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Me trying to explain HBO's "Game of Thrones" to my Dad
  • Me:The show is weird because the producers got ahead of the books and now they have to spoil the books for the readers. It's really weird.
  • Dad:Ok, but shows and movies based on books spoil the books for anyone who hasn't read the books, anyway, so... What's so weird about it?
  • Me:No, like, they're going to spoil the books of the series that HAVEN'T BEEN WRITTEN YET.
  • Dad:Oh. OH! That's kind of sad. I feel kind of bad for that man who wrote the books then... They might get to finish his own story before he even gets a chance to. That's like..his life's work. Why did he let them do that?
  • Grandma:I need your help with my computer. It doesn't let me use google to search.
  • Me:Show me. What are you trying to search on for?
  • Grandma:I go to google and use it to get to my Facebook.
  • Me:You search on Google to get to Facebook? Why not just go to Facebook?
  • Grandma:I can do that?!
  • Me:Ok grandma I'm just gonna add a Facebook shortcut so all you have to do is click that button and there's your Facebook.
  • Grandma:Wait show me again. Click what button? The one that says Facebook?

Wait a fucking second, did Law just like kinda fall out of the sky and land smushing his face into the ground? I couldn’t figure out which part of him that was till I realised that that was his hat and his coat and that means he literally fell on the side which has an arm THAT IS NOW FUCKING BLEEDING LOADS. Now I’m even more concerned for that poor arm of his.

OKAY I have watched the second episode of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – and have relieved my feelings by baking banana bread, since the weather was too nasty for a walk – and I have graduated from being relieved and surprised that it’s good to actually, you know, liking and enjoying it.  (WHAT.)  Some inane thoughts that I have had. 

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