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#when your biology buddy gets outed by text in front of you but you have the decency to not confront him about it because you know he isn’t comfortable #sana bakkoush, aka: your biology buddy goal tbh.

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

do not out someone










Don’t break that trust, and DON’T OUT SOMEONE

Just gotta say that it sort of bothers me how everyone talks about and writes about and draws about Paul as the more submissive person in his relationship with john just because paul has more feminine physical features and presence. Like let’s not push heteronormativity on them okay? I’m so tired of it. Logically, john would be the more submissive one because he had a fear of abandonment, was very much depressed throughout the span of the beatles and was an extremely unstable person (which is all telltale signs of bpd but that’s another story for another time). Paul has always been more of an optimist, and is way more stable. John would be more dependent on paul to balance out his mental and emotional shortcomings that way. Plus paul is known to have an issue with always needing to be in control. And based on john’s relationship with yoko, he thrived when he was under someone else’s control. So paul would’ve played the role of the provider, and the “rescuer” in their relationship, while john would’ve played the role of the receiver and the “rescued”. Their relationship dynamic (and anybody’s really) has less to do with (the traditional, patriarchal view of) feminine vs (the traditional, patriarchal view of) masculine and more to do with personality.

   II Since all the cool kids do it and I usually try and get one of these out here on each of my blogs, how about a quick thread wishlist?

  Adventure threads!!  Give me!!  Adventure!  Gritty fantasy is always a good time.  Two warriors setting out to go hunt monsters, people or discover new lands all the while seeking glory and honor and all that?  That’s the goods. Bonus points if it’s group based.  Some of the larger, group oriented exploration threads (especially high medieval) are some of the best I have written in my role playing years.

 Alternate timeline where the warden ended up staying with Blackstone even after her master’s death.  Instead of ruling the Iron Legion, she heads up Blackstone and follows in Apollyon’s foot steps as a warmongering Legion lord.  Be agasint her or with her, anything in that setting is welcome.

 Politics, politics, politics.  11th century Europe (ofc what Ashfeld is based in) was incredibly feudal, versatile and rich.  Exploring the political imbalance of the time is always welcome, especially considering the warden is essentially a queen by 12 years post game. 

 Speaking of that, any post game threads!  Old lady warrior knights!!  The warden is old and wise, come talk to grandma, let her take care of you.

  Thread with two muses in the same band of mercenaries?  Yes please.

  More fight threads in general.  Be an honorable bout to the death or a playful spar, so long as they are well plotted and communication is kept key, brawls are fun.

  Battle torn, damaged and rusted beyond recognition- overgrown with vines and moss the warden’s soul is bound to a suit of hollow armor. To serve as a content guardian for generations upon generations.  Quests!  Conversations!  Fights!  Honestly anything in this verse would just be grand. 

If I were queer, I don't think my mom would care. My dad however, probably wouldn't like it, but it wouldn't be his decision. Come to think of it, it wouldn't be mine either. It's kind of like choosing a wand at Olivanders wand shop. The wand chooses the wizard, which is like how a person doesn't choose to be queer, they were born that way. And for skeptics out there, did you choose to be straight, like at one point in your life were you like, oh I have to choose to be gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc. or did you never consider the different choices. No, you didn't, you always knew? That's because it's not a choice, it's not like getting something off the trolley where you need to decide between a chocolate frog or Bertie Bott's every flavor beans. I rest my case and now want to watch Harry Potter.

evil!tony flirting with evil!steve in 2.09 ‘the dark avengers

Dear Asian girls

I don’t care whether you’re from Kazakhstan or Malaysia, China or India, whether you live in Europe or America or Africa. If someone tells you that you are worth less than them, look them in the eye and laugh.

We have the richest history, the most beautiful history, the least explored history.

We built and destroyed empires, survived war and revolution. We have destroyed stereotypes, created music, lived our lives to the fullest we can with oppression and racism lurking around every corner.

We have the power to over throw the world and change society, and we must not, can not, let the world dim that flame we have inside us. We must shed those western ideals of pale skin, high bridged noses and big eyes.
Our skin represents the way we can change, a beauty, our noses won’t break so easy in a fist fight, our eyes, keep the sand from entering during a sand storm.
They would have broken, had they faced what we must fight everyday. Asian girls, you are beautiful, do not let them decide what is beauty. Decide for yourselves, make the decision to look in the mirror and see a beautiful person. All of you.


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