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I actually really like Cressida more than you could imagine. She's one of the starco children I can actually see being star and Marco's daughter, she's doesn't have to much star nor to much Marco... it's perfect!!! I also like how you gave her darker skin and Marco's eye shape. Usually people would make their starco child blonde with brown eyes or brown hair and blue eyes with lighter skin. Anyways Cressida's design is GOLD!!!

You really think so? Because I thought Cressie may look a bit too much like her Dad, but still, thanks!

Here’s a ramble on our thought process when we were making Cressida: we wanted to make her color palette slightly different from Star and Marco, since I just don’t want her to look like Star with Marco’s color palette and Star’s blue eyes. So, we made her skin a tone between Marco’s and Star’s! Also, her hair color is just a tad lighter than Marco’s, we made it so it’s clear that she got that trait from her Dad but not making the color the exact one. Here’s a quick color chart thingy:

Another thing is her eyes: one thing that I’ve always noticed that most Starco child OCs tend to look like their mom (maybe a bit too much, sorry to say) and I feel they don’t utilize Marco’s eye shape enough (I only saw it in @aweirdlatina​‘s Amanda and @turquoisegirl35​‘s Luna, which is depressing because I absolutely love Marco’s eye shape) so I gave Cressie that.  Her hair shape is a mix of Star’s bangs and Marco’s hair, and I gave her Star’s nose. Another chart thingy:

Also, her eye color is almost the same shade of Moon’s as well because I haven’t tortured River enough lol:

I’d say that Cressida is one of those ‘brown-haired blue-eyed’ Starco children, but I guess people really dig her design.

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At first I really liked your Ginny, she was different and fresh; but now everytime I see one of your drawning about her I always think that she looks a bit forced :( She is always so strong and sassy like she doesn't have any flaws at all and to me it doesn't seem very realistic. I know everyone has her/his own way of seeing a fictional character but I just don't like her as much as I liked her before. Sorry, I could've just unfollowed you but I wanted to read your answer about my impression.

Hahaha What is up with today, I really didn’t need this message :( but that’s fine.

I draw just random moments of their lives, something that happens in 2 minutes, not even that. I want them to be happy because I’m feeling happy when I draw them. That’s all. It’s not like I’m saying Ginny doesn’t have flaws just because I prefer to draw the best side of her after seeing so many hates against her character since the day I entered in this fandom.. i even wrote a huge text about her flaws but I guess you wouldn’t read now.

I don’t want her to look forced. Never. Well. I understand your opinion though. Sad to think I lost a follower for drawing a such fun character that relaxes me in a hard day. But thanks for sharing it.

Edit: This is the text that I wrote about Ginny.


There’s a lot of people in the manga I miss

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i watched sock opera the other day and got to the part where bill asks dipper what mabel's done for him lately. i never thought about it the first time but after rewatching the series im thinking bill has a point? dipper constantly makes sacrifices for mabel but she doesn't seem to sacrifice the same way for him. do you have any thoughts? is this even an accurate statement? ive been thinking about it a lot lately. i was thinking they might be setting mabel up to make a big sacrifice of her own

I’d actually written about this before but it’s on a different blog and a little bit out of date so I’m just going to make a new one.

First we need to look at Dipper’s sacrifices. The one thing he constantly gives up in the first season? Wendy. It’s in “The Inconveniencing” when he does the lamby lamb dance in order for Mabel not to be possessed anymore (that’s not exactly a sacrifice if you think about it), when he gives up Wendy for Mabel to have Waddles, when he goes trick or treating with Mabel in order to stop a monster—but that still didn’t end up that well for him because, as Mabel pointed out, he lied to her the entire evening.

So are these sacrifices? The show has made it pretty clear that Wendy is way too old for Dipper and he comes off more like a jerk. In fact, the relationship between Gideon and Mabel are reflected between Dipper and Wendy throughout the entire season. Gideon is nine, Mabel is twelve. Dipper is twelve, Wendy is fifteen. Three years between both of them. Neither one a healthy relationship with both the guys manipulating the girls.

Dipper releases a videogame character to beat the crap out of Robbie. This is not a morally sound decision, okay?

Mabel is the one character that shows how relationships in this show should work; she lets Mermando go, figures out that Gabe is cute, but not the right match for her, and releases Several Timez into the wild.

These aren’t sacrifices. This is one person in a relationship realizing that the other person isn’t as consenting and willing to step back. Something that Mabel has no problem with realizing yet Dipper can’t seem to figure out.

Wendy doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Dipper and he should have backed off. Fate told him to knock it off and he continued to use time travel to see if he could change the future. When he succeeds by using Mabel for his own ends—particularly to win a girl who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him—there are consequences that he has to fix.

They are not sacrifices if he made the mess. It’s called cleaning up after yourself.

One thing that is so, incredibly important in all this is Dipper meets younger Wendy during “Blendin’s Game”—after “Sock Opera” and “now he knows how she feels” about the whole relationship. Dipper has a moment of self awareness that he didn’t have before so the question is would he still agree with Bill after that?

The true nature of Gravity Falls is to figure out the mystery. Dipper never has to sacrifice anything in regards to that because Mabel is beside him the entire time. And the only time she isn’t is in “Sock Opera”.

With Mabel it’s different. She doesn’t put herself into the position when she needs to sacrifice something for her brother until “Sock Opera” where, surprise surprise, she is acting just like Dipper did the entire first season. The same exact way that Dipper acted towards Wendy is reflected in that one episode and Mabel blows up her hard work in order to defeat Bill and save the journal.

But all of her hard work was done to impress a boy even when she promised Dipper she would help him with the laptop.

Therefore, we can conclude that the only times Mabel and Dipper have to sacrifice something is when they turn their back on their twin in regards to the mystery surrounding Gravity Falls.

What is far more interesting is the way they save each other. Mabel often saves Dipper’s life (“The Hand that Rocks the Mabel” and “Gideon Rises”) and Dipper, in return, helps her out with emotional hurts (“Irrational Treasure” and “Land before Swine”). These two balance each other out so incredibly well that it’s almost unfair to keep score between them.

But, if you did, you’d find that it is mostly equal.

Will Mabel have to sacrifice something in the near future? I don’t know. I can’t see Mabel turning her back on Dipper again. Will Dipper have to sacrifice something? I think he is gradually learning and maturing with Mabel and that they both will make mistakes. But like Mabel, I don’t think there will be any need for a huge sacrifice on Dipper’s end either.

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The whole shooting thing is messed up. Why are people trying to excuse s.o., who shoot another person just to keep their own secret? Deliberately not using names. Look at it from this simple point. And Mary does love John, for sure, but pure love and possessive, dangerous love are a tad different. I do like Mary and do I adore Amanda for being absolutely amazing, but the moral of the story bugs me. Also, CAM is after Mycroft, then why her killing Sherlock doesn't turn him against Mary?

I admit that I myself find it a bit odd that there’s so much debate about Mary as a character despite the fact that she killed the hero of the entire show. I mean, I respect that there are people–many of them I’m good friends with!–who really, genuinely still like her, and I’m absolutely fascinated by this, because normally the person who puts the hero of a show in danger is automatically regarded as the villain, and it didn’t happen with Mary in a universal way.  

I think it’s because of the cue of the show itself telling us that we’re supposed to think that was all okay. It’s like the show is Sherlock Holmes, and we’re John Watson, and the show says to us, “It’s fine that she killed me, I’m not bothered by it,” then we are given the cue–represented by John Watson himself, our usual identifying character–that it’s all okay and that we should be forgiving Mary right along with John. So it becomes an interesting examination, to me, of the ways in which that cue worked for some people and didn’t work for others.

(To be honest, I’m not sure I’m entirely getting it right there? I’ve had people explain to me, in great detail, many times, why they still like Mary, and I just cannot wrap my mind around it. I’ve even tried writing from her POV to try to get myself some kind of sympathy for her, and got nowhere. I have some kind of mental block with her. But, anyway, I *think* I’m being fair when I say that the justifications for why the audience should still like Mary are aligned with the justifications for why John Watson should still like Mary.)

But I’m with you, that Mary alarms and frightens me and I do not trust her (and I certainly don’t trust her with *John,* and I can’t believe that Sherlock does, unless he’s just so love-addled when it comes to John that he’s just blindly determined to give John the happy ending he thinks John wants, at all costs).

I get mean below. If you like Mary, probably don’t read: 

I keep taking solace in the idea that, if it took thirty seconds of screen time for John to get over Mary killing Sherlock, it’ll hopefully take a roughly equivalent amount of time for him to get over Mary dying. Because I assume she has to die, and I don’t really want an entire season devoted to mourning a character I don’t actually care about. And then we can all say that it’s okay, John did all of his grieving off-screen, we just didn’t get to see it. 

(end of meanness)

I have no explanation for why Mycroft doesn’t seem upset about Mary killing Sherlock. I guess he is also part of the “Oh, well, all’s well that ends well and she really does love John” school of thought? Which seems unlike Mycroft, but I have no other explanation. 

Secret desire, though: I want Mary to have been working with Moriarty. I want getting close to John to have been her mission. (I’ll allow that she fell in love with John. She certainly is in *something* with John.) I want the Moriarty video at the end of HLV to be Mycroft kind of saying to Mary, “Oh, you thought you could work for the man who nearly destroyed my brother, and then kill my brother, and then get away with all of it? Hear John talking about that east wind coming? The east wind comes from me." 

"...Senpai. Maybe we should really just do it... 
Y'know, what I was saying a while back. 
You could marry me once we graduate high school, 
and the two of us could work at the tofu shop together. 
Doesn't that sound fun? H-How about it? Haha...ha..."


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Tahlia stumbled and rubbed her head, looking around at the familiar city street that she landed on. "I guess it doesn't work? That's weird?" She looked around and everything seemed normal. "I've got to go meet Chris for Lunch." she looked at her watch and started towards their usual meeting place.

As Tahlia began to walk down the street, things looked a bit off. Different names of buildings, things like that. Chris wasn’t even at the place they were supposed to be.

Why yes of course, mock the actress on how she feels about HER character just because it doesn't go along with your delusions. Continue to look like the nutbags everyone sees you as. Continue to make the actress you claim to be fans of feel as every bit as uncomfortable as can be. Continue to stay in this deluded world where it's ok to bully real life humans for having a different opinion to yours. Just continue to be a scumbag why don't you.

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In the clip where Maya gets upset and Riley says she's being like her Riley almost seems, crazy. The way she's acting, though I know she doesn't mean to, is incredibly mean to Maya. It's completely invalidating of any of Maya's feelings.

Well, Riley’s kind of under this bizarre impression that because Maya’s getting good grades and not getting detention (etc) that means she’s “turned into Riley.” Which is nuts, frankly. It kinda reminds me of GM Father at the dance when she says “Look, everyone’s copying us!” when they’re NOT. No one is even really paying any attention to Riley and Lucas (although everyone watches the rose bit 👀).

I think because Riley’s feelings are different (and haven’t torn her apart really at all by comparison), she simply doesn’t understand that the issue isn’t Maya growing as a person and wanting to do better, the issue is MAYA’S FEELINGS TEARING HER APART. But Riley’s never felt what Maya feels (not that she was aware of). She didn’t have the same experiences with Lucas that Maya did. She thinks Maya feels the same thing she does, so it probably doesn’t occur to her that what Maya feels for Lucas is affecting Maya differently than how Riley’s feelings affect Riley. It’s not that she’s meaning to invalidate how Maya feels, it’s just that she literally cannot conceive that what Maya feels is DIFFERENT, ya know? (Cue the square dance/other side theory…)

And to pull (slightly) back from the Lucas of it all, there’s also the issue of Maya’s abject fear of losing Riley *because* of Lucas. The combination of the two has Maya in a spiral, I think.

Riley thinks she’s got this situation figured out; that Maya has “become her” because she’s different now, because she’s behaving better, getting better grades, wearing nicer clothes and that’s somehow the crux of the problem. But that’s not QUITE the reality of it all.

Riley is a fixer though, and Maya is the first person she wants in her world. Riley’s also been known to be a bit too sure of herself and her diagnosis of a situation more than once, and she doesn’t often stop to consider that she’s wrong before she dives in and starts fixing, ya know?

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Can I just say that I think the season finale was just cruel? Doesn't matter how you look at it, the thing is that the "I love you" was a plan and that's cruel :( maybe tomorrow I'll feel better, or different, I don't know, but right now I'm just sad. I keep imagining Felicity pulling away from him next season, because she got a taste of what could have been and it wasn't real. Sorry... I know you don't feel the same, but I just needed to rant a little bit, and maybe be convinced otherwise??

I can absolutely see where you’re coming from. Because for a moment, I totally believed it. I got right into it. I was almost in tears, I was so happy. And then when I realized what they’d done, I was angry. I was bitter and I was muttering under my breath and I was calling the writers names and I was pissed that what was beautiful was just made into a ploy. I totally should have seen it coming, they definitely set it up, but the way he was looking at her and how it was said, it felt real. It felt so. damn. real. So I can see how that would hurt. I can see how it would be shipper baiting. I can see why people feel that it’s unfair and that Felicity is probably really hurt. 

And I agree that it would make sense for her to pull back a little. To be more careful about how she is with him. She’ll probably spend a long time asking herself what would’ve happened if she’d said it back or if she’d kissed him or any number of avenues she could’ve gone down before he let her know it was all part of a bigger plan. 

But I also think it’s way too early for ‘I love you’s.’ It’s too complicated at this point for Oliver. He didn’t even break up with Sara that long ago. He’s had way too much on his plate to deal with and hasn’t been able to. And Felicity is absolutely his rock, which means he can’t lose her. He can’t afford to ruin anything right now, and he probably expects he would ruin it eventually. 

And if I look it from the point of view that Oliver trusted Felicity with the biggest part of his plan, that he actually made this plan because of her and what she said, it dulls the pain a little. To be quite honest, I think he meant it. I think he does love her. To what extent, I’m not sure he truly knows. But I think when he said it, there was no way that he was lying. He knew as soon as those words came out, that they were real. He had tears in his eyes. And you know what, part of that might’ve even been the fear of what he was putting her into. What he was about to allow happen. But there’s also a very big factor that we have to look at here and it’s that Oliver trusts Felicity beyond anyone else. She is his partner and he knows that she will make the hard choices, just like he has to. He knows that if he does the wrong thing, she’ll tell him. He knows that if she didn’t want to go along with that plan, if she didn’t agree with that plan, she’d pull the plug as soon as he handed her that vial. She made the choice in the end. —> “It’s my choice.”

At the end of the episode, they have their talk, they discuss what this means, and she admits that she almost believed it for a second. And he did, too. She rambles and he smiles at her and that look on his face is so reminiscent of when she’s talking about Barry and when he says that maybe Barry’s dreaming of her. And call it a shipper’s dream, but this really only reinforces my belief that if Oliver isn’t already in love with her, he knows that he could be, and that if he gave himself the chance to be with her, it would be everything to him. But he knows he’s not ready, he’s only just beginning to accept that he might be more than what he originally set out to be. He has some growing to do and he has to figure out his life and his relationships. Because Felicity is going to be his be all, end all, eventually. But when they get to that eventually, I want him to be ready, to be all in, and for there to be no doubt of who he loves and what he wants and where it’s going. 

So am I a little sad that this ‘I love you’ wasn’t as real as it could have been? Yes, absolutely. But I’m not torn up about it. I prefer to look at the bigger picture. Slow burn for the win. 

Can we talk about the fact that Akane doesn't really smile anymore?

I mean, seriously. Sure, she smiled a very little bit here and there in season 2, but nothing compared to how she did in s1.

The pics at the top are all ones from s1. The ones on the bottom are obviously s2. I know she’s grown as an Inspector, gotten stronger, blah blah and so on….but look at the difference. One of the things that really saddened me about season is the fact that she wouldn’t smile…not like she used to anyways (and actually, I think it natural that this happened. The poor girl’s been through hell and back again and keeps being sent back to feels-train hell)

It’s not just a matter of age difference or character development. It also isn’t just the fact that her smile isn’t nearly as bright as it was before. HER EYES TOO. Look at them. I don’t know about anyone else but to me, those eyes of her look….for lack of a better term “defeated” or maybe “I just don’t care anymore”. Of course she’s still going to do her job and defend society and peace and so forth. Akane would keep fighting even if she lost all her limbs and was coughing up all her organs from the mouth. That is simply the type of proud tough woman Akane is. But that doesn’t change the fact that the poor girl just looks like…she’s given up hope. Well, part of it at the very least. She’ll do her job. Protect the people she cares about to the best of her ability no matter what. But as for feeling happiness…having hope for a wonderful future…I think that ended here:

Kougami was her hope. Her happiness. Her frigging reason. Her future (or he should have been dammit).

Remember in episode 21? She told Yayoi:

She told Yayoi that right before Kougami left her side forever. She still believed she could change things and stop Kougami from murdering Makishima and therefore leaving her and the MWPSB forever. In the pic above you can still see that determination and hope in her eyes. But in season 2, her emotions/expressions are just…not as bright as they once were. Of course, Akane was never that emotional to begin with. But she’s become even more…“robotic” since the ending of season 1. She will do her duty but she’ll be damned if she feels any sort of happy feeling. She’s also a little more careless/reckless. Ginoza always worrying about her and telling her as such and she’s just all like “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry so much.” ….I have a feeling she’d tell him that if she had her stomach torn open and her guts were spilling out. Like I said before, it’s just how Akane is now.

There was one time Akane got REALLY upset, like close to the level of emotional she was in season 1…and that was when she first learned her Grandma was murdered. Course that ended as fast as it came (don’t misunderstand. I don’t want the poor beautiful heroine to cry and shit. The opposite in fact)


I don’t know….perhaps it’s just my way of seeing things. But I do think Akane lost something vital at the end of season 1….and I doubt she’ll get it back. Unless Kougami returns (movie) but we all know he’s not going to be staying by her side like he was before.

Gahhhh….Hinakawa-kun…Ginoza….give Akane hugs in Kougami’s place TT.TT

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Also, do you have any tips about how to handle her and get her to enjoy/ at least tolerate being handled? She's not too bad about it (better then my two monitors at least). So far I've just been petting her a bit and although she doesn't try to get away, she does look uncomfortable and closes her eyes. She did come up and try to bite me the other day but it really just seemed like she thought I had food and it wasn't defensive or anything. She hasn't hissed either (do tegus hiss like monitors?)

HECK YEAH I DO this is one of my favorite things to talk about. Tegu behavior is AMAZING. In many ways it is VERY different than monitor behavior because tegus are a lot less predatory- a lot of what they eat in the wild is scavenged, and they’re much better at foraging than hunting. Monitors are typically much better at actually hunting and taking prey, while tegus are very often content to nom on roadkill. Monitors tend to be a lot more aloof- I don’t like the “monitors are cats, tegus are dogs,” comparison, but tegus for the most part are happier about socializing with humans and while they are still quite independent, very often their curiosity leads to them being interested in you! The trick is to encourage exploration and curiosity and to make sure that the interactions aren’t stressful for her- basically, follow her lead as best as you can. I have faith in you, since you’re familiar with savs! If you can befriend a sav, I’m sure you can befriend a tegu.

So, in my opinion, the bathtub trick is one of the best things you can do to get them to enjoy handling. See, what you really want to encourage is their natural curiosity. You want them to want to explore the environment, and they’ll do that best if they feel safe and secure with the potential threat- and right now, that’s you. So you gotta prove that you’re safe! So grab a book or your phone and your lizard. Get in your empty bathtub- no water in there, clothes on (trust me, clothes on… never, ever grab a tegu without all your clothes on. Even a tegu that loves you. ESPECIALLY a tegu that loves you. Those claws are not fun when they’re trying to climb your naked shoulder.). Just kinda sit there and… don’t do anything. Let the lizard sit on you, smell you, burrow under your legs. Be passive and let her take the lead. She might just sit at one end of the bathtub, but when there’s nothing to do, her curiosity will very likely get the better of her and she’ll want to see what the heck you are. 

Another good trick is to help her get used to the smell- use an old t-shirt or pillowcase and put that in the cage. Make sure it’s a pretty big item- not like, a sock or a glove or something. They can eat those! If she’s got a place she likes to sleep, put it there- and don’t be surprised if she ends up choosing to sleep under it! 

Hand-feeding also sometimes has good results. Since she’s small, what you should do to hand-feed is to make a fist and put it on the floor with your knuckles to the ground. Then place an item of food on the back of your hand and let her eat it. By using the back of your hand and not your finger, you make accidental nips less prone to happen. You can also tong-feed! That can be fun exercise- you can make her chase her food if you use the tongs.

As far as petting goes, a lot of young ones are really head-shy. Try running two fingers down her back starting right at her shoulder blades. This will help her get used to the idea of touch without getting so defensive. A happy tegu looks a lot like a happy monitor, so her body language should be pretty familiar to you since you know savs!

As for their defensive behaviors- they do hiss! Juju’s done it a few times. Once when she busted her lip, once when an idiot ex-friend of mine tried to pick her up after I said “don’t pick her up, just leave her alone, she’s sleeping” and then he did and she thrashed and he dropped her and… yeah, he’s an ex-friend for a lot of reasons, but that was one of the big ones, and a few times when I vacuumed and she didn’t like it. More common than hissing is tail-whipping, lunging with an open mouth, and bluffing. Hissing almost always accompanies those, and bluffing is the first thing they’ll do when they get defensive. Bluffing is when they go up tall and often they’ll gape at you. They might lunge and nip, but you usually get plenty of warning before they do that. This is a pretty good video that shows some defensive tegu behaviors in a wild blue- at 2:40ish, you see him making himself as large as possible and sort of scaring off the dog and cat just by leaning at them. Even when he’s eating, he stays in defensive mode, ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

This is another good video of defensive, uneasy behavior. This is a captive black and white male who’s nervous about being outside. He does some hissing and lunging- which, by the way- if you ever take your tegu to a new place, take a big towel with you. If they get nervous and start hissing and lunging, it can be hard to get them to safety. One of the easiest ways to do that is to gently get a towel over them and scoop up from underneath them. Another thing that works is to have a pet carrier with you and gently herd them into that. If you put a blanket in there, they can hide under it and feel more secure.

So yeah, that’s tegu defensive behaviors in a nutshell! I hope you and your gu are able to work things out and get to know each other. Tegus really are amazing reptiles and when cared for properly are super rewarding to work with. Good luck!

Uh. Fuck. This one doesn't get a name.|Closed RP|

Aoi yawned softly as she wandered down the street, glancing around at the different people that walked by. She looked down the alley that she tended to stay in and saw a woman standing by the entrance to it. She raised an eyebrow, one of her ears twitching a bit as she walked over to the alley, hopping onto a box and sitting down, watching the woman.

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Sengoku looks really relaxed now, doesn't he? On a different note, is it just me or is Otsuru taller now? I'm pretty sure she was a tiny old woman

I was surprised to see how chill Sengoku is now. We saw a bit of it in that panel of him on Tsuru’s ship, but Sengoku has mostly been quite a serious and almost high strung character whenever we’ve seen him. But now, rather than being in sharp contrast to Garp, he’s practically the same as Garp 

I guess retiring really did take a huge load off Sengoku’s shoulder’s. As Tsuru said, it must be nice having no responsibilities. (Still, you’d expect he’d be more invested in what’s going on than this.) 

As for Tsuru’s height, yeah I’m a little surprised too. I had always gotten the impression that she’s rather short, however, we’ve never actually seen her standing in a way that would give us a good look at how tall she’s supposed to be, standing directly next to someone whose height we know. In the few times we’ve seen her, we’ve yet to have any real way to accurately get a sense of her height. I think we mostly assumed she’s rather short because she’s a thin, elderly woman. But given what we’ve seen here 

Tsuru is probably around 6 feet tall (~183 cm). We don’t know Sengoku’s height, but I figure it’s between 8 and 9 feet tall (244-274 cm), same as Garp. And since she’s as tall or taller than a good number of Marines there, around 6 feet seems like a good estimate. I wouldn’t guess that’s she’s any shorter than Zoro or Sanji. 

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clarke secretly feeding bellamy because he gets too caught up in his work and sometimes doesn't eat, so she has to like, sneak feed him. surprise breakfast. tucking snacks into his hands mid-rant. bellamy getting halfway through dinner before looking down at his food and going "when the fuck did i get to the mess hall?" and raven snickers because clarke totally came by ten minutes ago and just shoved the food into his hands while asking him to please check on sterling before he goes to bed, thx

so holy crap this turned out to be a little bit different from what you asked but i hope you still like it!! I think it’s too long to post here as a reply but i posted it on ao3 and!

[AO3 link], [ link]