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Wait, you want a winter wonderland? It’s only half the year but we can switch places if you want. The snow stays on the nearby mountains for like 8-9 months out of the year sooo~



Tangled!AU Cast Extras I actually wasn’t planning on doing but anywaYS HERE THEY ARE and now with captions!

Yurio and Yakov are the most disturbing thing I’ve drawn in a long time. Also: Phichit as the Hook guy who wants to be a concert pianist, and Chris as Gunther, who wants to be a interior designer.

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*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

staring at the ceiling and listening to sad pop punk songs is slowly becoming my thing

The owner of this blog will never recognize Donald Trump as president and will never use that title to refer to him.
I forgot how amazing but how painful it is to have a crush on someone. I forgot how amazing it feels to be excited to see someone and talk to them but how painful it feels to not know whether or not they want to see you and talk to you.
—  But ever since I met you, I’m starting to remember all over again.

can you believe alex danvers is a lesbian? like a year ago it was merely wishful thinking that she’s not straight but now it’s real and true and beautiful


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I’m not ready for love yet.
I’m way behind everyone else. …and not nearly good enough!

So…            wait… 

   ((  “you want me to wait? that’s cruel!” ))

                      but I can’t say that.

…I’m sorry.

So, Jack and Fowler…

We’ve seen that Jack wasn’t okay with what he was seeing between his mom and Fowler. It was probably a while, maybe a few months, before he began to grudgingly accept that maybe his mom liked Fowler.

Then he’s absolutely annoyed when Fowler takes his mom out to dinner, growing irritated when he hears him say his mom’s name so affectionately. 

His mom tries talking to him and he says he’s fine, really. His mom can date whoever she wants.

But he doesn’t actually improve his attitude, and starts giving Fowler a glare whenever he sees him over at his house. He remains the loyal son, loving his mom and acting normal when it’s just him and her in the house. But as soon as Fowler is mentioned, or his mom tells him he’s coming over, he starts brooding and being annoyed.

It takes months of Fowler and June talking to him, and trying to tell him it’s all right, before he starts to accept… whatever this is. It still makes him uncomfortable. It had been just him and his mom for years, and he was perfectly fine with that. It’ll take a while to get used to, he tells them, but he’ll try.

He won’t call Fowler dad, though.

June just smiles and hugs him.

You’re angry. Good. Anger can save you when everything else is gone.
—  Vivienne de Fer

It is December of 2025, and Adam Birkholtz, former hockey jock and Samwell alumni, is a successful singer/songwriter and already has three Grammys and a Tony under his belt.

His first album goes platinum and all of his following albums are consistently good.

He is promoting the release of a new single on a radio talk show when the host asks,

“So, Adam, it’s Christmas time, how excited are you to be spending the holidays here in NYC?”

Holster chuckles, “Well I grew up in Buffalo so I guess it’s nice to not be trapped by a blizzard during the Holidays.”

Everyone laughs and the Host trudges on, “speaking of Christmas, when are you going to put out a Christmas album?”

Adam’s smile wavers a second as he, quite seriously says, “never.”

His candor shocks the host for a second before he scrambles, “you seem pretty sure of that! You do know a Christmas album by you would become an instant classic.”

Adam’s polite smile completely crumbles into annoyance, “I’m not sure about that, but I do know even if it would sell, I’m never doing a Christmas album.”

The Host seems somewhat offended by this and, momentarily forgetting his setting, sneers, “why? Do you have some vendetta against Christmas?”

Adam laughs humorlessly before getting extremely close to his mic, to make sure his voice is clear when he responds, “I don’t have anything against Christmas, I’m Jewish.”

The live video feed of the interview which is later posted on the radio shows YouTube page goes viral.

I read through our old conversations
And I remember that you’re not here
And I remember that I’m alone.
—  memories of an insomniac
Wicked Fingers

Nessian Modern AU.

Rhys hosts a dinner party to which Nesta wears a particularly stunning dress that leads to an evening of Cassian teasing Nesta under the table. Nesta plots the perfect revenge.

An enormous thank you to @highfaelucien for basically being the best cheerleader anyone could ask for. Also, this is indirectly dedicated to @blackbeak because I heard you were quite excited by the idea of this fic when it was still in headcanon phase.

Smutty. Very NSFW.

“Fuck me,” Cassian mutters, releasing a deep breath as he takes in Nesta’s dress. “You look incredible.”

He runs his eyes up and down every millimetre of her body, stunned at the way the fabric seems to flow across her body, clinging to all his favourite parts of her. His eyes pause every few seconds as he revels in the curves of her body. He drinks in the way the cut of the dress manages to perfect the delicate balance between modest and revealing; he gapes at how tiny her waist is, almost certain he could wrap his hands all the way around her (how has he never thought of this before?); finally, he rests his eyes on the slit of her dress that reveals her long, pale leg and his eyes follow the slit of the dress, and it’s as if her leg goes on forever.

“That’ll have to wait,” she replies, cocking her head as her eyes dart across the fitted white shirt that’s barely containing his muscles. She takes a deep breath and Cassian grins; he knows she wants him as much as he wants her. “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

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