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ah, ok!!! i know a lot of blogs that write fic like to be super professional about it so thats how i usually go into it from the get go lol. my bad! here's the prompt awful-aus /post/118665422507/submitted-au-158 ("wow u were at Starbucks and I tripped hopping u would help me up but u didn’t even see so I tripped u on ur way out") it's cool if it doesn't tickle your fancy, some of these get a bit... specific lol. thank you btw!!!!!

((i’ll start being super professional when writing shitty drabbles becomes a legit profession lol this is just a pastime XD no need to be so formal))

jimin’s not a grade-a actor but even he had to admit that was a pretty impressive fall. 

other people around him offer helping hands and sympathetic glances but jimin refuses them and gets up himself, pouting and dusting his pants off. the person jimin had expected to help him continues to peruse the menu and jimin grits his teeth. 

well, tall, dark, and rude wasn’t probably worthy of dating jimin anyways. jimin sticks his tongue out childishly for a second before stopping because he’s in college now and he’s above doing childish and petty things like that. it’s too bad that TD&r00D is hot. hot enough that jimin would risk dirtying his favorite pair of jeans for. jimin dusts his butt off grumpily and then pats it a little because it’s a nice butt, not going to lie. 

when the stranger walks past him again, jimin casually sticks a foot out because he said he was above childish and petty things but fuck it, it doesn’t apply if people are r00D

the stranger stumbles and falls and it’s only when two earbuds pop out of the guy’s ears that he realizes oh. he was listening to music.

embarrassed, he holds out a hand. “sorry, i – uh – you okay?” 

the stranger looks at him for a moment and then smiles, showing cute bunny teeth and jimin cries a little inside because the stranger isn’t just hot he’s also adorable, and takes jimin’s hand. “thanks.”

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AU where Blackinnon hasn't met yet but they both know James and Lily and someday they both end up at the Potter's having dinner or something similar and Lily is trying to match them up the whole time while James is doing the opposite cause he doesn't like the idea of Sirius and Marlene dating. Btw, love your drabbles!! (And I hope that your inbox being empty meant that you are taking prompts again!)

A/N: aw, thank you dear, I’m really happy you do :)

“I’m telling you, Lilyflower, I don’t need a girlfriend” Sirius said as he picked up his godson.

“Oh, but I just have a great feeling about you two… Marley is great”, the red haired woman insisted as she put the food in the oven.

“Just leave the man alone… besides, I don’t think it’s a good idea” James interrupted and then look at Sirius, “no offense mate, but you’re not her type”.

“What a bunch of rubbish, he clearly is her type…. Don’t go in that protective mood of yours, it doesn’t suit you” Lily pointed and then waved her wand.

The plates flew gracefully to the living room and placed themselves on their respective places. Harry followed them with his green eyes and giggled happily.

“It’s not a protective mood” James huffed.

He clearly didn’t like the idea of Sirius and Marlene being together, she was his sister and even though he loved Sirius to death, he didn’t want him messing with her. He just knew him too damn well.

“Maley?” Harry asked curiously.

Lily smiled fondly at her son, “she’ll be here any minute now… she’s an Auror”.

“Oh” Sirius said not very sure what to reply.

“And she went to Durmstrang” Lily added. “She’s pretty tough”.

“Too tough”, James pointed.

“Harry loves her” the woman kept on going.

“Look, honestly, I appreciate the effort but I don’t need a girlfriend”, said Sirius as he rolled his eyes.

“Until you meet her”, Lily stated with a sufficient smile.

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