doesn't she realize she is so loved

why do so many people hate miranda lawson? is it because she’s beautiful? smart? capable? because she knows it and isn’t ashamed of it, all while thinking she didn’t really earn any of it? is it because she was loyal to cerberus and thought she was helping humanity until she realized she was wrong, at which point she immediately sided with shepard? is it because she’s an abuse survivor? is it because she doesn’t apologize for being a victim? is it because she loves her sister enough to save her from the same abuse despite the potential consequences? is it because she wears a tight jumpsuit? why do you really hate miranda lawson


 I love this scene so much. Especially the line of Clarke saying “what if it was too dangerous and I sent him in there anyway?” People think Clarke realized Bellamy was in fact not worth the risk in 3x02 but she was feeling this way so much sooner. They could have written L to say literally anything but instead they have her say “You care about him.” This was very deliberate. We know L had romantic feelings for Clarke by then, and this comment she’s curiosity. You could even call it jealousy. 

Look at the way Clarke responds. It takes her a moment to formulate the response. There’s nothing automatic about it, she’s gotta think first. She turns to face L when she says “I care about all of them” as if to say ‘see I’m looking you in the eye as I say this, it’s true, believe me’  

L does the same as she turns to face Clarke, looks her in the eye, and says matter of factly “Yet you worry about him more.” It’s not a question. It’s a flat out statement. 

And Clarke doesn’t deny it. She gets angered actually. She tries to cover it up by saying “We need him” but soon after her guilt becomes apparent. That if something happens to him, she’ll have no one to blame but herself for telling him he was worth the risk. And she’s flat out pissed. She sent Bellamy in there because if love was weakness then she couldn’t let herself feel it. Not again, not after hearing Finn’s last breath in her ear. She’s pissed because it was L’s “Love is Weakness” motto that encouraged a still grieving and heartbroken Clarke to suddenly change her mind and tell Bellamy to go. 

L tries telling her this is what it means to be a leader, “we must look into the eyes of out warriors and tell them go die for me” and Clarke responds with “if only it were that easy.” Because Bellamy’s not her warrior. He’s not her “knight”. That’s the last thing she wants him to be. 

He became much more then that. And that’s proven just 4 episodes later in the 3x02 scene where we see her beg for his life. He did what he was suppose to do right? He fought for her like a good warrior would, he tried to protect her and save her like a good knight would. But when it came down to it, she’d give herself up before feeling that kind of worry again. 

And suddenly the finale scene, Clarke’s face upon hearing “Start with Bellamy Blake” makes even more sense. All this time she tried so hard not to let herself be weak, she tried so hard to push down, and bury, and build a wall around these feelings so that she’d never have to worry or see something happen to him because of her. And now ALIE knows her #1 weakness is him and she doesn’t even have the words to express the fear we saw in her eyes.


”I don’t have time for your little crush on Carter”


She’s got feelings for you, Barry. 

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wow I love hearing my mother talking loudly to my aunt about me not caring about my looks and how I should because I’m a girl and also how she doesn’t like that I have muscle because it’s unattractive or whatever

thanks mom


Olake Appreciation Week: Day 4 - Fave quote that you relate with them (it can be from show, song or any other - free choice)

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“Does this mean we have to start fighting?”

This is one of my favorite film moments of all time. 

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle realize that the one person they’ve reached out to is actually their enemy. They don’t act out, they don’t immediately lose their feelings for each other- instead she cries and he pulls her closer. And they don’t want to fight each other.

It’s tragic and epic and so human