doesn't somebody want to be wanted like me

I got tagged by @koch43 and @axylh, so let’s do this real quick!

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Relationship status: My heart is full of love and I’m very happy UwU

Favourite Colours: orange, light grey, green, purple, cardinal red

Pets: My Norwegian Forest Cat, Padisha!

Wake Up Time: irregular, currently often around 11 AM because my schedule is messed up

Cats or Dogs: I adore both equally 

Coke or Pepsi: Coke, definitely!

Text or Call: Generally, I prefer texting, mostly because calling people makes me stumble over my words if I don’t know them very well. However, once I’ve befriended someone, I like being on calls with them! 

Last Song I Listened to: Uff good question, probably Wiener Blut by Falco because that song is ridiculously catchy and ridiculously ridiculous. 

I don’t know who to tag, most people I know have been tagged already, so just consider yourself tagged by me if you read this and feel like doing this!

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“Sorry, um, you might have already noticed this, or had somebody point it out or something, but there’s actually, um, there’s something on your back. If you wanted to try and get it.”

Dis be a PSA

To my author friends. You do not need to be able to draw. You do not. NOT have to draw. Not to be important to that one asinine anon, not to that one opinionated jerk in your life. If you want to draw, go for it, if you want to get better at drawing for you, do it! But do not draw because somebody tells you to draw.

To authors like me. Be friends with artists. Be friends with people who inspire you, who want to be friends with you too. Don’t listen to people who are jealous because you’re a friend with some big popular artist on some site. 

If you get art because of your friends who adore you? A+! If you don’t? A+

Friends can draw for whoever they want to. They can draw you, they can draw your muse, they can draw your pets, they can draw whatever the hell they want. Thankful is an awesome key for whatever they decide to make for you, and its another thing to love and respect all pieces of work they make.

But don’t you dare listen to people thinking you should draw your own stuff just because you get art from a friend. Don’t dare listen to somebody who thinks artists should be friends with just artists, authors should just be friends with authors. No, befriend a friend, combine creativity, revel in the inspiration both give you.

And stop disregarding the art of words. Canon’s, oc’s, you all are astounding, and give the world of stories life. You give fellow aspiring writers life when communities and individuals tell many that the only worthwhile art is visual art, painting, graphic. Stop undermining us. My friends make art with text, with color, with code, with voice, and more, and I love them all and want them all to go for what they want to do.

Be what you want to be. This is my silly little PSA.


Emma’s selfless act of love; her sacrifice for Regina’s happiness.
Song: Wicked Game – Gemma Hayes version. Lyrics below.

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