doesn't mean it comes out good

critiquing the signs (leo perspective)
  • aries: do you EVER think before you act? you're not the only person in the world! think about how your actions and words can affect others before you do something stupid
  • taurus: stop being so stubborn! you don't always have to have the last word! just because you don't WANT to hear something doesn't mean you don't NEED to hear it
  • gemini: nobody wants to be you, so stop acting like it. be truthful and trustworthy! your loud mouth will get you into trouble if you're not careful
  • cancer: don't be so hard on yourself and don't bottle up your emotions.. it's okay to let it out and it's okay to have feelings! sadness doesn't make you weak!
  • leo: stop looking for assurance from other people and stop pretending to be somebody you're not! it's okay to be sensitive and insecure but don't lash out at people who don't deserve it!
  • virgo: not everything has to be your way! not everybody can be what you want them to be! flaws and imperfections are normal and nothing to get upset about
  • libra: be more considerate of other people's feelings and make up your mind about things! not everyone can handle how back and forth you go
  • scorpio: learn to let go of things and accept the fact that people can change.. your lack of trust can ruin a good thing
  • sagittarius: you don't have to please anybody but yourself.. you will find more joy in doing your own thing.. but that doesn't mean you should shut everyone out
  • capricorn: trust your own judgment and do things under your OWN influence.. but not everything you say or do is the right thing
  • aquarius: you need to learn how to handle criticism and understand that perceiving something negatively doesn't mean it's actually a bad thing
  • pisces: not everyone can handle the depth and strength of your emotions! be careful when it comes to oversharing

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I hope this doesn't come out as a dumb question but do you think dogs can be bilingual? I'm french but sometimes I talk to my dog in english and he does what I tell him to, he's a german shepherd

Of course! Language means nothing to a dog, you could give all non verbal commands and still have a good pupper. You could also say things like potato, soup, or pancake and have them mean normal things!

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I think the problem with Andromeda is that people are expecting the pinnacle of gaming with this. It's going to be a good game, and it'll have its flaws. The hype created by the fans are what cause games to do poorly because we overestimate games before they even come out. Will Andromeda be a good game? Probably, but that doesn't mean it'll be perfect. Fans need to except that and quit trying to complain about a video game having problems, they all do.

Yeah, I think expectations need to be tempered all around. Every game has its issues and when you let the hype get too intense the end result will never live up to your expectations. 

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This is not a prompt and I know you usually don't do asks... but! just in case: the finale is really messing up with my mind. The idea that she talks to him every day and he probably doesn't know she is alive is too much for me. What worries me the most is the idea of Bellamy getting romantic with somebody in the ark, given where the storyline is going do you think it's a possibility? How do you see things panning out?

In general, you’re right, I don’t do much speculation of this type, and I’m afraid I’m not going to start now. But here are some things that I consider to be important and good:

  • That was not a finale you write unless you care very, very deeply, about the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke. 
  • Clarke doesn’t really have a non-Bellamy love interest other than Niylah, and Niylah hasn’t ever really been treated like a love interest so much as a FWB. Obviously it’s possible they could leave her single or give her a new love interest from a number of places, but I think the lack of an extant obvious person is probably a good thing, in terms of Bellarke.
  • I also think their being separated makes it much more likely that the show is, if nothing else, considering making Bellarke canon. If they were together, they’d have to deal with their relationship in the Ark, with the following possible outcomes:
    • They get together during the time jump (unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together during the time jump and their relationship is at its current level for six years, and then they get together once they get back to Earth (bizarre and probably also unsatisfying)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they are not interested in a romantic relationship and enter S5 as Firmly Just Friends (ugh)
    • They do not get together over the time jump because they have a Huge Falling Out and have to learn to be friends again on Earth (probably the most interesting of these but also like wtf why)
  • So being separated basically allows the writers to delay making a decision about whether or not they will be canon, whereas I think that leaving them together would have necessitated making that choice, and necessitated it in ways that would not be promising for the ship. I like the time jump, and as much as the sadness both of them are doubtless feeling during their separation hurts me, I much prefer it to the alternative, from both a story and shipping perspective.
  • Our cliffhanger was literally Clarke calling Bellamy EVERY DAY because she misses him so much and Bellamy being in actual mourning, so there is every reason to believe we are getting a fucking EPIC reunion.

On a broader note, I come from the old way of fandom, and from the old way of slash fandom, especially, where we never really expected our ships to become canon, and just sort of assumed every important conversation involving our OTP would end with some variation on “no homo,” so I get that my perspective on this is probably different from some people’s. Will I be frustrated if Bellamy and Clarke don’t mash their mouths together at some point? Yes, I totally will. I desperately want them to mash their mouths together, and I do think it’s pretty possible that they will. But my shipping of things has never really taken becoming canon as a very important factor in how much I enjoy them, so I am much more likely to think of all the reasons it might not happen to keep my expectations low than try to reassure myself that canonization is coming. So I’m not a good resource for that kind of reassurance.

But that also means what I mostly think about is all the things that will make me happy aside from actual face-mashing, and that finale was basically non-stop Bellamy and Clarke love each other so much, holy shit, with every indication that S5 will continue with that. And that is 900% what I’m about.

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Headcanon: Dean doesn't talk during sex, i mean he does listen and pay attention to the needs of the person he's having sex with. But he prefers that, he doesn't like to ruin the moment by talking. But the noises that do come out of him are amazingly hot.

Yep. Yes. This is good. Yes.

BTW I’m not even trying to be hard on Dipper here, he’s a sweet boy but he’s been taught by society and media that this is how a boy is supposed to act when he has a crush on a girl. 

But it’s also so important that the narrative calls out this behavior as bad and that Dipper learns his lesson.

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I think it'd be very suiting for Lance to be bi for so many reasons, like 1. just beacuse we've seen him only flirting w/ girls doesn't mean he doesn't also like boys (people forget that too often) 2. we know that Lance has problems w/ self-confidence aaand he actually reminds me a lot of my bi friend who used to flirt w/ girls A LOT before coming out/self identification because he was afraid of also liking boys etc. 3. Lance being bi would be a hella good representation

#let lance be bi

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What do you think Nietzsche meant by becoming an "Übermensch?" I mean you google übermensch and it says "the ideal superior man of the future who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose his own values." But it just says Christian morality. I mean there's plenty of Atheists out there today but does that mean they're all an "übermensch?" In my opinion it doesn't. Idk just curious what's your opinion?

To understand the idea of an Übermensch you first need to understand slave and master morality. A slave moralist is someone who gets morality either from other people or by observing society and saying something is bad, and then judging the opposite of that bad action as a good thing. This person, to Nietzsche, is full of spite and hatred. This is where his slightly polemical attack on christianity comes in because christians get morality from judging society and other people rather than discovering it for themselves.

A master moralist (he also refers to as aristocratic morality) bases their morality on their actions by thinking what i have done is good. It is more of an active trial and error role of what is good and bad. An Übermensch is in my opinion what Nietzsche saw as an ultra aristocratic being who loved living and being and created a set of values all by themselves in order to fulfil their lifestyle. This is in his eyes opposite to christianity, as he thought that its values came from a reaction and kick back against life, which is not constructive for values.

However Nietzsche does not say that all christians are slave moralists and that all atheists are master moralists, he just makes an observation where there is an evident trend in society. I would agree with this to some extent but christianity as practiced is not as extreme anymore and there are plenty of atheists full of hate and spite who perfectly embody slave morality (one reason I disagree with left wing politics), so I think that the issue has transcended religiosity and moved into politics

Ty for the ask and sorry for the long answer - Martin x

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Zara Larson is so funny cus like wtf is her retweeting some random person on twitter harassing Taylor about the BLM thing going to do, get her cool points for bandwagoning on harassing Taylor cus then she just looks dumb. Also this mentality that if you don't hashtag a movement on twitter means you don't support is moronic, cus I'm pretty sure Taylor tweeted her support of a BLM march at some point oh but she didn't hashtag BLM so it I guess it doesn't count 😒

it’s just so dumb and gross to me that people who don’t even know taylor pull this kind of shit you know? taylor is a good person and has always been super supportive of other artists in the industry? this girl is an up and coming pop artist like shouldn’t she be hoping someone like taylor would give her a shout out or maybe even invite her on stage at some point in the future? it just seems beyond stupid to attack someone of taylor’s stature and alienate someone with her fan base to win points from stan twitter of all things? like i think this tactic of pretending to be as “woke” as possible to win fans is just so dumb and isn’t about making change or “using your voice” at all…it’s more about artists who think they’re mobilizing fans to buy their music even though the people they’re mobilizing don’t actually buy shit…it’s quite funny actually because all they get is retweets and headlines from dumbass sites like complex and jezebel. none of these people know how to play the long game and speak though their actions. that’s why taylor has been killing it for 10 years now and they’re barely able to get off the ground.

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Hey um I hope this doesn't come off as rude or anything but I have to draw myself as a superhero for class on photoshop and I really dont know the first thing I should do on photoshop. I really want my it to come out good but I can't draw so I was wondering if I can pay you to draw me as a superhero on photoshop for my class or if not that's okay I'll just learn how to draw from tutorials

I mean… isn’t the point of school is learning?  How to work these programs and I don’t know this might be a stretch, but shouldn’t you be doing your own homework cause you’re taking the class and not me?  I wouldn’t like to know that I’m being commissioned to do someone’s homework when you’re gonna be graded on my work, that you didn’t even do cause its mine… That in my book is plagiarism… cheating… So yeah it comes off rude to even ask this in the first place.

but as much as clary doesn’t want to be considered a morgenstern ,
she is one .

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since everybody seems to be down in the dumps about echoes's characters, this is your daily reminder that silque, celica, mae, genny, and sonya are all fairly well-written and have their own personalities regardless of endgame husbands. Just because Faye's terrible doesn't mean everyone's terrible.

Good reminder! There’s sure to be some nice gals coming out of this even if Faye is a complete fucking train wreck

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soooo idk if you take criticism, but i promise this comes from a good place. i've been reading a couple of your fics recently, and the only problem i've had with them has been the excessive use of parentheses. they're supposed to be used as a way to add afterthoughts in a way that doesn't seem intrusive or out of place, but after constant use they become quite grating. please don't be offended by this, i greatly enjoy your fics! your writing is wonderful!

Hi anon!! I don’t mind criticism, and I’m definitely not offended! Thank you for saying that you enjoy my fics! ^.^

I see what you mean about the parentheses, and I get this a lot – people are often very torn on them lolololol. I write in what I call an internal monologue style, and I use the parentheses in a few different ways (I won’t bore you with all the methodology behind them haha) to emphasize points / make thoughts feel jumbled.

I’ve definitely cut back on using them since I started writing for YOI – you’ll notice there’s a lot more in all the world’s a stage than there are in if i’m never your hero, and if I were to go back and re-edit my earlier fics I’d probably take some out. However, with the amount I’m using in my writing right now, I’ll keep them because it’s sort of just?? My style??

It may seem like I randomly throw them in there but there actually is a purpose behind every pair ;p Thank you again for saying that you like my writing and i’m sorry that you think the parentheses are excessive!

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There are actually a fair amount of places in Latin America where mami/papi is a flirty, sexual thing. That doesn't make the fetishistic generalizations projected onto Matthews better, but non-Latinos spreading another bit misrepresentation and calling it "nasty" isn't a good look either.....

you are more than welcome to come speak to me about this off anonymous because this isn’t a conversation that i believe should be had over the dash through a series of messages. but now that that’s out of the way:

1. i’m aware that there are places in latin america in which mami/papi is used within different contexts with vastly different meanings. 

2. my ‘this is so nasty’ comment, and the ‘nasty’ comments from others who reblogged the post had everything to do with the initial post and absolutely nothing to do with the context outlined above. this is a conversation that’s been had multiple times since auston was drafted and i’m sure it’s been had even before them. the term is a term of endearment between auston’s mom and her only son and isn’t being utilized, obviously, in the context outlined above. all too often is it seen that people are throwing the term around in relation to auston, and many have expressed discomfort with it in relation to auston specifically. especially given the fact that, in the case of auston, it’s an extremely personal term of endearment that’s used only by those close to him. so my comment in the tags had nothing to do with the areas and cultures that use mami/papi within flirtatious and sexual contexts, and everything to do with the content of the actual initial post. 

i apologize for any misunderstanding or upset that i’ve caused. 

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Honestly even if genji thinks Overwatch was mostly good, they killed his family and for the most part had him do it? Like he could totally be like "my criminal family needed to be defanged for the grater good and that goal wasn't possible through legal mean" but he also still killed his family which doesn't sound like a good therapy plan right after said family tried to kill him.

*leans close so my lips touch the mic* Why would the first plan be giving a man who is both traumatized and filled with raw anger a weaponized body? Nothing good would have come out of that at all. How quickly do you think they put Genji on field? Was he even allowed to recover mentally as he did physically? How did he even effectively deal with a criminal empire that lasted for centuries in the span of one whole year? Are the Shimadas being killed or imprisoned? (probably killed if genji’s emotions were leading his actions and ovw didn’t care how he did it maybe). The empire needed to be dismantled but i dont think genji needed to physically be there or the one wholly responsible for being in charge of that operation cause, genji serving as anonymous intel on everything about the shimada family would have been far better for him

all in all,  genji deserved none of this and i feel like if genji failed, all the blame would be placed on him lol

when things get too hard for Danny and he breaks down and can’t function for a while his first reaction isn’t to call Sam or Jazz, it’s usually to text Tucker that he’s coming over Right The Fuck Now

his next step is to take over Tucker’s shower for maybe an hour while he sits there and cries and sobs and lets everything out, Tucker sits on the edge of the tub and says nothing while it happens, and only moves to stop Danny from pulling his own hair out or hitting his head against the wall, then he’ll turn the shower off and put a towel over his friend after he’s cried himself out

Tucker will sit by him and rub his back until Danny is ready to get up and get dressed again, after which Tucker will put on a movie and they’ll chill out in silence for as long as they’re able or until Danny feels like talking

Tucker’s parents know this happens sometimes, but they don’t really know why, they just know that Danny’s having a real hard time over something and Tucker can handle it and that those boys are gonna need a fuckton of snacks, sometimes Mrs Foley drives down to whatever store is open at 3 in the morning to get like five bags of chips (and tells Danny she already had them lying around the cupboard) and she lets Tucker stay up all night regardless of school the next morning to keep Danny company, because whatever’s wrong in that poor boy’s life, at least he has a safe place he can always feel welcome to recover in, and both Foleys always let him know that he can talk to them about anything

Sam and Jazz have tried to help him when he got like this, they tried to talk to him and get him to explain his feelings or psychoanalyse him, and even though they were trying to help Danny just couldn’t handle it

Tucker was never good with this kind of thing, even when they were kids, he never knew what to say or how to handle someone being upset, so he would just stay silent and offer nothing but his company, and it turned out that was always exactly what Danny needed

i want to write essays on why yshtolas and thancred’s relationship because it is good, she felt guilty (to me at least) for dragging him in but he reassures her he would follow her into probably hell ten fold. thancred is a good man who loves and adores the people around him, and would not like to let any of his friends feel guilty. 

he recognizes y’shtolas experience and fortitude, and given the history that she teases him a lot he’s very kind and gentle, if not a bit mischievous with her. he is just happy that she is alright and safe, they are both alright and safe now and he’s happy with that. though he knows most likely she cannot see normally anymore, that is what he focuses on.

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i think i, & a lot of people, are having a hard time coming up with what would be a good enough reason for yousef to pull that. doesn't mean he won't have 1, but right now it's hard to imagine forgiving him. it parallels 3x05, but even HAD dumped isak, was making out with his gf (not like jonas lol), & had no idea isak was there. yousef sent sana out to break up a violent fight between 9 boys w/no regard for her safety, & kissed her good friend knowing there was a chance she would see it

hey lovie! I think you absolutely have a point. even if he was upset with her about asking him to come to party she knew Even would be at and was in the right for feeling a little bit bothered by that, it seems like an incredibly extreme reaction. I have a hard time making sense of that too! and I think it’s fair if people draw their conclusions from this too. skam is in real time after all, they can’t expect us to not make up our mind until we get the full picture, because the full picture isn’t given to us! I personally don’t really feel up for reblogging lovely gifs from Yousef right now either, hahaha. it’s just that the reaction is so incredibly extreme – people legitimately refuse to write down his actual name and it’s like, let’s dial this back a little bit.

what has Yousef actually done? like, objectively? he sent Sana out to fix the fight all by herself, definitely a bad move. he didn’t join his friends when they left and instead lingered behind, not such a great move either. he kissed Noora, and while I think that was pretty lame, I also don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world! Sana deleted him from her Facebook, and while she absolutely had the right to do so, I think it’s fair of Yousef to react to this as well. like, if he even suspected her to like him, he’s probably  starting to seriously doubt this now. and while I think it’s still not a great move to immediately go for one of her friends, I also think that, right now Sana and Yousef owe each other nothing. they’ve never made a commitment to each other, they never promised each other anything, they never even straight up admitted to each other that they liked each other at all. it’s just a little bit like, what was Yousef supposed to do? wait for years until she added him back on Facebook? 

it’s just like, turn this situation around. if it was a girl receiving mixed signals from a boy, if he was deleting her off Facebook and ignoring her texts but still expecting her to wait around for him and not kiss any other guys, would we be reacting the same way?

Take Me Home sentence starters
  • "Come on and let me sneak you out."
  • "We'll be doing what we do, just pretending that we're cool."
  • "I know we only met, but let's pretend it's love."
  • "Don't overthink, just let it go."
  • "If we get together, don't let the pictures leave your phone."
  • "We wanna live while we're young."
  • "If you don't wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home, baby, say yeah."
  • "I just wanna show you off to all of my friends."
  • "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me."
  • "You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I'll love them endlessly."
  • "I'm in love with you."
  • "You'll never treat yourself right, darlin', but I want you to."
  • "Come on and dance with me, baby."
  • "I been watching you all night."
  • "Let me be your last first kiss."
  • "I wanna be the first to take it all the way like this."
  • "I'm afraid you'll run away if I tell you what I've wanted to tell you."
  • "Maybe this is a mistake."
  • "Seein' you with him just don't feel right."
  • "You're all I ever wanted, thought you would be the one."
  • "Now that you're gone, I can't stand dumb love songs."
  • "Do you remember summer '09?"
  • "It was the best time of my life."
  • "They can never shut us down."
  • "I used to think that I was better alone."
  • "Why did I ever wanna let you go?"
  • "The words you whispered I will always believe."
  • "We should say goodbye."
  • "Are we friends or are we more?"
  • "If you say you want me to stay, I’ll change my mind."
  • "Up in my head I'm your boyfriend, but that's one thing you've already got."
  • "Reality ruined my life."
  • "Feels like I'm constantly playing a game that I'm destined to lose."
  • "I can't compete with your boyfriend."
  • "Would he love you like I would?"
  • "I'd never leave her."
  • "It's no joke to me."
  • "Can we do it all over again?"
  • "You know I can tell that your heart isn't in it, or with it."
  • "We can both remove the masks and admit we regret it from the start."
  • "You'll never know how to make it on your own."
  • "But do you really want to be alone?"
  • "Baby, you don't have to worry, I'll be coming back for you."
  • "I've never been so into somebody before."
  • "Tell me nothing's gonna change."
  • "We're too young to know about forever."
  • "This love is only getting stronger."
  • "I just wanna tell the world that you're mine, girl."
  • "I bet you if they only knew, they would just be jealous of us."
  • "They don’t know I've waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right."
  • "They don’t know how special you are."
  • "They don’t know what you’ve done to my heart."
  • "They can say anything they want 'cause they don’t know us."
  • "It's between me and you, our little secret."
  • "Can't believe you're packing your bags."
  • "Don't promise that you're gonna write, don't promise that you'll call, just promise that you won't forget we had it all."
  • "You always will be my summer love."
  • "Wish that we could be alone now, we could find some place to hide."
  • "So please don't make this any harder, we can't take this any farther."
  • "She's addicted to the feeling of letting go."
  • "I'm the only one that gets to take her home."
  • "Every time I tell her that I want more, she closes the door."
  • "She's so afraid of falling in love."
  • "Maybe she's just trying to test me."
  • "Maybe all her friends have told her 'don't get closer, he'll just break your heart'."
  • "Every time I tell her how I feel, she says it's not real."
  • "I was the only one who loved you from the start."
  • "When I see you with him it tears my world apart."
  • "I've been waiting all this time to finally say it, but now I see your heart's been taken and nothing could be worse."
  • "Had my chances, could have been where he is standing."
  • "I loved you first."
  • "I never understood what love was really like, but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes."
  • "Together we're so good, so why are you tearing me apart?"
  • "Did I do something stupid?"
  • "There's gotta be some way to get you to want me like before."
  • "No one ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts cause I know you won't be mine tonight."
  • "You say to everybody that you hate me, couldn't blame you 'cause I know I left you all alone."
  • "I was so stupid for letting you go, but I know you're still the one."
  • "I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me."
  • "I'm just the underdog who finally got the girl."
  • "Somehow you kicked all my walls in."
  • "Should I act so cool like it was no big deal?"
  • "Here's the tragic truth if you don't feel the same, my heart would fall apart if someone said your name."
  • "I hope I'm not a casualty, hope you won't get up and leave."
  • "Might not mean that much to you, but to me it's everything."
  • "Come on over, I don't care if people find out."
  • "They say that we're no good together and it's never gonna work out."
  • "I know you wanna be bad."
  • "Kissed you once now I can't leave."
  • "Everything you do is magic."
  • "Don't try to make me stay."
  • "Heartache doesn't last forever."
  • "Should I see someone else?"