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only thanks to a certain goat mom
don’t let him fool you Tori he ain’t busy he’s literally just writing out memes


Why couldn’t you have left well enough alone? You were happy.
2.20 // What Is and What Should Never Be

Gabe Head canon

So contrary to popular belief, I love head canon Gabe as a really physically affectionate person. Like yeah, he’s still the hard ass his troops know and fear but he’s also the guy that casually ruffles hair and offer fist bumps. You could catch him and Morrison walking through base with Gabe’s arm around his shoulder. After a particularly tough training session with Jesse, it’s high fives galore and putting the little knucklehead in a playful headlock to ruffle his hair. And even when something devestating has happened to his men or blackwatch alone, he’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

See what I’m getting at? Affectionate Gabriel 2k16!

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Bonjour ! Je ne savais pas que vous étiez français. C'est impressionnant ! Je suis en ce moment l'apprentissage du français (essayer de) alors j'espère que cela fait sens pour vous! Hahaha

Je suis française oui~

Je comprends ce que tu veux dire mais ça se voit que le français n’est pas ta langue maternelle :’) Mais courage ! French is hard, especially when it’s not your mother tongue so keep trying 💪🏻 

(I’m going to take a wild guess and say your native language is English? I can see where your mistakes come from if it’s the case :’) )

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tbh ive unfollowed and refollowed you a few times over the while. not because i dislike your portrayal or you or whatever but because of my own jealousy/insecurities etc acting up sometimes. you get a lot of anons, a lot of people sending memes, a lot of people liking starter calls and all that, you're a popular blog

Mira: To be honest- I saw this ask moments before passing out to sleep from my medication last night. And just like then- I’m highly unsure of how to respond to it- so.. I’ll wing it, and hope I don’t get my words wrong.  

We always see ourselves less than how others see us. Me especially- seeing this message surprised me, as I’ve never considered myself a Popular blog. Perhaps I’ve never left the mentality of being a green novice on tumblr as I was when I first started rp’ing as Levy.  Always feeling as if I’m struggling to stay afloat and be noticed by others. For that, I’ll apologize- as I  (even if told by others) can be told a thousand times that I do my blog well, and still feel insecure about it. 

I suppose a lot of us are that way, however. I think it’s something we all have in common and constantly battle with on a day to day basis when we log on to our respective accounts. 

Honestly, I don’t pay attention to my number of followers usually. A glance here and there from curiosity- sometimes I’ll run through to unfollow some inactive for a few months. Or I’ll use friend or follow to check for mutuals whenever I’m worried I’m bugging someone.  It’s not always a constant worry on my mind, but- my statements from last night blossomed from seeing a few lost followers on many of my blogs. … people I, in general, considered amazing, valued highly, looked up to and thought I was on good terms with.

Now I know an unfollow (or even a follow) doesn’t necessarily mean friendship or a loss of one, but when I hear nothing from these people, it’s hard not to automatically think I did something wrong. (I guess it’s human instinct to just immediately think something bad.)  So- it does hurt. Especially in those circumstances. 

Asides from that- I can understand being jealous or insecure. I feel it constantly whenever I get on my dash. There are many that have made me feel this way and I’m sure I’ll feel it many more times in the future too. So- thank you for coming out and telling me this. Thank you for taking the time to be honest and saying it. I know this is a very long message so far, but I want to let you know- that, whoever you are- you are someone I admire and appreciate.

I admire and appreciate everyone on here- follower or not- and you, sweet person, are definitely on my list. I don’t know who you are or which muses you play as, but I am still confident in my assumption that you are amazing at what you do. That you care for your muses and try your best to have fun and enjoy yourself while you are on. And that- that is so special and so meaningful to me. 

What you and so many others do- it’s amazing, you know?

I may not have realized my blog has grown as popular as you say, and I am sorry that I’ve made you feel that way. I’ve never intended for it and all I’ve ever wanted was to make friends and have fun on here. I hope- no matter if you’re having a bad day or even a good one, that you can still log onto your account (or more- if you rp more than one blog) and feel comfortable enough to smile and make friends. That you can enjoy your muse in all their perfection and faults- and enjoy your time here. 

I hope that for all of us. 

Thank you again for sending me this- and please, smile for me, okay?

shoutout to GB Trudeau of Doonesbury for successfully penning in advance the only thing it was truly possible to predict for the Republican Convention.

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Say Saruhiko didn't have his fear of Mikoto. He is sick, and perhaps left his jacket at his place, because it's sweltering hot outside(but freezing inside Bar Homra), so Mikoto just kinda leads him over to the couch and pulls him down on top of him, while throwing an arm around Fushimi's waist(he wants to protest, but Mikoto is warm, so he doesn't). Saruhiko falls asleep on top of Mikoto, what is Mikoto's reaction? If Yata returned from a 'mission' and stumbled onto the scene?

So Homra Fushimi then, right? I actually find this more intriguing if Fushimi does have his Mikoto discomfort, because that makes it a little sweeter. Like Fushimi’s not feeling well but Yata left the apartment and Fushimi doesn’t want to be alone (but he won’t admit that and just tells himself that well, he left his jacket at Homra and it’s freezing here except when it’s too hot, and he’s not sure why the temperature keeps swinging around like this). So he goes to Bar Homra looking for his jacket or pretty much anything that’s not Yata because he’s not such a weakling that he needs to go running to Misaki just because he’s feeling sick. When he walks into the Bar there’s apparently no one there and he kinda sags against the wall, shivering and wondering when the air got so cold again. That’s when Mikoto comes down the stairs. Fushimi grimaces and tries to act like he just came to pick something up but he stumbles as he walks towards the bar. Mikoto watches him in silence for a moment and then just sweeps him up in one arm. Fushimi tries to protest because he doesn’t like Mikoto, he can’t breathe when Mikoto’s here…except Mikoto is warm and Fushimi’s so cold, and somehow it feels like he can breathe easier instead, being in Mikoto’s arms. Mikoto lies down on the couch and drags Fushimi with him, Fushimi manages a half-hearted protest but Mikoto just places a hand over his eyes and tells him to sleep. Fushimi’s still shivering and Mikoto just puts an arm over him and it’s really warm and comfortable and strangely Fushimi feels almost safe, for once, even with Mikoto there, and he ends up falling asleep before he even realizes it.

An hour or so later Yata comes back, along with Kusanagi and Totsuka and a couple other Homra guys. He starts to greet Mikoto and stops as he sees that Fushimi’s there sleeping. Yata’s kinda confused because when did Saruhiko get here and why’s he sleeping with Mikoto-san, Totsuka puts a hand on Yata’s shoulder and says that Fushimi looks a little pale, doesn’t he. Yata immediately gets a little worried but Totsuka just says that well, he’s sleeping so peacefully too so it’s probably okay. Yata hesitates for a moment and then smiles, because of course who wouldn’t feel better with Mikoto there after all and he’s glad that maybe Saruhiko really is starting to feel more comfortable in Homra now.


She’s got feelings for you, Barry. 

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A Million Shores and Bays by @piratesails

Summary: It isn’t exactly her fault she’s come to trust a man she’s never met over, well, any other man she’s actually met. It’s what makes all of it safer, easier even, knowing that there’s no way she can actually fuck it all up by running away when she’s already away to begin with. Pen Pals AU.

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [9/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 1112, 13, 14, 1516, 17, 18, 19,


Spinelli: But I’m right, am I not? You do have feelings for me.
: Spinelli, you know, I just picked up all the fractured pieces of my life and put them back together into something good, something wonderful with Nathan.