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i wish people would understand how huge it was to show a kiss between an unfetishized m|m couple on a mainstream, not bl anime, like. it may not fall into the normal classification of ‘heartwarming’ but because of all of the significance and open support for lgbt behind it, that’s exactly what it was for so many people

same :/ i was kinda neutral abt this issue bc let’s be real, those awards have zero validity and ppl are taking them way too seriously but then ppl are making fun of people who truly enjoyed yoi, or calliing others blind/stupid for choosing an anime they like and want to support (maybe the only anime they watched during 2016 bc it’s real, not everyone watches/likes anime like mob or erased) or saying the kiss was nothing important and i just okay :/

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hey gaia!! do you have any cute gladnis headcanons? :)


Actually I have lots of gladnis hc but I’ll write here only a few. The… uh, happy ones…? (also, check out Sekiei. They’re my favorite ffxv author and their stories are basically everything I ever imagined about Gladio and Ignis. I really mean that. I read them, like, trice daily. I’m dead serious).

  • I’ve read lots of fanfics in which Ignis is the one to develop an interest first, but I like quite the opposite. Gladio starting to be around Ignis more often, helping him prepare dinner or clean the dishes, making flirty jokes, sitting closer to him in the back seat of the Regalia – their legs barely touching. Ignis notices all the attentions of course (they’re definitely not subtle) and one day, while Gladio is standing beside him chopping some meat at the camping table, he asks genuinely curious why him, of all people – of all the girls Gladio can have on his feet –, and Gladio simply shrugs: “You’re a great cook and a great strategist. You’re strong, and smart, and you always know what to do. I like your eyes. I like your voice. I like the way your face brightens when you come up with a new recipe. Your puns are, uh, quite funny”. He pauses for a second, but his gaze is unwavering, “Actually, I think you’re very handsome”. He can barely finish his sentence that a hand suddenly presses on his chest, pushing him back weakly. “Please stop”. Ignis blurts out, trying to hide his flushed red face.
  • There are behemoth-ultra-special-cup-noodles or something for dinner that evening and Gladio just beams.
  • Stealing a private moment for themselves in the tent at night is basically impossibile. Noctis usually curls himself up against Ignis’s chest and Prompto always crawls over all three of them, snoring and gibbering in his sleep. At first it was unnerving, now it’s just an ordinary thing: Gladio grumbles resigned as Prompto stretches like a cat above his stomach and Ignis breathes out a light chuckle as the blonde’s feet ungraciously lands on Noctis’s cheek, making the poor boy inarticulately complain in his sleep. Gladio looks at them with an exhausted but lightened expression, then he reaches out to hold Ignis’s hand.
  • Sometimes Gladio approaches while Ignis is cooking. “Watcha making?” he asks hugging him from behind, speaking softly against his neck and putting his arms around his waist. His grip is warm and comfortable, firm but not tight. Ignis leans into the touch as he starts to explain him his new recipe. Gladio is happy to listen.
  • Ignis prefers to maintain their relationship private – now it’s not the time, he declares, and Noctis has enough to deal with as it is. However, one day while chilling at camp, Prompto strolls towards him with a bright smile on his face and a photo on his hand. “HEY IGNIS I took this super cool photo the other day – I mean it’s really cool look at the light, THE ANGLE – and I thought you would like it.” Ignis hesitates for a moment before taking a look at the picture. It’s a photo of him and Gladio sitting at one of the camps near Lestallum, watching something out of frame: Gladio is genuinely laughing, and next to him Ignis has a little, soft smile on his lips. They look happy, relaxed, and they’re close enough that their shoulders barely touch. “You can keep it, if you want.”, Prompto adds. Ignis looks at the picture a few seconds more, his expression softening. “I do like to”, he says, and his voice is quiet and warm, “Thank you”. Prompto just smiles widely before running back to Noctis.
  • (Ignis still keeps that photo in his pocket. He can’t see it anymore, but he still remembers every single detail: the bright sun, the brilliant colors, the warm intimacy. A glimpse of happier times. Sometimes he fondly caresses the picture with the tip of his thumb, there where Gladio’s face is).
  • Mahiru: [trying to get to know Kuro better] What's your greatest weakness?
  • Kuro: I'm uncooperative
  • Mahiru: Uh.. okay? Give me an example!
  • Kuro: No.

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean

Klaus Baudelaire is a trans boy

proof: he’s cute and I love him

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This is for toucan sans, if he's still here. It must be difficult to perform, certain bodily tasks with everyone watching you. Also I doubt chara Is being helpful :x

monsters… monsters don’t even have functioning toilets.

and he’s a skeleton. the bird has no actual guts for any bodily function to begin with.

tho u can bet one of the kids brings up how they wonder why there are no actual bathrooms in the underground and it devolves into all the kids making poop jokes.

brightly-estelle said: I bet Kiibo can do espresso by now it’s the FUTURE

Hey! Heeeeeeey. Kiibo! Hey Kiibo! One Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet'N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice actually make that two Double Ristretto Venti Ha-


  • me: it's impossible to have every song from an album stuck in your head at the same time
  • Bastille: think again

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ok ok PLEASE tell us more for what ideas you have for the changeling mob au because these kind of aus are my Ultimate Weakness.

(The AU doodles in question) Oooooh thank you so much for the interest! :’D Thing is, this isn’t necessarily my idea? It’s my friend’s (I just like to yell about it and draw stuff for it ;7; ), but I just got the go ahead so I’m gonna give a (somewhat) basic summary…

So in this AU, Reigen’s a charlatan, which is basically a fun, old-timey word for conman/fraudster (more or less) who kinda makes a living off of-you guessed it-scamming people. He deals with clients generally like how he does in canon; they have a problem with fae/magic/enchantments that usually turn out to be normal problems embellished by overly superstitious people, and Reigen goes along with it and does his own thing to help fix it, etc. etc.  So imagine his surprise when a case of a “fairy changeling” turned out to be the real deal, instead of a misbehaving child he’d come to expect. This kid obviously looks different, not to mention he seems to be able to turn objects to gold. Reigen’s out of his depth, but in true Reigen fashion he tries to help anyway. 

Reigen takes the changeling child (Mob) by the hand and travels back to the fae realm, instead of “destroying the monster” like the upset client parents want him to, and they manage to rescue and return the stolen human child back to his parents. Reigen tries to give Mob back to his people, but it turns out…they don’t want him back. Apparently Mob is too weak (that anemia problem from canon, not to mention physically weak in general) and too kind-hearted to be of any use to them; the fae see him as nothing more than flawed and abhorrent. “Reigen was so angry at their callous abandonment of such a sweet-natured, defenseless creature that he didn’t think very hard before he scooped up Mob in his arms, turned on his heel, and walked away. It wasn’t until he crossed the boundary between worlds and was on his way home that the full implications of what he’d done finally occurred to him.” (I tried to explain, but I really like that part, so full quote ;7; )

Reigen ends up fully adopting taking Mob under his wing as his apprentice of sorts, and they travel around to make a living, the once lone charlatan now having aid from his tiny fae assistant in whatever scams he can come up with. It is rather useful having a son assistant who can turn things into gold, even if it’s just fairy gold that turns into leaves the morning after the enchanting; Reigen makes it work somehow. This does get them banned from multiple villages though (hence living on the road) X’’D

Reigen also has to keep Mob’s fae heritage hidden, since y’know…the fae don’t have the best reputation among common folk. He eventually teaches Mob how to use glamour to disguise his appearance (even though Reigen barely has any idea how lolll) but he usually covers the kid up with cloaks and hats and stuff until they can figure the glamour thing out.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions :’)

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How can you not afford to be sick in college? Can't you just be absent?

I don’t think you understand — all my college professors are very strict about you being and participating in class…

If you miss a certain amount of days you automatically get an F in the class…and the thought of getting sick stresses me out, because if I somehow do get very ill I have to go to class, because I don’t want to get an absence. (I have a professor that gives an automatic F only after two absences…)