doesn't she realize she is so loved


Steven, you don’t have to say anything. I understand you.

title: baby it’s you
rating: T
pairings: sasusaku
summary: thirty kisses challenge
author’s note: so i saw this thirty kisses challenge thing, so i’d thought i’d try it out for sasusaku. i’m gonna try to post five at a time and we’ll see where these go

i. kiss on the hand: hold your partner’s hand with yours and kiss the back of their palm. this is a chivalrous kind of kiss that depicts your likeness and trust for someone.

Sasuke never had a place he could call home.

No matter how hard Naruto tried, Konoha never truly felt like home—it held too many dark memories, too many secrets, too many fears. He’d grown to find comfort in the people rather than the city; he’d learned to accept the title of brother from his blonde haired best friend, he’d agreed to be equals with Kakashi, he’d agreed to be friendly with those who gave him the chance. He felt comfortable, and it was nice, better than he’d ever thought it could be, but it wasn’t home.

But here, with Sakura in his arms, her rose hair in a small ponytail and her green eyes fluttering shut, he begins to feel differently. Here with her back in his chest, small, calm breaths reminding him of that she was here and alive—that he was here and alive—Sasuke thinks, maybe this is what a home is.

Maybe home is splays of pink hair on white sheets in the morning and a smile to rival the sun. Maybe home is small medical scrolls scattered in the living room after a long day’s work. Maybe home is his favorite bento box waiting for him when he wakes up at noon, despite her being a mediocre chef at best. Maybe home is her temper, unmatched by the most vengeful of gods and the most wicked of storms, that somehow, brings him the strangest sense of peace. Maybe home is little kisses on his jaw at four in the morning.

He looks down at his wife, her small frame beginning to curl into his, as if she was meant to fit there. Sasuke takes her limp hand in his own, gently curling his calloused fingers through hers and raising their hands. He brings the back of hers to his lips and let them linger as he reaffirms his conclusion.

Sakura stirs a bit and he swears she smiles (—and he does too).

Yes, Sasuke decides, Sakura is where home is.

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What if tony is the villains favorite but he's also Death's favorite? He was called the merchant of death.. maybe he doesn't even know. Like he regularly gets coffee with Cindy the consulting accountant that comes in and works at Stark Industries sometimes and he knows there's something a bit off about her but she was able to get all his employees bonuses last year so he doesn't care. One time a villain sees them, realizes tony f-ing stark is having coffee with Death, and has to take a moment.

Oh my freaking god. Cindy The Consulting Accountant as Death. This is BRILLIANT!!!

Maybe Cindy is a little pale. And maybe she sometimes has an odd idea of what small talk really means. (Why would he have visited any funerals recently? And no, Cindy, asking about my parents’ grave stones is not an appropriate question ever.) And she has these freakishly long, thin fingers and a love for brightly coloured nail polish. Pink, orange, turquoise, on one memorable occasion all of the above.

But she’s intelligent and knows what she’s doing as an accountant, and Tony respects that. She also doesn’t mind his flirting but never flirts back, which is surprisingly nice.

They meet up for coffee every other week, always at a different place because Tony likes trying new things and Cindy doesn’t care either way. That’s perhaps why it takes so long before, eventually, Loki accidentally stumbles across them. As much as you can accidentally stumble across someone you’ve been tracking for the past hour and a half at least.

Of course Loki recognises Mistress Death. And of course he doesn’t panic. Well, a little perhaps. Little enough that he suffers a slip of tongue, and in a short time, every villain on the planet seems to be aware of whom exactly Tony has been meeting up with.

An emergency meeting is unavoidable. Everyone–safe for Loki, as per his insistence–is panicking. Some at the prospect of Death being here, on Earth, personally. Some (more sexist ones) at learning that Death is a woman. Some at the thought of Tony Stark being in the near vicinity of Death. Some at the thought that Tony Stark might be dating Death.

Yeah. Calm and collected isn’t exactly how one would describe the people in attendance of this particular session.

Eventually, after hours of shouting and yelling and crying in corners, it is decided that Tony Stark has to be informed. For various reasons. On of which may or may not be the hopes of breaking up the non-existent relationship between Stark and Death.

So a replaceable minion is sent to take care of this unfortunate task. The resulting conversation contains a lot of quivering on sides of the minion, a lot of impatience on Stark’s side, a couple of psychological break downs also on the side of the minion, and eventually a shrug and a thoughtful hum from Stark.

I see? That’s all he said?!”

“He also mentioned that he’s late for their coffee date.”

*somewhere in the background an infatuated villain breaks down crying*

Meanwhile Tony and Cindy are casually sipping coffee in a tiny shop tucked away from the busy street and popular villain targets.

“So, is this like your day job?” Tony asks curiously because he’s incapable of not asking.

Cindy tilts her head and peels at her–yellow, bright green, glittering–nail polish. “It’s more of a hobby really. Collecting souls gets boring after a while. They’re always so whiny. It’s depressing.”

Tony decides that makes perfect sense.

And really, if you’d ask Tony, the weirdest part about Cindy is that she drinks her coffee with milk and four spoons of sugar. 

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Do you think Tay is purposely making holes in the Toe timeline? If we take everything she says as gospel and from a Toe PoV it doesn't make any sense. She's saying that the album follows the timeline of her life & how she wrote the songs. But if that's true then in KOMH she says that she met her king "a few weeks ago". But she also said in ss that all the love songs were about Joe, so how can Delicate & SIG can be about him/their loving rs if she hadn't met him yet? How do Toes make sense of it

The answer? It doesn’t. Secret Sessioners are realizing now that she’s been telling different stories, left them confused and us laughing. This album is too emotional and well crafted to be about that stunt - or someone supposedly she started dating after she came back into the studio. Like…what? There’s the bullshit narrative, and the one she’s telling us through videos and through reputation (which is the legit one)

  • someone: what are you thinking about
  • me: the power rangers, this group of 5 teenagers who just ran into each other and are making the best out a wild situation would die for each other. 1 minute into detention Billy is getting picked on and Jason full on slaps the bully, and becomes his official #1 fan and Billy immediately decides he wants to do things with Jason. Billy was scared at first that being with Jason and the others would diminish his memory and love for his father but he realized that it's okay- that he can love his friends, even if it means he doesn't think about his dad as much anymore. Zack loves his mother so much that my heart aches for him. He just wants her to be healthy and alright. Trini thought she would never fit in, and that she'd never have friends and now she's here with these four people and she fits in. Kim betrayed her best friend, and in an avoidant move placed the blame on other people and now she's owning what she did, and Jason helps her to understand that she's not just the one action. Power Rangers single handedly saved my entire life and I would die for any of them.

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Headcanon the reason Piper doesn't dress more feminine is because Louis used to tease her (in a stupid boy not realizing how much his words affected his bestie way) so she quit dressing up. After some time apart she slowly starts dressing more girly.

…..oh man i love this so much holy shit

becuase like… she wore alot more pink/”girly” things when she was a kid (aka before she started to see Louis in a romantic way) and her shift to a more androgynous style happened around the age of puberty. Lots of girls (myself included) tend to go through a “reject femininity to prove youre not like a typical girl” phase, and that shit is hella toxic yo. I’m 100% on board for Piper casting away all that negativity and re-embracing her inner femme <3 

Miraculous Ladybug Ships?

Okay, so I really love this show! It’s so cute! I really hope that Marinette and Adrien will end up together, but the only way that I can see this working out is if it’s Marichat.

Marinette is obviously in love with Adrien, but only the side of him that his father allows him to present. She’s only in love with half of him. Chat is the side of Adrien that he isn’t allowed to let out with his father watching. He really does love making puns and goofing around a bit. The good thing is that Marinette still likes Chat, the only thing in between them is Adrien.

Adrien is completely devoted to Ladybug. He’s so wrapped up in her though, that he doesn't realize that she has another side to her too. Marinette is shy, clumsy, kind, and creative. She’s not just the confident superhero that fights evil with a determined look on her face. Adrien doesn’t notice Mari because the only person he can imagine himself with is Ladybug.

Both of them have two sides to themselves. Marinette is still determined and Confident when it matters most, but she does get anxious sometimes. She loves to design things and help out in her parent’s bakery. She’s more than her Ladybug persona. Chat, while still kind like Adrien, love to make puns/jokes. He enjoys running about the city and feeling free. He isn’t just the studious model that his father has forced him to be. (And someone need to give him some more food. Seriously.)

Marinette and Adrien both want someone to fall in love with the sides of themselves that they feel are most important. For Marinette, it’s her civilian self. For Adrien, it’s Chat. The only way that their relationship will work out completely is if they open their eyes and see what the other person is truly like.

Thank you for reading! If anyone wants to discuss opinions with me I’d love it! :)

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I love Mor but why is she very territorial to Cas in the book? she already said that she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him right? why does she need to be in the middle of Nessian? what will this contribute her?

As soon as she realized that Nesta was opening herself up to Cassian, she felt threatened. And I can 100% get behind that. Because it was realistic. Mor had a LOT at stake in this book and she needs both Az and Cassian to participate in the not-a-love-triangle-love-triangle. So we see Mor go from nice to Nesta, to “shouldn’t you be filling that water bucket?” Like Nesta is so beneath her. And it’s because she can’t let Cassian go. No one likes change. And Mor at that point in the story was realizing that Nesta and Cassian are likely mates and that’s a threat to how she’s kept herself hidden/safe. And Cassian is one of her best friends. We all have moments where we have friends who start dating/seeing someone and we get territorial because we don’t want the dynamic to change. And I think to some degree Mor wanted to protect Cassian from getting his feelings hurt, but she didn’t act that way when Nesta was mean. So to me that change in her behavior was in response to Nesta as a threat to her and Cassian and AZ’s dynamic. And they’re also in a war, and Mor found out Eris was working with Rhys behind her back, and having the make a deal with her father—all that only made her more angry. And then at the war camp it was pretty clear to me that Mor was courting Vivianne’s sister. And that became one more thing to hide.

And I think we can also argue that Mor was to some degree jealous of nessian’s likely mating bond. The war brought up old feelings about the lover she lost. And the descendent she saw who ended up dead. I can tell you RIGHT. NOW. I would have a VERY HARD TIME not being jealous and feeling like my family/support system we’re leaving me. Mor puts on a good “tough girl/I don’t give a damn about my reputation” act. But after this book, it’s very clear that that’s a front to mask what she’s hiding and her insecurities. It was obvious that her “chipper” attitude in ACOMAF was a show, we just weren’t sure to what extent it was a show until this book.

So yeah. I hope that answered your question!!

After defeating Zeref:
  • Lucy: So now that this mess is finally over, are you going to tell Erza that you love her?
  • Jellal: I can't. No matter how much good I've done, it will never make up for the crimes I've committed. I just don't deserve her.
  • Natsu: Of course you don't deserve her.
  • Lucy: Natsu-!
  • Natsu: She's Erza Scarlet. NO ONE deserves her. Now cut the masochistic bullshit, man up, and tell her how you feel, so she doesn't waste her life waiting for you to realize that your angst isn't as important as her happiness. *grabs Lucy and marches off*
  • Jellal: *stunned silence*
  • Lucy: *smiling and staring at Natsu*
  • Natsu: What? Did I say something wrong?
  • Lucy: No. I'm just really proud of you.
  • Natsu: Yeah?
  • Lucy: Yeah. *kisses him on the cheek*
  • Natsu: *blushes and stares as she keeps walking*
  • Happy: You ~liiiiiiiiike~ her!
  • Natsu: *blushes harder* Sh-shut up!
  • Happy: *giggles*

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Headcannons about Diana falling in love? The way she feels when her s/o kisses her, how she looks at her s/o, and how she quickly realizes that she doesn't ever want to know a world without her s/o, etc. (♥️♥️ love your writing)

I’m all in for the Diana Requests. So thank you for requesting and reading my work. <3 <3 

  • She can’t help but smile into every single kiss you share, because the way your lips feels against her makes her heart warm, her body numb, and her mouth spark.
  • Your simple touch soothes her, the sound of your voice leading her to calmness,
  • She finds herself obsessed with you smile,
  • Listening to every single word that comes from your lips, and falling into trance because of it,
  • The amount of times you’ve caught her staring is beyond counting, honestly,
  • And she just gives you the cutest gleam, and kisses your cheek,
  • She would always almost say those three words, those words she wasn’t quite sure of yet,
  • But when she looks at you, all she sees is pure beauty, a wonderful human being that in her eyes, is the epitimy of perfection.,
  • And all she wants is for you to be with her forever, wanting you to be by her side always,
  • Because you filled her with happiness in a simple glance, and made her weak at the knees when you said her name.
  • Looking at you, her eyes full of magic, she finally plucked the courage to say it, finally ready to let those words into the cold air,
  • “I love you,”

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1/2 Vasquez hc: she's been happily partnered this whole time and when Alex starts at the DEO she goes home and is like, 'good news there's another lesbian at work.' then she tries talking to Alex about gay stuff and realizes HOLY SHIT she's so un-self aware that she doesn't know she's gay. when Kara shows up she's like, 'don't know if this one's gay or not gonna find out' and as time goes on she watches Maggie change Alex's life and then Kara's like 'I looked in Lena' eyes she's innocent' and

2/2 Vasquez is in the background texting her partner like ‘good news Little Danvers is bi you called it babe’             

I am totally here for Vasquez back story!! especially happily in love Vasquez!! can you imagine all of the crazy stories she came home with in season 1? all of the times Alex was just so GAY and didn’t even realize! you know when she got back from all of those shit dates with Maxwell Lord she went and bitched to Vasquez and Vasquez was just like “Oh my god how does she still not realize?!” and when Alex finally DOES realize she comes gushing to Vasquez and of course Susan is just “oh yeah, I knew. I’m glad you finally came to terms with it! Hey our softball league needs a new short stop - do you happen to play?”

And that’s the story of how Alex gets an instant gay support system in Vasquez and how she works on getting through the whole ‘Maggie doesn’t like me like that’.

And then of course she introduces Kara to her new friends and they all hit it off, but Kara has to leave for something and Mrs Vasquez is just like ‘she’s totally bi and doesn’t know it yet.’ And everyone else is kinda like maybe?? I dunno.

BUT then one day Lena is at said gathering of lesbians (for obvious reasons) and Kara shows up and everyone is like ‘ohhhh I totally see it, definitely bi!’ and they encourage Lena to go for it and that’s how little baby gay CEO gets the courage to go after everyone’s favorite bi superhero!

tl;dr - Vasquez and her partner have excellent gaydar and they are top notch matchmakers. also they play on a softball team because can you imagine Alex Danvers in a baseball hat and playing short stop while Maggie cheers her on from the bleachers? Because I can and it’s adorable!

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Could you do a scenario with zen where MC is very friendly but when ppl flirt with her she sort of, Like mc.exe stoped working (haha but srsly, she gets shy and sometimes act sort of... pushing the other person away) and zen gets all "?? Are you uncomfortable ? I can stop if you don't like me.... "Which ends up on mc confessing that she doesn't really believe someone could fall for her, ESPECIALLY someone like him? Thank you!

This is such a sweet request! Writing about Zen is always fun so I hope that you like it! :)

Zen never thought that he could fall so in love with a person before. After only eleven days of talking to you through a messenger app, Zen realized that he finally found his true love. You were so incredibly supportive of him when he hurt his leg and the entire Echo Girl mess that it would have surprised him if he didn’t fall in love with you.

The day of the party was one of the greatest days of Zen’s life. He finally got to meet you and as soon as he saw you, you took his breath away. You were absolutely perfect in Zen’s eyes and he vowed to protect and love you for as long as he lived.

There was only one thing about you that seemed off to Zen was how uneasy you could get around some people, usually people flirting with you. At the party, he noticed how outgoing you were to all of the guests but within a minute, you could become a stuttering mess.

Even when Zen confessed his love for you at the party, you became a blushing wreck and became very weary of him. Zen decided to let it go for now, not wanting to pester too much into your personal life. So when the party came and went, Zen wanted to spend more time with you.

You had agreed to watch him at one of his practices for an upcoming musical that he was staring in. You realized that you have listened to Jaehee sooner about watching Zen’s performances because he was simply incredible.

While of course Zen was flawless when performing, you couldn’t help but notice his co-star, a beautiful practically perfect women, who seemed to share a great chemistry with Zen. You had always been a little insecure about yourself, but meeting Zen changed the way you looked at yourself, or so you thought.

After the practice, you and Zen had decided to go to a cafe for some drinks. Of course when the two of you had got there, a couple of Zen’s fans noticed him and started talking to him, asking for his autograph and pictures.

You rolled your eyes as Zen sweet talked with them, being as narcissistic as ever. Zen had told you his order so you had decided to order for the both of you.

The barista worker was a young male and as you approached, he gave you a toothy grin asking “And what can I get for you lovely lady?”

You hesitated but told him yours and Zen’s order. Once he handed you the drinks, he winked saying “I added some extra sugar in yours because you’re just so sweet lovely lady.”

You laughed awkwardly, starting to feel uncomfortable but gave him a “Thank you.” But before you could leave, he grabbed your wrist saying “By the way, can I get your number lovely lady?”

Before you could say anything, you felt a pair of hands clamp on your shoulders. You looked back to see Zen, glaring at the young male and said “How about you leave my girlfriend alone or else I’ll knock those pretty little teeth out ‘lovely boy.’”

The worker backed away quickly and turned to help another customer. You breathed a sign of relief and gave Zen a quiet “Thanks” as he grabbed his drink and wrapped his arm protectively around your waist.

The two of you decided to take a walk in the park while you had your drinks. Zen held your hand the entire time, making sure no other person dared to mess with you.

You took a sip of your drink and Zen smiled at you giving you a kiss. He licked his lips saying “Babe you always taste so good!”

Zen stopped smiling when he noticed you visible shiver and look away from him, face flushing in the process. “Hey MC, are you okay? Did I say something to make you upset? Please let me know if I did.” Zen said worriedly.

You took a shaky breath before saying “It’s just that… I kind of get really shy when people flirt with me. I mean, I love meeting new people and talking and all that but I just get kind of… Awkward when people say those kinds of things to me.”

Zen felt relief flood through him, he genuinely believed that you didn’t like him anymore. He gave you a gentle smile saying “Thank you for telling me MC. If you want, I can definitely stop acting that way, although it may be kind of tough because I am so perfect.”

But all of his anxiety came rushing back when he saw you still biting your lip nervously. Zen hurriedly said “I mean unless you don’t like me anymore and want to stop going out…”

Your head shot up and you shook your head saying “N-no that’s not what I meant at all! I like you, no I love you Zen. It’s just that I always wonder why you love me back. When I was watching you practice today, your co-star seemed like she would be the perfect person for you, not some timid plain girl like me.”

Zen’s heart broke at your words. He held your hand tightly with one of his own hands and brushed your hair gently with his other saying “Babe, you’re absolutely perfect in my eyes. I love you because you’re such a kind and caring person, not to mention you’re super pretty, almost as attractive as me!”

You laughed at his narcissism and Zen smiled back and said “Please don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough MC, you’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I love you okay? Don’t ever forget that.”

“I love you too Zen. And you don’t have to stop flirting, it’s who you are and I don’t want you to change. I just need some time to get use to it is all.” You said happily to Zen.

Zen sighed dramatically saying “How did I ever end up finding the most perfect girlfriend ever? You don’t change either MC, I love you just the way you are. Now let’s go home and watch some of my performances on DVD!”

You and Zen ended up spending the night cuddling together, watching his performances, and going back and forth saying what you loved about each other. Needless to say, it ended up being the perfect night.

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Trimberly is on a date but Trini doesn't realize it's a date even though Kim's been trying to get on that since the mine

**So hopefully this is what you wanted. Enjoy.**

“So, you ready?” Kim asks as she lifts her training bag up onto her shoulder. Jason thought it would be funny to get matching black bags, but with their signature color as the highlights. The Trini, Zach, and Kimberly all thought it was a little over the top, but Billy love the idea. So now they all had one.

“Yeah. So Krispy Kreme?” Trini asked as she exited the ship. She always looked forward to Saturday morning with Kim after they finished training. They had been going out afterward for about 4 Saturdays.

The trip to the local hot spot was quick and had no issues along the way. They got their usual table against the wall. Trini sat down as Kim went and got their coffees and donuts. After quickly paying she returned with the goods.

“How was your week?” Trini asked as she took the lid off of the coffee so it could cool down.

“Not bad. And yours?”

“It could have been worse. My mom made me pee in a cup, again. I don’t even think she does anything with them. Just throws them away…” Trini stoped herself. The crowded donut shop probably wasn’t the place to talk about pee tests.

“Your mom sounds like a handful…” Kimberly took one more drink of coffee before looking Trini dead I the eye. “So I was thinking. Maybe after we finish here we could go see a movie or something. I like these dates but I’d like to spend a little more time with you…” She let the words die on her tongue to give Trini time to respond.

Trini’s face went through multiple emotions at once. Confusion to pleasure to concern to relief before finally returning to confusion. “Wait…. these have been dates?”

The pink ranger was left dumbfounded and speechless. “I mean I thought they were. Ever since the first one before everything got really crazy…” All of Kimberly’s worst nightmares were coming true. Admitting her feeling to someone she really liked to only be rejected. Check. Being humiliated in a public space. Check. Ruining the closest group of friends she’s ever had. Check.

“I never knew… I mean I had heard you were Bi but I didn’t know. And I didn’t want to assume anything. And I didn’t want to make it awkward for… our… jobs.” Trini sat up a little taller as she spoke.

“No no I get it. I’ll just be on my way then. And we don’t have to do this again or anything. And don’t worry about making us awkward. We’ll just pretend this never happened.” After quickly gathering her thing, Kimberly was out the door quicker than Trini could stop her.

Shooting up from her seat, Trini chased Kimberly down and grabbed her from behind. “Trini what are you-” Kim’s words were stopped by Trini’s lips. After a moment the two rangers separated. “Wait so you like me?..”

“Yes. And as for the movie, maybe we could head to the cliff top and make up all those dates I didn’t know about…” Trini stuck her hand out and Kimberly grabbed. Hand in hand, the girls made their way to the cliff top where they talk the whole night. Well, most of it anyway…

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Maggie tries her best to wait up when she knows Alex will be at work late. But sometimes the couch just calls to her and she falls asleep while texting Alex. So Alex kind of figures that this happens so she's super quiet when she comes home to make sure she doesn't disturb Maggie. In the mornings, Maggie doesn't remember Alex coming home, talking with her, or carrying her to bed because she was half asleep during it all :)

maggie is so small carrying that gal bridal style is like… easy peezy to alex. she does it for her own enjoyment once she realizes maggie never remembers getting into the bed because she’s gay and in love and likes to imagine marrying maggie, you know the kicks. but here’s the thing… maggie just always assumes alex leads her to the bed, like a drunk or something. after a few months of it happening maggie DOES remember one morning and she’s like “i had no idea you carried me bridal style at least twice a week into bed” and alex is so embarrassed and blushes so hard but maggie just says “i love it”

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R is secretly in love with kara but doesn't want to tell her bc kara said that she was sick of her friends always wanting more (james, winn, mon el). Kara is also secretly in love with the reader and she notices that R has been kind of distant. K confronts R and they realize that they have feelings for each other. "what I said doesn't apply to you, Y/N."

Originally posted by alexdanveers

“Kara, I’m not…I don’t want to ask too much of you, okay?  I know you’re so tired of this happening, but I have feelings for you.”

“So you push me away?” Kara frowns.

“You’ve told me over and over again how sick you are of your friends wanting more; Winn, James, Mon-El-”

“What I said doesn’t apply to you, Y/N!”


Kara pushes her way into your apartment and cups your face gently.  

“You’re different then all of them.  I thought you knew that.”

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imagine if they needed to a true love's kiss and clary tries to kiss jace to wake him up but it does not work. magnus looks at maia and says, "go for it, mango." maia doesn't get it because she thinks there is no way she can wake jace up again by a kiss. so she gives jace a true love's kiss and he wakes up. he realizes that maia has given him a tlk and he smiles and says, "i was hoping it'd be you."

THERE’S JUST SO MUCH GOING ON HERE ANON, MY HEART!!!!! go for it mango, oh my god magnus giving maia a nickname is truly what i need. maia thinking she’s not enough to wake jace up? JACE HOPING IT’D BE MAIA. DON’T. I’M.

Ok, but literally, please end my suffering 

Eleanor has her big realization that she loves Chidi, and then in the next scene when she comes to collect him, she’s so smiley and bouncy. And not at all in a faking it sort of way, girl looks genuinely thrilled. So she’s genuinely happy to learn that she has feelings for “Professor Stomach Ache” and it’s pure and it kills me

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I love Steven the Dragon, who collects mysteries. Seriously, is there anything more perfect?! Like, I have never even thought of that and it is brilliant, yes, love it as much as I love all of your other stories so far, so glad I found it :D Also the superhero stories- Madame Science is spectacular. Like, for one thing, her assumption that of course Scott will date her once she's no longer a villain! Nevermind the fact that he doesn't know it's her! Do you have any other stories with her?

Steven the Dragon is such a beautiful person! Poor Raoul doesn’t quite know what he’s getting into, playing cat and mouse with him!

As for Madame Science, she got quite the shock when she realized that just because she quit being a villain didn’t mean he’d go out with a lady who, for all intents and purposes, he’d never met before!

My next short story collection coming out is going to be Parent Points in March! After that, I can’t decide whether I’m going to do a witch story collection, or a superhero collection! Either way there will be more of Madame Science eventually :)

Steven the Dragon (X)

Madame Science (X)

Parent Points (X)