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I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…

I was looking at pictures of the bean Incubux and thought “What would it be like if Nox met Incubux?” Seeing as they’re technically brothers.

This is what happened

Incubux belongs to @nateeev

I was just thinking of one of my all-time favourite SU scenes

and thinking of how we got to see the human/alien romance, mostly from the human’s POV. But now we potentially have another one

and this one we’re seeing from the alien’s POV. I love it. Give me all of it.

  • sportacus: specifically written to not force or preach to others what to do and instead lead by example
  • fanfiction: thinks its opposite day

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okay but Felix meeting Alya for the first time and realizing Alya is literally the ultimate best friend

i’m going with super sassy fashionista alya from back in the 2D-era concept art for this one!

i feel like her “ultimate best friend” approach would be intimidating the hell out of felix and even blackmailing him into spending time with bridgette, expecting he’ll come to terms with it all eventually and just date her.

she also 100% knows felix is chat noir (he ain’t slick), but they aren’t close at all so she just brings up incriminating bits of information now and then to secure his co-operation with her plans.

he did take bridgette to the school dance and actually had a nice time. alya was watching through binoculars from behind the snack table.

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Wow, you are creepy. Writing about real people the way that you do is extremely unsavoury and disturbing. Just because these people perhaps don't know about what you're writing about them doesn't make you any less cowardly. Hiding your obsession behind anonymity and the protection of the internet doesn't mean you aren't a stalker.

Oh wow, I was waiting for my first piece of hate! Thank you so much for being #1!! Looking forward to more :)

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SG writers: *introduce 'lena's old flame'* Me: well that's okay, plenty of lesbians have dated men in the past, it doesn't make them any less gay. Also me: *knows the sg writers aren't that deep nor that talented and just want us to believe lena is straight*

me, an intellectual: she fuckin gay

just saw someone telling people to block them and die if they like killing/stalking and their icon was hannibal…do they know? are they aware? that he is y'know, also a serial killer?

it’s really annoying how, even for shows with diverse casts, the main character/s are basically /always/ straight white people. and more often than not, men

the side characters are always infinitely more interesting than the main ones no matter how hard the writers try to get you to care about the main characters

just for once i would like a show with no straight white people as the main characters

or just as all the characters honestly

maybe throw in a token white person or two for ~diversity~

I suppose if it comes down to it, I’ll risk posting the Johnrose fic without a Beta and rely on whatever feedback I receive to edit the fic appropriately (I mean, assuming you can do that on AO3. I really hope you can)

I’ll do my best to be graceful with any criticism I receive, even though I imagine I’ll just be like this the whole time

vjin ------> minicheol

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title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

  • Me: Undertale is a fantastic game, and an unforgettable experience. It's a wonderfully well-crafted deconstruction of the tendency towards violence, the illusion of choice, and the short-sighted 'us versus them' binary that pervades video games and interactive media. It shows that there are many more compelling and truly mature stories that can be told in the medium, if only developers and consumers saw the potential. I can't wait for games to be influenced by Undertale, which proved that telling much kinder, more thoughtful stories is not only possible but welcomed. I believe the effect Undertale will have on the industry will only serve to elevate the status of video games as a true artistic medium, and that time cannot come soon enough.

like i get very frustrated when people actively say they don’t think about holden or he never comes up in their discussions or they straight up hate him and then will all of a sudden care about something but ONLY so they can criticize him or steven

it’s getting fucking old