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You know the Secret Trio thing with Danny Fenton, Randy Cunningham, and Jake Long? Yeah. I’ve started adding Adrien Agreste with them. It has become a squad now. Just imagine the head canons!

  • Playing video games together as a bunch of nerds
  • Fighting over what video games they should play together
  • Danny using a ghost portal to take everyone to France just so they can hang out in Adrien’s awesome room (cause it’s the best one)
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over not being able to fly
  • Randy and Adrien bonding over being raised by single parents
  • Adrien constantly messing with Danny’s parents ghost tech and activating it around him
  • The others laughing at Danny covered in goo or being chased by some lasers
  • adrien constantly apologizing even after danny tells him “it’s ok. Happens all the time.”
  • Plagg randomly popping up in someone elses bag and chatting with them
  • Then they have to call adrien whos freaking out cause he can’t find his kwami
  • Contests!
  • Who has the best catchphrase
  • Who has the best transformation
  • Who has the best hair (adrien and jake really get into fights about this)
  • Who has the best quips, puns, and one liners in battle
  • Who is the best at video games
  • The other three finding out about his crush on ladybug
  • The other three teasing him mercilessly about it
  • But they can’t give him any advice because they’re all awkward around girls
  • Jake teaching adrien martial arts
  • Jake teaching adrien how to breakdance
  • Fu and Plagg know each other from a long time ago
  • Fu and Jake helping Adrien find out more about his powers and where it all came from because Plagg is no help
  • Adrien sword fighting with randy
  • The other three accidently revealing his identity as chat noir to nino
  • “Why would you SAY that!?”
  • “All our best friends know! We thought nino did too!”
  • But then the four and their best bros all hanging together and playing video games
  • Adrien randomly cracking ghost puns to which Danny responds with cat puns
  • Everyone around them wanting to bash their heads in because the stupid puns won’t stop
  • Adrien feeling like he doesn’t measure up to his partner, or doesn’t feel like a good enough superhero
  • The other three encouraging him and helping him
  • Adrien randomly buying them gifts they had been wanting for a while
  • Just cause he’s so happy
  • Happy because he found three more friends that know what he’s going through as a superhero

AU: Where Whiskey denied Ginger for being a field agent because he didn’t want her to die and also because they’re best buddies. Not because he’s a misogynist.


AU: After when Whiskey gets healed he wakes up and starts flirting with Eggsy instead of Ginger. “Scream my name, boy.”

AU: Whiskey finally gives Ginger his title because he wants her to be happy and apologizes to her. Champagne retires and Jack becomes Champagne.

AU: Whiskey isn’t a greedy business man.

AU: Whiskey moves on but still misses his wife. He really wants to help Harry and Eggsy but tells them he can’t do the whole mission because “personal” reasons. (Bonus: Jack falls in love with both Eggsy and Harry, though it takes a while for Jack to love Harry.)

AU: Whiskey has a better backstory and doesn’t betray the Kingsman and the Statesman.

AU: Where Vaughn and Goldman aren’t the writers of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Temari: “But why are we turning on the leaf village? Didn’t we sign the Treaty of Alliance with them?!”

Baki: “Yes, we did… and that treaty is the whole problem.”

Kankuro: “I don’t get it, whad’ya mean?”

Baki: “You genin don’t know all the details of this, but when that Treaty of Alliance was signed, that idiot feudal lord who rules us used it as an opportunity to force military cutbacks on our village. He also delegated to the Hidden Leaf village matters that should have been handled by us. And even worse, he significantly cut our village’s budget and slashed the number of shinobi. When the head of our country is weak, we the arms and legs suffer. And so we took the only choice left to us—improve the quality of every shinobi to maintain our military strength. That’s why shinobi like you are created, Gaara. The Land of Wind’s very existence is in danger, more danger than it has ever been in before. But still that idiot feudal lord and all his incompetent advisors are too blind to see it. So the kazekage, who detected this weakening of the might of the Sand village joined hands with the Sound village to show our feudal lord his stupidity by crushing the Hidden Leaf village and restoring our own. This needs to be done to make that idiot aware of the importance of preparing for a crisis. If anymore time passes, the Sand village will be drained of its ability to fight against the Leaf village. This is our only chance. Now Gaara, this mission depends entirely upon your skills.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Re-watching Naruto, this specific scene stuck out to me because I’m from a country with a lot of problems due to the higher-ups sitting above us and ruling with their own selfish desires in mind as opposed to what is the best course of action for their nation and its people. I find myself feeling incredibly sorry for Gaara and his siblings because they not only had their father killed and didn’t know it, but they were put in this position with all this responsibility to fight against another country just because the feudal lord put the Sand in this weak position. 

These sort of things… I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to before, but it makes so much more sense why Sasuke had this hate for these people (aside from the fact that it caused the Uchiha massacre) sitting up there in their comfy chairs and handing out orders without realizing the impact it makes. Unless a person is super genuine and good-hearted that it doesn’t matter if they have experienced living at the bottom or not… a person placed at such a high seat should be someone who understands what it is like for those living at the bottom.  

This especially relates to a lot of things happening these days… with the leaders doing whatever they want as long as the money is flowing into their pockets. It seems so impossible for someone to be placed at a top position who actually wants to work for the people and create positive change. What actually is even more sad is that if this does happen, there are a thousand sharks that would lurk around him/her that would prevent him from even doing his job thoroughly. There is just no unity anymore. No sense of good. 

have thenvunin getting a little drunk on the refreshments and uthvir getting a little drunk on him @feynites :3

“Circle is such a good drama and such a refresher from the usual dramas we got but it gets to little appreciation! You want diverse dramas, you have one here and you take it for granted!”

At some point I’m probably going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast before it leaves theaters, since my mom wants to go see it.

Will try my best to go in with no expectations….but so far, I’m not impressed by Emma Watson’s singing. >>;

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You know what tho? Now i want this to be an actual thing. Ace sleepover where we support each other and share stories and treat ourselves to metaphorical blankets and hot choco. Like ace visibility day, except more about us just feeling comfortable and making other aces feel good about themselves. Like. Purple positivity party.

PURPLE POSITIVITY PARTY OH MY GOD,,, I love it so much?? A sleepover party for all (questioning) people on the ace spectrum. We share stories and experiences. Help each other figure stuff out regarding labels, navigating relationships and coming out. We can watch ace-positive movies and play card games and have pillow fights and bake a cake together in pride colors. 3 cakes, for asexuals, gray-asexuals and demisexuals. It’ll be a place to come together, find support and have fun in a home-y atmosphere :D

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.


i just woke up from a nap but you can bet i was dreaming about how much I love girls

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Somewhere, somehow, someway somebody has to explain to me why they think that Norman Reedus is such a unicorn. No offense, but I don't get it. He's got an interesting personal story, and is an artist, but other than that, what is the big deal? I guess he has an okay body, but I don't see him being on the cover of Men's Health, or People Magazine's sexiest man alive. Lol. The rumor is that Norman is hung like a horse. Maybe that's it. Lol. Meanwhile, I could stare at Andy all day.

I wish I had the answer, because I don’t get it either, friend. I know there are people in my inbox that have tried to explain this to me before, but it did not compute. Like, I’ve literally never seen Norman say or do anything interesting or funny. He seems sweet, for the most part, but that’s about all I have for him. Then again, Danai and Andy both seem to be in love with him, so I guess there’s something we’re missing. 

About italian accent: Papa is one of the few portrayal of an italian man in which he doesn’t stretch it like he has to sing-song to every damn sillable of every damn word and I’m incredibly thankful for that. THANKS T.

I was just lying in bed thinking about how much I love Podrick because he is so sweet and cute and brave and loyal and then I remembered we barely saw him in season 7 and now I’m upset.


“I’m absolute shit at singing, so it takes so much time [and so many tries] until I can hit the best take for any song. The woes of a crappy vocalist, you know. But you all deserve to hear that miraculous point where I actually sound my best, and it’s all I can think about everyday as I give my all at singing and recording again and again.”Tomoya Nagase, SLIDER vol.29

The stars align

For real.  Just look at this list.  How else is it possible that all of these writers posted updates within the last 3 days?  I’m in bliss.

Gods and Monsters




Cut and Run


Once in a Blue Moon 

The Path of Faith

The Great Escape

From Her Lips to His Ears

A Song of Birds (and loyal hounds)

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I know it’s none of their business, but maybe people just care for you? You don’t sleep a lot, you look umm depressed...? You know, drinking too much and not sleeping enough isn’t healthy (Not saying that you drink too much, but still idk). Is there maybe any special reason why are you doing it?

I know that but like…I am taking care of myself. I stayed up literally two nights only ahaha like am I not allowed to just go to a party with my friends? And I am depressed lmao thats just how it is but me drinking and having fun has nothing to do with that. I appreciate people’s concern but I’m a young adult….this is my prime partying time alright!! Let me live!!