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Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Lance while in the middle of battle:</b> All I wanna do is *shoots gun 4 times* and a *reloads* and take your money.<p/></p><p/><b>Bonus:</b> <p/><b></b> Keith knows the entire song by heart and joins in, belting out the rest and not noticing that the rest of the team has fallen silent. Lance has never been more in love.<p/></p>

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douchebag lmao didnt realise u were such a devils advocate. did no one pay attention to u as a child or smth so ur tryna get it online instead? ur use of the word "homophobic" is excessive and doesnt match the definition of ur followers. theres no point in arguing ur bs when no one understands ur "logic" when ur not even on the same page as anyone. bye.

Imagine homra being very confused because after they make up yata still calls fushimi every name in the book but one time one of the lower ranked guys referred to fushimi as “the traitor” and yata destroyed like half the bar trying to get this guy and was like “WHAT DID YOU SAY COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?” and kamamoto had to be the one to go “you yata-san. he heard it from you. every day for the past four years.”

HFS, Part 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed watching something as much as I’m enjoying this show. 

Just. Everything. Salim and the Jinn. Fucking Mad Sweeney, I love that fucker so much. So much. I’m going to cry in a few weeks, I already know it.

A fucking old, old ass woman getting hit on, getting seduced, getting kissed. Cloris Leachman is one of the best goddamn things in this.

And goddamn it Odin, wtf. I hope the payoff is at least equal to the energy you’ve expended. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as we are.

I’m just saying -

Theoretically, since there seems to be no life form on Mars right now, and we have sent robots to transmit information to us, that implies that 100% of Mars’ current population consists out of robots.

We have a planet in our universe that’s solely inhabited by robots. Mars is a robot planet.

absolutely unnecessary headcanon : jason has such a smoker’s cough like if you hear him cough (especially when he’s out of breath) ur gonna think he’s abt die again


Are you okay, Cabbage Patch?

*remembers all the jumping and fighting she’s done*

Is this why Aladdin is more fixated with boobs. Because he’s always getting a good shot up Morgiana’s skirt so he gets a fix of that and attaches himself to boobs because that’s the one thing Morgiana doesn’t provide.

Also, doesn’t this mean that Hakuryuu has also had a nice view of Morgiana. He can’t stand looking at her face without getting flustered but anything underneath and he’s unfazed

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Travis probably waters the only fake plant Katie owns everyday and Conner knows he does it but doesn't bother telling him and then one day Katie catches him and doesn't stop laughing for 15 minutes

lmao that’s so cute. He’s like “but I was so proud of how good I was taking care of it…” and Katie just hugs him all sympathetic and kisses his cheek “you did great babe it looks happy” (he keeps watering it) 

[Read from left to right]

THIS IS SUPER OLD OMG. Back in 2014 with his initial design and before I started digital art–

The video game he plays a lot is called “Laime” it’s supposed to be pronounced as lie-may, but those who don’t play the game calls it “lame” LMAO

Jared and Jensen's 12 inches shaft - transcript of HousCon 2016
  • Fan: Jensen, can you lift your shirt up a little bit?
  • (Audience cheers and band plays strip club music)
  • (Jensen stands up, lifts his shirt a tiny bit and sits back down)
  • Jared: (turns to fan) You didn't specify.
  • Jensen: Yes, she did. She said "a little bit".
  • Jared: No, but I mean, if you had said 12 inches, you would've seen everything!
  • (Drum highlight by the band, and everyone laughs)
  • Jared: Oh come on!
  • Jensen: Jared...
  • (More laughing)
  • Jared: She said "shirt"!
  • Jensen: Right now...
  • (Audience doesn't stop laughing)
  • Jared: (to the fans) GET A GRIP!!!
  • (Eruption of laughter from everyone and Jared realizes his mistake)
  • Jensen: (mumbles)
  • Jared: Shut your mouth! I'm just talking about "shaft"!
  • (Audience goes crazy)
  • Jared: (pulling on his shirt collar) Did someone just turn the heater on?
  • Jensen: So... So many comments...
  • Jared: I'm so sorry.
  • Jensen: Right now, Speight is back stage, having a seizure, because he can't come out here and say everything that's running through his head.
  • (Audience laughs)
  • Jared: (clears his throat) Euhmm... Next question please?