the babies, in all of the realms, why did you abandon the one child who was actually yours?”

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SANCTUARIO.  he isn’t immune to cupid’s curse. loves to say that he is and hell, you take the bait and eat that shit off your plate, seeing how emotionally detached he is but seriously? he falls in love and just as hard as anyone, it’s rare as fuck but when he does, you best still expect the same asshole cause he ain’t gonna change for shit; this ain’t one of those mushy disney princess flicks where he goes from the guy who isn’t right to cuddle monster 2.0. how to tell if he’s in love with you, though? here’s a first. feel that chill running down your spine as you’re out with your pals? feels like someone’s out, watchin’ ya right? baggin’ a thousand with that one cause chances are if this guy’s got a thing for you, lass? he’s gonna be watchin like a hawk. you’ll cloud his mind a lot and he fucking hates that cause it makes it hard to concentrate on what in his opinion is, important stuff. 

in short, when he’s in love, he’ll usually want to shove the notion to the side. being the type of guy who’s got a pretty descent leash in reigning the outlook of his emotions, the love that burns for you will never show. you will notice subtle, little hints though. he adores intellectual conversations. he’s confrontational and extremely competitive in nature, so, he’ll want to pique your anger by getting playful. picking fights or bring up debate topics of interest he knows are prone to get you heated in a whim and despite liking to pick fights with people on the side an awful ton, something about this one in particular bags ya the faintest working of a smile. something we all know he’s dead-fucking set against doing, lol. and he’ll actually look forward to spend time with you and this is huge due to him being so picky as to whom he gives his time to if he even bothers to. 

please remember his first and foremost priority is work. aside from being emotionally disconnected, his mind’s going around 86557999 miles an hour. he let’s that call the shots and not the heart, meaning he can get bored with events, places, tasks and people pretty fast to which i add that the probability is vast for him to loose interest in someone just like that. may be head over heels about you one day, you bore him to tears the next. the strong and silent type that unintentionally tries to verbalize his feelings in his mind, striving to find logic in them, only to find himself often questioning whether it was something he should waste time in being devoted to or not. kinda tough to reel him in and keep him there not even gonna fucking lie but when there’s a will, there is most certainly a way.

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AU: After the brutal murder of her parents, the Evil Queen takes Princess Emma under her wings. Despite being told not to, she practices magic whenever she can. Aside from some minor incidents, such as accidentally disrobing the Evil Queen during one of her Council meetings, she does pretty well. That is until she comes across a spell book, when she casts one of the spells, Emma Swan appears before her, ripped from another timeline. While the Evil Queen quite enjoys this new addition to their relationship, there is one small, deadly detail none of them were prepared for.


Sam stands by his decision to not have his memories wiped and he’ll defend it to the death, but in retrospect, not getting plastic surgery was actually fairly stupid. The courser hunting him probably agrees. 

He sneaks a peek out from behind his shelter and – yes, they’ve definitely seen him. He yanks himself back behind the rubble as one of the Gen 2 synths opens fire. 

“Well… shit,” he mutters, taking a look at his half-empty pistol – he sees the shimmer in the air just in time. The courser comes at him from the side; if he’d attacked head-on, Sam probably would have dismissed the shimmer as heat waves from the energy weapon discharge. As it is, he’s dodging before his conscious mind has a chance to catch up. There’s a crunching noise and the rubble cracks just about where his head used to be, and then he grabs onto the shimmer by the arm and the face as it grabs him back.

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