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Maraas! Let's talk humor: what is the best way to make you laugh? What do you like (or hate) in terms of jokes or pranks or what have you? What is your sense of humor like? :D Also, what is the best way to piss you off? (so I know what not to do lol).

Maraas: Make me laugh? Easy. Be funny. But hey, it helps to know how to relax and make fun of yourself. Just leave other people out of it unless they actually deserve it or you know they can handle it. I… hmm… I like people with a quick wit. Someone who isn’t too hung up on embarrassing themselves. Someone isn’t too shy to speak up. Travelling with the Valo-Kas, if you didn’t learn how to make yourself heard in a crowd, you pretty much vanished. So I like a bit of back-and-forth, even if the jokes are at my expense. No problem here. I can take it.

What do I hate? Look, I’m all for a bit of good natured ribbing, but pick your targets all right? Some quiet kid in the corner who’s just minding their own business? Yeah, maybe leave them out of it. If the only way you can be funny by dragging down someone you know won’t hit back, then maybe you’re just not funny.

Pissing me off? Huh, I’m pretty hard to piss off, friend. I suppose I’m not a fan of people who pick on folk who aren’t in a position to fight back, but I think that’s the same for anyone who isn’t a complete asshole. But, listen… don’t threaten me or my own. That won’t go well. No one fights harder than a Tal-Vashoth backed into a corner, understand? The Valo-Kas, my friends… they’re off limits. A threat to them is a threat to me, which is definitely a threat to you.

daudsiider replied to your postdo you think anne will live?

she’s one of the only characters who in history lived for a really long time so if they killed her off, i would call bullshit so fuckin fast.

you have every right to that reaction!!! I’ll be extremely upset if she dies, too :’(

though I will say that the historical record is extremely spotty, and though I’m far from being an expert, I know that much of what is known about her later life is speculation. (if I recall correctly there is also actually no record of her execution or release?!? I’m pretty sure.) aaaand the bs writers have said they’re not going to keep themselves firmly tied to history anyway, so I guess…don’t count on that D: fjdlskfjfjdsklfjdsljfld

I’d absolutely love for them to use the ambiguity to keep her alive and give her a long happy future bc I’d die if anything happened to her but…all I’m saying is they never claimed to be sticking to the record, so don’t be surprised if they don’t :’(

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I already sent this to someone else, but hey, its langst; if Keith pilots Black, and Lance has to pilot Red, its going to be like when Lance was bumped to fighter pilot at the Garrison. Lance is just the next best option after Keith, he's not first choice, Keith is, he's just filling space, he's not going to pilot Red as well as Keith can, he wont be as good as Keith. At least Blue chose him, and he was equal to the others in that respect; but now he'll just be in Keith's shadow all over again.


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i wish people would understand how huge it was to show a kiss between an unfetishized m|m couple on a mainstream, not bl anime, like. it may not fall into the normal classification of ‘heartwarming’ but because of all of the significance and open support for lgbt behind it, that’s exactly what it was for so many people

same :/ i was kinda neutral abt this issue bc let’s be real, those awards have zero validity and ppl are taking them way too seriously but then ppl are making fun of people who truly enjoyed yoi, or calliing others blind/stupid for choosing an anime they like and want to support (maybe the only anime they watched during 2016 bc it’s real, not everyone watches/likes anime like mob or erased) or saying the kiss was nothing important and i just okay :/

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as it's valentine's day - what do you think anakin and obi-wan would be doing?

Enjoy, (or “enjoy”/”I’m sorry my blog is like this sometimes” as the case may be): 

Anakin: [text] what is this that u left on the table for me
Obi-Wan: Happy Valentine’s Day!
Anakin: u got me socks
Anakin: for valentines day
Obi-Wan: Yes, I’d noticed that yours were all in terrible shape. 😉
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: I know I should have waited until I got home to give them to you but I just couldn’t.
Anakin: socks
Obi-Wan: Anakin are you all right?
Anakin: i just…i cant believe u got me socks
Obi-Wan: You’re welcome! 😘 I ordered them months ago.
Anakin: oh
Obi-Wan: I know how you’re always cold and all. These are the extra-insulated kind.
Anakin: i do hate the cold
Obi-Wan: I hope you like them
Obi-Wan: Anakin?
Anakin: i love them
Anakin: u r the best
Obi-Wan: Oh good! A few people told me it wasn’t a good gift so I admit I was a little worried. 
Anakin: no i mean who wouldnt want new socks for valentines day
: 😊
Anakin: and u like what i got u right??
Obi-Wan: Ah, yes, the complete seventh season of Dragons and Droids that you’ve been wanting to buy
Anakin: yeah this way you can actually see the finale since u slept thru it last time
Obi-Wan: Yes, that will be a treat. We can watch it tonight.
Anakin: ill wear my new socks 😘

[it’s the thought that counts…right? I feel like this is going to come back to haunt both of them someday when they’re arguing and “OH SURE, THIS FROM THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ME SOCKS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!” “Well at least I didn’t buy MYSELF a gift and pretend it was for you!” gets thrown out there but we’ll let them be happy for now]

  • Mahiru: [trying to get to know Kuro better] What's your greatest weakness?
  • Kuro: I'm uncooperative
  • Mahiru: Uh.. okay? Give me an example!
  • Kuro: No.

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

I am pretty sure they exchanged phone numbers at Kosegroupa. They and Emma are partners. That’s why his name in Isak’s phone is Even Kosegroupa.. (@ralpheman

shit you’re right, it never quite made sense to me why isak would save even’s name as “ Even Kosegruppa” when he already knew his last name or why not save it as just “Even” ??? but if he got his number that night of the first meeting it makes a lot more sense

i can see it now, they’re all sitting awkwardly on the bench and the joint is burnt out and someone finally suggests they should head back inside, they all get up and emma turns to isak like well since we’re in a group together can i get you’re number? and isak’s like oh… i guess because this makes sense as when he would have gotten emma’s number too, and then even who is not going to be out played thank you very much is like well then isak you’ll need my number too and isak is shook at how in the hell he ended up in this situation

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean

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Klaus Baudelaire is a trans boy

proof: he’s cute and I love him

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Reading your recent post about EU and how people have been pestering you with messages about it, I, as a European, immediately assumed you were talking about the European Union and was really confused (and frankly a bit offended :D) about your distaste towards the EU. "But what on earth does she mean she doesn't consider EU canon I mean just??? And why is she so against the European Un-- ...oh wait she means the star wars expanded universe well that makes way more sense."

LOL yeah, I should probably start typing out Star Wars Expanded Universe every time, even though it’s a mouthful, because I always get comments like this after every post.

In truth I would much rather receive treatises in my inbox about the European Union than about the Expanded Universe. ;)