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What's your official speculation for episode 5 for Olicity?

I think I know what is likely to happen but I don’t think anyone is going to like it. So, sorry in advance.

I think 5x01 - 5x04 is going to be Oliver and Felicity tip toeing around the awkwardness and not talking about their relationship. In 5x05, I think they’ll finally implode and talk (argue) about their relationship in some aspects. (This is the part I don’t think people will like) I think the reason they’ll finally talk about it is because Felicity will tell Oliver that he has to stop thinking they’re getting back together and move on. She’ll point out that she’s dating someone and he has to move on. That’ll mark the “turn.” 😕

Yeah, that’s my speculation.

ppl who make posts abt wlw being sexualized need to be careful to not conflate the concept of “inherently sexual” with “wants to have sex.” it’s one thing to make sure people know that lesbian or bi identities are complex & shouldn’t be reduced to sex, it’s a completely different thing to “prove” that lesbianism & bisexuality aren’t all about sex by pointing out that there are lots of lesbians & bi women who don’t have sex. wlw who want to have sex aren’t “inherently sexual” just like ace wlw aren’t “inherently sexual” - you can make the point about how wlw orientations aren’t all about sex without making it sound like you’re demonizing wlw who do want to have sex


❝For me personally as a gay man, the problem is of trying to burden popular series with having to sort of carry everything at once. It’s very difficult to have a gay baddie because then the danger is you’re saying that gay people are bad. Whereas you know the point is that everyone is all shades of everything. That’s life. Obviously when there was far less representation that’s a bigger burden, but now I think there is much more, we should all be a bit more grown up about it and [be] allowed to say, you know, you can be a grumpy bisexual person. You can be a very camp gay person. All sorts of things.❞ (x)