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do any of your oc's have kids?

No … well. Rhies has a teenaged padawan

I guess in some ways that’s almost the same thing? :’D

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I"m just getting caught up on LoT and I really enjoy your blog and after Mick's awkward flirting with Kara I feel like if he ever met Diana/Wonder Woman, he'd be too awkward to flirt and just stare and bring her food. Like 'youfightgood, madeyouasandwich' and then take off

hahahahahah omg.

We talk sometimes about how Len canonically has a crush on Wonder Woman in the comics, but I think you’re totally right. DCTV Mick would be into her. He’s absolutely got a thing for powerful women, especially (it seems) mature ones closer to his age (e.g., the President, and Agent Sharpe), and more physically aggressive ones? So… 100%. Yes. 

Dammit, now I want to see this happen.


Excuse you, that sounded 9000% like Kenpachi. Sex while he’s still drenched in battle? Worrying about Yachiru? Not caring where the sex is? You know this man too well

*blushes profusely*


Your Kenpachi is perfect… “you shaped divots…” is the best thing ever

okay u know he’d fuck up the side of someone’s house with your ass and then just… pick u up and leave. like it’s not his problem anymore.

  • anyone: *doesn't reply in 1-2 minutes*

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Ahhh the Captain America movies give me life, Fran. Like I could watch them around the clock and never get over how great they are. They aren't even just good superhero movies. 1 is a great war movie (so grateful the creators of Wonder Woman seemed to learn from that). 2 is a spy thriller. And Civil War is just everything the Avengers movies should have been. I could yell about it all day. And BUCKY. Cap and Bucky... I cry. So. Much. Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU? I have.

Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU”  BOI have I, that’s like the most fitting and most heartwrenching AU I’ve ever thought about anon you got no clue you know what here have some shitty doodles to go with it too

Kirishima’s backstory makes him a great Steve - he used to be weak but couldn’t stand back and mind his business anyway, picked fights left and right even though he always lost them, wanted to be a hero even though his body didn’t let him - Steve’s a definitely more extreme case, but Kiri fits amazingly in the role. 

As far as their past goes, Bakugou’s a bit of a loose fit for Bucky (even though you could shorten Bakugou into Bucky if you really wanted to… lmao), but moving up in the story their shared history is… weirdly fitting??

Getting kidnapped to be turned into a villain? Kirishima going against orders to go save him? That’s catfa’s plot in a nutshell, it’s amazing - and later on with Bucky being a hero seen by the whole world as a villain, that’s very Bakugou too. I can see Bakugou fit in the plotline of Bucky struggling with what he’s done as the Winter Soldier a lot too, and Kiri following him around the world and doing anything to save him and always, always, always being on his side? Refusing to fight him at the end of catws? Boi I die, if it didn’t include so much angst this AU would be my favorite thing, I’m not even gonna lie - ah, the Winter Soldier being into fire arms and Steve’s weapon of choice being a shield work amazingly for Bakugou and Kirishima too, don’t they? The bakushima make a perfect team in the same way the stucky do, too!!

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Sometimes I wonder why the Jedi's healers, doctors and therapists (if they had therapists) didn't just storm a Jedi Council meeting one day and point out the physical and mental injuries and trauma Anakin needs to heal from as well as the psychological impact of going from the life of a slave, to a member of a highly conservative religious organization. I love that in your Librarian AU Jocasta addresses this but I wonder if she got the healers like Vokara Che on her side.

I think the answer to your question is contained within the question itself: the Jedi are a highly conservative religious organization.

I’ve never been a Jedi, obviously, but I do know a thing or 50 about life inside a conservative religious organization. And one of the major parallels I see there is an absolute belief that faith and right practice are enough to ensure mental and spiritual well-being. If you are practicing rightly, you will not be affected by trauma, by negative emotions, by mental illness. If you are affected by those things, you must be doing something wrong.

Yoda’s advice to Anakin in ROTS bears this out. I’m always a bit puzzled when I see people trying to justify Yoda’s advice, because listen: I’ve been on the receiving end of that approach so many times I’ve lost count. It’s not some otherworldly, fictional attitude. Yoda’s approach to pastoral counseling (if you will) is basically standard practice in fundamentalist religious circles.

Everything feels like it’s falling apart so you go to your spiritual leader and all he does is tell you everything you’re doing wrong. You need to let go. You need to trust. You need to have faith and follow the teachings and stop asking questions. Your doubt is probably to blame for all of your problems in the first place. The teachings of the faith tell you everything you need to know. Accept them and rejoice in your suffering.

Of course the Jedi don’t have therapists. That would require admitting that trauma and mental illness exist, that they aren’t things people can simply think or will themselves out of by following the right religious steps. It would mean admitting that so-called negative emotions are normal and valid and can be worked through in a healthy way - and even admitting that sometimes they are a positive thing.

The Jedi Order, as an organization, cannot admit those things without drastically changing many of their core beliefs and principles. Much less can they admit that their own structure and practice might be potentially harmful or even traumatizing to anyone.

Alex Danvers, 14, 15 and 16 for @fiddleabout 

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I just have to share my stupid head canon with someone or i'll die. Sam probably buys a shit ton of scented candles and Dean makes fun of him for it but ends up stealing his favorite ones for himself anyways. Also Sam probably found one that reminded him of Cas and bought it knowing Dean would take it.

Sam would buy candles, that’s true. He is the one constantly restocking their ritual supplies after all. But he’d buy the basic scents; he doesn’t like complicated, he just likes clean. Pine and vanilla and eucalyptus. I think Dean would get frustrated by the plainness of it. If the bunker’s going to smell like something, why not make it something exciting? and buy his own eventually. Begrudgingly. In secret. Apple spices and floral woods and citruses… “Guava Coconut Fusion.” He’d get very particular about it without Sam ever even knowing.

And then one day he totally breaks down because

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i have nowhere else to complain about this but someone posted an audio post of Arin only somewhat understanding what cisgender meant from like 1 year ago and i hate when people will do anything to make someone look bad

i think ‘only somewhat understanding‘ is a very generous description of that conversation. however, i do still think that it’s a bit unfair to post stuff that’s over a year old, with the sole intention of making arin look bad. there’s no denying that he was absolutely clueless about was cisgender meant in that clip, but since then they’ve talked a lot about trans related topics on the show. they’ve also discussed how terminologies related to lgbt identities have changed over the years, and how they sometimes struggle to keep up. 

i’m not trans though, so it’s not my place to tell people how to feel about this. however, the grumps have also talked about issues that personally affects me (like bisexuality), and been completely wrong about definitions etc. still, even if they’re sometimes a bit (or very) misinformed when it comes to lgbt issues, i’ve never personally felt that they’ve ever had anything other than good intentions. that, plus the fact that they’ve shown that they’ve willing to learn from their mistakes, is what matters to me

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Ahhhh!! Love your dazatsu art. It's all so pretty!! If you don't mind, I was wondering if you ever have time in the future we could see some dazatsu tickle fluff art. I just think it would be so cute especially in your art style!! If you don't wish to do it, that's fine too.

Ahh thank you…! I’m glad you like my puddly art ahhh *hides face*

And here you go~

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I already sent this to someone else, but hey, its langst; if Keith pilots Black, and Lance has to pilot Red, its going to be like when Lance was bumped to fighter pilot at the Garrison. Lance is just the next best option after Keith, he's not first choice, Keith is, he's just filling space, he's not going to pilot Red as well as Keith can, he wont be as good as Keith. At least Blue chose him, and he was equal to the others in that respect; but now he'll just be in Keith's shadow all over again.


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really i don't understand why kokopoop is selling this much that song is boring and it's not hype? you guys could just be making this up i wont be surprised >:// exo is nothing too compared to big groups like bts who write their own songs? that is talent >:)) your loser biases will drown on bts dust like the old smelly geezers they are

*pops knuckles one by one*

okay anon, first of all it is kokobop not kokopoop. it has earned four weeks at the number one spot on Gaon digital charts, 718,162 digital download on its fifth week, and is currently #1 on lots and lots and lots of charts - i don’t think it deserves to be called poop. again with this pathetic name insults - this is why i dont deal with five year olds ://

next, a song being “hype” is not a basis for a song to be called good or amazing. people aren’t always into those head bangin sweat inducing heart rate pumping kind of songs okay. we have our own preferences and we are supposed to respect those preferences (which you clearly have not good luck explaining yourself to more than a million people streaming and listening to kokobop in the last month)


also if your faves write their own songs, then good for them! they did well! yes that is talent and yes they are amazing artists - but hold your reigns little miss my-faves-are-better-than-yours-coz-apparently-i-think-only-my-faves-write-their-own-songs exo does too. wonderful wonderful tracks like she’s dreaming, lose control, heaven, lightsaber (the rap part was written by pcy) are all written by the members and let’s not forget the anthem of the fandom promise cause i still cry whenever i hear that and yes they composed and wrote it all. they also took part in writing the lyrics of their b-side tracks so i don’t know what you mean with your faves being better because they write their own songs because mine does too?? and they are still breaking records on top of all that so.

and hon, writing songs isn’t the only measure of one’s talents okay, not in the real world. just don’t.

lmao GEEZERS??? OLD????? our men are aging like fine wine sweetie, have you seen them cause hell yeah. i don’t ever see their ages being an inferiority or anything. your faves ages too okay it’s a normal part of life they teach us this in school come on. 

so all in all, i dont understand why you felt the need to send this to me cause i am clearly just celebrating the fact that my biases have accomplished something great. i am in no way degrading your faves UNLIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. also like what my friends say, if you don’t think my group is not a threat to your fave’s success then why the effin hell are you in my ask box saying all these?

people throw rocks at things that shine, wow i guess exo is blinding you right now so you decided to come and visit me, an exo blog, to try and drag them down? honey, sweetie, no. just no. maybe some other time. but no.

Lately, we have received many reports concerning yolo-on-ice blog, who is reposting and translating against the artists’ wish.

A PSA has been made few months ago, but It would be great if the fandom could still continue to spread the word about this blog though, since apparently it hasn’t stopped them to keep stealing the comics from pixiv artists!

Also, the user KNOWS they are doing something wrong, BLOCKED the persons who tried to contact them about it, and CLOSED their askbox so the artists couldn’t contact them.

Sadly, the comics have been massively reblogged…… 10k for the most of it.
And for each artists, they clearly wrote on their profile they didn’t allow it.

See by yourself :






Thank you for those who contacted us about it but now, there is nothing more we can do, as frustrating it is.
We have contacted the artists but the staff hasn’t replied to all of them, we have let the fandom know previously about it though the PSA….

So it depends on the fandom now, would you rather support someone like that who doesn’t care at all about the artists, or would you rather respect the artists and ignore the blog?…..

Spread the word, reblog the psa, block their blog, contact the artists….anything would be good if it can help the artists in any way.

Thank you for your attention.

my dghda fam 🙏 I’m begging you: don’t turn s2 sour. we’ve been doing so well and I love all of you. whatever happens with lgbt+ rep, keep enjoying the show and for godssake don’t go directly to max and start heckling him