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I want lesbian specific clothes but I’m broke and not comfortable putting it on my birthday/christmas list uggg ;_;

Draws Gramarye siblings F O R E V E R

Also Capcom PLEASE tell those two that their mother is still alive and that they’re relateD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IT’S BEEN OVER A YEAR FOR THEM








Okay but how clearly has Pearl been waiting for this moment? Waiting for the day Steven wanted to know more about where he came from?

Or at least the side of him where Pearl fits in.


Steven wanted to know about SCHOOL, which is an entirely human construct. Pearl’s turned it into being a Gem thing – and don’t get me wrong, I am ALL THE FUCK ABOUT THAT. But it isn’t what Steven asked for. In fact it’s the opposite of what he wanted. He wanted to experience, as well as he could, this totally normal human child thing.

Pearl’s steering him away from that. I don’t think intentionally, I mean she just literally said she had no idea what the fuck “school” is. She got exactly as far as Steven expressing an interest in learning, and she’s snatched it with both hands and assumed that the thing he’d want to learn about is Gem stuff.

Which again feeds into that impression I’ve been getting of Pearl where she just kind of disregards humans. Of COURSE what Steven wants to know is Gem Stuff. Why wouldn’t it be? And, again, she’s so clearly been waiting for this.

It’s such an interesting undercurrent. Obviously we, like Steven (LIKE ME) are distracted by the opportunity to learn the exciting Gem Stuff. But I think it’s worth noting that what Steven WANTED was the mundane, the Human Stuff, and however unintentionally, Pearl’s luring him away. Whether it is or not, I don’t know, but that feels significant to me.

[It’s that time again! Time to be reminded that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free. Please don’t confirm or deny anything mentioned above. Spoilers are nobody’s friend.]

advice for (people i actually know with) the zodiac signs
  • aquarius: don't be so trusting. giving people the benefit of the doubt is all well and good, but some people really are just assholes. you are such a sweet, joyful, glowing presence and most of the people who cluster around you adore you and would never mistreat you, but some people like to attach themselves to nice people and then walk all over them. it's not bad or mean to be a little suspicious of people's excuses and motives, especially if they always seem to have good reasons to blow you off.
  • pisces: don't let the bastards get you down. i know you hate conflict so i'm not going to tell you to bite back when people are sniping at you (unless you want to, in which case, i fully support that) but i also know it's frustrating to just sit there and wait for someone to get done bitching you out. here's the thing: only you have all the information, only you can make decisions about your life. and even if you make a wrong choice? well, it was yours to make, not your mom's or your friend's or whatever. nothing the critics say matters. what's important is that you take care of yourself. remember that.
  • aries: be pushier. i know this is totally anti-stereotypical aries advice, but i also know you. passive resistance and stubbornness are your superpowers, but that can turn so easily into mute, inert refusal. be more active, make demands, don't let yourself be silenced so easily. it makes sense to pick your battles, but if something is really important to you, don't be afraid to be vocal about it even if it pisses people off. sometimes outright aggression is the only way to get things done.
  • taurus: it's okay to be rude to assholes, you know. if someone's being a dick to you, smack them down. you'll feel like a badass after and it might make them leave you alone, two birds my friend. being nice and polite is important, but the world will not stop turning if you piss someone off. you really don't need to be so circumspect. not everyone is as reasonable as you are.
  • gemini: it's ALL RIGHT to not always get along perfectly with everyone 100% of the time. people still love you even when they're annoyed with you about something. you deserve to have your needs met, it's not a burden. you are honestly incredibly important to so many people, i know you feel like a crazy whirlwind constantly making mistakes but you bring so much love and joy to the people who care about you. you don't need to be afraid that they'll hate you if you mess up.
  • cancer: not everything has to be part of your plan for it to be ok. sometimes random shit happens and it's awesome. don't be afraid of the unexpected; don't be afraid to step off the path you have all laid out for your life. i know your comfort zone is incredibly important to you and you build high walls around it for a reason, but stick your head out the gate now and then. good things come in weird packages sometimes.
  • leo: you *can* trust people, you know. your friends don't *only* like you and value your presence because of how cool and fun you are and how much they dig the energy you project. i know you hold a lot of things back for a reason, but the image people have of you won't suddenly crumble if you confide in them a little. they care about you and i bet they'd love to hear more about how you're doing.
  • virgo: like, make your bed. it won't actually give you control over the whirling vortex of terror that is your life, but at least now you have somewhere tidy and comfortable to sit and that in and of itself will help you relax. this is really easy for me to say, but let go of trying to fix everything. sometimes carving out a little oasis of order amid the chaos is all you need.
  • libra: just because an idea is fun doesn't mean it's good. you're really awesome and people love to be around you because you're great company, but sometimes your cleverness and wit get you into trouble and you're left feeling guilty and upset for proposing something that wound up being a little less hilarious than everyone had hoped. you have good instincts, but remember to weigh the odds of a thing going badly before you do it.
  • scorpio: you deserve to be treated well! like, really well. you have no idea how important you are to the people who love you, but so many other people in your life treat you badly. if you're giving somebody more than they're giving you, if they make you feel tired or hurt or anxious or upset, walk away. you deserve people who light up your life the way you light up everyone else's.
  • sagittarius: you should cut loose more! it won't make you look immature or dumb. i don't mean go out and get faced if you don't want to but like, have another beer, take a dance class with your girlfriend, do that thing you refuse to do because you're nervous you'll say something stupid and look bad in front of other people. you're already a cool person, and that will still show through if you chill out a little.
  • capricorn: spend more time outside your bubble. i'm not saying your bubble is bad, but there's so much worth learning about the world and other people. you don't have to toss all your dreams and wishes out the window, or agree with everything you hear or see or read, but it's good to challenge yourself. the more you know, more informed you are in making decisions about your own life, and if your plans and convictions hold up they'll be that much stronger for the testing.
text message.quinntana
  • SANTANA: First off, I hardly bark, it's more like demands and the threat of chopping them into tiny bits and shipping each and every accurate portion of their body parts back to their Mother land. If I have to hear one more minion try to punch in their I'm 1/4 white, 2/5 whiter, and 1/2 whitest, but at least that portion kinda didn't take part in dehumanizing your ancestors -- oh and did I mention that one time I sucked off the pool boy, which totally means I've got a pint of brown in my very white palette, where do I cash in for some kool aid, Corona, and being your numero uno? -- I'll kill them all.
  • SANTANA: Second, it's not /all/ I do. I happen to like a convo or two that doesn't circulate around how awesome I am. I mean, it's /exhausting/ being this hot, and this interesting like always. Plus, it's cute when you're fiesty sista, sista. Do it more, but I prefer all, 'I hate Brad Pitt's chin double' rants with your mouth against clitana. Thanks. ;)
  • SANTANA: Guess what.