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yesterday, K mentioned he liked Snickers. I told him that i didn’t because i didn’t like the peanuts. i said that i liked the almond ones better.
i was in his office after school. he was teaching me how to figure out a rubix cube (he can get it in literally 10 seconds no joke). he said he had to leave but i could stay in his office. he walked out, but then i heard his shoes getting closer and he stands at the top of the few stairs in the doorway. i asked, “forget something?” and he tosses something at me and then walks out. i go to catch it but i dropped it and it lands face down. i pick it up wondering what it was and i turn it around and it was an almond snickers. :))

the signs as The Hunger Games characters
  • Aries - Cato: Impulsive, thinks he's the boss, the most competitive one out there, bossy as fuck, thinks he's the best and people should obey him, fights for himself till the end no matter what, only wants to win
  • Taurus - Prim: Very caring, endures too much shit through their life, came here to help, would sacrifice their own life for an animal's life, very innocent-looking, soft, kind, emotional as fuck, doesn't like war, loves peace, really thoughtful, not an asshole
  • Gemini - Peeta Melark: Has really messed up thoughts but is very intelligent, knows how to manipulate people by charming them, great communication skills, shines on the outside but has a literal chaos going on inside them, changes their opinion in a millisecond, very good and humble but likes to behave bitchy, a sly cunt
  • Cancer - President Snow: Introverted and very emotional but doesn't show it no matter what, very family-oriented, loves roses duh, is weird but bossy at the same time, sly cunt, doesn't want to show himself in front of people very often - does it only on special occasions
  • Leo - Seneca Crane: Has that lionish look in his eyes, a very stylish person, egotistic and self-centered, thinks he's the best thinker out there while he's not, very stubborn and doesn't want to give up which might kill him in the end, a hottie
  • Virgo - Haymitch: Has issues, intolerant and doesn't know how to forgive, strictly follows order but is actually neutral evil, thinks they're doing justice while they're actually fixing their own complex mental problems, doesn't show what they're feeling on the inside, has immense potential for things but hates humanity and hates everyone and everything
  • Libra - Plutarch: Always smiles and looks innocent, while is actually a very good organizer and a manipulator because everyone thinks they're good, knows a lot about people but doesn't tell anyone a shit and acts stupid, nobody (including themselves) knows what they want from life but they still follow some abstract plans of theirs
  • Scorpio - Katniss Everdeen: Introverted, doesn't know how to communicate with people, good at killing but hates to kill people, doesn't know a shit about herself because she is afraid of introspecting, knows how to love hard, very afraid most of the time but fights it
  • Sagittarius - Gale: Hard-working as hell, knows how to take care of people and how to support them but nobody takes him seriously, feels bad about people doing mistakes, wants to save everyone, a really caring person but doesn't show it, a really jealous and a possessive person but doesn't show it and in the end actually understands everyone's reasons for wronging him and forgives everyone, a hottie
  • Capricorn - President Alma Coin: Loves grey, her entire world is literally grey, hates make up but is still elegant as fuck, loves minimalism, bossy as hell but still manipulative and does everything only because she wants to be the number one ruler, wants to rule the world
  • Aquarius - Finnick: Has that boi sass, eccentric, likes to joke around and diss people but is actually a very responsible person, doesn't look (and isn't) very trusting but they can actually take things seriously when it's wanted from them, a competitive person, only falls in love once and would die for their loved one but they fall in love reeeeeally really hard, doesn't like to pay much attention to their feelings
  • Pisces - Effie Trinket: Lives in her own world, is irreplaceable, majestic in her own ways, otherworldy, eccentric as hell, weird, impulsive, sensitive and emotional, will cut anyone who crosses her, a classy, styilish hottie

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Why did you reblog that post from @fourleafclover6813? She's a terrible studyblr and her posts are ugly. Why do you think it's cute?

first off, what do you even mean by “a terrible studyblr”? i have never ever thought of anyone to be terrible here in the studyblr community?? because, really, the studyblr community is all about you doing good for education, yourself and your future with everybody in the community cheering each other on and showing so much love and support. so, for you to just use that word regarding any studyblr + studyblr community is just so wrong in so many ways. 

also, why must you want to spread negativity? haven’t you ever learned that no good ever comes out of doing so? why are you trying to bring someone down just because you don’t like their content? if you don’t like their content, don’t follow her???

and honestly, i reblogged that post from @fourleafclover6813 because it simply was cute to me, i liked it a lot, and i wanted to. how could i not reblog it? if i find a post nice and i want others to see it, then heck yeah i’ll reblog it. could you do any better? could you do more than just, oh i don’t know, type away such unnecessary comments on anon? because you’re being a really big coward for doing this.

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Isn't it so wild that there are people that know nothing about Broadway and so if they see Ben Platt, they'll only know him for Pitch Perfect? I mean there's a huge community out there that doesn't even know just how great he is? Idk dude, I think about that a lot

It is wild! Being Broadway Famous™ is really, really, really unique. Because there are some–very few–people that have made Broadway Famous™ just…famous (usually by doing musicals on film). This includes people like Barbra Streisand, Patti Lupone, Idina Menzel, Julie Andrews, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

But the mass majority of people who, in the realm of Broadway, are incredibly well known and praised–such as Sutton Foster, Christian Borle, Cynthia Erivo, and, yes, Ben Platt–are really not that well-known outside of Broadway. A majority of people could pass them on the street and not really think about twice. Dear Evan Hansen, like Hamilton, is starting to make waves outside of the Broadway community, so Ben’s definitely quickly becoming more well-known for his work BUT.

When I first saw the show, way back in January before it was really a big thing, I only knew Ben Platt from Pitch Perfect. I vaguely knew that he had been in a tour of The Book of Mormon, but that was all… So, yeah, I really do think it’s weird, like… I can’t imagine existing in this world and not jamming out to “Waving Through a Window” on the daily… That there’s so much talent on Broadway that I really, really wish was more recognized. I think a lot of people never even give Broadway a chance, because they still lump the whole community in with musicals like The Sound of Music. So, there’s a lot, lot, lot of talent that’s not being seen by the mass public.

Most of this, I think, is about the lack of access. It’s so much easier and inexpensive to go and see a movie or to turn on your TV than it is to fly/drive/train to New York City and buy a ticket to a show. Hopefully, with more shows being professionally filmed and released (Newsies, Falsettos) this will become less of a problem! Overall, the Broadway community is definitely getting bigger, and hopefully will continue to do so! I totally wish more people could recognize and appreciate talent like Ben Platt’s, as well as the talent of other Broadway people, but first it just all needs to be more accessible. 

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Langst rescue anon! (you know who i am lmao) but just imagine lance going off at everyone trying to help him get grounded in reality that it doesn't matter if he does because he's still the worst paladin. And Hunk just - s c r e a m s at Lance to stop thinking that way because he doesn't know how much they really love him because no one on the ship communicates and if anyone is the worst it's him and suddenly everyone realizes that the self hate within the team is worse than they thought.

okay, but my gosh, imagine exactly what he says. Because, if hunk screams at Lance,  imagine how bad Lance would be having to belittle himself for Hunk to go off like that.

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Ok, I'm thinking for altean!lance that doesn't know he's altean. Let us see how lance is actually able to communicate with the mice like Allure and just thinking, "hey, talking alien mice, cool!" But getting really confused as to why none of the other paladins are able to understand the mice. Then the great reveal like in other prompts. Idk, it's just a thought.

I still stand by what I said before. Altean!Lance AUs are only good if they are also Everybody’s-an-Alien AUs. I honestly have yet to see a fic writer write an Altean!Lance AU where Lance is somehow secretly Altean that doesn’t also erase the fact that he’s Cuban. You guys are so desperate to erase his heritage.

Also I hate Altean!Lance AUs that are like Lance discovers he’s Altean somehow and then magically has this connection to a culture and a planet he’s never been a part of?? Like, Altea’s been dead for 10,000 years. While it might be a way to connect with Allura or Coran, it just doesn’t make  any sense and when it erases Lance’s Cuban heritage, it’s also gross.

Fanfiction is meant to explore other possibilities and be a creative outlet. But there’s ways to do that and also not be racist. Personally, I don’t particularly care for Altean!Lance at all, but if you’re going to do it, and you don’t want to give Lance any credit for being Cuban then just go with Everybody’s-an-Alien AUs. Nobody’s trying to restrict your creativity, we’re just asking you not be racist when you do it.

But I think what’s worse are reincarnation AUs. Where Lance is a reincarnated Altean because every damn time the fic writers all collectively forget that Lance is Cuban. 

I mean, it’s theoretically possible to do, write a fic that blends Cuban and Altean culture, explores an identity crisis for Lance, because he remembers eating his Abuela’s pozole and spending his summers on Varadero Beach but he also remembers the flaming rains of Altea and the spring festivals and watching the Lions of Voltron fly through the sky. So who is he? Altean? Cuban? And he struggles with this until he can make peace with both.

But honestly, I can’t trust y’all to not be racist. I can’t trust you guys to put as much care into the fact that Lance is Cuban when you’re all so eager to forget that and just pretend he’s Altean. I’ve seen it done countless times and I’m so tired.

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sudden thought: did paper crane mimic papyrus because he doesn't know how to communicate that well?

Exactly buddy ! It’s a form of learning process to him. He tend to mimic peoples, sounds, and expression around him since he can’t comprehend them fully. He genuinely try to understand and learn from them.

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So I mentioned to a friend of mine that I made an artsy thing in memory of the Pulse shooting, and all she had to say was "nice." And then the next text she sent was that all she cares about at the moment is her new piercing. I'm not out, so I know she doesn't see how it's my community that was targeted at pulse, but her lack of care for people who were killed in a hate crime really hurt, and it's still bugging me. What can I do without outing myself to her, especially days after she said it?

Well, depending on how sharp your friend is, your degree of passion probably affects the chance of being outed. Many of us have been the ‘overly-invested ally’ before coming to terms with out sexual identity, after all.

Perhaps a single, strict sentence might do the trick. “That art piece was made to recognize the singular most violent hate crime in American history. It’s incredibly important, and deserved better than your response.”

- Fae 

CrossFit 8/21/2017

Strength: Front squats

2x5 33#, 1x5 83#, 1x10 113#, 1x10 123#, 1x10 133#

Accessory: 2x5 ring thing muscle-ups

Technically a volume PR, I guess? 10 reps of front squats is absolutely ridiculous. 


5 rounds:

  • 12 wall-balls (14#)
  • 29 double-unders

I finished in 6:52 Rx. Breathing is so hard with double-unders 😩

In other news, med school is k i l l i n g me. So much to do, so little time, and I am so, so tired.

  • Me: I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours later: WHY CAN'T I GET ANY ADRIEN POINTS ALL I'M GETTING ARE CAT NOIR POINTS GDI WHY IS THIS HARD??? I don't want to do his route TWICE IN A ROW, especially since I ALREADY MESSED IT UP
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that: WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

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Thanks for a quick answer! :) I'd love a thing where Caspar (hope you don't mind him again lol) is in a relationship with Y/N, and Y/N is having some communication problems (as in doesn't really like/know how to talk about "couples stuff", often ends up crying and locked in the bathroom). So one day Caspar wants to talk about something important, but Y/N is being the way I described, so he's trying to persuade Y/N to sit and talk instead of crying and leaving the room. Hope you like the idea :)

You were in the bathroom at Caspar’s apartment again, crying. He was knocking at the door, asking what was wrong and if you would please let him help. This wasn’t unusual.

“Please, Caspar, just give me minute,” you sniffled.

It was frustrating the lack of communication skills you had with your boyfriend Caspar and it was all on you. Every time he brought up topics revolving around your relationship and where you wanted it to go, you found it hard to respond. It was just awkward and tense; previous experience keeping you from pushing past it. For example, while Caspar had told you he loved you quite early in your relationship, it had taken you quite a bit longer. In fact, you still struggled to tell him it daily. It wasn’t like you didn’t love Caspar, you did with your whole heart; you’d just rather show it to him than say anything at all.

“Come on, Y/N,” Caspar said softly. “You know I love you, all of you. Even the part that doesn’t like to talk the much. Just come out.”

Wiping your nose, you reached up from where you were sitting on the floor to unlock the door. As soon as he heard the click, Caspar sprung through the door and engulfed you in a big, warm hug. You both stayed in that position for a while; you hugging your knees to your chest and Caspar with his long arms holding you tightly.

“Caspar, I’m so sorry,” you started, after a while, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes. “I’m so frustrating.”

“No, don’t,” he said, silencing you. “We’ve been dating for so long, I thought that this would be easier for you by now.”

You looked up at him through your wet eyelashes. He ran a hand through his hair, a habit he did when he thought.

“I know you better than anyone else, Y/N. I know it’s hard for you to talk about these things and I won’t lie to you, I don’t really understand why. But that doesn’t matter. I’m talking to you now, please, just listen.”

Caspar then gently brushed some hair from out of your eyes.

“I mean it when I say I love you and even though I’d like to hear it back sometimes, I know you love me. You always show it in the best ways. Your warm hugs, your sweet kisses; just you, in general.”

That made you smile as you held eye contact with him.

“You should never feel the need to run away all the time. Okay? I love every single part of you and that means you never need to be embarrassed. If you want to cry, cry. I’ll be there to hold you through it. Just please stop running, Y/N, it makes me feel like I’m not enough to comfort you.”

You shook your head before, eventually, finding your voice, “You’re more than enough Caspar.”

That was all he needed to hear. It was what he had been waiting for, for weeks now. He just needed to know that you weren’t running from him. Caspar just wanted to let you feel safe and if he was the one making you feel separated, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He smiled softly at you and kissed you lightly on the cheek. This time when he hugged you, you hugged him back, sending as much of your heart through to him as you could.

Hope you like it! It’s not 100% your request but I couldn’t stop the Caspar comfort feels.


  • *Kitagawa Daiichi's middle school coach*: oh yes, here we have a very talented setter, even more so then Oikawa… I wonder how we can shape him to work well in the team.
  • *sits back and watches as the team rejects kages because he doesn't know how to communicate or help his team mates*: Ahh yes the prodigy, too bad his team hates him, I wonder how it came to this point… where did I as his coach, go wrong in teaching him teamwork and how to capitalise his teammates abilities.

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If sarumi started living together do you think yata would be somewhat anxious about fushimi leaving him again? What do you think he would do to be sure that doesn't happen?

I could actually see Yata having some issues around that actually, especially considering the way Fushimi left in the first place. Like maybe right after they move in together every time Yata comes home he feels this moment of nervousness because he can’t help but be worried that he’s going to open that door and all of Fushimi’s stuff will be gone. Maybe right after he moves in too Fushimi’s too lazy to take his stuff out of the boxes so Yata starts getting used to seeing them sitting there in the living room and then one day Fushimi finally decides to take everything out and put it away. In kind of a weird reverse situation between them, Fushimi’s been leaving the boxes out because he couldn’t quite convince himself that something wasn’t going to happen and they weren’t going to break apart and shouldn’t he just leave everything still packed so he’s ready for when the inevitable happens, and then when he puts everything away it’s because he’s decided to trust in Yata’s feelings and believe that they really can be together again. But when Yata walks in to the apartment later all he can see initially is that Saruhiko’s stuff is gone and he’s all panicked for a minute and starts sending Fushimi all these texts wanting to know where he is. Fushimi comes back to find Yata’s all pissed at him and he doesn’t know why, because he only put his things away and Yata just looks away and mutters at him that it’s nothing, forget about it.

I imagine they’d probably have to talk about it eventually, I think Yata would probably realize that clinging to Fushimi harder out fear he’s going to go isn’t good for either of them. Fushimi would probably be surprised and somewhat upset to realize how much his leaving affected Yata, like he hadn’t even considered how coming home to a half-empty apartment must have felt and immediately he thinks that here’s another thing he fucked up. Of course Yata’s kinda thinking the same thing, like he knows he can’t keep freaking out every time Fushimi doesn’t answer a text but on the other hand he can’t stop worrying either because how can he know that Fushimi’s not just going to up and leave him. And then they’re both upset and possibly Fushimi gets to be the one who starts crying first this time as he manages to choke out an apology because it’s not like he can’t say he didn’t want to hurt Misaki that time because he did, he wanted to hurt Misaki by hurting himself so that he could still have a place in Misaki’s world and he can’t really take that back but he wants to, he wants to try and believe this time and maybe he screwed up because here Yata’s given him all these things to believe in and he can’t even give Yata something as small as believing that he’ll stay this time. Yata is super shocked to see Fushimi actually crying and he calls Fushimi an idiot and he’s like yeah, Fushimi fucked up but if they want to stay together this time they both have to talk about this shit and make it work and they both kinda hug and cry and Fushimi mumbles into Yata’s shoulder that he won’t leave without saying anything again and if Yata can’t believe anything else he says just believe that and they’ll be all right.

But the Inquisitors who think eating meals alone in their room is strange?

Inquisitor Cadash, Adaar, or Lavellan being used to at least one large communal meal a day with their group or clan, if not every meal. The Inquisitor used to passing bowls and plates of food, chatting with the people they care about, finding out the news of the day, sharing old stories and tales, reinforcing familial and platonic bonds over shared food.

The first time Josie offers to have a meal sent up as they scribble away over paperwork at the desk in their room late into the night, the Inquisitor looks up at her with a hurt and confused look on their face. Are they being punished, sent away from the group to eat alone? 

They put aside all their work to head downstairs with her, hearing all the chatter and clatter of cutlery as they get closer to the great hall. Their stomach rumbles with all the smells of food they’d never even imagined before the Inquisition. Yet here they are, eating new foods in unimaginable quantities with their new clan/group/family, and their new life and new responsibilities sit a little easier on their shoulders with the comfort they find in this familiar scenario.