doesn't mean he enjoys it though

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Rfa+ V and Saeran reacting to finding out MC has a daddy kink 🌚🌚 I'm not sorry


  • Dominant Yoosung anyone?
  • Y'all are going at it in bed
  • He’s pounding into you, enjoying your praise
  • Hears you yell out
  • Daddy, please!!”
  • That boy becomes putty in you hand
  • He didn’t even think he was into that???
  • But he loved the way your voice sounded? 
  • Let’s just say he made you call him that a lot more in bed
  • (and you were in bed a lot more)


  • Rip you already
  • It’s your first time with him
  • He’s trying so hard not to unleash has beast
  • Has you against the shower wall, thrusting into you
  • Your close to release
  • Moans “faster daddy, please~” into his ear
  • Beast mode activated
  • He is all over you
  • You are unable to walk for 3 days
  • Round eight babe?”


  • You mean Baehee??  
  • Just eating you out, both of you in pleasure
  • Wanting to release, you beg to
  • Jaehee is enjoying this a Iot
  • You’re whimpering & bucking your hips
  • Finally you plead
  • Please mommy~”
  • Much excitement, much horny
  • Horny city, population gal I met online
  • You both were in bed for awhile


  • You mean Jumin “Daddy” Han??
  • Fr tho he doesn't  really see much fun in it
  • Thinks its kind of stupid when he first heard of it
  • But after doing the do with you and hearing you beg your ‘daddy’
  • Is okay with it. Like yes princess.
  • Makes sure you know who he is though in the sheets by marking you tho
  • Daddy Jumin must protect his little Princess MC
  • almost began acting like Tamaki in OHSHC


  • You finally got him away from his computer.
  • Like finally a tucking accomplishment
  • Both somehow end up in bed
  • He’s teasing you and feeling you up
  • All you want is just Seven inside you. Now.
  • You take drastic measures, pull him down and whisper in his ear 
  • Daddy, tuck me until I’m left screaming
  • You could hear his breath hitch
  • He runs a hand down his face, blushing brightly before leaning close and growling
  • Has my little Princess been naughty??”


  • Sex with this man is already difficult enough
  • He can barely see you and he’s always embarrassed.
  • Some nights though he gets really needy and is all up against you
  • Just like this night.
  • His body is rubbing against you and he’s biting your neck
  • Finally you look at him and smirk
  •  “Is Daddy needy for his little Princess??”
  • He blushes and you try not to giggle before BAM
  • You’re underneath him
  • You’d ask how but he’s staring down at you and he speaks
  • Daddy wants Princess to scream his name”
  • You were NOT expecting that.
  • (but you weren’t going to complain either hue hue)


  • This guy is kinky af
  • He hides in terror from the kinkshame police
  • But you guys were tucking in the bedroom, no big deal
  • Fucking you was one way of saying ‘I love you’
  • He keeps teasing you though
  • That bastard learned from Seven
  • Decided to go for revenge
  • Bucked your hips against him and whimpered “daddy
  • Plan: Worked
  • He moved on top of you and smirked
  • Daddy, huh? Well, Daddy isn’t nearly done. Be a good girl and lay back

Thank you Anon! I had fun with these hue hue hue hue~

Anonymous said to sf9-babies: can i request an sf9 reaction where the S/O gets isnt really into skinship, but when theyre sleepy get really cuddly?

Rowoon: Has no objection. Loves sleepy cuddles. He actually waits for you to get sleepy so he can cuddle

Originally posted by softseong

(He tried)

Youngbin: Absolutely LOVES sleepy cuddles. Okay, so we all know this boi loves him some skinship. So, yeah, he’d be a little down that you aren’t usually cuddly. But that makes the sleepy cuddles all the better

Originally posted by maknaesnoonax

(Notice how he holds Chani back to him)

Zuho: This boo is pretty quiet and a little shy at times, so cuddles only really happening when you’re sleepy isn’t something that he’s down about. He doesn't really mind having a lot or little cuddles. He enjoys them no matter how much there is

Originally posted by 1yearwithsf9

(nEw fAvOrItE gIf)

Jaeyoon: He’d probably tease you tbh. Not a lot, just a little here and there. He secretly loves your sleepy cuddles though

Originally posted by seitre

(soft Jaeyoon is soft)

Hwiyoung: He doesn’t really mind you not wanting cuddles all the time. It’s reasonable. Your cuddles are more romantic this way

Originally posted by kimyumbin

Chani: Okay, yep, Chani is in fact manly. But, he’s like 17 international age, I think, and usually, idols train for about 2-4 years, once again, I think, so that means when he was around the age to start dating, he was a trainee and wasn’t allowed to. So, he’s probably a little awkward when it comes to relationships and stuff. But, everyone at least occasionally needs a cuddle. 

Sleepy cuddles are perfect Chani, he probably isn’t quite ready for a lot of cuddles. But, as I said before, at some point, everyone needs a cuddle. A lot of the time when people get sleepy, they are more cuddly. Your sleepy cuddles wouldn’t be like intense, like Youngbin’s lol,  they would be soft and happy. And he loves them, sometimes even looks forward to them

Originally posted by seitre

Inseong: He doesn’t think too much of it. He just cradles you against his chest. Rubbing soothing circles on the small of your back

Originally posted by fy-sf9

Taeyang: He’ll tease you for it, but he high-key loves it and thinks you’re just the cutest little angel to ever exist. Though, if you ask him to not tease you about is he’ll stop

Originally posted by sf9drabbles

~Ye Jin

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I always imagine Jungkook asking Jimin to be less obvious in public. Jimin says "okay, sure, easy". But then, the next day, in front of his fans, Jimin says he loves Jungkook, hugs him, touches his butt weirdly, compliments him A LOT and admits wishing for date at the beach. Jungkook is so done he doesn't try to stop Jimin anymore 😂 (i'm sure Jungkook enjoys Jimin's attention. I mean, did you see the smile after Jimin grabbed his butt??? Wow. Just wow)

honestly though, that’s probably how it goes down. except sometimes jk’s the one doing the most™ and jimin’s the one that’s surprised lmao. but for real, jm is always so freaking extra when it comes to him and jk. like, he really doesn’t care what he does, he gives no cares anymore. it’s kinda amazing. and like jk’s reaction to jm ????? was honestly beautiful ???? like, he didn’t look weirded out, disgusted, or anything. he looked really freaking happy. like, that’s so gay omg. 

Who should you fight: Hoshido and Nohr family edition
  • Corrin: They would talk you out of it and you would somehow end up on their side. If you do fight them though, prepare to face the full wrath of a dragon
  • Azura: Looks frail, but is not. Just because she doesn't enjoy fighting doesn't mean she won't kick your ass if provoked. Fight if you want to be danced to death
  • Ryoma: Have you seen this guy? This lobster will beat the crap out of you, but at least he will make sure it's an honourable fight
  • Hinoka: DO NOT FIGHT. This girl is a natural born warrior. It doesn't matter how tough you are, she will not hesitate to fight you and win.
  • Takumi: Go ahead. Fight the angsty pineapple. I hope you weren't planning on being an adventurer though because you will take an arrow to the knee at some point during the fight
  • Sakura: Don't you dare, you monster
  • Xander: He would humour you for a bit, but he can and will teach you a lesson if you deserve it. Fight with caution.
  • Camilla: Your funeral is already being prepared. If you already fought Corrin, then prepare for an added bonus of eternal suffering
  • Leo: If he doesn't have a tome, then totally fight him. If he does then I hope you enjoyed your life while it lasted
  • Elise: Do you really want to fight someone with those puppy dog eyes? Punching yourself in the face would be more fulfilling

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Bouncing off what that other anon said, I think that the way mo reacted to HT's saliva maybe caused a shift for HT. Why else would he go from the loving looks he shot mo in the previous chapters to the cold gaze he's giving now? He's definitely contemplating something. I mean, when mo wouldn't eat with his fork, HT was actually willing to give in to mo's wishes. And we've NEVER seen him do that. Maybe he's realizing just how much he likes mo and that he doesn't know if mo will reciprocate

Hmm I feel like He Tian already knew how Guan shan would react to his saliva when he gave him his food in the previous chapter though, it felt like he was purposely teasing Guan shan to enjoy his reaction (regardless of whether Guan shan ate the food or not) 

(based off this panel)

This is just my own interpretation of course but I did say I think He Tian is the slightly sadistic type right LOL

So back to the theories as to why He Tian seem so strangely indifferent in this chapter, I still can’t decide after thinking about it overnight. One of the previous anons said He Tian looked sad after looking at his phone so maybe something happened, I saw a similar theory in the tags too so could that be it? The first panel of the chapter shows He Tian looking at his phone without showing his facial expression:

After that he had that same look throughout the whole chapter. 

Maybe Old xian is foreshadowing some future angst. Maybe He Tian is starting to feel insecure like you said. Or maybe He Tian really just isn’t bothered by some skinship. Aaarrghhhh so many theories which one is it I can’t decide!!!

fieldofclover replied to your photo: [5] I really really enjoy the side eye Kurogane is…

Who’s more shocked at Fai’s age: you or Kurogane?

I feel like Kurogane would have a much higher investment in Fai’s age than me but HE ISN’T SHOWN AS REACTING AT ALL. 


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concept: stoner brooke enjoying weed not because of any angst but because she just likes weed. she doesn't smoke it though, she just makes and eats edibles.

concept: Michael also just enjoys weed, Jeremy just enjoy weed. Like its not their vice for any sort of emotional angst 90% of the time, maybe once in a while when they’re down but its implied canonly they smoke to celebrate. Boys just smoke. LET PEOPLE SMOKE WEED WITHOUT NEEDING TO BE HURT AND NEEDING SOME SRT OF ANGSTY VICE THEY’RE NOT CONNOR MURPHY WHO WAS LITERALLY SELF MEDICATING A MENTAL HEALTH ILLNESS BECAUSE EVERYONE AROUND HIM WASN’T EDUCATED ENOUGH TO SEE HE HAD A PROBLEM— 

*ahem* I mean, yes Brooke enjoys weed too, she totally gets it from Michael and in return she gives him weed butter, brownies and even weed infused candles. 
Pinkberry is her munchie of choice. Yes. What are those? I hear canons firing

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Fox Mulder doesn't know a lot about self-care.

This is the best prompt I’ve ever gotten.


He knows very little about taking care of anything, really, and his emotional state – and certainly his face – cap the bottom of the list.

This is nice, though. It means that Scully’s stopped being angry at him enough for her to pretend to enjoy his presence for more than fifteen minutes. He feels like he can finally breathe in his stupid pink polo (he thought she’d laugh) and sit back and relax a little, wait until the undercover team comes and takes this alternate universe apart.

“Watch it,” he warns her when she giggles and paints a stripe of green goo above his lip. It burns in a pleasant way, and now they smell alike. “You almost got some in my nose.”

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Idk how you can be a fan though if you constantly hate on him. Fans don't do that.

well i mean. it’s always important to be critical of any celebrities who produce work that u enjoy and it’s possible to still be a fan while being critical of them. and if ur a morrissey fan who’s not critical of him wyd honestly cuz like. he’s pretty inexcusable

Sentence Starters: Alfred Hitchcock edition
  • "People don't commit murder on credit."
  • "Everyone has somebody that they want to put out of the way."
  • "He looked exactly the same when he was alive, only he was vertical."
  • "I'm not much on rear window ethics."
  • "Did he tell you exactly what to do, what to say?"
  • "Well why did you pick on me? Why me?"
  • "He doesn't need you... he's got his memories."
  • "Not only did I enjoy that kiss last night, I was awed by its efficiency."
  • "You shouldn't keep souvenirs of a killing. You shouldn't have been that sentimental."
  • "You've nothing to stay for. You've nothing to live for really, have you?"
  • "From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs."
  • "Six times, can you imagine it? I mean, even twice would be overdoing it, don't you think?"
  • "Only one is a wanderer; two together are always going somewhere."
  • "Intelligence. Nothing has caused the human race so much trouble as intelligence."
  • "You want a leg or a breast?"
  • "I think I must have one of those faces you can't help believing."

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Can I request a scenario where a short girl (and I mean short like 5'3") comes up to Murasakibara to give him snacks at practices. (He doesn't like short girls though.) I don't know if this qualifies as a matchup? If so, ignore this! Thanks!

Don’t worry, this definitely doesn’t qualify as a matchup! I really love this scenario because I’m like 5'3" and I love Mukkun. Also using female pronouns because the request states ‘girl’. Enjoy! (Also I have no idea why I unintentionally wrote this in third person but oh well.)

Murasakibara was confused, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. As of several weeks before, a strange girl had been showing up at Yōsen’s basketball practices, giving him some of his favorite snacks, then leaving. He wasn’t sure why she was being so generous with her food, but the gesture pleased him nonetheless. Unfortunately for the oblivious, amethyst-haired teen, his teammates weren’t so blind as to why the female was bringing snacks to Murasakibara. They weren’t pleased one bit. In fact, each time the girl would hand Murasakibara a bag of treats, the other basketball members would be practically fuming with jealousy. All but one of them, anyway.

It seemed Himuro was the only was who was happy for Murasakibara, even though Murasakibara had no clue what his friend had to be happy for. It wasn’t until one evening after practice in the changing rooms that he finally seemed to take the hint.

“Well, I like the snacks she gives me,” Murasakibara mumbled around a mouthful of candy he was munching on, answering Himuro’s question as to what he thought about you. Taking a seat on the bench beside his companion, Himuro gave a small, knowing smile.

“Only the snacks?”

“Hm?” Murasakibara squinted his eyes at Himuro’s accusing tone, not liking what he was veering towards. Sure Murasakibara appreciated the food the girl was showering him with, but it was a well known fact that he did not like short girls. “What are you saying, Muro-chin?”

Himuro didn’t look into the irritated, violet eyes as he responded. Instead, he settled with leaning over and tying his shoes, trying to keep the small smirk on his face hidden. “Well she seems nice,” he drawled. “And you don’t seem to mind her around. If anything, you almost seem excited when she shows up.” Perhaps excited wasn’t the best word to use, but the way Murasakibara’s eyes would light up upon seeing the female enter into the gym was almost comical. One could argue that he only seemed interested for the snacks, but Himuro knew his friend better than that. The way he would immediately step off the court to amble his way over to the girl, the way he would take a moment to make light conversation with her while munching on some sweets, the way he would look down at her with actual interest in his normally blasé orbs: it all only proved to Himuro that Murasakibara was definitely feeling some sort of chemistry, even if he would refuse to admit to such a thing.

When Himuro finally lifted his eyes from his shoes to take a glance at Murasakibara in order to see what sort of reaction he was having to his words, the raven-haired male was surprised to see Murasakibara didn’t look annoyed by the statement at all. If anything, he seemed to be thinking about it.

It was after several moments of silence that Murasakibara plopped a candy into his mouth, not immediately refusing Himuro’s earlier allegation. “I don’t like short girls,” he mumbled, a small blush dusting his cheeks as he glared away in slight embarrassment. “I only like the snacks she brings me.”

The next day at practice, though, it seemed Murasakibara had a change of heart. Not even bothering to join the others in practice, he eagerly—or as eager as Murasakibara could possibly appear—awaited for the girl to arrive by the entryway of the gym. When she finally peaked her head in through the doors, she was surprised to find Murasakibara not participating in practice, but rather he was standing only feet away from the threshold she stood at. When the inattentive teen finally turned his head and spotted the one he had been waiting for, his cheeks turned a dull roseate color. Fortunately for him, it went unnoticed by the petite girl.

“Here, Murasakibara-kun,” she said as she approached him, gingerly handing him the pale, plastic bag filled with chips, crackers, and various sweets. With a small bow, she turned and began heading for the doorway to let Murasakibara get back to practice. That is, until she heard him speak up to her.

“Ne, Cutie-chin.”

Immediately flushing blazingly at the nickname, she turned around, this time noticing Murasakibara’s own pink tint on his cheeks.

“Yes?” She said slowly, unsure of why he had called out to her. Especially in such a way, which was definitely shocking.

“Let’s go to the snack shop together next time,” he mumbled, gazing off to the side with his hooded eyes. “You keep forgetting to get me Nerunerunerune.”

On the court, Himuro couldn’t help but smile to himself as his teammates seethed—with the exception of Okamura, who was sobbing in the corner. Even if the proposal was a strange one, Himuro hoped the girl would be able to understand the meaning behind Murasakibara’s words. It wasn’t often that the disinterested basketball player found something he liked other than food and winning anyway.

Even if she was short, and even though Murasakibara most definitely did not like short girls, whatsoever… Well, maybe he could stand them. Just this once.

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Can request a scenarios where Bakugou's s/o knows how to speak other language and to tease him she says something in that language so he doesn't understand anything and she never tells him what it means (You can pick the language!) btw, wich languages do you speak?

Sure thing dear! I hope you’ll like it =) (I didn’t pick a language, I hope it’s okay the way I wrote it?) and my first language is german =) (obviously I know some english) and I’m currently teaching myself a little bit of spanish too, though it’s a slow process, but I enjoy it =)

Bakugou looks up when his partner says something, unfamiliar tunes reaching his ear. It’s a language he has heard her speaking before – specifically, with her family. Lifting an eyebrow, he shoots her a questioning look.

She gives him a secretive smile and a bit of mischief is dancing in her eyes.

“What the hell did you say?” He asks, though his words lack heat. She gives him an innocent shrug and he narrows his eyes.

“You never tell me a damn about what the fuck you say.” Bakugou grumbles.

“Sorry.” She says, standing up to sit down beside him on the bed. “I just wanted to tease you a bit.”

He lifts an eyebrow. “So, what did you say?”

She makes a thoughtful sound, a small smile playing along her lips. “Something nice, probably.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes, though he isn’t scowling. He didn’t miss the playful undertone in her voice and takes hold of her arms to tug her into his lap.

“What language are you speaking anyway?” He asks.

She answers in that unfamiliar tongue again, the words flowing together in a way he would have trouble pronouncing. He pulls his brows together, a slight scowl forming on his face, though he’s mostly concentrated.

Once she’s done, he scoffs and grins. “I’ll fucking find out what you’re saying, you just wait.”

Petyr x Sansa Week: Day 7 Fill Day!
Petyr x Sansa Modern Domestic AU

It was stormy on their wedding day. They didn’t care, it was perfect regardless. It was stormy on the days their children were born. Petyr said it was a sign of good luck; their marriage had been wonderful, so clearly this was the universe’s way of telling them their children would be too. Sansa rolled her eyes at him, but smiled anyway because after all, he was right.

(Huge thanks for the support this week! Enjoy some Petyr/Sansa fluffy domestic goodness as a thanks! Dedicated to my biggest supporter this week [and arguably in general] @jyn-erso-rebels)

Hatoful Headcanon Time!!!: memes
  • Everyone has been placed in front of a computer (and in some cases tied to a chair) where they are being forced--I mean asked to look at memes. Here are their reactions.
  • Hiyoko: she is non-discriminatory in her memes though her favorite is the word egg. She enjoys memeing with Yuuya.
  • Ryouta: he is indifferent towards memes. He will laugh if you show him one but will not spend hours memeing it up with his bros. he doesn't understand "egg"
  • Kazuaki: He loves him a good ole chemistry cat meme. Otherwise he's fairly amused by them.
  • Sakuya: Memes are for peasants (but he laughs at the music puns people post) outwardly he condemns memes and all who enjoy them.
  • Yuuya: memes it up with Hiyoko in the infirmary. The first one to share a good meme with everyone. He has a connection with a secret meme supplier. Secret agent memer.
  • Nageki: "what is a meme, Miss Tosaka? Why is this funny?"
  • Shuu: fuck memes. If he has to listen to one more meme from the two morons he has employed as assistants he's going to commit genocide. *looks up memes when he is alone* his favorite is the "but that's none of my business" Kermit...
  • Anghel: video game memes. Memes harder than hardcore. He loves out of context D&D posts. WARNING: a memeing Anghel is a dangerous Anghel. It will cause the hallucinations to catch up to others faster! Do you want rare pepes running with Oko-San? Of course not! Shuu has made a note in his medical journals to "keep this one away from meme supply"

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Reaction of going camping with BTS or EXO? Doesn't really matter who ,surprise me ! XOXO

Thanks for this reactions!! Though I’m assuming you mean that it is just you and that member.


He would be very glad that you invited him on this trip, especially since recently with all the promoting he’s been doing for Love Me Right. He hasn’t had much time to be with you. While enjoying all the activities, going hiking, swimming in the lakes, and making s’mores with you in the evening, he’s too busy taking cute pictures of you so he can have these memories forever.


He was excited to be going on his first camping trip with you, and even in general. He was also so amazed at how beautiful the environment was. He didn’t mean to, but he almost couldn’t keep eye contact with you because he was too busy taking in the scenery 


He was hesitant at first to accept the invitation to go camping. However, since you were so excited to go, he said yes. It wasn’t his favorite thing in the world, thought he did enjoy cuddling up by the fire with you in the evening.


He jumped on the chance to be with you alone in the woods (that sounds really murderous but shhhhhhh). He would play games like tag and hide-and-seek with you during the day and cuddle up by the fire and look up at the stars together.


He almost said no as soon as you asked, but since he didn’t want to upset you he said yes. He wasn’t all that thrilled to be outside, but he loved seeing how happy you were out there.

but on the inside the whole time he was just like


He wholeheartedly agreed to go camping with you. He was upset that he couldn’t spend more time with you so he thought that it was perfect for you two to go camping. Though, one of the main reasons’s he wanted to go was because he wanted to go somewhere beautiful, to surprise you with a marriage proposal.


He hadn’t been on a real camping trip before, so he was always pleasantly surprised with how pleasant the activities were and how happy it made the two of you.


He was very happy that you invited him on the camping trip with you. He thought, ‘What could go wrong?’

However, every time a rather large bug flew by him (or if he even saw one from a distance),  every time he heard a twig snap, or every time he heard a noise he couldn’t explain… he would pretty much run away.


The only thing that surprised him was that you were able to drag him on this trip. He hated almost every minute of it. The only parts he didn’t hate was holding you by the campfire.


He would buy the most expensive and most high tech camper he could because he has too much money to spend.


He didn’t know what to do on the camping trip so it was mostly just awkward walking in silence and such. 

He also cried whenever a bug got near his Gucci stuff.


He was glad to be spending more time with you and seeing how happy you were frolicking through the woods and such. 


~open for EXO, BigBang, SHINee, and BTS reaction/scenario requests (I am also open to other groups!)!!!~

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Your 2) and 3) are not backed up by any proof. You believe Louis didn't tweet that, you believe they're being forcibly closeted, and you could be wrong. And if you're wrong the behavior that's going on IS harmful. There's a difference between shipping and enjoying a relationship and running a blog actively discussing someone's identity and sexuality. Just bc ur not bothered by ppl questioning ur sexuality doesn't mean Louis isnt

My 2) and 3) ARE backed up by proof though. I could go on and on with the amount of proof there is backing my theories, and I suppose that’s what I should do since I made the claims.

Claim #1: Louis had 100000 times to clear up rumors or to say that he was straight during the livestream and did not. 

Proof: Just watch the livestream. That’s all. Ben is literally BEGGING for the rumors to be addressed. Ben: What’s the strangest rumor you’ve heard about yourself? Aside from being dead? Louis: I’m sure there’s something but… *cue sassy face* No.

Hell, Harry even said ‘some of them I quite like’.

Ben: *brings up fanfiction* 

Ben: *brings up girlfriends*

Ben: Are you in control of deciding what you wear, what you put on the album, what you say?

Boys: *only address what they wear and what they put on the album,  and fucking hell, Liam whispers ‘no’ jokingly and Ben responds by angrily saying ‘maybe correct that’*

Anyways, the whole livestream was an attempt to clear rumors and make people think that they are in control, but they didn’t play along and Louis didn’t address the rumors, nor did Harry, who’s been having article after article written about his ‘not that important’ comment. 

You have to admit, it’s a little suspicious that Louis would choose to flip his shit on twitter rather than address rumors on video, but then again… he never has addressed the rumors on video. Ever. 

Claim #2: They are being forcibly closeted. 

I think Louis’ distaste toward Modest is a clear indicator that, at the very least, they do something that doesn’t agree with him.

‘Any clashes between management and the band?’

Oh Harry doesn’t seem fond of them either… but this could be a false-lip reading so I wouldn’t say this is proof really:

Not only that, but they’ve both hinted at it time and time again. If they WANTED to be closeted they wouldn’t hint at anything! 

(reminder that those are NOT necessarily the reasons I believe they are together)

And finally, there’s proof that they have to ask to interact, and that they aren’t the only ones on their twitter accounts. How many times has ‘Niall’ sleep-tweeted? 

(Tell me, why would a 'willing closeted’ celebrity have to get permission to interact with someone?)

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In the green witch arc when Seb cried he said that he can't even feel those emotions that would make him cry. Do you think he implies that he doesn't feel any emotions then? He does look like he has emotions sometimes, or is that only him acting like he thinks a human should act? I mean, emotions do seem useless for a demon who has to kill people to survive, I mean... he enjoys it...

Hello Anon, and thanks for the question. I’m only sorry it took so long to answer.

Sebastian does have some feelings. We’ve seen him surprised, annoyed, happy, etc. He can feel, although there’s a good chance his feelings are muted, different, or corrupted as compared to typical human emotions.

That incident in the Green Witch arc always intrigued, though, because Sebastian is questioning emotions. If tears suddenly ran down my face when I wasn’t feeling sad, I’d be questioning what’s causing my eyes to water instead of why I was crying. It’s possible that Sebastian didn’t think about something physically affecting him because he’s a demon, but it has been shown that he can be injured. It’s still a very curious scenario.

This is pure headcanon, but I think this might be a sign that Sebastian is changing somewhat. I don’t think he’s going to a pure loving and selfless creature. He’s a demon, so I think that’s beyond his capabilities, but he is changing. He’s slowly evolving or at least accepting that he has more emotions than he had realized.

You’re right that it would be dangerous for a demon to develop feelings of remorse or sympathy considering that they have to eat human souls. It would make it difficult for Sebastian to survive, but I don’t think he ever even thought he was capable of those emotions. In a sense, it could be almost a demonic defense mechanism. You see something similar with the Shinigami. Although they are formerly human, they seem to look down on humanity and reap souls with little feeling. If they thought much about it, they would go crazy. While I don’t think Sebastian was ever human, he certainly wouldn’t want to have such feelings as it would only cause him problems.

Sebastian is a good actor, and he can pretend even when he doesn’t. This is part of his act, and he’s very good at it. He can pretend to have all these emotions, but there is a chance he can feel more than he has ever allowed himself to in the past.

I hope this answered your question. Have a lovely day!