doesn't everybody want to fall in love

  • <p> <b>friend:</b> what happened? are you okay?<p/><b>external me:</b> i'm okay, don't worry<p/><b>internal me:</b> what if harry and draco started a friendship in madame malkin's? they would be together in the train to hogwarts and harry would introduce ron to draco. hermione and draco would be close friends, bc they're so smart that they could share their knowlege. the golden trio would help draco stop being so rude, bc it's wasn't his election; he was raised like that. probably draco and harry would fall in love. draco wants everybody's atention, everyone knows that, and that's why he would ask harry to the yule ball. draco would be in the order of the fenix and he would help harry to teach curses. in sixth year they would fight, bc they're so broken, sad and confused... but, instead of the sectumsempra spell, harry would hug draco and both would end up crying there. in the war of hogwarts (like the delated scene of the deadly hallows part 2) draco would run to the potter's side, yelling his name... he doesn't care about the opinions of his parents, he only wants to be the family he created in hogwarts. his boyfriend harry, his quidditch companion, ron, and  his bff hermione.<p/></p>
Doesn't Everybody Want To Fall In Love
Kristinia DeBarge

I think that I love him more than life itself
I know that I’ll never find nothing close to him
Never going to stop
I’ll love him till I drop
Ain’t never going to let him go
He drives me so crazy
I so love my baby
The way he be making me feel

I know you think I’m dead wrong
Some of the shit that be going on
But are you going to stop my heart
From falling in love

Doesn’t everybody wanna fall in love?
Doesn’t everybody wanna need someone?
Remember when you told me
That you didn’t have no one
You would’ve given anything to have someone
So don’t hate on me ‘cause

He’s so good to me
He’s so sweet to me
I know that you don’t think I know I’m in love
But doesn’t everyone wanna fall in love
Fall in love