doesn't she just pull you in

I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…

Me @ all tv shows with women fighting with their hair down: stop. S t o p. They’re gonna die because their hair got in their freaking eyeballs while fighting instead of just tying it back. Why do women have to have long flowing locks even when kicking ass??? Why can’t we just let women be practical???

  • coworker: so how was your show?
  • me: want to know how it ended?
  • coworker: sure
  • me: oh, really?? well, we can just watch it
  • me: *pulls up link*
  • me & coworker: *watch it together*
  • me: wasn't that so sweet?
  • coworker: really was
  • me: *goes back to my desk*
  • me: *hears piano music playing*
  • me: are you...watching it again?
  • coworker: ...........maybe

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“Do you ever look in the mirror….and see a reflection that shouldn’t be your own, but is?” *Pulling on her gloves, listening to the leather stretch and flex over her splayed fingers, Elissa looked into one of the many one-way mirrors lining the Hyperion hallways, making out her dull-hued image in it. Her question to Jack was intentionally vague, if only for the fact she didn’t really want to let on something was bothering her.*


Shennen let out a huff as he pulled her closer. Still she couldn’t help but smile as he laughed. “God you’re luck I love you so much, Trys. I wouldn’t hang out with just any guys crazy family you know.” She teased kissing his cheek. She wished she could say it in something other than a teasing matter but that would hopefully come later. “You do owe me now though- one modeling session for my photography class sounds like good payment to me?” She asked, glancing up at him,

eyes wide,   appealing.  he knew this wasn’t her favoured place,   and he was certain that RHAENYS was about to spit out the dummy at the thought of SHENNEN being there with him,   but the whole thing was more ridiculous than he would say.    ‘   love me enough to stop fighting with my crazy family?   ’   a long shot,   but with everything else going on around them,  it would make his life easier.     ‘  you’re not allowed to make me look ridiculous this time.   we all remember the day with the flowers.   ’


Missy Peregrym turns in a heart wrenching performance, as Jenn, showing a whole range of emotions from joy in the beginning of the the trip to distressed-hope in the middle and total desperation in the end. Perhaps her most defining moment is towards the end when you get the sense she’s given up all hope. Peregrym pulls at your heartstrings in that moment, her face, almost unbearable. - Vulture