doesn't take much to make my morning!


Rhys is the owner and he’s pretty much the best boss anyone could ever have. Quality pay.  Good manners. Everything runs smoothly under him. 

Amren is the manager under him, but no one ever sees her do anything. She shows up to events and probably orders linen or something and she always has an opaque starbucks cup in hand that never has coffee in it. No one’s sure what she drinks but they just know that you don’t mess with Amren’s stuff. Always well dressed, usually black slacks and a pristine, pressed shirt with a statement necklace every time.  Never eats any of the food despite being around it 24/7.

Mor manages the staff and is ON HER GAME. She sends out a prompt, color coordinated schedule every week and everyone’s times are always perfect. She knows what she’s about. She’s pretty hands on with running everything, and always makes an effort to check in on every event and help run them. She’s also the only one to show up at a 6 am shift on a saturday morning still in her club dress from the night before with heels in hand (she always keeps a change of clothes in her office for nights like those). Always keeps things fun, especially on long days and always brings in snacks for everyone in the mornings and organizes a work party for every excuse she can. (They definitely have monthly parties to celebrate everyone’s birthday in that month)

Cassian, oh Cassian… is the chef. The kitchen is loud and he’s usually laughing and he always, always keeps his hair in a bun and fills out his jacket very nicely (Nesta approves). His food is to die for and he’s always throwing in a few extra things he whips up for the staff. He comes with them to events to help plate food and will check up on the crowd to make sure they like everything. Could probably take a rack out of an oven and not feel a thing. Fingertips are probably burned off at this point, it’s a running joke that if anything is too hot to carry, Cass can just handle it for you. (he always jokes that he can carry all the burning hot things because he’s equally as hot and Nesta is just -_- even though she’s basically in agreement)  

Azriel is the baker, and he makes all the breads and desserts they serve. He and Cass work hand in hand a lot to get everything done and they’re always asking each other to try their thing to make sure it tastes good. Az prefers being in the back of house because he doesn’t particularly enjoy the interacting part of the job and it’s usually chaotic in front of everyone. And every once in a while, when Mor is having a bad day, he makes sure there are “extra” slices of her favorite triple chocolate cake on her desk that he definitely didn’t make just for her, not at all. 

Nesta is a server who’s relatively new, but still gets it done. She sets tables like a beast and everything she does is precise, clean, and even if she’s just pushed that one disturbingly massive hotbox half a mile to a venue, she’s never sweaty or has a hair out of place, it’s truly astonishing. She also definitely doesn’t have a thing for the chef. Not at all. It’s not like she stares at his forearms when he rolls up the sleeves of his white uniform or always casually suggests that she can be the one to go pick up the food from the kitchen. 

Elain is another server who pretty much always ends up working the bars. She can be a little slow setting things up sometimes, but she’s still a hard worker and everyone loves her enough that she could take fifty years to set a beverage station and everyone would still smile at her. She enjoys the jobs that involve interacting with people and can somehow magically pour red wine over a white tablecloth and keep them absolutely pristine.

Feyre is a server too, so she does everything, but they usually leave the design elements up to her. She’ll help Cass plate the food sometimes, or arrange a board of fruit into cool shapes.  She and Rhys are shamelessly dating even though everyone is ??? “wait ur dating ur boss?” No one cares though, and its usually never a problem except that one time Mor walked into Rhys’s office without knocking and found them making out with her sitting in his lap. 

Lucien (you can thank @highfaelucien​ for this idea) runs the flower shop that supplies centerpieces/decorations, and he always hangs around after a delivery to talk with everyone… aka flirt with the pretty server who blushes when he hands her a flower. He has his usual beautifully long hair and will mostly keep it up for work so it doesn’t get in the way. He’s always casually, immaculately dressed and smells ridiculously good (not that Elain has noticed). He has his cartilage pierced too, and Elain definitely doesn’t drool over his earrings when he has his hair pulled back out of the way. Their interactions are mainly Lucien being >:) and ;) while Elain blushes beet red.

Other assorted pieces:  

Sometimes when they’re just finishing cleaning up, Mor and Cass will have a drink after (no one knows how they aren’t tired). Mor supplies the alcohol. Cassian supplies the dessert. They’ll sit in the empty kitchen and share a slice of cake and trade stories about all the weird stuff that happened that day. 

Nesta and Mor definitely make out at the Christmas party one year. Mor is in this little red dress with black tights and heels and they end up with red lipstick smeared all over their faces, stumbling out of the linen closet.

Cass tries to woo Nesta with food and it works better than he thought it might. At first he thinks he’ll make some big, fancy dessert, but then he’s like… nah STEAK.  Az walks by Cassian’s station and is confused at first because there’s nothing they need that for that night? But he turns it over in the pan and casually says that Nesta is hungry…. “You’re trying to romance her…. with meat???” “Steaks are sexy Azriel.” Luckily though, Cass is very :))) when he brings Nesta’s plate to her and her eyes go a little wide because he really didn’t have to do that, really he didn’t. But since its there…. She digs into it and probably lets out this moan that has Cass grinning wider and he goes down to brag to Az about her liking it. 

Az feeds the cats behind the building every night and Mor thinks its adorable. One is looking particularly worse for wear, though, and he ends up taking it home and basically adopting it. Mor proudly calls herself the kitty’s “co parent” and goes around bragging about their child to everyone while Az blushes in the background.

Nesta has been forever banned from driving the truck because her road rage + a giant truck is really not a good idea. She’s thiiiiis close to being banned from the truck whenever Cassian is in it too because they inevitably end up fucking in the back of it while he lifts her onto a cart. 

Smut bonus: 

when Nessian are finally together, he brings back homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce for them to use ~that night~ but it just devolves into Nesta laughing so hard she’s crying because she can’t take Cassian seriously when he’s spraying whipped cream onto her boobs. 

1iwoo-archive  asked:

you probably don't take requests because you're too good to take requests (no offense i love all the artists who take requests) but if you do, maybe draw calypso? with a starbucks drink maybe? :) its okay if you dont like her dont wanna draw her, you know the most part of the fandom doesn't like her so im used to it :/

This message is really sweet, thank you! ^^ Calypso is actually one of my favorite characters! I love her so much. Here she is about to make some morning runs for that flower shop she and Leo joked about building haha Hope you like it! 

I think she would like the very berry refresher from starbucks, at least that’s my fav lol but they would probably spell her name wrong on the cup 

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hi, i've had symptoms of adhd since i was a kid and continue to see them as a teenager but i'm from an asian family so my parents just tell me i'm not trying hard enough and won't let me get tested for it. i'm smart so when i was younger even if i didn't pay attention in class or do my work i could still get good grades by just winging it on tests, but now that i'm in high school it doesn't work anymore and my grades dropped a lot. i really don't know what to do now

I’m sorry for taking so long for the response! I wanted to make sure I had as many coping mechanisms as I could find. 

First of all I would talk to your school counselor, especially if you’re in an American school. If you tell a school counselor that you think you have ADHD but your parents are pretty much denying you testing they can do something about it.

Now here’s the coping mechanisms!

  • Make the morning routine easier - find one specific place to keep your keys, phone, wallet, etc and you won’t have to worry about looking for them in the morning, it’s a good idea to get a bright phone case, key chain or wallet.
  • Do your homework as soon as possible - if you say, have math before a free period, do your math homework during the free period. You’ve got it done when you’re not completely out of it
  • Make sure you have a snack before you do homework after school
  • Caffeine - i would limit the intake, but for a lot of people with ADHD self-medicate with and caffeine helps a lot (it’s honestly how I made it through high school)
  • Notes - Some people find it’s easier to pay attention when you take notes, it forces you to pay attention and it gives something your hands too do
  • Study breaks - When doing homework or studying work on stuff for no more than 20 minutes at a time and take a five minute break between each thing
  • Exercise - if you’re able to, working out can burn all of your physical energy and make it easier to focus in class (the other thing that got me through high school)
  • Excessive reward (as needed) - if you know you’re having a really bad day and are seriously struggling to get things done, give yourself a reward that would usually be too much for what you just did. 
    For example, If I do questions two and three for my french homework I can watch an episode of the anime I just started.
  • Find the best place to do your homework - I usually avoid doing certain kinds of work in certain places, if i’m studying for a test I stay out of my room. If i’m writing an essay i’m sitting in bed.
  • Fun ways to get started - If you’re struggling to get started find something that’s kind of fun that’s related to what you need to do. I’ll do duo lingo before i do my french homework or I’ll watch crash course history before i do history stuff. 

And remember! You can still do well with ADHD. I know two college professors with severe ADHD. I believe in you!